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  1. https://zapzee.net/2020/09/22/park-hae-il-tang-wei-park-yong-woo-lee-jung-hyun-and-go-kyung-pyo-to-star-in-director-park-chan-wooks-new-movie/ Park Hae Il, Tang Wei, Park Yong Woo, Lee Jung Hyun and Go Kyung Pyo to Star in Director Park Chan Wook’s New Movie by krishkim Credit: Starnews The cast lineup for director Park Chan Wook’s new movie Determination to Part Ways (literal title) has been confirmed. According to a media outlet, Lee Jung Hyun joined the upcoming movie Determination to Part Ways, directed by Park Chan Wook, finalizing the major casting. The movie tells the story of a detective investigating the case of a man losing his footing in the woods and what happens when he begins to question the man’s wife. Earlier, Park Hae Il confirmed his appearance as a detective, while Tang Wei took on the role of the wife of a man who died in the woods. Park Yong Woo will star as a key figure related to Tang Wei, and Go Kyung Pyo will play Park Hae Il’s junior partner. This is the first time for all four actors to work with director Park Chan Wook. Lee Jung Hyun joined the project as Park Hae Il’s wife, reuniting with Park Chan Wook after 9 years since the film Night Fishing. Determination to Part Ways is the first Korean film by director Park Chan Wook in four years since The Handmaiden. After filming the British television drama series The Little Drummer Girl, he pushed for the long-prepared film The Ax. However, when several issues, including investments, surfaced, Park Chan Wook started preparing for Determination to Part Ways. Determination to Part Ways is in the midst of last-minute pre-production work to start filming in October. Source (1)
  2. https://zapzee.net/2020/09/22/kang-ha-neul-confirmed-to-appear-in-upcoming-drama-as-the-father-role-of-the-character-he-first-received-the-offer/ Kang Ha Neul Confirmed to Appear in Upcoming Drama as the Father Role of the Character He First Received the Offer by krishkim Credit: 10 Asia Kang Ha Neul will appear as another character in the new drama Pyeonggang, Cut to the Heart (literal title) instead of the male lead Ondal. According to a media outlet, Kang Ha Neul will appear in the drama Pyeonggang, Cut to the Heart as Ondal’s father. He was originally offered to play the role of Ondal, but decided to take on another character as it became impossible to join the project as lead role due to his movie schedules. Onhyeop, played by Kang Ha Neul, is the father of the male lead Ondal. He is one of the main characters in the early parts of the drama, and will instill an image of “the nation’s General.” Yesterday, news of the actor declining the offer to play Ondal was released, disappointing fans who have been waiting for Son Ye Jin and Kang Ha Neul on the same project. Pyeonggang, Cut to the Heart is a historical drama that tells the tragic love story between Princess Pyeonggang, who uses Ondal’s feelings to her advantage, and Ondal, who makes foolish sacrifices. Earlier, it was reported that Son Ye Jin and Kang Ha Neul are in talks to star as Princess Pyeonggang and Ondal. Source (1)
  3. In <Cine21> magazine issue number 1274 (2020-09-22~2020-10-06), an article titled ‘Home Cinema’ lists the works recommended by 29 filmmakers including actor Kang Dong-won, actor Koo Kyo-hwan, director Kim Bora, actor Kim Ui-sung, director Kim Jee-woon, director Kim Tae-yong (<Wonderland>), actress Moon Sori, actor Park Jung-min, director Jo Sung-hee, director Lee Kyoung-mi, actor Lee Byung-hun, director Lee Ok-seop, actor Lee Je-hoon, KBS PD Lee Tae-woong, director Yim Soon-rye, director Yoon Ga-eun, director Yoon Jong-bin, etc. Actor Kang Dong-won’s ‘Home Cinema’ Recommended Works <Batteries Not Included 8번가의 기적> Director Matthew Robbins, 1987 <Shoplifters 어느 가족> Director Hirokazu Koreeda, 2018 <The Cabin in the Woods 캐빈 인 더 우즈> Director Drew Goddard, 2012
