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  1. I don't understand how some of your theories work when it is not Professor Cha who created the game or the killing aspect. That aspect existed long before the company got control of the game. If you recall Se Joo was attacked after he had spoken to Jin Woo and offered him the game because he did not want to sell to Hyung Seok's company. At this point to speculate that Professor Cha has managed to engineer some way to target people and have them killed seems very far fetched.
  2. The rules on this site forbid quoting images. Follow the rules of posting . The quoting of images makes the pages load slowly for users so they made these rules and if you wish to post on these forums please try to respect these rules. 4. Do not quote pictures or long posts. Instead, remove images in your quotes. Quotes do not count towards the 20-character limit rule. If you're going to quote a picture or post, say something about it. If a quote is too long (more than 10 lines), only quote a subsection of the text. Quoted pictures set in spoiler tags are considered a violation as well.
  3. There is nothing wrong with doing plastic surgery to give oneself confidence in themselves. I think the terrible way the people around her treated her excluding those who loved her like her parents and her friend Hyun Jung is an indictment on the society around us. You cannot change that overnight so she had done what she had to because society is not going to change and we place far too much importance on looks. Unfortunately the message this drama imparts though is that she was unable to develop any confidence nor feel she was worthy until she has had that plastic surgery. She was understandably traumatised, lacking self worth and the tools to handle her change of appearance as she is still extremely shy and won't change overnight because she got a pretty face. The fact she had plastic surgery being obvious only worsened her fear of rejection. The story cannot be told in any other way though because of how our values are unconsciously moulded each day. We can objectively look and think about something and say it is wrong but unconsciously none of us would want to have a face that others would reject. Nothing wrong with wanting to be beautiful either. Personally I have never rejected anyone for their looks but I have been attracted to a person because of their looks too. That is normal and I think it is in the DNA because nature requires us to want to mate with a better specimen to ensure survival. We fight that instinct as humans able to reason and think and pick good people over looks I hope ultimately. I am extremely happy this writer chose to let Kyung Seok like her before she changed her face because the message should be character before looks. The fact that he said he misses her old face was really such a sweet sentiment making her realise her looks were never what attracted him to her. What is the point of good looks when you have a rotten character like Soo A.
  4. Seen it but I didn't like the woman he married she was manipulative. I loved 5 children though that one was a fantastic drama.
  5. I liked that this drama focussed on the older people. Mi Yeon and Hyo Seob were simply wonderful because they showed an aspect of life we often forget ,that older people need love too. Just finished watching. Great drama.
  6. Better remove this it is not allowed on these boards to post the whole episodes here.
  7. It did not end well I was stalked for about a month until I went to the university authorities. I tried to handle it but it became a bit bad and I got afraid so I reported it. Of course for the next 4 years people made up whatever stories they wanted about me and most were not very nice but one learned to be grateful for the friends one had.
  8. Just started watching this yesterday and I'm enjoying it so far and like everyone else dislike for SA is high. That senior that accused MR of flirting, this is the whole problem with guys if you are polite they think you're flirting. I recall a similar incident with a senior in my university and he accused me of exactly the same thing and I was completely boggled what I had done to ever make him jump to that conclusion. I realised it was not outright telling him to fo. Very obnoxious seniors not one or two but many boys in university are like this during my time in the early 80's.
  9. Wasn't Mi Yeon racing a car in the first episode. She was such a cool character that has been brought down so low by this disease but that is it, the disease does not discriminate it hits even very intelligent and active people. Scariest is that it will slowly rob you of your mind. I pray I will have the fortitude to end my life before my own mind goes, as I am approaching the age where this is a concern this is what I tell myself I would do.
  10. Is he really going to die or a mistaken diagnosis?
  11. I am extremely unhappy that they turned MY into this forgetful ill person. I admired her savvy business woman aspect and now she is going to be a sad figure.
  12. I was very impressed with KS too. Even though his mum kept saying she did it for him and mind you all people who behave this way say that " I'm doing this for you ". I hate it when they feign something for the benefit of another who never asked or wished it but a tactic to make the other feel guilty. He is a good character , he started out weak but he has good values and he was always steadfast about his love for SH. MS is a petty person. I agree with @chasen8888 he just does not want JH to 'win' DY and really what right has any person to constantly bother a girl who has rejected you. That is so very wrong in every way and it happens in Korean drama so often one wonders how many poor men and women in Korea have to constantly ward of unwanted attention and even after you clarify your disinterest they continue to bother you. Sickening aspect that I have never liked in these dramas. I have never found it attractive just completely horrible. After MY decided to tell JJH about the real daughter why didn't she disabuse JJH about the affair conclusion. Why do you reveal so much and leave that stupid conclusion in place.....I know drama!
  13. This was after she got married. It has nothing really to do with their marriage status usually, of course one cannot discount that the in laws may put their foot down and object. The reason is plainly simple it is the station , timeslot and type of drama. This is a weekend family drama they don't do hot and heavy kisses. Kim Nam Joo did some heavy stuff in "Misty" and notice again that it was a cable drama. I think the way Eun Tae reacted was very understandable , the part where he was confused and felt responsible is a very natural reaction. His coldness to YH was strange and odd but may be he wanted to keep his balance while he was on the verge of a breakdown. I don't think he deserves the unkind things said about him. We are all human and sometimes we do react poorly but it is how we handle the subsequent interactions that will decide it. I think they showed a very human and fallible aspect of humans. I myself had doubt coming from a very abusive family whether I can ever have children and not end up abusing them myself. People are what their life experiences make them and we aren't superhuman have some empathy for what others go through even if you cannot understand it.
  14. Me too I hate extensions too as it completely destroys the flow and makes me look at a drama I would have without the extension considered good to be mediocre. Stupid really.
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