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  1. wow - this sounds very prestigious and is a great acknowledgment of what we have known all along! Thank you for posting syntiche
  2. Apologies if anyone else has already mentioned this (I have suddenly got blank spaces on the page) but did you know LMH has polled as no. 5 in the 2021 world’s most handsome men? (ref: sayalltech.com) Apparently the votes have been cast from across the globe. 1st and 3rd were Chinese stars, 2nd was a BYS member and 4th was Chris Hemsworth! Thanks to gtLmh0622 for the info on Sparkling China- they are really going to town for his birthday and I wondered who they were.
  3. No matter how many times I watch TKEM I still don’t know what it is that Tae Eul asks Luna to steal from the police station for her. I don’t know if I am being really thick but I can’t work it out! It can’t be the half of the flute because Shin-Jae has it. The only other thing I could think of is Tae-Eul’s police badge. I know some of you are rewatching it so please can tell me what it is- I will be very grateful!!
  4. Well said Heretorant - totally agree with you. This is an incredible opportunity for him and I personally would love to see him and Pachinko win Emmys and Golden Globes . We all know he considers very carefully what projects he does and if he opts to do Series 2 we should all support him.
  5. Thank you Syntyche for posting this article. What surprised me the most is that SEVEN writers are involved. It really does pose the question how much of Lee Min Jim’s original story will remain, especially as this article says “based on” and not adapted from. Apple are obviously investing a lot of money in Pachinko and surely they would want LMH in both series. I am sure sales of the book increased world wide after it was announced he would be in it so Apple aren’t going to want to lose their main star who is so popular. I am so excited to see him as Hansu ( and perhaps Noa?)
  6. Hi CarolynH- I think he won most popular in voting for The Kking survey for a second month running so is on NY Times Square again
  7. I have just been rewatching the Lee Min Ho film presents on YouTube. The ones with Lee Seunggi in the restaurant got into a deep conversation and I’m wondering if off camera the two of them had a discussion about the advantages of having a family run agency like MYM because LSG has now announced his contract is up and he is creating a family agency with his dad! Minho always seems like a really good friend and someone to go to for advice. He is such a nice person.
  8. I have just watched a YouTube “an hour with Min Jin Lee” which was an interview done a few months ago in Singapore. The interviewer mentioned that Apple TV were doing an adaptation and the author said she had no involvement at all- in fact she has a lot of fear about it and if it will depart from the book. It is about 8 minutes into the interview when she says about it. I had assumed that she might be involved to some degree but apparently not. As a side note she is really interesting to listen to.
  9. Ahh thank you Nina_mitrokhina for the translation- it brought tears to my eyes. He has a wonderful way of expressing things.
  10. What a relief to see today’s IG- I was beginning to worry he was ill. BOF was my first kdrama and I really liked him in that and went straight on to watch Heirs and my It moment was the orchard scene where he stands there dripping wet with tears in his eyes-=wow! My favourite song is his performance of Last Love which Ice filmed in Yokohama. Foodwise I thought the cake that the king brought Yeong in hospital looked yummy!
  11. Nina-mikrokhina- thank you so much for posting the pink villa article Which I thought was very fair and summoned things up well. I’m sure LMH must be feeling quite nervous about such a big project. It’s taken months of his time if you add in the one month gap and the quarantine. For all we know he might have been learning Japanese or perfecting his English in that month before the Canadian filming. According to some comments, which I think were on Twitter, Apple have paid him an incredible amount of money for the 8 episodes and perhaps his contract includes a clause not to
  12. I think the New York display is because he came first with over a million votes in a survey by Thekking app.
  13. Congratulations to Yuh-Jung Youn for winning the Oscar and the BAFTA (even if she did call us British “snobbish”!! ) I really hope LMH got to meet her and work with her in Canada. Apple must be pleased to have one of their cast members being an Oscar winner- plus the attention Minho got in Canada from fans highlighted his global appeal. Does anyone else think/hope as part of the publicity for the drama some of the cast might appear on Oprah- I think she has said she liked the book.
  14. Sadly I can’t join the TKEM group as I don’t have the right equipment but hope you all have fun.
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