  4. PREMIERE (monthly movie magazine; 1995 to 2008) 2004.1 - 100 new young things 2005.09. [Cr: 강동원갤/유우령] NO. 4 (2006.9.16~30) [Cr: 강동원갤/유우령] NO.30 (2007-10.16~31) [Cr: jiyongism] Credits: Premiere, 강동원갤/유우령 | NaverBlogs (jiyongism | YUaE | aaaaaai)
  5. https://www.koreanfilm.or.kr/eng/news/news.jsp?seq=5411&mode=VIEW Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival Invites 6 Korean Films by Pierce Conran | Sep 10, 2020 PENINSULA, BEAUTY WATER and SPIRITWALKER Headed to Europe’s Top Genre Film Fest The Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia, the oldest and most prestigious genre film festival in the world, is returning for its 53rd edition on October 8. Heading to the sunny Sitges shores this year will be six films from Korea, including YEON Sang-ho’s blockbuster Peninsula, the animation Beauty Water, the sci-fi thriller Spiritwalker, a pair of Bruceploitation films co-produced with Hong Kong and the short Unzo. Coming four years after the global smash TRAIN TO BUSAN, which won the Best Director and Best Special Effects awards in Sitges, is this year’s summer smash Peninsula. Selected by the Cannes Film Festival, the sequel has stirred theatrical business around the world, earning over USD 50 million to date. From debut filmmaker CHO Kyung-hun, the feature animation Beauty Water had its world premiere earlier this year at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival in the Contrechamps Competition section. It later screened in the Korean Features Competition section of the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (BiFan) back home in Korea and will go on release locally on September 9. Spiritwalker, a high concept sci-fi thriller from director YOON Jae-keun (Heartbeat, 2011) stars YOON Kye-sang (THE OUTLAWS, 2017) as a man who has lost his memory and keeps waking up in different bodies every 12 hours. The film will have its world premiere in Sitges. Also on offer in Sitges will be Enter the Game of Death and The Clones of Bruce Lee, martial arts classics co-produced by South Korea and Hong Kong which belong to the so-called Bruceploitation string of films that sought to capitalize on Bruce LEE’s success. Meanwhile, the short film Unzo was helmed by director ROH Jin. — https://www.koreanfilm.or.kr/eng/news/news.jsp?seq=5412&mode=VIEW Hirokazu KORE-EDA Sets Korean Project with SONG Kang-ho, BAE Doo-na, GANG Dong-won by Pierce Conran | Sep 11, 2020 CJ Entertainment to Back BABY, BOX, BROKER Acclaimed Japanese filmmaker KORE-EDA Hirokazu is set to make his Korean language film debut with the new project Baby, Box, Broker, and he has assembled an impressive local cast to join him - SONG Kang-ho, BAE Doo-na and GANG Dong-won. CJ Entertainment will finance and distribute the project, which is being produced by Zip Cinema, the company behind the recent summer hit #ALIVE. Baby, Box, Broker will follow several characters whose lives are impacted by ‘baby boxes’, which are anonymous drop-off points for people without the resources to raise their newly born children. Development on the project reportedly began five years ago, and since then he has been working with Korean production staff to create the original script. The famed filmmaker debuted over two decades ago and has made revered modern Japanese classics such as Nobody Knows and Still Walking. In 2018, he earned the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival for his film Shoplifters. KORE-EDA most recently film was The Truth, a project in French and English starring Catherine DENEUVE, Juliette BINOCHE and Ethan HAWKE which was his first made outside his native Japan. BAE Doo-na is the only member of the cast to have previously worked with KORE-EDA, having starred in his Air Doll in 2009. BAE has worked with SONG Kang-ho on several occasions, first on Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance (2002), then the smash hit The Host (2006) and most recently The Drug King (2018). Meanwhile, SONG and GANG Dong-won co-starred in the hit Secret Reunion (2010). Production on Baby, Box, Broker is expected to begin next year.
