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  1. Just imagine walking into a cafe or restaurant and seeing LMH, Jung I Woo, Woo Do Hwan and Kim Bum sitting at a table! would you: 1. Be so gobsmacked you just stare at them 2. Act cool but sneak peeks at them and try to get a photo 3. Go up to them and ask for autographs 4. Go up to them and congratulate LMH and Woo Do Hwan on TKEM and try to remember what drama the other two are in. 4. Ask if you can take a photo. 5. Respect privacy and do nothing. Me - I think I would be so overcome I’d just sit and look at them!
  2. Hi @leeminhosny I think what you wrote is really interesting. I watched Sky Castle and thought it was brilliant but it was an ensemble piece with no lead star so probably didn’t have much to excite an international audience. So does that mean it is like a 2 tiered system in that you have your Hallyu stars who will get the big budget, top writer/ producer offers and a second tier of actors who will be offered dramas that are more for the Korean home market. And would most non-hallyu actors have to audition for roles.
  3. Hi there - if you flip back to page 3308 you can see the notice MYM issued last year about taking action. Perhaps they need to re-issue it bearing in mind the rubbish that’s been going on in the last few months.
  4. Hi- hope everyone is keeping well. I’ve got a bit behind reading all the posts and catching up. In one of the posts someone asked about the fragrance LMH is said to use - well apparently it’s Bygari for men. I think it was mentioned in a post a good while back and I remember it cos I had never heard of it and looked it up. Re LMH’s dorky dancing- if you like watching his dancing ( and like seeing him in tight leather pants!!!) then there is a YouTube video by leeminhosha called Dance Russia. It’s had over a million views and honestly he is so adorable and funny. Has anyone else found that watching TKEM for a second or third time is great- Because you don’t have to use your brain trying to suss it all out cos you already know - it gives you the chance to just watch it and marvel at the acting - LMH is so good at timing - watching the scene where they are sitting on the bench outside the hospital- the acting from both of them is perfect. Even watching it a third time I had tears in my eyes.
  5. The article from Vlive that @syntyche quoted on this page is incredible. The part that says: “ he has once again proven his outstanding irreplaceable ability and status as an actor playing lead roles” is my favourite bit ! Suddenly there seems to be a lot of appreciation of his great work in TKEM. It’s awesome!
  6. This was my first “live” LMH drama and what a roller coaster ride it’s been. I have loved every minute of it! I think I have experienced every emotion- Puzzled, exhilarated, frustrated, marvelling, in awe etc- and it’s been great to see how everyone on here and the TKEM thread have experienced it I think and hope it goes down as one of the greatest Kdramas. What a genius KES is. Re Netflix - apparently it only starts in Europe next week so that should take it even higher on Netflix’s yearly figures. (We were lucky to get in the UK at the same as Asia Re the fan club I joined on the 10th admission - please can anyone tell me if I now have to rejoin on the 11th one? Do we have to renew it every year.
  7. Hi CallieP - you asked about LMH and if he talked about his 2 years in MS. He mentioned it in his very touching letter to fans on the last 8 Letters video. he said “ due to the weight of a hiatus that wasn’t too short there were times I was overwhelmed with burden and impatience” he then went on to say it was his fans who helped him. It almost makes you cry when you watch it in the way he expresses his thanks to fans, on YouTube it is : 8 letters EP 8 from MH 2U. (Thanks to wenroad for the English sub)
  8. I came across an article recently about the 2015 Blue Dragon awards. LMH had just filmed Gangnam. Receiving a most popular actor award the host actually asked him “You’re so handsome and some say your performance tends to be veiled due to your good looks” and asked him if he had “any secrets to conquering such perceptions” Min ho who had ( in my opinion) just given one of the best performances of his life in Gangnam replied “no” and that he still needed to work on his acting and was trying hard to perform better. It was very unfair and I’m sure must have upset him inside but of course he remained totally professional and polite.
  9. Hi@willenette- just wanted to say thank you as you always give us a good insight into the workings of Kr dramas. I can’t imagine what it must have been like for LMH in TKEM if he did get any scripts right before filming as some of his dialogue was really complicated.
  10. @Deepakmahajan. Hope you are ok now. I totally agree with you. I made the mistake of reading a certain blog for the first time since The King aired and low lives is right- and the owner of the blog is as bad. They are vicious and totally refuse to see what a great triumph The King is worldwide. Netflix and Studio Dragon must be delighted with its success. BOF doing so well is really phenomenal. I wonder if he will go on holiday now filming is finished. He said in one of his magazine interviews that he had loved the holiday in Spain - perhaps as countries open up again he will have a well deserved break somewhere- but not for too long!! Hope everyone on here is ok- it’s sad the virus is back in SK.
  11. Well done @msdot! Even covered in blood he is still stunning!
  12. Hi @CarolynH- I am loving this drama - kudos to KES- she obviously must have realised LMH and Kim GoEun would work well together when she picked them and she was so right! I don’t buy the real life romance idea as much as some others because he was very playful with his other co-stars in his past dramas when you watch the BTS ( but it would be lovely if true) I love him in this part- coming from a country with a Queen I think he plays the royalty side fantastically well- sort of one of the people but apart from the people (for example very few people in GB know the person behind the crown- but she is admired and respected.) The people who post on the TKEM site are so clever at unravelling the puzzles - but for me the biggest puzzle is why the people (from whatever media) in SK aren’t proud of this drama? 8th in the world on Netflix currently - plus top Korean drama of the year so far on Netflix etc. And they certainly should be proud of LMH- so popular in the world that even BOF is high up in Netflix world figures. Apparently SBS owe part of WAVVE so the fact it’s number 1 on there must surely help mitigate the low numbers on SBS. Sorry that sounded like a bit of a rant- like most of us on here I feel very defensive when it comes to LMH- he is such a lovely person. Finally - and absolutely nothing to do with any thing else posted on here- wasn’t that red car that JY borrowed from Na-ri fabulous- it was an Aston Martin so it would cost a fortune but it was gorgeous!
  13. Perhaps it will be Bollywood who will be after him as he has become so popular in India!
  14. BOF - Netflix have put it back on and it’s doing so well I wanted to watch it again and Heirs. That scene with his brother in the orchard still makes me sad!
  15. Hi there-I am so pleased to find another person from the UK on here. I’m enjoying reading your comments. I love this show!