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  1. I know. It seems to be 105. So it is about 14 or 17 episodes I think. I remember that it was cancelled on different occasions that is why we are in episode 88
  2. The old lady had a son. Could it be the ML? Also I guess DJ will fall in love with Oh Bok. As for Young Shin I guess she will like the lonely boy.
  3. It is okay my friend. I got unamused emos by other members lol. I know it is for the plot. Anyway it seems that Jisuk meets Lady Ju's husband. In the 14 last episodes we need a fast pace.
  4. Yura is worse than Lady Ju. At least lady Ju loved her son. Yura doesn't care about anyone but herself. We have either 13 or 15 episodes left. How will this mess end????
  5. Don't be offended friend. I think "off topic" means you should discuss the drama itself. Take it easy. I got "Angry" and "unamused" emos before. I even was blocked by some members for no obvious reason I always said opposing opinions so no problem to state your opinion freely. Almost all of us are friendly. Cheer up. Don't take it personally. We are all friends here.
  6. it is clear that the 4 children will grow up. They are friends. But Jae Hee is related to the FL as a big brother as he raised her There's a line connecting Jae Hee and the cook (Eru's aunt). 숙적 is written above it. I looked it up and it means "enemy"
  7. SJ knows that YJ loves TP and he still want to squeeze himself between them. I don't know who is more stupid him or YJ?
  8. In the second episode ML takes the girl to the entertainment park. We know more about the family consisting of a father, son, his wife and step mom. The stepmom is a cook. The stepson and his wife steal money from the restaurant. The stepmom has a son or a nephew (unclear)
  9. In the first episode Jae Hee (ML) owns a diner. His dad comes one day and leaves to him a young girl....
  10. @maribella you watched Winter Sonata too? It is my first Kdrama I don't think that TP will die. But at least YJ wakes up.
  11. I think lady Ju will kill YR. She will never accept to be blackmailed. Also since there are not enough evidence to accuse or punish YR, it is possible that the writer might resort to this resolution or ending for the plot.
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