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  1. i'm glad she is not pregnant so she can stand on her own two fee. But I feel she will be pregnant with Byun-ho. They might just secretly date again and then she becomes pregnant who know..
  2. I was ok with the end of the marriage and her change. I think when she saw him smile as he held the baby was the turning point for her. Also, all the things her mother told her were all lies.
  3. Also the watch can means that he will kill him and take it as a memento
  4. Good ep today and enjoyed the scene with Cha Young and Vincenzo in his home. Although he lied to her about having killed people. I'm starting to think that the brother is not afraid of Jun Woo as if he just playing the role and waiting to play his card to try and prove he is more ruthless. Once the brother finds out he like Cha Young, he may use it to try and destroy him.
  5. The 2nd re-watched still had me in suspense. Again Prof Shin is captured and I kept how many times can she get choked and survive. We get Prof Mok backstory with his mom and him becoming the serial killer. They finally captured Mok and he goes to jail. I doubt if he would feel remorse. The reason behind the murders were really insignificant to me but to messed man this made sense. I wanted to see what happens after PGH goes back, but we can assume Prof Mok is caught and the future is different. But the core people I think would remain in the future. They do leave r
  6. They did show how the future PGH got his name.
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