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  1. Oh my goodness! I want so much for this to be true. Which episode shows MWJ with the green umbrella?
  2. Just started watching and I am hooked!!! So intense and passionate! Can't wait for Epi 3
  3. Wow! If this is good...(and it looks really good...is it from Yang Mi production?) I have something to look forward to tomorrow!!
  4. I love how in the interview...PXR shed some light on what LCY was looking for in the desert. She said something like LCY was not only looking for XF but also he was looking for his heart which she took away. This, for me, made me understand how LCY could change into such a monster in the end. When he fell in love with XF, he couldn't show it but in the end when he could, she just kept on rejecting him. She rejected him because she remembered their past while he didn't. I remember in the last few episodes before GJ was killed, LCY said he could feel that XF loved him. I guess this was one of the reasons why he couldn't understand why she kept on rejecting him for GXW.
  5. Ok, I just started this drama... so it's a tragic ending or a happy one? Someone spoil me!! I just came from The Legends and Good Bye My Princess. I don't think I can stand another heartbreak!
  6. I'm looking forward to this after GMP and The Legends. I hope it comes soon.
  7. Looking forward to this one!! One thing I'm always dissatisfied with in some gender benders is that the girl is always WAY shorter than the guys or she's strikingly girly! I'd have wanted them to cast a well built girl whose body can be mistaken for a guy. Realistically speaking, won't some people be suspicious of an attractive, overly short guy, with really great skin, slim hands and arms whom they never see joining them in showers or pool sessions? There was this TWDrama...I think the title was Bromance and I really liked how much of a guy the girl looked. No offense! Anyway, that's just me! Hehehe!
  8. I know right? I love that he's still not actually a very good tea merchant...they are using their tea that didn't sell. LOL! It's now her turn to give him a belt... in the past he gave her the belt. And the cctv!!! Hahaha...still in the tree! I wonder who's watching them!!
  9. Their wedding was featured in the Pillow Book, if I recall correctly, it took another 200 years before they officially got married.
  10. Oh, I get it! Thanks! I read that it was from a poem but I didn't know it crows were supposed to represent the sun.
  11. True that there are changes...I hope this is just one person's (the one who made the synopsis) interpretation of the book. You can see parallels to the book, though. For example: The debt of gratitude could be the one that started it all...where DH saves her from that beast in the mountains. There are a lot of times that FJ could owe a debt of gratitude to DH in the Pillow Book...when he helps her as she fought the demon that started the fire, when he keeps the stuff she forgot at the hot springs, when he puts her in the cage (?) to keep her safe etc. The rebelling demon lord could be Yan Chiwu who always asks DH for a duel. To keep her safe, DH puts her in the cage (?) which falls into Fan Yin Valley (instead of the mortal world). I don't know who is the guardian who dies... maybe it's supposed to be connected to Qing Ti? So maybe they are going to show an arc where she does go to the mortal realm and she was a concubine who was gifted to Qing Ti. The immortal fruit is the fruit from Fan Yin Valley that she wants in order to repay her debt of gratitude to Qing Ti. The temple of the ghost princess is likely Aranya's dream. Yep, those are some changes.
  12. Oh, I hope the editing gets better once again. I have to admit, I get lost sometimes transferring from one epi to a new one.
  13. Still watching from the beginning...I can't get enough of their scenes together. I'm glad that the modern version is mostly GXW and XF together. So cute and their chemi is really good. Love Gen Pei...kekeke. Can't wait for the other cast members to make their appearance.
  14. I DIE!!!!!! Thank so much @Erafera1 ...I love his hands! Look at those lovely hands!!!! I am keeping those pics...thanks so much!!
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