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  1. Ep 11 The fight scene between Jung Ho and Sung Jae is pretty intensity. Sun Jae is fighting the killer of his mother in his mind and Jung Ho is trying not to get locked up again. Frantic PGH now knows Prof Shin is his daughter through the whitsle (connection to his wife, her mom). You can feel the pain PGH is going through as he talked to his wife about Prof Shin being their daughter. He feels pain that he had not recognized her at all. Prof Shin dreams more about her mom and the whistle. When she has give her testimony, she chokes up remembering how she almost died. It feels like sh
  2. Ep 9 & 10 The scene of the accident and him looking at her pic before she died tugged at my heart. He now is grieving for the lost of wife that he left in 1986 that is well and live. I like what Sun Jae say to him for him to keep on going and find the culprit and find his daughter. Another murder, again the stocking is used but no dots. They are questioning if Jung Ho changed his method and no longer uses the dots. It seems like both are the same except for the dots. I think the position of the bodies are different as well and something with women in skirts. The experience that
  3. Ep 7 Finally everything is leading to where we supposed to be...the present PGH and Past PGH why are they are connected? We find out that he was working on the case but we don't why he stared working on the serial killer case or what evidence he has on the killer. So now the past PGH has to solved the case for present PGH since he died. To me this is like a parallels universe. Especially the part where he calls her to tell her about the future and they seems to be having a conversation. Did the killer drug the present PGH? I thought he did but can't find if it was in ep 7 or an
  4. Ep 5 Ep 5, to me is connect the dots. We get backstory of SJ finding out that his mother was killed by a serial killer and not by illness. Thus his search to find the culprit leads him to being a cop instead of a doctor. Jung-Ho may be a lead to his mom's death. Jung-Ho, the kid who killed animals in 1988 is connected to PGH. Dots are connecting with the past and present and they are laying the groundwork for why PGH is in the future. The stranded cops in a remote island (rest stop) kind of spells out of a who dunnit mystery murder (similar to Murder on the Orient Express ty
  5. For Ep 3 &4 They are laying the groundwork for PGH and the reason why he left the 80s to come to the future. I'm glad his old detective knows who is and is able to help him navigate in the future. In ep 3, the guy with the hand had insecurity and kills the 5 victims that escapes and if i'm not mistaken by strangling with the fake hand. With this case PGH, knows the 5 victims did not died and that is the reason they could not find that victim. I wonder at this point did the killer know he missed one. We see the future PGH being chase and caught by the kille
  6. This is my 2nd time watching. What i like is that im able to understand the reaction of each based on the ending. I like watching things develop..its like peeling an onions into the case. Why PGH is in the future running away? Is this a parallel? What happens to PGH in the past? Those are the questions I have for the 1st ep. Prof Shin was seems scary and suspicious. I enjoyed the team in the future more than the past. I'm on ep 3 going to 4.
  7. I'm so happy for them. My ship couple became a couple IRL and my drama couple won the best couple award
  8. Ep 1 – Reactions. I fell in love with the title “Do you love Brahms?”. I searched for the trailer and marked my calendar to watch. Did I notice something new or something I did not pay attention to on the 1st watch? Are you happy scene? I totally missed the importance of the scene earlier on and on the re-watch notice the contrast later on for Chae Song. Her looking back at the video and contrasting her from then and her now. Thank you @Jillia for wonderful analysis of the “Are you Happy?” which becomes one of theme throughout the show. Chae Song states “I started to
  9. I will be watching this weekend as well. I guess we should have a format in the re-watch. 1. Did you notice something new? 2. What is your favorite moments now? 3. Reactions now. I guess we can come up with something to a schedule when to watch so we can all be on the same page.
  10. I have not watched yet.. It seems LS sees her only as a friend. I hope it's not a triangle or anything with angst. His interest does not seem romantic. Yes I like how the chef is pursuing the lawyer. I had a feeling his family would not like the mom having cancer. He really needs to tell her if he is able to endure her hardship.She doubts he can handle this and she probably can read him pretty well hence why she never told him about her struggles.
  11. I had SLS up until the last few episodes. Lee Soo is childish and the ceo is more ready for a mature relationship. When the ceo said he would try to match her preferences, my Sls started to go away. I feel he needs to be himself and not try to match someone else. She is so reserve with the ceo. We can influence each other but not to a point where we need to match in everything. There has to be something that we each bring uniquely into the relationship. With Lee Soo, she is more herself and able to argue and make up.
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