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  1. While it is decidedly unpleasant to watch the burgeoning relationship between the husbands and the mistresses, what the writer is trying to do is show you the whole story. Not just the parts that people want. The fact that relationships like this have developed and why they become a problem. It isn't an isolated instance but relatively common problem that I confess happened to me too. I decided to stay married but not everyone can do that. Taking revenge isn't an option either for me at least. It's easy to dislike this topic but as a writer who is writing something new they would f
  2. Someone mentioned how unrealistic this show was having all these guys fighting over her or showing interest. I think that that is the whole point. When you have a story and this is a story not a docudrama about a girl who others consider ugly being the object of interest of these great looking guys it is a fantasy and a dream. Often when I was young I used to fantasise after reading some romance novel about being the subject of interest of some good looking guy I knew in real life. I was dreaming and when we watch these shows there is a part of us that want this girl to be the object of admira
  3. Hey @Gamechanger11 I'm 65 and I watch school dramas all the time. There's no age limit
  4. I watched this today, just started and the first episode where they treated her so appallingly bad and made fun of her so badly that she wanted to kill herself is such a bad and horrible aspect of our world currently. While it might be an exaggeration it is what can happen and probably happens in varying degrees daily. This is partly due to our idea of beauty that is screwed up and social media is just taking it to insane heights. I remember growing up in the 60's and being dark and being made fun of in a school in Asia you know being fair is everything, I cannot even fathom how mu
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