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  1. This drama defy logic. But because the cast make it work, I'll keep watching it.
  2. I really like the cast and how the drama was film. But, it is too real and creepy for me. I remember watching Hannibal US Tv series and only watch once every episodes. Too evil, too cruel, too many bloods. Sorry LDW oppa. You are beautiful in this one, but I have to keep my sanity.
  3. Stuntman is tougher than NIS Agent. Why? It took one accident to knock down KTW. However, if I was not mistaken, CDG involved in 3 accidents so far (Jerome, Ambulan, the one caused by Jessica) and been attacked so many times, CDG is still standing tough. I agree with all, the moment Edward Park said, "Lobbying is not about weapon, it is about people", immediately we were thinking both sides is shady. So now, let us guess, who is the good side in this drama? lol
  4. I was expecting more post after epi5 but, errr... Where is everyone? Come on, LSG fans. Post more! The father of the corruption, the source of evil is the president himself! I really understand people in front of camera. Acting like a nice, caring and reliable. Its an act, people. But, when they are behind closed door, they the opposite. As someone mention, CDG was unbelievably inhuman. Superman. After so many accident and attack, he still never injured heavily. For that kind of accident (ambulan), he surely neck or body pain. But, he stand up with no dizziness or what so ever. Can even slip into the blue house and see the president?!
  5. omg... The moment they wake up! The hospital scene, is hectic. Crazy. Insane! I donno what happened in between they wake up til they collapse since I skip epi1 entirely. The hospital staff also donno what is wrong with Ma Dong Chan.
  6. Yes, we love LSG in Vagabond. But we love JCW too.. I prefer him in action drama more than rom com. Healer n K2 is fave.
  7. I'm watching epi4 now. But, by watching epi3 last night, I dont believe the corruption that was going on. Even the strong principle Minister, lost to the lady contractor? OMG! All his underling have their own dirt?! What a cruel world. But, it happens in real world too. Until now, I think, nobody can be trusted. I'm looking forward to the time jump.
  8. Ok. I read the live recap hurriedly to know the ending. Is it the ending just like that?! I am so confuse now. It feels like there will be more stories to come, but the actors have finishes filming. Does anybody have the leak from somewhere? The bts scene that have not shown yet? I am confuse. Super confuse now. Where is my ending? Did propecy came true? Please enlighten me.... On 2nd tot, Lets go to sleep. Tomorrow is a working day. Nite. I will make up the ending in my dreams then. Hmm...
  9. I dont think I've read anywhere there will be more season. Even the actor/actress have finished filming. Since early, we were shown the brutality of Tagon. He refrained himself to get to the top, to make people love him. Its his nature. Saya was brought up to be like him. Tough. But, Saya is much creepier, he has a dark side. Well, someone who silent might be the most dangerous. He killed a man without a guilt, the opposite of ES. I was hoping the ending will be ES and Tanya back together. Saya might parish for a greater cause. Who knows. The Wahan back to their village but they gain knowledge from their stay in Arthdal. Err... Where is the Cha Eun n her sister, Nunbyeol? We need her to continue the lineage of blue blood. Pure blood.
  10. Oh my, I am so loving Netflix now. At 10.30pm, I successfully watch epi2 with Sub. Feel like watching movie. It so smooth and cannot believe an hour passby with both episode. DG is unbelievable. We might forget he was stabbed by Jerome in epi1. It seems like Jerome received much more injuries and he was the professional one, isnt he? They should show much more scene with the news of the plane crash. It's an international news. Some more, it involved representative from Korea, the 20 children. Anyway, I cannot wait for next week. LSG, you rock! Err.. Where is SSR?
  11. Just got back from Jeju on Friday and totally forgotten the premier. Thank God, Netflix preview this. And I am watching it now. For so long, I dont get excited with LSG drama. What a cool drama. Eventhough, Cha Hoon scene only a few, but I really like it and their chemistry as Uncle and Nephew, sold it. Cannot wait how LSG turns to a sniper as seen in opening scene. I am ok with Suzie.
  12. OMG, the latest episode is available on Netflix now. I have forgotten the feeling of live streaming. My days are not free like the old days.. I really like Tanya style. She looks elegant. Waiting for the glory of ES.
  13. After so long browsing the forum. I speak again... Saya and Eun Som have same face but totally different people. I still cannot see Saya as a good person. There's a glimpse of evil. Remember, he killed before to stage an event. However, Eun Som is much purer and now have supporter (the fellows from the gem mines). I really wanted to see them go together to find the Wife from one of them - i dont remember his name. I dont care with the ratings bcoz not everybody likes this genre. I hope the three of them have a good endings. Eun Som, Tanya and Saya.
  14. I've expected the ending is sad but.. Why it much more sadder? tears.. His a killer. To kill or be killed. Ok, I got that!
  15. Did he alergic to nuts? Have not watch the drama yet. Only follow the live recap. Will download the episodes once I feel like watching them. TQ for live recap
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