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  1. I've expected the ending is sad but.. Why it much more sadder? tears.. His a killer. To kill or be killed. Ok, I got that!
  2. Did he alergic to nuts? Have not watch the drama yet. Only follow the live recap. Will download the episodes once I feel like watching them. TQ for live recap
  3. Omg, the final 4 episodes got me hooked. Daebak. I've been marathon this drama two weeks ago when the cable tv did the marathon. Yes, it's crazy like the drama itself. Detective Woo Tae Seok never dissapoint me with his less than evil mind. He is the mastermind. And his team trust in him, was undeniable. I really love a leader like him. The last case before they closed the Eun's couple, the bullid murdered boy, was superb. Kill two birds with one stone. The dirty side tried to stop WTS but in the end, the dirty loose big time. Very satisfying! Eun Seon Jae/Bae Yeo Wool also pure evil. She will never accepted that she was the guilty one. She only believe in herself. She kidnapped WTS, Killed her adopted also evil parents, and just dissapeard like that! Oh wow! Yes, WTS sacrificed ESJ for his sister and set the thing in motion to ESJ. WTS will never forgiven but he did it because his love to his sister. Can I suggest, WTS marry ESJ to turn a new leaf for both of them? For those who doubted to watch the drama, dont be. Enjoy the drama!
  4. It feels like something is missing in my daily life. No fangirling with Hyun Bin as Jin Woo or watching the MOA game in the drama. Still dissapointed with open ending drama. I wish they extend a little bit like My Love from Another Star. If they continue with movie, they have to do an action movie, a thriller. And it ends with them together. Only if its worth it. I followed Cheese in the trap bcoz of Park Hae Jin that time. But when they continue a movie version due to unsatisfied ending and change the actress, it spoiled the whole movie. So, at least give us a closure how they will end up together and JW finds his happiness, I am happy.
  5. omg! Omg! Download the episode as soon as touch down at the airport tonite. And watch it immediately after arrived home. I really didnt expect the ending will be like this. Where n my hugs and kisses? I really want HJ come and save JW from the sadness and lonely. I have mention before they can release the game but with rules and regulations, which shown in the ending. What a que to get the sword in the toilet...lol.. I never doubt Mr Park. He is a good man. Agree with his desicion to get a life. So much I love from this drama. I know many questions were not answered in the end. But why NO HUGS AND KISSES from our lead?! Uwe!
  6. Ha ha ha.. lol to your sister's question @12blbl. Very hard to find logic in this drama. As JW said 'magic'. Sometimes we need a little bit fantasy and drama to make our day a little bit wonderful. Dont think too hard on this question. I need doses of MOA now to make my day merrier. BTS BTS, come come!!
  7. The game itself is not safe. The whole Seoul area are considered as the playing ground, right? So, if they want to make this game safer, they should set the boundary of this playing ground. Let say, Everland or Disneyland or USS or whatever large scale place - only this areas u r allowed to play and the non player are notified with signboard or something. So, the player will be safe, not to be run by a vehicle. And the non-player will be able to understand what the hell they are waving, shooting in the air like a lunatic. Excuse me. Even the park admin are able to keep the security or safety of the player. The cctv also can be set to monitor them. Anyway, I think JW is not missing inside the game. He must run somewhere, to bring SJ home. A day has passed since JW handed Fatima the key of heaven (which is not an Islamic thing and the scene was shot inside a church). We will see the flashback later on (hope so). In the preview, JW was seen with a crutch. It might caused by JW ran here and there while leveling to 100, forgetting the pain bcoz he was immersed so much in the game. Ok, back to counting days! Nite!
  8. 1. Prof Cha plot to get rid JW. Might be he didnt calculate the game part. So, the question remain, how the game go wrong and who did? 2. CEO Park need to start believing JW, or go under. But, we'll never know if there's a twist 3. I donno know, dont care about Su Jin. It will be good if CHS died bcoz of her. After my last post, the pages add 10more. So, I just jump to the last one..lol.. I will be on vacation this weekend. Hope the upcoming last two episodes will be a good, satisfying one. I dont mind spoiler.
  9. I didnt join tonite recaps due to testing my latest toy, blueray dvd which can play external hardisk. So, end up rewatch DOTS. I go through all 5pages since and what I learnt : - JW HJ kiss inside the changing room - Yeay, to level 100 but why JW dissapear afterwards. However, the preview shows JW is ALIVE! Yeay to that. - Sec Seo show up to save JW. We will miss u. I dont know how to decide either keep Sec Seo inside the game or try to delete them (both decision is sad) - JW exwives are headache. Pity to JW for marrying them. He made bad decision. - Err.. SJ comeback is real, right? He looks like he was the same as a year ago. So.... HJ, be strong and continue supporting JW. WE n JW needed it! Ok, preparing to watch ep14 with subs now.
  10. You know what? I ended up buying Subway subs to my staffs today. Hmmm.. JW n CYJ scene did affect my day...lol..
  11. So, what I learnt tonite :- 1. lol... To JW for threathening CYJ. JW ordered CYJ to create a special weapon for him (what could it be?) based on friendship. In return, JW had to hire him as an executive if he lose his job. And JW replied only if he live.. 2. Park and Prof Choi meetings. Park said JW still limping in cctv while playing MOA. It must be because of playing, JW cannot feel the pain but usually, eventually the pain will be worst when he return to reality. Now, I doubt Park n Prof Choi is the evil one. I am happy seeing him shaken by the experience. Luckily he dont have a heart attack or collapse. A healthy man, huh! 3. Really curious about Yu Ra. She really something. I hate her. Just because she is a celebrity, she can turn the camera on her? Hope she will be punished. 4. Again, dangerous driving by our JW. Luckily the light turn green and he can move. 5. Such a convenience game. You can track a player using this game. No need for other car navigation. All in one.. Make it available on market this game is. Everybody can replenish the energy from Subway. Just take me there! 6. Oh Marco. You crazy evil manipulative frenemy! Might be CHS died without knowing the creator of the game. SJ 70/30 with Marco is fair, considering who create the game. But again, they wait at the Alcazaba cafe in Granada > Marco stab SJ with real knife > they start attacking each other in MOA til the forrest > Marci died in MOA (I bet the real body have no blood mark like CHS) > SJ back to Barcelona in Marco's apartment (it might because something he need to do) > back to Granada (after calling JW) by train and missing. 7. JW purposedly make a distraction to himself so HJ was left alone. Not only HJ, we all feel sad looking at JW condition. Looking forward for tomorrow episode. In the preview, JW looks exhausted. Okay, I want him alive (HJ please revive him with a kiss). Reaching level 100 and hope to end the quest. Open the Key to heaven supposed will crash the palace (MOA)?. SJ might be alive but in no condition to travel? Time to sleep. GOODNITE!
  12. I am preparing to watch with subs before going to sleep. Well, who can fell asleep with not knowing what happened tonite? I am glad my Sunday as busy as working days becoz I dont have to keep counting hours to the next episode. Off to bathroom... Nite Owh... VR games Beatsaber on our late night news now. Tv3.
  13. I thought I saw BTS with JW wearing white jacket with a black cast on his leg. But I dont recall seeing this scene. Did I miss the scene?
  14. Excitedly waiting for live recap. This week is very fast. No need for counting days due to my busy working days. Hope tonite episode is a good one. Nowadays, I have not succeeded with live streaming. Last time, I did live streaming Hwarang while driving. Mostly listening and a peek here and there... Dangerous, yes I know. Calling for live recappers. We are ready!
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