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  1. It has been a few days that the last episode aired. I abused the refresh button that night for the last episode. I really like this couple. WJ is a fine gentleman and GY also matured wisely. I was anticipated - the scene between WJ and GY's parents after the storm pass - WJ scene together with his mother - JJ's hyung showing his brotherly side. JJ was basically living his life with his friends. I'm glad IH and JJ finally at peace with each other. - WJ and JJ living together somewhere - Well, did WJ sell his other house and live in the condo? - I was expec
  2. Love the metaphor @_Jesse about the umbrella. I have three umbrella in my car but rarely been used. So, does it mean that I have no shied? Ha ha.. Just kidding. Too lazy to carry. Eventhough its just started for season 2, i wish for season 3 already. That much I love this drama. It really touch ur heart and u dont want to keep away from it.
  3. The waiting is over!!!! But, i have no free time to indulge into this... So, i skip most of them, only taking time to understand here and there. Wintergarden.. Kyaaa!!! JW/Ik Sun is kyaaaa!!! Dr Jang is learning AJW good side, empathy. Glad that. I also learning from experience bcoz I'm having the same problem. Lack of empathy. Feel like crying the scene with the mom who keeps on visiting the ward bcoz of missing her child. She will move on eventually if she had another child but, her 1st born will remain to be a beautiful memory. I'll drop by once I've watched full. Re
  4. I applaud WJ for doing the right thing, to come clear about who he is. The usual crazy MIL, in this drama.. we have Mr Bae Yong Suk. He created a fake personality/ background for WJ, now WJ said full stop on this. I really hope the lawyer is really WJ's father no matter of what the back story on this. For GY, we havent seen her respond to her employer. Usually for me, our ITD will remote the PC in front of us if any changes needed. Of course, there's a few sensitive documents stored in that PC. So, her employer employs her just for the bad reason. That's y u shouldnt use ur own lap
  5. Since this is drama, the police just let go the abduction case. If me, I will have mixed feeling about the whole situation. Yes, its a surprise for the fan proposal idea but, GY n the manager worrying whole day with WJ disappearance.. The mesh stocking... i disagree too... And, Hey should they do voting which advert is the best? WJ x GY beer/pool advert or WJ x IHY Japan beach advert? They havent shown the final product right? Or, did I miss it?
  6. And it ends with a kiss... So sweet, GY really brings happiness to WJ's life. And we can see GY is actually have a good head on her shoulder. She gave a good suggestion for the hospital incident and answering JJ while they have dinner. She was lable as anti-fan and seen as a negative person only because misunderstanding between her n WJ. We still havent seen where her careers will go. Wish she will have one soon. For now, her life is at the mercy of WJ. The hyung will cheer them of course.. Who can deny WJ GY are good together? JJ is only jealous watching WJ living his life.
  7. Finally, tomorrow is Friday.. Yeay~~~ I hope another good episode. Please let WJ finally set free from IHY/JJ relationships. Their path keeps on crossing each other. And.... WJ n GY will openly be together... Their lovey dovey in the car was.. OMG!
  8. The waiting is almost over.. Yeay~~ i've rewatched a few times the episode that I like. But, i havent finished the BTS, the special episode, the camping etc etc.. Oh my time! From the poll, definitely the pairing i love to see is the same as everyone. The friendship is the best with this five. They are the example of what the world need. Their work etiquette also lovable. I really hate drama with evil minded + envy (yes, i know it happened in real life. I just dont enjoy them).
  9. When the scene WJ practicing in recording room and heard the guide song using IHY, I was cheering for him to invite GY as his duet. But, it just ended there. Enuff with playing us with this unhealthy scene between WJ n IHY. And I really skip the toxic interaction between JJ and IHY. Love her honesty will ya? She deserves to be love too. What I can see now, she is a somewhat like a trophy wife. Beautiful too see and possess. I did check out the manhwa. The timeline is different there. I really love now GY and WJ care for each other. They are comfortable with each other presenc
  10. Of course we want this couple got their happy ending together. But on personal leven, I wish WJ will be more sincere in and out of camera. He basically showing his only good acting side in front of camera. And I wish GY will get her dream job and enjoy working on it. I think the variety show will continue and it will be sweet. We want the sa saeng girls will change their view and accepted GY as the equal match for WJ. We need some love during the pandemic crisis right?
  11. Wow... Tonite episode. The two. Kissing, twice! WJ still protacted his image though. If his a man, he should help his girl but might be he still bitter about the Superpatch thing. I'm glad the reported admitted the mistake to WJ. Mostly, I will skip the JJ and IH scene. It is not, I dont like Chan Sung but I dont like this unbearable couple. They should be honest to each other, resolved their issue and be happy. WJ and GY are outspoken to each other. At least they are honest. I'm looking forward for WJ showing GY affection on screen (on media). Just forget about IH. Anyway, you can
  12. The evil in this drama is the variety show team. They enjoy observing WJ n GY interaction during their break time without they noticed camera and mic on. And they prank GY as well. The house WJ live-in now seems smaller compare to the apartment they are shooting. I dont like they stairs in his live-in house because it makes the room seems smaller. But why he kept a secret room inside the apartment that he isnt keen to live on. The washing machine is just for show..lol. Anyway, CTJ just released from military service. Perfect time if this drama is a success. I havent watch the movie versi
  13. For now, this is the drama I'm looking into weekly. I really like the WJ n GY scene. They dont even care people around when they began quarreling. But, WJ acting good in front of the camera. You... Double face! WJ still cannot move on from IH and is it what inside his room is IH related? So, I dont think WJ will fall in love to GY yet. Actually, he is a gentleman and respect women. With GY staying in his penthouse, at least he can have company when he needed. I wonder what is the story about his father.
  14. Wow.. I like the couple. And i dont like waiting for the next episode. I thought its only 4 episodes and just turn in to watch as a light drama... And suddenly it doesnt end at 4... Now, did I know its a 16 episodes! Hmmm... I guess I need to be patient now and wait for every end week.
  15. I dont know how to react to the ending. Not sure I'll watch it again bcoz I'm thinking that might be I'm not a fan of this drama. VC ending is just like the beginning, fleeing from one country to another. So, his home is Italy? The Cassano family through n through... The happy ending is for the Geumga Plaza family and justice to the bad people. The torture part for both of them (CMH n JHS) is that justified? I dont know. It feels like an overkill. We know they can escape the law if doing by law. Well.. Nobody miss them anyway. Hope everybody can accept what the drama gave us
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