  6. https://zapzee.net/2020/09/18/mount-jiri-starring-jun-ji-hyun-and-ju-ji-hoon-confirmed-to-air-on-tvn-starts-filming-today/ ‘Mount Jiri’ Starring Jun Ji Hyun and Ju Ji Hoon Confirmed to Air on tvN + Starts Filming Today by krishkim The most anticipated 2021 drama Mount Jiri will air on tvN. Mount Jiri is a mystery drama that tells the various stories of people climbing Mount Jiri, one of Korea’s most famous mountains. Credit: OBS, STONEHENgE, ACEMAKER MOVIEWORKS, PrainTPC The jaw-dropping cast lineup that includes Jun Ji Hyun, Ju Ji Hoon, Sung Dong Il, and Oh Jung Se raised expectations vertically even before the official filming started. The production team is also eye-catching. It is joined by writer Kim Eun Hee, best known for Netflix’s Kingdom series and drama Signal, and director Lee Eung Bok, who worked on Descendants of the Sun, Mr. Sunshine, and Goblin. Mount Jiri started filming today (Sept. 18) while strictly following all the guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Jun Ji Hyun, who plays the role of the top ranger Seo Yi Kang, and Ju Ji Hoon, who plays Kang Hyun Jo, a rookie ranger with a deep secret, will attend the first official shooting. Meanwhile, drama Mount Jiri, which will feature a mystery that has never been seen before, is scheduled to air on tvN in 2021. Source (1)
  7. Cine21 No. 1274 (2020-09-22~2020-10-06) - Jung Yu-mi 정유미 & Nam Joo-hyuk 남주혁
  8. SCREEN (monthly movie magazine; March 1984 to 2011) October 2005 (Cr: 강동원갤/유우령) September 2006 [Cr: DaumCafe] November 2007 (Cr: ttongjja) December 2009 (Cr: poi952) February 2010
  9. OSEN | 2020. 09. 16. Kang Min Ah confirms participation in "True Beauty" with Moon Ga Young, Cha Eunwoo Actress Kang Min Ah will join the cast of the drama "True Beauty". On September 16, the H& Entertainment agency announced that Kang Min Ah will feature in the new drama "True Beauty" (tvN, scriptwriter Lee Si Eun, director Kim Sang Hyub). "True Beauty" is a rom-com drama telling about Ju Gyeong - the girl using makeup to turn herself into a goddess after having an appearance complex - and Su Ho - the man who carries a wounded heart within himself. After their encounter, the two gradually share their secrets, from which they get mature little by little and restore their self-esteem. The drama is adapted from the same-name original webtoon "True Beauty" that is well-received in many countries like the US, Japan, Thailand, France, etc. Earlier, the stars of the youth concept including actors Moon Ga Young, Cha Eunwoo (Astro), Hwang In Yeop have confirmed their presence and made this project the most-anticipated production in the second half of 2020. Kang Min Ah will play female lead Ju Gyeong's new friend named Choi Soo Ah in "True Beauty". After Lim Ju Gyeong transferred to Sae Bom high school, this character will get closer and become her best friend. Choi Soo Ah promises to not only show the chemistry through her special friendship with Lim Ju Gyeong but also bring a refreshing atmosphere with her vitality. After embarking on her acting career with the short film "To the Sea" in 2009, Kang Min Ah left a strong impression on the public through various works such as the movie "Park Hwa Young", two dramas "Seonam Girls High School Investigators" and "Cheer Up!", and web dramas "Between Friendship and Love 2" and "A-Teen 2". In particular, thanks to her stable acting skills that enable her to pull off any kinds of roles, Kang Min Ah has portrayed many different characters in a lively way, from a teenager girl feeling lost in her life, a high school student who brings out first love emotions during school days to a strong and confident girlcrush character, thereby gradually expanding the scope of her acting. Recently, Kang Min Ah has shown her genuine acting ability that arouses viewers' empathy