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  1. Do manajoeeee! Do Min Jun!! Well KSH came back and so far, I think I'll keep on watching. SYJ looks good together with him. Both looks cute... There are some parts that I was thinking "is it a supernatural drama?". But, it goes back to reality.
  2. I've been replaying the OST Gravity with the TKEM clips from morning until now.. Arghhh.... I'm addicted to this song now. Usually by the end of my favourite drama, I'll stuck with the OST for days until I can move on to a new song. Moreover, with the technology nowadays driving is much more fun. Android player in the car... While listening to the song from playlist or youtube....traffic jammed is much more enjoyable...lol. Dont rush, listen to some music or video clips!
  3. Yesterday, I rewatched several episodes of TKEM. Last night, I rewatched Faith but skip most of them bcoz not my cup of tea. And now, I rewatched City Hunter. And there General Yi Sun statue...just like we saw in TKEM. So, Lee Min Ho and this statue has a history together...lol. Goblin has been my favourite. So, skip to rewatch for now. Might be years before we find him in good drama. Lets hope it will be near soon. As I've mention before, I would like to think JTE will move to KOC when the time is right. The King will have his Queen and descendants together for eternity.
  4. Its an open ending!!! I dont know if its satisfying or not but I'm not mad at the ending. Why they showed us the hand turn to an elderly holding hands? Did they want us to assume they live separately in their own world and meet up every weekend. Wow, weekend husband/wife like our world now? I like to assume, they waited until Luna died and Lee Gon replaced it with JTE. Thats much better. I was sad and relief during the Lee Ji Hun in uniform scene and until Lee Gon safely found his JTE. The wrap up scene I like to note = - How many times Lee Lim was killed? - Eun Sop calling Na Ri as honey. - Kang Shin Jae in ROK looking sharp. So, his father business never went under. Meanwhile Kang Shin Jae in KOC got his life with Luna. - PM Koo only a bad assembly woman who grows up with Luna in KOC. - Lee Gon got to meet with several version of JTE. There were things that changed after the success of killing Lee Lim, but there were some dont. I dont want to complaint much, I like it as it is. Original. So, its safe then. It will keep as my revisit list.
  5. Less than 24hours... Yeay!!! I'll enjoy the BTS til tomorrow. Not the group BTS though.
  6. O.M.G u olls are crazy. After i posted 17hours ago on page 822, now we are in page 835! Lets make it 1000pages then. Its been a long time since I've participate the 1K pages. I will never believe whatever speculation for the final episode. Seeing is believing. But, your opinion and hope to our king future is invited. Two days to go..
  7. Have watched Come and Hug Me (rewatched also) and Kill It when its airing. But, not a fan of WWW.
  8. @vangsweetie637, dont worry my vote has been done earlier. Of course I voted for our king and queen in KOC! I cannot said that the OST is cheerful. Most of them is sad melody. Hu hu.. Feel like tears streaming when listen n watch the scene with the OST. I agree TKEM has the best hug. They really great together. Deep hug. I'm not a fan of kissing scene... Uhuk! And of course, we cannot forget the best of WDH. I even watched several clips in YT related to ES and Yeong for a good laugh. OMG, 'they' are hilarious. How can one person, acted as different person can be so much entertaining! Lets hope both of them ends up with the woman, Na Ri n the other paralel.
  9. I am confused with this drama. I tend to read the review and comments before comitting my precious time to drama. I like both of the actors and kept hoping the drama to be good. But, from reading the reviews n comments, better stay away from this drama right? I dont mind sad or melodrama but must have a satisfied ending. If not, a lot of time will be wasted. Hopefully, will be seeing LSH n JKY in a better drama than this. TQ all n Goodnite!
  10. Coming back at the title, 'The King Eternal Monarch', did anyone explain what the title means? Did our king goes eternal as the monarch? My hope is high for them to be together. I really wanted a happy ending. So I can watch it all over again. I tend to avoid rewatch for those dramas that ends bad or not to my liking. So sad when both my favourite drama ended. Hospital Playlist I miss u. TKEM, Dont make me hate u. On watch list - Its ok Not To Be Okay. 3 Days to Go to Final.... Release much more BTS of TKEM plisssss... Warghhh...
  11. The ending like.. Lets rewrite history together. LG wearing the ceremonial suit to the treason day. Then, he will go to see JTE last time bcoz JTE will never know him later. Can we say Ji Hun didnt time later? OMG OMG... What will be happened next week? Tonite opening, I was confused. Why LL didnt die? He was supposed to die. He back to the past, killed by younger him. And he showed up in front of KSJ and Na Ri. Super confused now. LL did change something. PM Koo's mom and killed Se Jin. So, we will never introduce to the next in line. I'm glad KSJ get to see his real mom, have a food n drink with our King in the palace, get to know KOC, confessed his love to JTE. Hope he can move forward now and be happy. Love when both Yeong and KSJ stand guard to our king. Superb! Err... Our King future will it be with Luna???? NO!!!!!!!! So far I'm okay with Goblin ending. But Rooftop Prince and Gu Family Book, I cannot accept! Hello to next week! I dont want to miss u that bad. Nite!
  12. Oh wow... We move quite a pages since last night. Everybody is cracking their brain to find the logic explanation of LG time travel. I wont worry if our OTP will have their happy ending together. Stay together in KOC. But, if its happen otherwise... Flip table everybody! 4hours to go ~~~~
  13. I cant get my head of from tonite episode. So, I'm watching it now the 2nd time before sleeping. Let my sleep fill with happy dream. My wish, our OTP will have their happy ending in KOC. There's no such thing living in separate world. How long Luna got? She is dying rite? So, r their going to make it as JTE died in ROK. Dun.. dun.. dun.. Luna poisoned LG, but he live. she stabbed JTE, she lived too.. I dont think her intentions was to kill them but punishing them for getting what she didnt have. She was jealous n feeling unfair.
  14. I say whattttt.... Cliffhanger! Glad that we have tomorrow. Can I say, the now timeline, original Lee Lim has ben killed by the past Lee Lim? Whose in charge of his man now? So, the now timeline, LG is recreating memory in every year they've met and reflecting in now ROK timeline. How about KOC? They r missing both Yeong n The King for 4months? Now, our villain is PM Koo. What's with her plot using her mother? Now, both of them in ROK. JTE n Lune KSJ n KHM ES n Yeong A little bit more to original timeline. Come on LG. He should be exausted during this process. But, stay focus! Looking at preview, JTE is saved and LG is back at KOC. JTE might be seeing LG on her bedside in her imagination. Who knows? Wooooaahhh... Great theory by @aidanelle! The yoyo boy is the flute! He was there all along to keep the balance until he was whole again. Can we hope our OTP will be safe. Actually, nothing change much. Its a circle now. Once original time come back to LG, time will back to normal? Lets hope yoyo boy got back his power and set everything right. JTE need to crossover for them to be together. KSJ needs to make a decision where he wants to be.
  15. Part of me want to watch live streaming but I wont understand them. Part of me said, just wait for Netflix. If I follow the thread now, it will spoil me.. What should I do? Ha ha ha