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  1. LOBS ep 17. CallieP says about LMH’s great acting in this episode. Interestingly just before I watched it I was browsing through Viki and discovered that they have the 2016 SBS awards when LMH got 3 awards and they also had the Soompi awards from the same year. Apparently thousands of people vote for these awards and LMH and LOBS won best actor, best couple and best drama. I was really pleased cos I sometimes see such stupid comments on the net about his acting and this was a reminder that there are so many of us who think he is a wonderful actor! Poor JJ in this episode- he had lots to depress him even before his dad died. His eyes are so incredible they could win an acting award on their own. The tearful despair when his dad wouldn’t believe him, the raging anger with Chi Hyun when his eyes actually looked black, the rather cold stare when he had to lie it on the line with poor Shi-ah, the smiles when he made breakfast and the scene where he realises his dad is dead and his eyes overflowed with tears-sometimes no words are needed. I’ve also recently rewatched City Hunter as well as following MSdot’s episodes of Faith and I have never seen a more charismatic actor- the camera loves him.
  2. That’s really interesting- is this the same Mr. Jang who started MYM entertainment with LMH’s sister? LMH has stayed loyal - and gained loyalty from a lot of people hasn’t he- school friends- his stylist - actors he worked with- directors and script writers as well as his fans of course. What a lovely bloke.
  3. Thank you so much gtLmh0622 -it’s so interesting to get his thoughts on his life and new role. It seems like he is thinking very deeply about a lot of things. It’s comes across as a very honest interview. I’ve ordered the magazine but as it’s in Korean I am really grateful to read this translation.
  4. I wanted to get the magazine as well so tried Yes24 and Gmarket but neither have an option to pay in British currency. It’s on eBay but delivery date is quoted as November! But the pictures look incredible so will just have to order and wait! Willenette is right about maybe having to pay extra duty. I had to pay import tax on my Minoz membership parcel. I’m assuming the Bali shoot was for a different magazine. It’s amazing to me how he can look so different between the Institute pictures and the magazine ones- he is so versatile.
  5. LOTBS ep. 16. There was so much happening in this episode but I was a bit disappointed that our two leads only had one scene together. I wish he had given her a proper birthday kiss and not the peck that she got! I think it was the first time we saw JJ writing in the exercise book - which of course was so vital to him during her 3 year absence. The reunion with mum was very emotional but the scene I loved best between them was when they stood outside the gate to his house and she asked him about Cheongi- the way JJ looked down and grinned showing his dimples -gorgeous - and the way he acted like a typical son telling her to be careful around cars was so touching. Did you notice how during the party scene LMH was the only one who didn’t wear a party hat! The interaction between Nam Do and HongJin Kyung is really comical (did we ever hear her name) The supporting cast were so good in this drama. Another good scene was when Nam Do asked Mum if she knew who Kang Ji Hyun was - and JJ, although really shocked, deliberately shut Nam Do up from saying too much- not that SC was fooled. The scene between JJ and his dad was so sad- and frustrating- and the end bit when Dad called JJ a bastard was gut wrenching. Finally poor Shi ah- unrequited love must be awful- to long for someone for so long and so hopelessly- ahh ( but I still don’t like her!) Have a great weekend everyone- let’s hope we get lots more of The King news next week.
  6. MsDot2- thank you- I am so much enjoying reading these excerpts and then watching the dvd- it’s adding a new dimension to the story. Please keep on writing (if you want to of course!)
  7. Willinette- thank you so much for your reply about live shooting. I was thinking how tough the industry sounds in Korea doing it that way. It is very different from the UK where we have the BBC who don’t need to rely on sponsors or advertisers, or even ratings, because every household in the country who own a TV has to - by law - buy a licence to view BBC programmes- so that’s where the BBC money comes from. Our other main channels have adverts every fifteen minutes during a drama -like Downtown Abbey for example. But all are, like you say, pre recorded often months before. We know The King is being pre-recorded- will that be a first for a drama on a main channel.(I know the cable channels there have shown pre recorded dramas)
  8. Wow what an LMH filled few days. How good did he look- even after an overnight flight he looks gorgeous. No wonder these fashion brands like seeing him in their labels! I love how he can be so sophisticated and cool in some adverts and then so cute and friendly in others. Someone on twitter has written that shooting on The King will start next week. I know many of you will have been through a “live” drama filming with him before - do you think we will see much of him and the cast (I see when they were filming LOBS there were lots of pics from Spain etc) Or do you think they will keep this secret as long as possible. I am longing to see how he will look as The King.
  9. Apparently his entire outfit on arrival at Seoul was by an Italian designer called Zegna. So Dior going out to Bali and Zegna coming back. Wonder if they were featured in the magazine shoot.
  10. This is absolutely my favourite episode. - I thought LMH’s acting was so good- the number of different emotions he had to display was astonishing and he and Jun Ji-Hyun worked so well together. I would love to know what she was laughing hysterically about in the Behind the scenes Outtake when they were doing the scene where he steps back and doesn’t let her touch him. I had read the disco scene differently to CallieP as I thought he was concerned for her wellbeing especially when he said she was sweating- but yes he probably was jealous as well! Didn’t she look beautiful in the disco scenes? The scene where they were running over the furniture was one of my favourites- it was so playful! Again watching the BTS of that it really looked as though LMH fell over the sofa with a real bang on the floor which most have hurt! The scene where he eventually taps the bed to invite her in and then holds her so tight was lovely- and witty. How fabulous did LMH look in that pink coat and grey ensemble. That last scene on opposite sides of the road was so emotional. I know a lot of people commenting on dramabeans were worried a “truck of doom” would run his mum over as she crossed the road! Have a great weekend everyone.
  11. Oh my goodness what a day it’s been. SophieH I laughed out loud at your comments cos that is exactly how I feel - it definitely is a different kind of virtual love! I thought the photos from the hotel were incredible but these from the magazine are just awesome. He looks so professional and sophisticated- and then you get the one of him with the grape in his mouth- how can you not adore him. Perhaps it’s me being dense but I don’t quite understand the Kakao bit- so LMH and MYM have purchased shares in Kakao but MYM are remaining independent is that what it means? I hope he stays safe on that horse.
  12. OMG these have got to be the most gorgeous set of photos of him ever. He seems to be getting more and more handsome. And his personality shines through. I love his face when he tries the drink! How good is he going to look in the new drama.
  13. Hi Willenette Just to say if you get fed up answering my questions please just ignore them! Your reply was really interesting - so are actors signed on for a guaranteed bonus before a drama begins? That sounds risky but I guess top actors get a lot of offers and if people want them in their drama they have to pay high. I was reading about a very recent drama where staff said they hadn’t been paid. The drama apparently cost a lot of money to produce, had someone starring who I guess was a top star and has had much lower viewing figures then expected. It must be hard to balance the books sometimes. Does being sold to other countries make a difference money wise? I ask because of the tragedy surrounding Faith- with unpaid actors etc- yet it sold well oversea especially to Japan.
  14. I’ve deleted so I don’t repeat gtLmh0622’s gorgeous photos from the L’escape video - but OMG is right! Wanted to ask anyone who has been involved in two live threads about how it works- do we keep all The King discussion on that thread - and any comments not related to the drama here. I know CarolynH, who has been so helpful to me re this thread, told me that Soompi are very strict.
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