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  1. When JR goes to see MY in the hotel, she mentioned her mother is great cook and when she had it good still love her cooking. Does the JR's mother have a story with MY's mom or KT's mom?
  2. I really enjoyed this show and I don't have a particular reason other than it makes me warm inside. Even when I was confused in the beginning, they pulled me in anyway.
  3. thank you. I search this morning and did not see it.
  4. If someone can pm where to watch. Thank
  5. @stroppyse thank you for all the translations! @triplem for the recaps every sat & sun even when you are busy @Ameera Ali for the funny gifts @mizv for the videos @icemaid @sal2 @lalalaelala @dramaninja @Rufus @Roomay_ht @corey @YongZura⁷ @ende @Ayame @PeVe @foreverempress @cococahpi @ktcjdrama thank you all for making this thread very entertaining and interesting. It's been a long six months but I really enjoyed the show and all the discussions. Thank you all commentators and lurkers. Love is Beautiful and LIFE is Wonderful! Everyone stay safe.
  6. It seems like there will be some time skip then. JH will come back and find JW with twins lol
  7. I love both of the comments above. Love is not easy to come by and needs to treasured. Next week, we will see what she says but she does look apprehensive when he came with the flowers. Love is beautiful and life is wonderful
  8. Since she is suspender she can go and come back before her suspension is over. I dont want a time skip. Also it looks like HR is confronting XX I wonder if it's about her bro. She still seems mean to CA in the preview too.
  9. yes there are.. JW had a journey with this breakup and i think it will be something good for him. Everything in life is to learn a lessons and hopefully grow and i think this made JW grow in his life. It's hard to compare him with JH as they are two different individuals. Their path in life are different.
  10. I felt her disinterest was a way for him not to like her so he can break up with her cleanly. The writer really keeping us guessing to the end. I would prefer her with no one. They may have an open end ...who knows I thought today JH would know for sure his mother framed SW but he still trying to put this together. I think he knows but want proof to be sure.
  11. So do i. He did the right thing in telling JW. HR and his mother went too far. I am waiting for sub to complete before I watch.