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  1. ibru

    Give me badges!

    @Lmangla I'm sorry for being late, but I even can't read in this black mood... Could you pls change in normal format?
  2. ibru

    Give me badges!

    @gm4queen I'm certainly not a designer, everything can be found in Google (as @Lmangla wrote " you play around with images from uncle google's library") I have just taken what I've liked... @Lmangla Do you want some "SOOMPI BADGE AWARD"?
  3. ibru

    Give me badges!

    10. event prizes - 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place @Lmangla I hope - I've got your idea about prizes))))
  4. ibru

    Give me badges!

    @Lmangla some new badges about food and love in k-drama)))))))))) 6. "feed me" ))))))))))))))))))))
  5. ibru

    Give me badges!

    @Lmangla @jeijei )))) my version of oppa detective))))
  6. ibru

    Give me badges!

    just for fun))) @staygold your TRACK OF DOOM reminded me about W- Two World ))))
  7. ibru

    Give me badges!

    )))))))))))))))))))) this one is more better than pizza)))))))))))))))))))))) 6. "feed me)))))))))))))))))))))))
  8. ibru

    Give me badges!

    Yes it is - one more for "feed me" ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
  9. ibru

    Give me badges!

    Thanks my dear @gm4queen
  10. ibru

    Give me badges!

    6. feed me
  11. ibru

    Give me badges!

    @Lmangla It is also a problem for me.... After saving badge in png transparent format - I can't post it here in the same format... If someone could help me and explain.... it would be great ... SO now it seems to be in png format Don't know how long it will be available to see it here... It was made just for fun))))