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  1. Thanks for your response @Aileen4ever I'm very sorry to hear that she has deleted her account with Soompi. I always enjoyed her posts in the various drama threads, she had a lot of insightful and interesting things to say and share. I am sad that we won't be seeing her in the forums. I do hope that she is just taking a break from the Dramaland world and that she is OK in her real life world, and that we will see USAFarmgirl return to the forums someday.
  2. Hello to all. I'm glad to hear GSY will have a new drama soon. Does anyone know what happened to USAFarmgirl? I'm missing her great posts around the Soompi forums, including this one. She was very active Brownie. I notice that her posts here have her name deleted to Guest now. I hope USAFarmgirl is Okay.
  3. Thanks for the update! I'm so excited to see this drama coming to Netflix and being available worldwide with subs in 26 languages. Netflix has a subbed trailer available and I've added it to my Netflix watchlist. I enjoyed the trailer and I'm looking forward to watching the episodes.
  4. Thanks so much! The drama sounds very interesting. I'll definitely check it out since it has subs.
  5. Good News! This drama is currently being subbed in english at WeTV Youtube Channel. It looks like WeTV got the liscense. The schedule is 2 episodes daily. So far, they have subbed Ep. 1-12. Here is the link to the episodes: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMX26aiIvX5rMD88nlNaXZbFp1qNaRvZ7
  6. Hi Everyone! Just found out that Kill It will be coming to Viki, so there should be subs in multiple languages available eventually. Too bad Viki got the liscense after the drama is now halfway, but for people who haven't started the drama ( or who can't read english subs) it's good news. https://www.viki.com/tv/36552c-kill-it
  7. Yes, I was confused about this too. KSH was definitely shot while saving DHJ. They made a big deal about showing the bullet hitting him. Director used slow motion techniques. Then the camera cuts to DHJ, her eyes widening as she seems to realize that KSH was shot while saving her. But afterwards, I don't remember KSH removing any bullets or even patching himself up, if the bullet just grazed him and caused a flesh wound. Maybe he's supposed to have healing powers as part of the genetic engineering? I'm not sure. I think he removed a bullet from his arm in Ep. 1, though. Yes, the research scientist/ research lab storyline is confusing to me too. According to the info the prosecutor gave DHJ: Research Scientist was an expert in artificial insemination/in vitro fertilization. However, when Chairman Do & Hospital Doctor meet with the Old Man in his hospital room, Doctor says he is OK for surgery. Old Man asks to see a picture of the "Donor". I think they show him a picture of young KSH? He says "He looks like me" and then " it's been 14 years since then, so he must be very big now? "or something like that? Old Man does not seem to realize that Chairman Do had all of the children killed, and both Chairman Do & the Doctor talk like the Donor is alive and well. From this information, my theory is that Chairman Do and Hospital Doctor were creating embryos/ children for the purpose of organ harvesting or whatever was needed to cure the clients. So basically the children were created to be used and then discarded, and they were probably performing genetic engineering on the embryos to make the kids stronger so they could use their blood or organs to cure specific illnesses of their clients. That's my theory for now anyway. What isn't clear is who are the biological parents of these embryos. Whose eggs and sperm were they using to create the embryos/children? Research Scientist is hired by Chairman Do and thinks he is working on infertility research as an expert in in vitro fertilization, helping couples to have children. Then he finds out Hospital Doctor is actually creating embryos/children who are to be used and exploited to treat illnesses. Totally unethical, so he tells Chairman Do he has to protect the kids, and we know what happens to him after that. Chairman Do also gives the order to kill all the children because he can't risk being exposed for his crimes. So, who is KSH Biological father? I thought it must be Chairman Do since he ordered all of the children killed, but at the garden center/ nursery, Research Scientist says "No. 88 is like his father, surrounded in blood", so could his father be the minion that killed the kids or maybe the Loan Shark Grandfather? Or is his father the Old Man at the hospital since he said KSH looked like him? So now we know that Seul Gi was also one of the children. And yes, Research Scientist did say " I wonder if No. 88 knows he is living with his daughter?" So it's very confusing because later they make it seem like Loan Shark was Seul Gi's father? Male sperm doesn't develop until a boy reaches puberty, so KSH could only be the father of an embryo if he had gone through puberty when they took his sperm. I think KSH was too young for that. I look in Google for information about if you could use DNA to make a clone of yourself but as the opposite sex. Theoretically possible, but extremely difficult to actually do in real life. However, this is dramaland, so perhaps Chairman Do research lab figures out a way and use KSH DNA to create Seul Gi.
