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  1. 2021.01.18 Prada has updated IG, Twitter, FB with this photo... Seems that Jong Suk became a model for Prada? What do you think ? The show is here
  2. 2021.01.18 #Fanart by leeleecalli #LeeJongSuk for Esquire Korea 2021 February Issue https://instagram.com/p/CKJZt86JiI
  3. https://www.instagram.com/p/CKGqjT0hUUs/ https://www.instagram.com/p/CKHQHnMh5EE/ [ CARTOON] LEE JONG SUK For Esquire Korea February 2021 Issue
  4. [SCREENCAPS] LEE JONG SUK FOR 2021 ESQUIRE Korea, February Issue Credit: https://twitter.com/ForU_JS Full Video: https://youtu.be/K32l6I9kNWI
  5. the February issue is expected to be released on January 27. via https://mobile.twitter.com/jongkkot/status/1349982353188413440 * Esquire Feb issue is expected to be sold on Alladin website from Jan 16th (normally be published on 20th of d month via https://mobile.twitter.com/__rainy9__/status/1348989179959545858
  6. Knetz were go crazy with Actor Lee Jongsuk's new appearance with long hair! https://www.storykpop.com/2021/01/knetz-were-go-crazy-with-actor-lee.html
  7. - Re-Nylon single-breasted jacket - Technical cotton fleece and nylon gabardine joggers - Nylon fabric Derby shoes https://mobile.twitter.com/moko_357357/status/1346389867933011971
  8. As I remember Jong Suk was wearing long black hair during his modeling time and it was suitable for him
  9. [Fan-art] #LeeJongSuk IG Story Update by sukloz instagram.com/p/CJly_7BBHYY/?igshid=qu46e18a2h4v
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