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  1. He talked her to death until he convinced her it was her fault. She even said that since he said the affair was inevitable why could it not have happened sooner so she could have forgiven her mum and spent time with her. Class A manipulator he is. He tried that argument about whether she would disown her son if he cheated and she said she would not but that he is not her son but her husband. Good answer. She did block a lot of his attempts with smart answers but he still managed to make her doubt her choices and hurt her badly. The whole episode was very good. The actre
  2. The mother in law is a total nut job. This was the most satisfying response of the three betrayed wives. PY is a class act. I loved how Dong Mi said "you're not one tenth of a woman PY is". Yeah that was why you were poisoning her.
  3. They've given us a wide spectrum from the wives' reactions to the types of mistresses. Definitely in keeping with the title of the drama. It is interesting at least for me to watch how each family and each spouse acted. People always look for a good lesson but not all dramas are here to teach us. Some are merely here in some ways as a cathartic experience for those of us who need it.
  4. Which is exactly what I meant by repenting in leisure. You will continue to regret what you've done for years to come. You will never be free of it. For a moment's satisfaction doing the unthinkable will end your peace of mind for good. People say they cannot control themselves which is rubbish because it is not that they 'cannot' but 'don't want to' is more like it.
  5. His mother should not have kicked her husband out of the bed. She should have gotten up and left the room. The same for the 50's wife. She should not have hit her husband, instead she should have come in between, that is bodily stand in front of her daughter and hold his hands. There are always ways to handle a situation without resorting to violence. I have done exactly this before stand in between preventing someone from hitting another person. I never resorted to violence and I resolved the situation and deescalated it. The important thing is not using one character's violence t
  6. I am sure for the purposes of a drama I myself enjoy a little revenge minus the violence in fact I was looking forward to it in an oddly disturbing way, let's not address that though. Makjang revenge best served cold. However in real life when you want to take revenge you have to stay in the relationship because without your immediate presence and the ability to watch your revenge take shape it is not as satisfying. However have you considered what damage it is doing to you as person while you stay in this relationship watching the person you once loved come to hate you and wish
  7. She found out. Ahh that is relief. I haven't watched anything yet but reading that she finally found out is really good. I have no time to watch too busy playing my MMORPG .I'll try to watch this week for sure. My husband was asking how come I wasn't watching any drama like I usually do but got too involved in my game to stop and watch. The 30's couple were having relations even when he was seeing his mistress regularly so I don't think he has any difficulty in that department. Men are not like women they can do it without being emotionally involved. Women need to have
  8. She should divorce him . Why cling on to someone that clearly does not want you any more. Really bad situation.
  9. I am not for the mistress and never was but I dislike men or women who hit others. Violence is a big trigger personally having suffered a lot of it. I think that expressing one's views should not attract rude responses that the person responding is a mistress themselves. This is beyond the pale. This isn't a black and white situation. Just because you dislike the actions of one person does not mean you support the other side.
  10. Hopefully 40's wife will finally realise what her husband has been doing. Looks like she is going to the horse riding place, I hope he does not see her there. I mean they have dragged this out long enough. She cannot be kept in the dark any more. She has to find out before her mother dies. She needs to talk to her mother. She needs to finally understand what her mother went through. Pity it has to be this way. It will wreck her. Nam Ga Bin is a piece of work. I cannot believe she had the gall to think they could be friends. Unbelievable woman. It is like she stuck a knife in poor S
  11. I watched that and I think she has beaten him before. I don't think it was the first time either from his reaction.
  12. I didn't say it was abuse but if you keep yelling and controlling another person that can become abusive. If you start giving justification for beatings it never ends, it works both ways you cannot have the right to not be beaten if you do not respect other people's right not to be beaten. What if he hit her back for hitting him. Is that justified? Everyone will have a reason to beat another so the law says you cannot hit another person.
  13. One hit is not abuse may be but no person has the right to raise their hand against another. That is battery and it is wrong in every way. No husband or wife should ever beat the other. No justification for that. BHR's behaviour is disgusting. I have seen first hand what spousal abuse is like. Shouting and beatings become common enough that it becomes a habit. Say no to it.
  14. 'I have a lover' was quite a painful story but they really did a fantastic job of convincing us that that the husband and wife could make it work because he really worked hard to get her back. It wasn't just I am sorry so take me back but the remorse was shown in so much detail and everything was very painful and wonderful to watch. When everything began to make sense and how he had misjudged her it was even more horrible and yet the writers did a good job. I thought I could never ever forgive him for what happened but in the end I thought they belonged together. It is not easy to
  15. Korean ratings are determined at the time the show is aired. People have to be watching when it is aired. A lot of the newer private networks have viewers who download and watch later. The daily dramas and weekend dramas have a steady population of viewers that watch when the show is airing, plus they are usually aired earlier, what's more the older generation show a lot interest in a certain network's shows and tune in to watch them. It is like a habit. So the ratings will be high. It is no indication of the critical reviews or popularity like Healer which was a good drama did not get that gr
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