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  1. @willenette, Flower of Evil is on Netflix since Jan of this year in many countries! can't agree more
  2. same here @violina Well said . Very proud of him . Fighting LJG
  3. Well, it is what it is. Flower of Evil is a winner in my heart. Thank you to everyone involved in bringing this great drama to us last year. And to LGJ - fighting
  4. Me too, but he IS a winner . He was mesmerising as DHS and that’s what elevated Flower of Evil from a good drama to another level. He continues to grow as an actor and I can’t wait to see what he will do next
  5. @violinathank you for posting this! and great news- Flower of Evil just won Best Director award!!!! Congratulations ! Hoping for more congratulations later....
  6. @violina, Thank you sharing the links, I am all ready to go - waiting nervously JG's role in Flower of Evil is complex and multifaceted - a very challenging role but he nailed it. I will be one very sad fan if he doesn't win...
  7. JG is attending the 57th Baeksang Arts Award on the 13th!!! Hope to see some images of him and more importantly hope he wins !
  8. Love that -, sooo original!! For me the greatest appeal Of MOON LOvers is of course : Lee Joon Gi and historical drama Criminal Minds wasn't bad. I finished it and enjoyed JG's part, lots of action scenes and some memorable moments. ( I did not watch the original US series)
  9. @willenette, loved JG in Scarlet Heart, but no season 2 , thank you. I dont think they can come up with a good enough story ( The Chinese version Season 2 was a disaster). However, do agree with you on the deleted scene - I want to see them. And JG was wonderful as always at the Talk, his hand written message was very touching... The sad part for me was that he did sort of mention he cut his hair because the historical drama was not happening... Anyway, just have to wait and see what he will do next.
  10. Lee Joon Gi DREAM 2 Naver NOW, live broadcast April 17, 8pm (Korean time) Let's crash the server again for his birthday !!! )
  11. @willenette, yes please please. please win! I will be very disappointed otherwise
  12. Congratulations to Lee Joon-gi's nomination In the Baeksang Best Actor Category! And to the FOE team : nominations in (Television) Best Drama, Best Directing (Kim Chul-gyu), Screenplay (Yoo Jung-hee), Supporting Actor (Kim Ji-hun) at the 57th Baeksang Art Awards. http:// https://www.baeksangawards.co.kr/candidate I am so happy he is getting the recognition he so deserves! I hope he wins.!!! I do think he gave the best performance .
  13. He is growing his hair - is that a sign for what is to come? Patiently waiting because I want him to take his time to pick his next project. Impatiently waiting because I miss him...
  14. I like listening to JG sings this song
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