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  1. It is a little disappointing indeed but I guess there are so many platforms out there now... it's not a surprise... JG 's talent surprises us everytime , he pours his heart and soul into FOE and the result shows! Hoping the very best for him and please please do not let us wait for too long for another project!!!
  2. I will have to wait for the sub episode to get all the details... A big thank you to @jeonghyang, @thesuitelife547 and all of you for your gifs, live recaps, insights, comments and great sense of humour. What an incredible ride this has been. I am sure there will be more thoughts from you all tomorrow which I will enjoy reading. good night , everyone!
  3. Absolutely, it feels a bit rush , one more episode or a longer final episode , even just for another 30 min ,would be more satisfying !!!!
  4. Noooo, I need a proper closure , I want to SEE them together!!!!
  5. Thank God he is starting to remember, oh my heart
  6. Something that's been bugging me for a while now but I have refrained from saying anything , especially because of changing in admin etc.... But can we update Lee Joon Gi's first page please please ??? If everyone can contribute and help, it shouldn't be too much work. I will start of by adding : CF: 2019 CF for Penegreen 2019 Brand Ambassador of Shinsegae Chosun Hotel Awards: 2017 2nd Asia Artist Awards/ Fabulous Award/ Criminal Minds 2018 StarHub’s Night of Stars Award/ Best Male Asian Star/ Lawless Lawyer 13th Soompi Annual Awards/ Actor of the Year/ Criminal Minds @Sushimi
  7. @bombshellchick1, second that - next to JG, everyone pales in comparison my answer a s well
  8. Yup, for once I agree with the hate scene... Do Hyun Soo
  9. We share the same happy and heartbreaking moments - FOE has been an incredible ride , and really hoping for a happy ending next week
  10. I am watching Episode 15 right now and just feel that Kim Ji-hoon's portrayal of Baek Hee Sung reminds me of Joker in Batman .....
  11. I don't think he will (he needs to think about JW and Eunha) and I don't want him to because if he did kill, then we will never get a happy ending ... forever hopeful ( I am just about to watch the latest episode...)
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