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  1. Yes, this is^^ And i think, the pic with JSJ may be filming in hospital?? the evironment is similar they are in hospital, so might be InNa will be in the scene. Just my theory again I think it's still in SK, but I don't have idea where it is.
  2. Ahhh, I zoomed every inches in this photo just hope to see inna in this, and wish the girl with long hair in base color long skirt is inna. Poor me Today it has some photos from fliming set, hope there are some pics that has inna, just her back will be best for us. Looking forward for more.
  3. Welcome to this InNa' thread, glad to have a new fans of her. You can learn how to post photos from link, hope it will help you. Yess, hope he have happy time, wish INNa have a quality time too.
  4. The Blue House responds to petition to cancel 'Snowdrop' drama starring BLACKPINK's Jisoo & Jung Hae In AKP STAFF The Blue House has responded to a petition to cancel the upcoming JTBC drama 'Snowdrop' starring BLACKPINK's Jisoo and Jung Hae In 'Snowdrop' received a lot of negative attention due to the plot's alleged similarity to real historical events involving student protestors who lost their lives during the Gwangju Democratic Movement, and the drama is also being accused of romanticizing North Korean spies. Jisoo's character name was
  5. Yessssss, the good news. SnowDrop is Coming!! Dr. Kang Chung Ya is Coming!!! No one can stop them.
  6. Yes!!! glad to hear some news updates from InNa. Hope she and her team have a save trip. and hope that her manager and her team will post something about her for us hahaha. I'm waiting for her news and, maybe her new photos from this trip. Miss her very much
  7. A little update with InNa and Snowdrop. This account said that snowdrop will close to end of filming and it will be air in the second half on the year.
  8. We got update from InNa wuth her CF. New photo from Veilment Body Wash. Hope they will have more photos later. Cr. Ig amazingyooinna. https://www.instagram.com/p/COrZrfgtBly/?igshid=kyfep2ew6mxu Veilment, a premium body skin care brand that improves skin just by shower. Body Wash Brand No. 1 in nationwide sales. Global sales of 10 million units. Exfoliation Improvement Satisfaction 100%. Powder Room No.1 for two years in a row. * Total standard: ACNELSEN January-December 2019 based on sales by body wash brand ** September
  9. Old photo from InNa's manager recent posted. InNa and IU photo from his wedding day. https://www.instagram.com/p/COphEikNw4t/?igshid=1j733pnlfrvd
  10. Oh, I think you are right, may be InNa would be doctor who came for heal the injured person that shot from men in black suit (some photos from tourist has men dressed in black with gun in filming scene). Hahaha this just my theory too. And I have found that, Snowdrop could be still filming now, because this Ig act posted that they prepared lunch and dinner food set for drama team include actors too the date they pisted is 2021.05.05. I hope InNa was in filming set that day. https://www.instagram.com/p/COeaWkHF4i_/?igshid=11a9joqiaon1o a little update from sn
  11. The Spies Who Loved Me (2020) First broadcast in Japan! KNTV first broadcast: May 14, 2021 More detail https://t.co/lvfHePhSgw I think this drama has really interested plot, has good actors/actresses. InNa was very good protrayed as Kang Ah Reum and showed her great acting skill in this drama. But unfortunately, this drama was underrated in SK and didn't get a good rating. So I hope this drama will draw attention to viewers in Japan and get a lot of love from japanese viewers.
  12. Happy Monday!! Hope everyone will have a good day with this, Yoo InNa is super cute. Yoo In Na on the Cover of K Wave March 2015 Behind the Scene and interview with Yoo InNa.
  13. Recommended Yoo IN Na' s variety Show : Funding Together. You can see it on Viu. This variety show aired between August 18, 2019 - November 11, 2019. No. of episodes : 13 episodes. MC : You Hee Yeol, Yoo Jun Sang, Noh Hong Chul, Yoo InNa, Jang Do Yeon Recommended episode : episode 7th. This episode Yoo In Na and Kang Ha Neul had project to do the audiobook together. Plus They called to IU. It was really funny to see them talking together. The last episode : episode 13th. All of MC did mini-consert together. Yoo In Na showed
  14. Thanks for lot posts of InNa, I like to see everything about her. So it's good for me if you or anyone post photos, clips or news of her. For me, If i have free time, i will come in and posts anythings too.
  15. She so gorgeous!!! I wonder, when was the last time that she attended in award ceremony?? I want to see her in beautiful dress when she's walking on red carpet again. Hope end of this year she will attend in award ceremony as best actress nominee or atleast as MC will be Ok. So we will see her again in red carpet. I really miss her very much
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