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  1. I agree with some of the previous people saying the male lead seems too good for the female lead. So far, I am not happy with how hardheaded and meddlesome the female lead is. I mean, I totally get how you want to do good with some people but there are times when alarm, bells should ring. Anyway, I hope this resolves soon.
  2. Is this airing already? I like both leads. They are very capable of different rroles.
  3. Zhao Lu Si is in a lot of dramas lately. And I really liked her in Changge Xing. She wasn't cutesy or anything like her usual characters.
  4. I really like Xu Cai Cheng...ever since I saw him in His Majesty's First Love. I'm not so familiar with the female lead though.
  5. I love Leo Wu here...his other works are not so striking. Maybe because he's sooo hot here?
  6. I hope this airs soon. I'm done with Changge Xing and I'm looking around for something interesting
  7. Can anybody tell me if this is based on a novel? I might as well start reading it before it airs. I really like the concept.
  8. Actually, I am satisfied with the ending. I understand the hidden nuances. I just didn't like Anyway, I think that they focused more on Changge's story than the love story. I noticed that towards the end there were less scenes with A'Sun.
  9. I too feel that the story was not fleshed out. I want more episodes!! I also realized that the director may have opted to shorten the story due to the new regulation that specifies Chinese dramas should be shorter. I read this somewhere but I have no idea if it is true or already in place.
  10. I swear, I'm going to stop with the costume/ historical dramas if this one is going to be a another sad ending!!
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