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  1. One of my suspects is the baseball coach. Idk ..I feel way off on this but I have put him as a suspect.
  2. Thanks, that make more sense. So once the purpose of his character was over, there was no reason for him to stick around. They would have to create scenes for him to be there and it was not needed. Also, CKH ended his relationship with him since he was never a true friend. He kept siding with ZY
  3. @J13 I also enjoyed watching without sub as well. i feel that it was closure between the 2 couples and now WW & KH can start a new and that how it was left at the end. I don't feel like we miss anything because for 12 ep they have been together...they have eaten together , they have share some personal things together so I feel like they really got to know each other in different ways for the 12 ep . Ep 13, is them clearing out the old and to start anew. We got a marriage from unlikely couple but a marriage nonetheless. KF who started out with non committal relationship and ends up getting married and WW ended her relationship. KF knows who she is and not afraid to show and WW needed to find herself. This why I'm ok with the break and her improving herself first before she can go to KH. Also, they sort of kept to how the ending of the book where they meet after a year in NY. I will wait for the sub...it 71% now.
  4. Did they ever show why CKH made a promise to ZY's mother to take care of her? Also, where are CKH's parents? I know they mentioned ZWW's parents being outside of Tapei. I guess those some questions I have and I'm ok if they are not fully answered. Thanks @Ahpheng for posting the last part of the book. I don't have instagram so I cannot like the translators.
  5. Thanks @aggiesbaby I think you mentioned that you read the book. Do you know if the book is translated to English?
  6. Thanks.. I am still waiting for the english sub. So did he buy another house?
  7. nice ending...3 female leads rides to the end of the earth..
  8. OMG ...MG mom He meets his step bro..sad..I don't think he tells that she his mom too
  9. Scarlett and JH are out and the street vendor recognize him for the show and he gets a crowd of ladies. Scarlett is backing away. I guess she is experiencing being with someone who is famous. She is crying saying not to go...
  10. they are shownig slpit image as TM and MG are living as they are apart...meeting with friends, going shopping , playing games ect. some of the images are as if they are still together. they are missing each other..
  11. Scarlett and TM drank all night talked. GG have a meeting. JH sends Scarlett a flower and she so exicted in front TM..lol.
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