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  1. @violina our man of many talents Isn't it just! After reading so many interviews , one would have thought there wouldn't be anything new but yet there is always something more about him ... AAHH Lee Joon Gi>>>
  2. @willenette, he must have his reasons - maybe the character is a bit similar to DHS? ... we will just have to wait a bit longer And I think even if he has accepted an offer, he might keep it quiet until FOE made its wave on Netflix... Anyhow cant wait to find out what he decides to do next...
  3. And in New Zealand too , wuhoo!!!! Of which I presume FOE will be on Netflix in many countries - wishing it all the success and many more people will fall in love with this drama
  4. I like this one too- well fitted not over sized
  5. True that the Chinese version had season two but it was disappointingly bad. Wang So stays with us for such a long time partly because there is no closure, it teases with our longing for his happiness...let’s just keep it at that
  6. Lee Joon Gi is the best! best of the best actor!
  7. So so happy he is getting the recognition he so deserves.
  8. Ahhh, Wang So .... he is immortal, he is forever in our hearts. And the line gives audiences "butterflies" is because of how it's delivered by JG.... He was phenomenal , of course still is and getting better and better @willenette, I did manage to purchase and waited for JG's appearance for both awards!!!! He was the most elegant (in my opinion) in the ceremony and his acceptance speech was both eloquent and heartwarming. So very very proud of him. Look forward to his next project!
  9. Huge congratulations to JG, well deserved!! Very proud of him
  10. Same here Hoping he wins acting awards for his incredible performance in Flower of Evil! I was just about to purchase ticket to watch him in AAA Awards but the site crashed... Catastrophic
  11. @violina, thank you, loving all the great reads! The more you read about JG, the more you can feel his passion and the dedication to become " a better actor and a better person" , the more I admire and respect him. And Flower of Evil 's just sooo good, easily the best drama for 2020, and the casts all delivered a stellar performance, these interviews really help my withdrawal symptoms... keep them coming please
  12. @willenette, Thank you! so excited and happy for JG ! He deserves all the awards for his outstanding performance in a Flower of Evil.
  13. @Lotuzea1, thank you for posting this info and the tips. quoting The line from JG’s song Together:”we can do it together...” Please vote!
  14. @kimchi_eonnie, I did not follow the original American series so went in with open mind and enjoyed it . But bear in mind there is no romance here and not a lot of LJG , as there is a whole team there solving crimes...You still get some great action from JG though! JG is always number 1 for me in terms of acting and hotness!
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