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  1. LOL. Yeah, I believe we're not the only ones. Our brains couldn't (still can't) compute that scene. Can anyone please rewrite this scene to what it should have been? I would do it but I'm no writer. Lol.
  2. I'm rewatching the series, my favorite scenes (I seriously can't let go, yet. Lol), and man, i just love our OTP at the start and middle, but towards the end, I don't get them. I feel like i'm watching something from Body Snatchers. Lol. They're so different! I can't get them anymore, where they are coming from, especially when they interact with each other. ZW became irritating to me, with her letting emotion overtake her good sense and as for NY, he became possessive of ZW that bordered on creepy, and his new face didn't help one bit. Lol. And yes, i'm talking about the bed scene...it was jarring to see him push her like that..for one thing, he threatened HZ that if he'd ever hurt her, he'd kill him, but here he is hurting her by mistreating her as if he could do it just because he's Emperor.. i hate that scene! then, the next scene was them being okay and talking. The transition was really off. Anyone here felt like cringing when watching that scene the first time?
  3. Thank you!!! The novel ending is waaaaaay better...a lot more complex and it really showcased our OTP's intelligence as individuals and as a couple and it's a happy ending...I wish the TV producers could have pulled this off in the big screen. I believe they could. They just want to make us cry or have our hearts broken or have us so frustrated...Lol.
  4. Yeah, i thought the beginning episodes were too detailed with plot of overthrowing the Crown Prince. There were so many episodes that i felt dwelled too much on it. And then towards the end of the show, I felt like i'm missing important details to explain a lot of scenes. Oh well, i guess we can't have everything with this drama. Lol.
  5. Ooooooh...if you're gonna write some fanfiction for this drama...i'd love to read it...it'll soothe my aching heart over the show and its ending... I get why she chose suicide, but man, i just wish she thought of other options to help her with her bloodguilt though indirect, like, moving far away and focusing on a new purpose in life, giving herself time to grieve, to heal and then, either return to NY or wait for him to come to her?? Or allow NY to have an heir, raise him to be the next Emperor, and then NY retire early and meet up with ZW? lol...sorry, I'm not creative in thinking on how this could have ended better...it's just the ending isn't only tragic but it's been done before. So it'd be nice to get a different kind of ending..something if not happy, bittersweet...more on the sweet than bitter...
  6. I notice that with Netflix that only when a new show or new episodes have been added that we get notified of that, but as for shows or movies they delete, i don't think they've informed us or will do so in the future. They should inform us, right?
  7. Anybody wondering whether Zi Wei knew what happened to Hua Qiong? If she did know that she died, why didn't we see ZW mourn for her like she did for many others (she even mourned for ppl she didn't know). I felt like the writers should have included that. I mean, ZW viewed HQ as a sister too besides ZY, right? Also, anybody noticed the fast facial hair growth in the Emperor's and NY's faces? What was that about? Time jump? But hardly any time passed. Side effect of that spell thing?? What do you guys think?
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