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  1. ------------------ Some of the mysteries were unfolded but the much bigger suspense is still yet to be revealed, which continues to draw the curiosity of the viewers.Furthermore, the revelations of the past has given of some valid reasoning on why these people are the way they are. Asides from the storyline, the cinematography and direction is consistent in this drama. It is a great visual delight and I like every bit of it and I am sure that other drama lovers do too. In this intense narrative, I also like some of the comedic relief that comes from the supporting cast members
  2. --------- Kpopmap released the top 10 most popular dramas and actors based on the 1st week of June data top-10 w Weekly trending actor: #LeeMinho (1st) top-10 weekly trending drama: #TheKingEternalMonarch (1st)
  3. Can somebody pass the oxygen tank pls!! She kissed back! I repeat, she kissed back!
  4. === You sure that’s a wrap up party cake and not a w*dding cake? BinJin: We’re close friends BinJin/Cloy stans: okay, nation’s married couple, Now cut the cake!!!
  5. seri and jeong hyeok are really out here constantly making everyone uncomfortable with their pda and heart eyes.
  6. They say things you can’t buy with money are the most priceless.This is a priceless experience. - Crash Landing on You SOURCE: FAVNIA