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  1. He waited for her for hours to give her his business card and then again to make sure she was safe another few hours. You have to love this man.
  2. Her pantsuits are to die for. She looks gorgeous in them. The mustard was great on her. The mint even better. Hillary made them go out of fashion but Woo Do Hee is bringing them back with a vengeance.
  3. She is an amazing actress she was great as the suffering wife until she exploded on her cheating husband in "My wife is having an affair this week', great also in 'Love Affairs in the Afternoon'. I called her the human pretzel (she is so agile her body) in "Should We Kiss First' and she was also in "Another Miss Oh". People don't realise it because she plays such different characters in every role she has. She is really an amazing dancer too.
  4. Love the pink and she stood out among the black and white. She was awesome and deserved the award.
  5. Who does the ex girlfriend think she is to tell him to get rid of the person he is currently seeing. What arrogance ! Both the exes are horrid.
  6. I first saw Seo Ji Hye in "Yeah That is How it is" and fell in love with her. Then she was in Jealousy Incarnate and Black Knight. I enjoyed her character in Black Knight and she looked so pretty in that with a whole lot of class. Looking forward to seeing her chemistry with handsome Song Seung Heon. Hope it sizzles.
  7. I thought Go Joon was so sexy in Misty especially his voice. Was waiting for a main role for him.
  8. Just finished Koi wa tsuzuku yo doko made mo and absolutely loved it. I like that the male lead was not such an abrasive character and he seems to have realised quite quickly that she had the qualities to become an exceptional nurse. That made all the difference to me. I hate dramas where the verbal abuse from the male lead towards the female lead goes on for far too long. I do agree the first two episodes were a bit hard to watch. These types of dramas are my favourite and I've watched Nodame Cantabile the anime and live action, Itazura na kiss both the anime and the live action the Chinese one which was very well done. I don't like it when the female lead is really very dumb but in this case Sakura Nanase wasn't she was actually quite a good nurse especially because she was hard working and observant. She brought very important qualifications to her job not to mention she really cared about her patients and got along with them and took great interest in them that helped her bring quality to her work that helped fill in the gaps the other nurses left. All in all a wonderful drama. I am always on the look out for good dramas in Japanese.
  9. Most parents give in usually in the end. Think Secret Garden was an exception. The mother refused too. I thought it was an interesting twist to the usual cave by parents.
  10. If you have never been cheated on you will never understand that it becomes impossible to ever trust that person again. You can stay in the marriage but you will never ever trust them again. I can vouch for that. I stayed in my marriage but I have absolutely no illusions of trust. It happened a long time ago and I am approaching my 30th wedding anniversary but I still feel the pain of that betrayal. So in my opinion if SA does not want him back she should not be made to miss him later. She should move on with her life and be happy. He does not deserve her regret at losing him. You are all looking at her behaviour and reacting without knowing what it feels like to be in her shoes.