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  1. @gpicris Congratz Chingu! so happy that you get to see him in person, what an experience! And thank you for sharing your experience here in this thread
  2. HI Guys, i have been rewatching LMH's drama recently, and now i am currently on Personal taste. I feel like this drama is kinda underrated. LMH look so handsome as Jin Ho. The beginning is a bit slow, but once both leads started to get close, i think the story is cute. Who is here love Personal taste??
  3. I guess I missed the part when he said it. yeah, RL has been busy, but I’m still following
  4. Finally watch the last episode of LMH and LSG. I love how LMH take this hobby seriously. And just like everything else he does, he does it with excellence. So proud of him. You can tell he put a lot of effort. He always give 110percent into what he is doing. That’s why he is where is today. also, good to know that he has some weaknesses, apparently camping is one of them heheh....
  5. I am Back! and yes, we are blessed with so many content in January. I'm back reading, there are some interesting convo in here
  6. Chingu, sort i didn't get back to you sooner. I think you are right. My apology, i see Tsundere as most of the Drama leading man, and what i meant by saying that is that, He is leaving the image He was known for. But, i obviously using the wrong term :).
  7. Effortlessly Hot! me too! We all have talked about this in this thread, how The King is his comeback project for minoz and a thank you for patiently waiting for him. After that, he is spreading his wings. even from previous interviews (lofficiel and dazed) I have been getting the vibe, He wants to branch out, and do something different. I will miss the “tsundere” Lee Min Ho, but I am so happy for him and where his career will take him next.
  8. Gahjjjhkjkjjj!!!!!! When you think LMH can’t be anymore handsome, there he is, outdoing his past photoshoot! Can I say something regarding the interview? After reading that he had to audition for pachinko, my respect for him as an actor and human being just went up from 100% to 100000000%. guys, this is why we love him, this is why so many adored him and this is why, some of you are still his fans after 10 or 12 years. He doesn’t let his Hallyu status got the best in him, he stays humble and professional all through out his career. He could have chosen a project that is b
  9. Wow!!! King Sejong and GQ cover??? 2021 has been good for Lee Min Ho fans. When do usually they release more pics? The first cover, where he was sitting, is my favorite. That Gaze.......
  10. Chingu. LMH started with agency called starhaus, at leas that’s the agency he was on boys over flower. And then around 2015 or 2016 I believe, he switched and started his own agency with his sister and one of the ceo from starhaus also overseeing mym. LMH is the only talent that mym manage. There are other actors like Hyun bin and Kim soo Hyun who also started his own agency but their agency Employs other talent.
  11. Thank you @Nikaa94 For the link and time. So we know for sure that LMH is presenting the Daesang award? Or more? Also, anybody know when the Daesang are announce?
  12. Is the Video with Lee Sung Gi an old video or it was recent as yesterday? Sorry i know im late to the party
  13. LMH x LSG is soo cute and i can't wait to see what the project is all about. Do they say it will be released January 6th? Also, happy 12th year anniversary BOF!! the Kdrama that started it all. I was 10 years late, and even with some of the outdated element, i fell hard for LMH and Gu Jun Pyo and i love the OST's. Currently listening to all of them now After resuming in watching asian dramas through BOF, I didn't want to get into the rabbit hole of Kdrama, but after rewatching BOF 3 times in a row, i grew tired and finally caved in and watch Heirs, and then i rewatch
  14. Woot!!! Congrats KGE!!! just read the synopsis and I feel like this will be perfect for her. Can’t wait to see how she will bring Yumi’s character to life. fighting!
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