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  1. What’s the article about? I can’t really use google translation on my phone. Also, is that a recent article?
  2. Yeah, especially during pandemic, Netflix seems to be the smart choice, although I’d like him to collaborate with senior actors and directors in SK cinema, but.... there will be time For that. Me too! TKEM seems to come and go pretty fast, even tho technically we still have this weekend and two more. But the wrap up filming definitely give us that “oh my gosh it’s gonna be over soon” feeling
  3. @Deepakmahajan i trust he will bounce back, and i feel like his comeback is pretty successful regardless. IMO, i think he picked out a strong script, it was the way the story was delivered, especially during the 1-8 episode wasn't necessarily for mass consumption. I feel like it's such a pressure to always score big hits/high ratings drama, and my wish for him is that he will pick the script that he likes and will challenge him as an actor, because as you said, he makes a lot of money already. As a fan, we will just have to ignore the negative and focusing on supporting him It just would have been really sad when LOTBS ended. I'm glad that it's over and now, we have the anticipation of hearing what would be his next project. I agree i would like for him to do movie next and yes, he needs to branch out of Public tv. hehehehe let's cross our finger that we don't have to wait too long. With TKEM Netflix Success, i hope he can score a Netlfix Original Movie or short drama. I'm wishing upon something more critical acclaim heheheh
  4. LOL! yeah her ex Boyfriend is a little bit questionable, but i think it's good, it means she doesn't go after looks and fame. If....and i say If....they end up being a couple in real life, i know that it won't be because of LMH look or fame, although i can't blame any girl who drools over LMH's look, but with KGE, it will be more than look. I love KG because she is very down to earth and her style is casual chic, she seems smart, cool and easy going and seems a like she would be a low maintenance girlfriend. Ok, i better stop rambling about my girl, LOL. this is the drama thread. all in all, i can see her being friends with him even after TKEM is over.
  5. @leeminhosny you bring up a good point. And obviously i will accept it if they are nothing more than friends and I’m preparing my heart for that reality. My wish is that they will remain good friends. I will support whoever LMH will marry/end up with, but for now, I’m just entertaining shipping heart cause the both are so darn cute!!
  6. This is why again, i'm going to sound like a broken record. They should make this into 20 episode or 24 episode. sigh... For the sake of the show, if they will show LG or JTE (idk at this point who will time travel) traveling to multiple timelines, I hope they will make it clear regarding the timeline.
  7. A ha! I thought you have forgotten me lol! Great Minds think alike Yeah that's a lot!!! ok KES, you better make it good. Chaotic timelines/timetravel can be uberly confusing, unless done well. And all that time spending to develop side characters and Japan war, and extra plot twist better pay off. I gave up. I'm gonna go reply the Bed Scene again OK. i'm going riot if this is a dream. NO, please NO!
  8. Is this why in earlier articles about the King before it airs, says that TKEM will be the like of Marvel Movies. Is it because of traveling to different timeline?
  9. I just had that thought, is maybe Lady noh was JTE in the 50's? but the police academy outfit that's definitely JTE. Ok, this is what meant "i hope the ending makes sense" it will involve time traveling to different time line and the reveal of Lady noh from North Korea this late in the series, better has something to do with the plot otherwise it would be just another sub plots. Im not worry about JTE and LG, I'm worry how is KES going to make sense of SJ, Luna, PM KO. basically the other man characters. And are all the subplots really drives and important to the plot? at this point, i kinda wish she didn't do the Japanese war scene. Unless it will make sense later?
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