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  1. They need to change the synopsis of this story and title to loving my older brother and cooking ,look I’m ok with the age gap with their romance if they met by accident when she is an adult but it’s just creepy when he raise her that is preville that’s just wrong,is sad when they change a spunky little girl and write her character to be the obsessive women in love with the man who raise her to this personality and all he do is nod and smile which I hate
  2. Here a list of why EJ should not be Uni Opa or will not be 1 The man try to kill himself in a stream he should jump of the bridge is more believable 2 Slept with Hara and did not wear a condom he should of got drunk at his mom house and lock the door 3 OMG he was beaming from ear to ear at his wedding lookin at Hara in her wedding dress 4 Holding hands at the water with a pregnant Hara smiling and happy looking like a Hallmark greeting card 5 Sleeping with Hara all those 4 or 5 yrs and don’t know what type of woman he knocked up
  3. EJ really need a bodyguard pronto is getting to point where she walk around like she don’t care about safety after 2 attempts on her life where her brains at ? she need to take Sa Rin stalker goon out ASAP it seem like he getting smarter then EJ starting to put two and two together of who kidnap him due to brain dead Bo Mi who cause her to expose herself to the goon please give brain dead BoMi a lobotomy due to getting her head hit or amnesia and she dare to threaten EJ she need to go now and EJ got dibs on Mr wang let her get with EJ brother please get a body guard
  4. I want EJ to hook up with Mr Wang who should be the the 3rd Oppa he is the jack of all trade he can beat up goon he is smart and help set up people for EJ he work behind the back ground now all he need is a make over calling Tyra Bank ,Tyra ,Tyra can you here us
  5. OMG The Hans don’t pay for their crime this is sooooo bad and lazy writing so they get away with everything they did and I had to fast forward TP and the Dummy YJ when TP gave her a ring I puke my guts out errrr
  6. WTH ! the writer kill my boy SJ and all this other evil people live ,say what ever about SJ he did not kill or stole other people money and the man has been betray by every one on the show and this is what he get? and the Hans get away with what they did , this was real lazy writing all I know I will not watch another drama by this lazy writer
  7. Yes the Hans need to be punish,everyone wants YR and Ko and lady jo to get theirs why not the Hans to and I gave up on YJ the dummy I thought her character would learn to get a backbone after she let Min hoo die ,she call herself a mother please even the grandmother and the Han hate the kid she even dump their grandsons in an orphanage YJ did not protect him from his own blood kin that right there should had her go scorch earth on YR and the Hans but no she forgive the Hans and even when she find how they all lie to her for YR sake she still forgive them is all for YR so she will let the Mom
  8. I’m so glad my boy SJ told of YJ the village idiot her idiot brother told SJ it was morally wrong for his sister to be with him due to he being marry so he wold be YJ brother in law but why is it ok for TP to be with YJ when he is her brother in law to OH Snap!
  9. I do not feel bad for the Hans after what those family did to Tp and his mother and he can still like YJ cause in the end she will pick the Han over him and do not let her be pregnant she is one of the worst parent I have seen letting that that little boy die is her fault for not taking good care of him so I have no sympathy for any of them
  10. Had to watch episodes 92 ending twice it was awesome my boy SJ you go boy , time to go after those liars and the look on those 3 faces was priceless especially TP try be slick I don’t know YR lol lol Snap
  11. I disagree the Han should never be forgiving after all they did to TP and his mother had YR stole all the money and let her get away with it and YJ is no saint cause she has no moral at all she is guilty as the Han for not standing up for what is right and wrong after being treated like dirt and getting slap in the face by both the Han and now finding you are not related after all this years and if she forgive them then as I say before she a dummy and a door mat she will never amount to anything she will let people walk all over her so I do not feel sorry one bit and after she has gone throug
  12. Yeahhhh I’m happy YR push her mon to the ground the evil old bag deserve it now she just need to that to the whole Hans it will make me happy
  13. I see the preview I almost throw up watching TP trying to kiss the dummy,what waste of episode 85 please kill the Hans cause they really annoying and seeing that dream withe her dead son make me even more mad cause she the main one that cause his death if u claim to love him so much you would move heaven and earth to save that kid if u have drag Yr by the hair everything in your power so I don’t feel an ounce of sympathy for her The chairman is like an cardboard cut out just sit there and ok let stop this why not just have a cut out board copy of him it will have more of a personality and jus
  14. I thought YJ who could not get even more pathetic then before she is beyond pathetic she. Just sit there with her mouth open and let someone who is not even a family verbally call her a piece of dog poop and just take it all she has to say hey YR is my sister so she is dog poop to, Now to lady JO is time to hit me with a car trope 1 she will loose her memory 2 she will be in a coma 3 she will be in a wheel chair 4 she will be in an hospitals and need a lung transplant 5 she will become blind Or maybe SJ will get hit by the car that would be a good karma for her and please do not hook YJ with T
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