about the school days through the web drama "The Temperature Of Language: Our Nineteen", and attracted interest with her presence in the "I still love you a lot" MV by singer Baek Z Young. Therefore, Kang Min Ah - the potential actress who promises to have more dynamic activities in the future - is making the public eagerly look forward to the charisma she will display through character Choi Soo Ah in the drama "True Beauty". As planned, the drama "True Beauty" will meet with the TV audience in the second half of this year. OSEN = Reporter Yeon Hwi Sun / monamie@osen.co.kr Photo = Provided by H& Entertainment Everything Idol, Everyday Exclusive https://vtoday.vlive.tv/home — https://zapzee.net/2020/09/17/sf9s-chani-to-make-special-cameo-appearance-on-the-true-beauty-and-act-alongside-cha-eunwoo/ SF9’s Chani To Make Special Cameo Appearance on ‘The True Beauty’ And Act Alongside Cha Eunwoo by M.B. Credit: FNC Entertainment SF9 member Chani will make a special appearance on The True Beauty! According to XportsNews, SF9 Chani will have a cameo appearance on tvN’s new drama The True Beauty. Chani, who already proved his skills in acting after appearing in shows like Listen to My Heart, The Innocent Man, and most recently SKY Castle, he is set to show off a completely different charm on The True Beauty. This also isn’t his first special appearance— his special cameo appearance in KBS 2TV’s Once Again touched the hearts of many viewers. Fans are excited to see him acting alongside ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo. Source (1)
  10. https://channels.vlive.tv/BF37FF/vtoday/1.17961122 mydaily | 2020. 09. 17. "Coffee Prince" cast shows unchanged intimacy after 13 years The main cast of "Coffee Prince" will come back together. On September 17, the MBC station announced that they will publicize the interview with the cast of "Coffee Prince" - the drama that has been maintaining its status as a legendary drama after its broadcast in 2007 - via "Youth Documentary Twenty Again (season 2)". The cast members including Gong Yoo, Lee Sun Kyun, Yoon Eun Hye, Chae Jung An, Kim Dong Wook, Kim Jae Wook together recalled their youthful images 13 years ago. MBC explained, "In fact, although they are stars who are rarely seen other than in dramas and movies, they are all willing to join and shared that getting together with the cast of 'Coffee Prince' is an exception." The station also shared, "Initially, after conducting personal interviews, the cast members watched each other's recording in the 'untact' form and expressed support as well as empathy for this. In fact, the shooting period overlapped social distancing practice due to the Covid-19 pandemic, so we weren't sure whether the meeting would be made possible or not. However, thanks to the support of 2 coffee shops located in Seogyo Ward and Buam Ward, which were once the filming locations of 'Coffee Prince', a surprise and thrilling encounter happened." Next, MBC said, "The members of the film crew are having special bond as they still see each other as family. Therefore, this long-awaited meeting took place in a cheerful and pleasant atmosphere. Going one step further, the six actors touched the production crew when telling candid stories about their youth and worries as actors. They watched the best scenes of 'Coffee Prince' together and vividly shared their emotions and behind-the-scenes stories during the filming as if they have gone back those days." In addition, the untold behind-the-scenes stories of the production will be disclosed such as the secret casting, the identity of an unexpected assistant told by director Lee Yoon Jung of "Coffee Prince". Right after watching director Lee Yoon Jung's video, the actors were touched and cried in happiness. The "Coffee Prince" episode of the show "Youth Documentary Twenty Again" will be divided into two episodes and broadcast at 10:40 pm (KST) September 24 and October 1. Reporter Lee Seung Rok roku@mydaily.co.kr Photos = MBC Everything Idol, Everyday Exclusive https://vtoday.vlive.tv/home — https://zapzee.net/2020/09/17/get-ready-to-gong-yoo-and-yoon-eun-hye-on-the-same-screen-again/ Get Ready to See Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun Hye in ‘Coffee Prince’ Cafe Once Again! By krishkim Credit: MBC The actors of MBC hit-drama Coffee Prince are gathered together after 13 years. On Sept. 17, YouTube channel “MBClife” dropped the official trailer for the Coffee Prince documentary. This upcoming documentary will gather the actors of the legendary drama and recall the moments and share behind-the-scenes stories. In the trailer, Gong Yoo, Yoon Eun Hye, Lee Sun Gyun, Kim Jae Wook, Kim Dong Wook, and Chae Jung An revisit the filming locations, including the famous coffee shop. Especially, seeing Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun Hye sitting together side by side in the cafe is drawing enthusiastic responses from fans. Lee Sun Gyun, Kim Jae Wook, Kim Dong Wook, and Chae Jung An also teamed up in two and recalled their Coffee Prince days together. Especially, Kim Jae Wook said, “I’m sorry, but he’s terrible at singing,” drawing attention. Above all, the “current” actors were overlapped with the scenes from the drama, raising expectations for the show. This upcoming 2-episode documentary will air at 10:40 p.m. on Sept. 24 and Oct. 1 KST. Source (1)
  11. MOVIE WEEK (weekly movie magazine; 2001 to March 2013) No. 113 (2004.2.10~16) [Cr: 강동원갤/유우령] No. 136 (2004.7.21~7.27) [Cr: 강동원갤/유우령] 2004.12 No. 244 (2006.9.13~9.19) [Cr: jiyongism] No. 295 (2007.9.19~10.2) [Cr: jiyongism] No. 407 (2009.12.16~12.22) [Cr: DaumCafe] No. 414 (2010.2.3~2.9) No. 450 (2010.10.27~11.2) [Cr: DC강동원갤] Credits: MovieWeek, NaverBlogs (YUaE | aaaaaai | Potitto)
  12. FILM 2.0 (weekly movie magazine; December 2000 to 2008) #165 (2004.02.10~02.17) [Cr: 강동원갤/유우령] #175 (2004.04.27) #187 (2004.07.20) [Cr: 강동원갤/유우령] #208 (2004.12.14) #248.249 (2005.09.27) [Cr: 강동원갤/유우령] #299 (2006.09.12) [Cr: 강동원갤/유우령] #357 (2007.10.23) Credits: Film2.0, 강동원갤 | 강동원갤/유우령 | NaverBlogs (YUaE | aaaaaai | Potitto)
  13. http://english.pickcon.co.kr/site/data/html_dir/2020/07/02/2020070280135.html Actor Hyun Bin Keeps Fans Guessing with Diverse Fashion Stylings May 27, 2020 Hyun Bin, the star of cable channel tvN's hit drama "Crash Landing on You," has garnered attention for his versatile fashion sense to make him look good in whatever outfits he wears, from a military uniform to casual outfits. At a press junket for the drama in December 2019, just ahead of its airing, he appeared wearing a black turtleneck sweater and white pants matched with a camel-colored velvet jacket. For a press event for another hit drama series, "Memories of the Alhambra," in November 2018, he also appeared in a black turtleneck sweater, but wore it with a grey double-breasted suit, finishing the dandy outfit with black dress shoes. In fact, Hyun Bin has been fashionable on every occasion, even looking back to several years ago in the early 2000s. In 2008, he attended a press event for his drama "Worlds Within" in a suit and tie, unconventionally matched with a white V-neck T-shirt. At the press event for MBC's TV series "Friend, Our Legend" the following year, he appeared in a school uniform and short hairstyle that fit his role in the series. At a press conference for SBS' megahit drama series "Secret Garden" in 2010, he showed up in an all-black outfit, making him simply look stylish. On his way to start mandatory military service in March 2011, he opted for a casual, comfy look in a grey hoodie under a safari jacket with a baseball cap and sneakers.
  14. https://www.soompi.com/article/1425562wpp/winners-of-the-seoul-drama-awards-2020 Winners Of The Seoul Drama Awards 2020 by C. Hong | Sep 15, 2020 The Seoul Drama Awards 2020 (also known as the Seoul International Drama Awards) honored some of the best and brightest of television from South Korea and around the world. Due to Level 2.5 social distancing guidelines in the recent COVID-19 outbreak in South Korea, this year’s ceremony was “non-face-to-face,” which meant no winners or presenters attended. The ceremony was recorded with the smallest number of people present. It did not air live but the recording was broadcast on MBC on September 15. The MCs were Kim Soo Ro, GOT7’s Jinyoung, and MBC announcer Park Ji Min. The Grand Prize for the Seoul Drama Awards 2020 was awarded to the Brazilian TV series “Orphans of a Nation.” KBS’s hit drama “When the Camellia Blooms” took home five awards, including acting awards for Gong Hyo Jin and Kang Ha Neul. tvN’s “Crash Landing on You” also took home two trophies, including one for Son Ye Jin. Check out the list of winners below! (Helena: I regrouped the awards for clarity) International Competition Grand Prize: “Orphans of a Nation” (Brazil) Serial Drama Golden Bird Prize: “Bolívar” (Colombia) Serial Drama Silver Bird Prize: “Mr. Fighting” (China) TV Movie Golden Bird Prize: “The Turncoat” (Germany) TV Movie Silver Bird Prize: “Everything and Nothing” (South Korea) Short-Form Drama Golden Bird Prize: “18h30” (France) Mini-Series Golden Bird Prize: “World on Fire” (United Kingdom) Mini-Series Silver Bird Prize: “Itaewon Class” (South Korea) Best Actor: Waleed Zuaiter (“Baghdad Central”, United Kingdom) Best Actress: Gong Hyo Jin (“When the Camellia Blooms”, South Korea) Best Screenwriter: Im Sang Choon (“When the Camellia Blooms”, South Korea) Best Director: Adam Smith (“World on Fire”, United Kingdom) Jury’s Special Prize: “The Cage” (Czech Republic), “XX” (South Korea) Most Popular Foreign Drama: “Snowpiercer” (United States), “Descendants of the Sun” (Philippines), “The New Pope” (Italy) Asian Star Prize: Dingdong Dantes (Philippines), Yokohama Ryusei (Japan) Hallyu Drama (Non-Competition) (Hallyu = Korean Wave) Excellent (Most Outstanding) Korean Drama: “When the Camellia Blooms” Outstanding Korean Drama: “Crash Landing on You,” “Stove League,” “Extraordinary You” Outstanding Korean Actor: Kang Ha Neul (“When the Camellia Blooms”) Outstanding Korean Actress: Son Ye Jin (“Crash Landing on You”) Best OST in Korean Drama: Like a Heroine in the Movie - Punch (“When the Camellia Blooms”) Congratulations to all the winners ! Source (1) (2) - https://koreajoongangdaily.joins.com/2020/09/16/entertainment/television/SDA-Orphans-of-a-Nation-When-the-Camellia-Blooms/20200916175200427.html 'Orphans of a Nation' takes Grand Prize at Seoul International Drama Awards September 16, 2020 The 15th Seoul International Drama Awards (SDA) ceremony was hosted with the least number of presenters and no recipients due to Covid-19. [SDA] The Grand Prize of this year’s Seoul International Drama Awards (SDA) went to the Brazilian drama series “Orphans of a Nation,” while KBS drama series "When the Camellia Blooms” took home five prizes at the annual award ceremony aired on MBC on Wednesday. “Orphans of a Nation” centers around a Syrian refugee heroine and a male main character from Lebanon overcoming hardships with familial love. “The quality of the work was enhanced by a solid narrative that dealt with refugees and their plight, [along with] sophisticated visual aesthetics,” the judges are said to have evaluated. “Bolivar,” a Columbian drama series, won the Golden Bird Prize, and Chinese drama series “Mr. Fighting” won the Silver Bird Prize in the Serial Drama Category. The former is based on the true story of Simon Bolivar, a revolutionary leader who liberated Latin America from the Spanish Empire in the 19th century. “Mr. Fighting” tells the story of an anonymous entertainer’s rise to stardom. French content “18h30” won the Golden Bird Prize in the newly established Short Form Category. As for individual prizes, actor Kong Hyo-jin of “Camellia” won Best Actress, while Lim Sang-choon took home the Best Screenwriter award. Best Actor went to British actor Waleed Zuaiter for his role on British crime thriller television series “Baghad Central,” while Best Director went to Adam Smith of British war drama series “World on Fire.” In the non-competition category, the Excellent Korean Drama Prize in the Outstanding Korean Drama category went to “Camellia,” and lead actor Kang Ha-neul won the Outstanding Korean Actor prize of the same category. The series also received the Outstanding Korean Drama OST Prize for its soundtrack “Like a Heroine in the Movie” by the singer Punch. Other local drama series “Crash Landing on You” on tvN, “Hot Stove League” on SBS and “Extraordinary You” on MBC received the Outstanding Korean Drama prizes. BY LEE JAE-LIM [lee.jaelim@joongang.co.kr] —
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