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  1. I have watched to Ep. 8 I don't know about this drama anymore. It started off interesting but these last few episodes the behaviors of the male lead are bothering me, along with keeping the previous relationship a secret. So we find out the ML fainted when he tried to propose marriage to FL. I'm thinking that everything must be tied up somehow to the ML Father's death because of reaction of FL when ML mentioned his father. Anyway, it better be something huge for me to believe FL would just dump him like that to run away the night he fainted and no contact at all for the 5 years. I didn't like how the ML is manhandling the FL in Ep. 8. I hope we don't have any more of that type of behavior in the rest of the drama. It looks like the side couples are formed now so I am hoping that their storylines will be interesting.
  2. The 55 Episode Director's Cut version is now also available at MZTV Exclusive Chinese Drama YouTube Channel with English subtitles. Link to Playlist: They are currently in the process of uploading the episodes. So far, they have Ep. 1-43 available and are uploading new episodes each week. I do not know what regions the YouTube is liscensed, but you can try it. Good Luck! EDIT: I see you are using VPN. I am glad you found a solution.
  3. This drama is available with English subtitles at several streaming sites.WeTV: Video YouTube Channel Playlist: Yes, he is newbie. He played role of 14th Prince/Yin Ti in Dreaming Back to the Qing Dynasty. He also have a supporting role in the drama Waiting For You In The Future
  4. I'm so sad to hear this breakup news. They were such a cute couple and I really thought they would make it since they stayed together through Lee Joon's enlistment. I'm so sorry this relationship did not work out. However, I'm glad that things ended in a positive way, and that they remain on good terms with each other. I wish them both all the best.
  5. It's coming to WeTV/Tencent on June 29, 2020. There will be subs.
  6. Wow! Liang Jie has dramas back to back and on the same network/broadcast platform too. But that's OK, I'm happy to see her in another drama and it's a nice change to see her acting with a different co-star. The synopsis is a little confusing for this drama, I saw the trailer and it looks like it might be a cute watch. Coming to WeTV on June 29, 2020 so there will be subs! English subbed trailer: on CC for English subs
  7. Good News! This drama is now available at Viki. There will be subs in multiple languages!
  8. Awesome! Thanks for letting us know about the Auto-translate. I enabled the English Auto-translate and the subtitles are good quality. It's not machine translations.
  9. Thanks for clarifying. I appreciate it. It is difficult sometimes to tell if it is the real Meng Hui or one of the other personalitis in a scene. Yes, ML is in 2 dramas right now. Fake Princess and My Girl.
  10. I am watching Ep. 3 Question- When they go on the date to the amusement park and also the sparkler scene, is that the real Meng Hui or is it a different personality? I'm confused. Later in the episode, she told Shen Yi that you could not make liquid foundation to cover up scars, but didn't Meng Hui do just that and make a special blend liquid foundation that covers up her scar? That's why I am wondering is it the real Meng Hui or another PTSD personality?
  11. This drama is available with English subtitles at several streaming sites.KUKAN Drama Youtube Channel:
  12. It's been liscensed at IQIYI. You can watch at their website. Just click on the link. You do not need to have an account to watch at the Website. Ep. 1 is posted. Link to streaming:
  13. Sure, no problem. I think this drama seem inspired by C Drama Go Princess Go but of course it is not a direct remake so it will be interesting to see how they handle the ideas in this Korea version. South Korea is not very open to LGBTQ themes in the television dramas, it is true. This drama will be on cable TV so we might see some more serious exploration and explicit content, we will have to wait and see. The publicity materials are rather vague about the sexual and gender politics of the drama. I am thinking the drama may focus more on just the gender politics of how women were repressed by the patriarchy in Joseon times, trapped in very strict roles and rules and not even try to explore any sexual politics. Of course modern day people, both men and women, would rebel against the restrictions. So we probably going to get a lot of "fish out of water" type comedy as the modern day man spirit try to figure out the Joseon palace and how to act like a proper lady and he probably not like the restrictions on women as well. Perhaps they will not even have any loveline between the Man Spirit trapped in Queen and the King. Who knows. Anyway, I am like you and hope that the script is good quality and interesting and that the drama will be good and well received as I like the cast as well.
  14. This drama is being subbed in English at YoYo English YouTube Channel. Link to Playlist: YoYo English YouTube Channel Mainpage: Schedule is 1 episode every Thursday and Friday, 2 episodes on Saturday, 4 eps total per week. EDIT: This drama is now also at Viki. There will be subs in multiple languages! Viki Link: