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  1. Thank you Nikaa94 You have cheered me up! I forgot that he had said about more good news. Fingers crossed.
  2. I really hope this isn’t true but there are posts on Twitter reporting that Apple might not show Pachinko until the second half of this year or early next year. I can’t believe that just when he is coming to the height of his fame globally he might not have a drama this year. I feel really upset.
  3. This is one of the most gorgeous photos I have ever seen of him. Is it a new one? He is so handsome it takes my breath away.
  4. Thank you backstreet boys fan - I am glad to be here. I was looking at Min Jin Lee’s website and she is going a lot of engagements In the next month or so. They look like closed events but wouldn’t it be good to know if any of the audience ask her about the Apple series. I wonder how involved she is with it- if at all.
  5. Does anyone else on here already have apple tv+? We got our subscription free when we bought an apple product and it was due to run out soon but I got an email today saying they were extending it free until July - which might just cover Pachinko. I guess they want to keep the numbers up. I think this could be the role of his life (so far) and it bothers me how many people will actually see it as Apple TV is quite new. What does anyone else on here think?
  6. Hi- I have only just realised there was a Pachinko thread! I think the beating is in the book to show the other side of Hansu. The book mainly concentrated on the good things Hansu does for Sunja and Noa - often secretly like Sunja and her sister in law getting work for the restaurant etc. Of course he is a master manipulator and the beating really shows him as a member of the yakuza. I would like to see LMH portray both sides of this fascinating character. Has there been any mention of Hanna in the character list- I thought her final scenes with Solomon were
  7. Hi- just wanted to say that perhaps LMH is shown as 4th on IMDB Pachinko cast because it is in alphabetical order! So Arai, Ha, Kim, Min-ho, Minami, and Sawai. Also it’s his picture that is up at the top. I really enjoyed the book but I would love to know how much of the script will follow the story in the book.
  8. Thank you Willenette - how cute are they! (I think I should have deleted picture instead of repeating it but have forgotten How to) Just wanted to say I am English and I think your English skills are very good and nothing to apologise for. English is a very hard language to learn and I admire everyone on here who use it even if it is not their native language.
  9. just to add to this people on Twitter are laughingly suggesting that when LMH said in his reply on Instagram to Il-woo that “ you ate all the kimchi” he was referring to Il-woo cooking for Kim Bum and not him as well!! Wouldn’t it be great to see the three of them together- I think years ago when KB and LMH had just got famous the three of them did appear together on stage- but I can’t find it.
  10. Jung Il-woo has just put a video on YouTube of him cooking ramen for Kim Bun. It’s heartwarming to see their friendship and to know that LMH is best mates with them.
  11. Just had to say how fantastic it would be if the two of them did Twogether. The series was a joy to watch with some hilarious moments- and some lovely ones when LSG and Jasper met their fans, and the tasks reminded me of Amazing Race! I know LMH isn’t one for game shows etc but Twogether was something completely different. Well we can only dream!
  12. He was in Twogether withJasper Liu on Netflix. They had to do tasks in order to meet fans. It was good and he came across as a really nice person.
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