  8. Finished Ep.3-4 OK, I'm still a bit confused about the big conspiracy plot here. So, Chairman Do owns a genetic research company? 20 years ago, they were working on infertility/in vitro fertilization/embryos and that included some type of genetic engineering experiments. Research scientist guy finds out that the company is doing illegal/unethical genetic experiments on orphan children using the orphanage as a cover for their "lab". He can't accept what the other scientists were doing and tells the Chairman he has to protect the children. Did he go to the police? Chairman orders him and his family killed, but the Reseach scientist escapes in the end. Now he wants revenge on everyone who framed him, killed his family, and tried to kill him. So, the lady secretary is actually a spy working for Research scientist? She's the client, right? Obviously, SH is No. 88, and his blue eyes must be from the genetic experiments. DHJ is his best friend, also an orphan. But was DHJ also part of the genetic experiments? Because it looks like she always had a name, not a number. Her name was changed when she was adopted by Chairman Do to be the replacement for his daughter. Did Pavel kill the Grandfather and the Journalist boyfriend? If so, why was SH on the scene to stop him killing Seul Gi? Also, does SH know that DHJ is connected to his past? I first thought the photograph of DHJ was supposed to be a picture of his next target, but then in Ep. 4, we see that Congressman Seo is the target. Which means that the photo of DHJ was his "reward" for killing the guy in the mountains? Looking forward to the next episodes!
  9. Does anyone know the airing schedule for VIU? I know the drama is Sat-Sun, but I thought I read somewhere that VIU schedule is Sun-Mon? Is that correct? Thanks in advance.
  10. Have finished Ep.1-2: Enjoyed the episodes, even if some of the fight scenes logic didn't make sense to me. I also didn't like the end scenes of Ep. 2 where DHJ & the police are raiding the mafia/sex traffickers hideout. The actions and reactions of DHJ police woman character didn't ring true for me. The whole scene was awkward. I'm guessing the little girl in the wheelchair is Soo Hyun's biological sister and the woman is his mother? I don't think Soo Hyun and Hyun Jin are blood related. From the flashbacks, Hyun Jin was taken in by the family to be a substitute daughter. My guess is that the little sister died and the mother couldn't handle it, so the father's solution was to find a lookalike, which is Do Hyun Jin. We saw him telling Hyun Jin about how the photograph on the wall was "your and your mom's favorite ballerina,remember that", so DHJ was obviously supposed to replace the daughter. I'll be interested to learn more about why the father ordered Soo Hyun killed. Also, is the family secretary the client? I thought she kind of looked like the woman who visited Philip's apartment to order the asassinations. I wonder what was the significance of the house with the creepy statues of children that got blown up? Loved the "date" at the shooting arcade, and how are 2 leads are getting interested in each other. I'm looking forward to the next episodes.
  11. No. But the drama is being subbed by VIU, so there will be subs available. There was also romance in OCN drama My Beautiful Bride. Hi Everyone- I'm looking forward to checking this drama out-it sounds cool! Not going to lie, I am really hoping that there is a romance between the 2 leads here. Romantic suspense/mystery is my drama catnip, and I think OCN has the potential to combine mystery/action/thriller/romance genres well. I've seen several OCN shows that contain hints of romance, like Squad 38, so if they could just up the romance factor a little bit more, I'll be in heaven. I thought OCN My Beautiful Bride did a pretty good job balancing the love story with the action and mystery elements, so I'm hoping for something similar here. The premise of cop vs. criminal, cat and mouse game reminds me of the film "Out of Sight" starring George Clooney & Jennifer Lopez. Of course the tone of that film is much lighter and more comedic. Looking forward to everyone's thoughts and analysis on this drama.
  12. Late to party, but currently watching this drama on Viki. I have seen Ep. 1-16. I was trying to wait until all episodes are edited and released for other languages, but I caved and then I just couldn't stop pressing "next episode". The drama reminds me a lot of Reply 1988 series in tone and nostalgic feel for those high school days and lessons on growing up, first love, etc. Acting is very nice from all of the young cast. Hou Ming Hao as male lead Hua Biao- I think this is his best performance to date. I couldn't believe he was the same guy from Cambrian Period- talk about acting improvement! Much more of a slice of life drama. There is a touch of romance but it is very low key-But still very sweet. English subtitles are now complete for all 24 episodes, but editing is still ongoing, so if you like to wait for edited episodes or need subs in other languages, drama is currently at Ep. 16. https://www.viki.com/tv/36358c-when-we-were-young
  13. Good News! This drama is being subbed at Viki: https://www.viki.com/tv/36356c-nice-to-meet-you
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