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  1. Does anyone knows what kind of flower Ryan had in his car Deok Mi? thanks in advance.
  2. How is that love? He did not died to save her. When someone sacrifice their lives for you is because they are trying to save you. Iw killed himself because he could not live without ymr. This is not love for someone. He is not or ever been in love with Ymr. First he would have to understand what is love. I understand that we may have different ways of showing love and different levels of love but killing yourself for that reason is not love.
  3. It's fine . it was when Mari was running away from KIW. here is a pic. I gues I thought a mother's embrace as I looked at it. For me it shows what KIW is missing. His mother's embrace...that love.
  4. @bebebisous33 I had not thought of that before and I assume she died from suicide. Looking at it now, I see that make sense. The father seems suspicious at times and not able to figure him out as far as him letting KIW marry MR. He also demanding to see her...does he feel a sense of repentance for allowing the marriage? Also not sure if you notice the painting with the mother with child.
  5. I wonder the same thing as well. Who told her the info about IW and who told him about JW's favorite cup. I assumed that they both shared the info as he visited her often so he can get her to confess or help him piece the puzzle as he mentions to her in ep 26 (ep13). Love is kind, patient and long suffering. Loving with what we see vs loving with the heart. Loving someone through hardships and loving them when they are not really lovable is long suffering and it takes patient to love the person through the pain. Enjoyed watching the scene with IW and HR. The ep today made ask what is love? @bebebisous33 loved the analysis of "Love in Sadness" and @zenya22 love the analysis of the painting as well..IW may also view the painting that YMR is his savior so even if his in the shipwrecked she will save him from drowning.
  6. @bebebisous33 Thanks for the analysis of the greek/roman mythology in love in sadness. This line reminds me of KIW since he loves to hunt. We can say that Dr. Ha does not love WHK and just wanted to be one up on SJW. Since he was not able to win over him with wealth, education, good parents ect, so he needed to have this one thing over SJW. Maybe that is why he had WHK called him yeobo (i'm not sure which ep maybe last week). SJW's parents taking care of both JHR and Dr. Ha shows how they raised SJW to be kind and caring person. I was going through my pictures and I found one that reminded of the painting with the butterfly. There were two scenes that shows some growth for YMR: one when she turned down JHR and when she figured out she was being followed (so they are one up on KIW here ).
  7. @bebebisous33 thank you so much. The last flower you showed with the butterfly made me feel happy while i was watching the show. I thought aha.. .she finally staring to feel free and not as dark and hopeless as cistus from the 1st ep. I really enjoyed reading your analysis of the flowers as it relates to YMR stages to becoming stronger. She needs to transform from the ugliness of the 5yr to a beautiful new beginning. I look forward to read more analysis if you have time. Also how the next painting shows more growth in finding herself and being free from the trauma of abuse. I know iw is close to finding out who she is and hopefully by then she will be be stronger. I know SJW plays a part in giving her strength but I really want her to stand up to IW. I love looking at flowers and even taking pics but not well verse in their meanings or even names.
  8. @bebebisous33 I know you started to explain the flowers meaning on each ep and not sure if you continued (have not back read) your analysis of the flowers as it relates to the story. Also, does anyone know where we can see some of the painting? Thanks in advance
  9. Thanks @stroppyse , I appreciate all your comments with what I wrote for those ep. Yes, I understand why YS stayed to go to MH's apartment but for some reason I thought she was better at handling violence trauma since last time JH gave instructions on what to do when he is fighting. It was better that she was not there with him and be safe. Unfortunately, they did not know how this plan was laid out. Hindsight is 20/20 in this case.
  10. I hope now they see how serious KIW is in finding Ma Ri. Hope they have a game plan.
  11. ok take your time. I look forward to your post.
  12. My last review - ep 19 through 20. I really enjoyed reading each comments and insight on the show. @stroppyse, @Dhakra, @sally2, welcome @kenrei hope you like the show as you watch; @luckionesky (welcome - I see you are a new member to Soompi); @usagi1997, @kokodus and all lurkers. I will be here to read other comments.
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