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    Best actor??? Don't know. There are so many good actors. I can't choose one. Depends on the work I am watching.

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  1. A word I heard recently name +서방 (seobang) when referring to son in law
  2. @littlerain waves, I remember you from Feel good to die. long time no see
  3. Not sure. They are worse than all villains. SM destroyed a house of a married couple. She won't be forgiven easily. I don't think that JH cares about her I expect her to be like JE in sunny again tomorrow. She will beg GH for forgiveness but she will be separated from JH. But no death or prison as usual
  4. yes I know she had miscarriage as appears from the videos anyway, I feel that google translate is not bad after all they get most of the meaning, but just mistranslate the names of the characters, most of the time, google just chooses any word, when there are two or three meanings, that is why I always focus on the words that cause misunderstanding. But still I am not that advanced in Korean, so I look up misleading words in search engines too, we are all very curious to know what will happen next I think made another mistake while copying the sentence, I removed "Sangmi" that is why it translated her mother as the subject instead, while it is the object here It is still difficult to understand a whole sentence for me. but at least I am no longer "frightened" of the Korean letters
  5. at least it is clear now that SM had an abortion. We really wanted the blackmailer to play a good role in punishing SM, but now this is no longer the case. Now I guess that the foolish JH will eventually get married to SM, I am waiting for his reaction when he learns she lost the baby, and also she has problems and might not be able to give him a child again. She was implicitly making fun of GH, who can't conceive, now she will taste the same medicine. She has been so cruel, and she is going to pay for that
  6. @dramaninja I think it is SM's mom who will hide the abortion until the marriage, look at my above post, I tried to understand the preview. Google translate is mostly good except for one word 유산 (google used the word "legacy" while it can mean "abortion" too
  7. the drama is very very good, I like it, I think perhaps Man soo will help jenny reunite with her real family?? he wants revenge against his mom, and he didn't mind Jenny staying in Song Ah's house. So I think he might try to win jenny over by helping her. he just wants to separate her from Eun Suk, like he said before
  8. @Lawyerh I feel so sad for my friends who were fans of him the Korean friends on cafe daum are crying
  9. it means she hides the abortion 유산 Translate 유산 noun 1. legacy 2. abortion 경애(문희경 분)에게 결혼 전까지 유산 사실을 숨기겠다고 한다. Gyeong Ae (Moon Hee-kyung) will hide her legacy until marriage. (google translate) Gyeong Ae is Sanmgi's mom so I looked up the word 유산, and found out it means abortion too .
  10. Mansoo knows that Jenny isn't Mrs wang daughter, that's why he sent photos of song ah to her. He wants to give her a hard time, because he knows that Jenny is song ah's sister @msmy I think this part of the suspense, mansoo's past will be revealed gradually, but it quite clear he is her son,from the flashback
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