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  1. Just to add to the note about Anchor beer - LMH signed an exclusive contract with Cambodia Brewery Ltd. and the managing director said “ this is a collaboration between two major powerhouses. Anchor beer is the most famous beer in Cambodia while LMH is a hugely popular international actor with a massive Cambodian fan base” LMH said he hoped to visit Cambodia to meet his fans. Information on B2B-cambodia.com
  2. I have just watched GB for the second time and am glad I did. Being English and constantly having to look at the sub titles sometimes made me confused about who was who amongst Park , Jang, Shu etc the first time and it was much clearer on second viewing. I loved LMH in this role - it took me a while after the film ended to be able to write this. His dying scene in the tunnel with the one tear running down his face and knowing his sister was waiting for him was heartbreaking. I looked at some of the reviews- one said “he’s certainly one to look out for given how he’s embraced this challenging role” and another said “made his presence felt in every scene he appears in” It’s a very dark film, incredibly well directed and the fight scenes especially the muddy field one are so cleverly filmed. LMH deserved the awards he got and I think should have got more. I’m going to watch Bounty Hunters now for some light relief!
  3. Thank you so much for the welcome. I will definitely re-watch GB this week. I am excited about sharing thoughts on his work with other fans.
  4. I totally agree with this. I’m a fairly new fan of his as he isn’t well known in the UK and I discovered him on Netflix which has The Heirs and BOF. I bought all the series and the two films and have watched them all in the last three months and I am amazed by the different roles he played. He is a brilliant actor.
  5. I’m from England and think it would be great if LMH does an English speaking film. in the meantime I hope Viki or Netflix will be showing The King the eternal monarch so we get English subtitles. I haven’t been a fan for very long as only discovered him on Netflix in The Heirs and BOF last year but I bought all his series and the two films on dvd and think he is a wonderful actor who can play any part brilliantly. I’m really excited to be able to read about this new drama right from the start. Can you tell me at what stage do they do a press conference- is it before filming starts?
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