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  1. Thank you @leeminhosny I love this Scene. Daejang knew Imja so well, he knew this was hard for her. He walked in front of her because he knew, she couldn't hold herself up. I will ask you if i needed any gif. Im rewatching LMH's drama, so if i think of one, i'd ask you
  2. Awww thank you @leeminhosny Also, it's been 1 year and 7 days since i first signed up to Soompi. Never have I imagined myself being part of a fandom of any kind. Back in my early KDrama, Jdrama, Tdrama watching heyday, I was in love with Won Bin, and i knew of Crunchyroll and any other forum, but i was never the type of person who would fan girl-ing in this level. Fast Forward to 2019, BOF kept recommended to me on Netflix since i watched Meteor Garden 2018. The Funny thing was, i put it on hold to watch BOF because of Jun Pyo's hair LOL!. As an Avid Hanadan Fan, I am well aware h
  3. Delurking again to say how underrated the "raid the bookstore" scene is in TKEM. I mean Lee Gon were both swoony and Dark/intense. When the classical Music was playing and the camera focused on LG. The Royal Guard asked whether or not they should capture them alive, and Lee Gon's expression was cold and heartless as he answered "kill them" That scene was done so well. I have been Missing LMH and my job currently require me to sit in front of my computer a lot, so i have been rewatching LMH's drama. I'd like to see him in many Characters. I want to see him as Playboy, workahol
  4. Happy Birthday @Missprincesa I have to Delurk because i just did a quick rewatch of BOF. Is it just me or Gu Jun Pyo is completely different entity from LMH? I felt like im watching somebody else and not LMH. Still In love and captivated by GJP and the OST still make me feel all the feels Anybody wants to shake Jandi for not voicing her acceptance to Jun Pyo's Proposal? No, just me? Also Happy Anniversary LOTBS
  5. Hi guys. Wow! Waking up to TKEM reunion post and LMH movielog episode 3. im so happy seeing the reunion post. I am rooting for the TKEM squad. Wishing them lasting friendship and good projects in the future As always, love his music choice for his mlog. Now I’m thirsty for more. also that hansu look on the reunion pic.... love that we get a gimped of what his hair will look like.
  6. The book describe Hansu's hair as "perfectly combed" He will be the clean cut type and Sunja can smell his hair pomade. I can picture it but not sure how to describe it, but seeing his last IG post, based on the book that is not Hansu's hair. Either way you know we all gonna fall hard for LMH's look as hansu before despising his character
  7. I'm here. I saw the Movielog for several times already now. He is so cute and playful. I love that he is doing things that bring some sense of normalcy in his life. Also, im in love with the soundtrack of EP. 2 Mlog. Been listening on repeat and it makes him even more attractive. Man with good taste of music is my weakness.
  8. I think it was During LOTBS. When he was showering in his hotel room in Spain. The one where JJH keep turning the light switched on and off. But, he was a bit too slender during LOTBS. He still looks good, however, i'd choose his CH and Heirs body any day
  9. I think so. The shower scene in CH isn't like that. Believe me, i have all of his shower scene engraved in my memory, and this one is definitely new. Yes, he has been working out again. Can definitely see more muscle definition.
  10. Yes! I can't get enough. Love him and looking forward for more of this new endeavor. This is so true. He has such a strong Mental/emotional resilience. He has to, being in the industry this long, he is still have such a positive attitude. We are rooting for you LMH!
  11. @Nikaa94 @Heretorant We got Lee MIn Ho Shower Scene. Where are you???? @syntyche Great minds think alike. That biceps and that face? illegal indeed!
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