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  1. I know right? He's so hot in a manly way. In My Princess he was also a bit fun compared to his earlier roles. You were right in saying he seemed to have bloomed... in such a manly way. I'm never going to get tired describing him as manly. Just take a look at those arms!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think he makes the most out of flexing his muscles in those shirts of his as Hae Kyung. I love that his polos fit just right and showcase his body in such a manly way.
  2. Yup, obsession has always been scary. Especially when the obsessed person turns manipulative and violent.
  3. I just finished watching Epi 10 and I am mad at JH (DH ex). So manipulative! I'm sure he knew he was allergic to that cake before he even took a bite of it. Oh wait! Hehehe. I'm assuming he'll turn out allergic to it because of the fuss they made of him eating it. Manipulative li'l sh^t! Anyway, love the interactions of both couple in this episode. They are so cute!! I am giddy with excitement whenever HK smiles those suggestive smiles at DH. Eeeehhhh! I knew SSH was a hottie but he's so much better off with these kind of roles where he smiles a lot and often laughs out loud. He's cute even when he's old enough to be an ahjussi. Go, SSH! Give those pretty boys a run for their money!
  4. I love this show!!!! I love DH and HK...with their sweetness and needing each other. I love the way HK cooked for DH, his shy smiles and saying when a handsome man cooks it even better. Just kill me, Hae Kyung!!
  5. I love this drama! It just went in and grabbed me without any hesitations. Both leads have issues which are totally serious but at the same time make them so human. Who doesn't have issue sin real life? I think I've found my crack. Thanks drama gods!
  6. Awww! I love this show. It's cute but there supposed to be mature kinda cute. Hahahaha! Do you guys get it? I think I'm drunk from all the cuteness. I'm guessing Doo Hee's ex had something to do with Keanu losing his doctor's licence. Maybe something related to the article in the laptop which DH's ex closed before looking at pics on the wall. Maybe he fabricated a story about giving drugs or Keanu was manipulated to give him drugs just to make his story stick. Creepy!
  7. Awww...I love this guy KHK. I get a very sincere vibe from him for our girl. Go get her, Hae Kyung!
  8. I actually like the drama...it's just takes so long for the leads to get their happy ending.
  9. Can someone verify for me if LR cut up his flute into smaller pieces and stuck them on different umbrellas or sticks? I don't remember which episode it was where he picked up something else with the flower emblem. Or did he just rest the umbrella because he does not need it to cross worlds yet? Like the umbrella left in PM's Mom's fishmonger's house; she said it was left there for years.
  10. Ahhh, all your theories and explanations make sense. I thought only the people from the Kingdom of Korea got the sparkly scars!! But then, they didn't show Jin-sae or Yeong writhing in pain, did they? Or is it just the people whose doppelgangers are dead? So I wonder what's the significance?
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