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  1. There needs to be a season 2. I need more. We all need more!! also, i still can't get over him jump scaring himself. lmfao.
  2. how is it that even when they're older, koreans still look like they're in their 20's. it's not fair.
  3. if i had to guess, i'd say maybe covid has something to do with it?? i'm currently watching tale of nodku. she's so good in it!
  4. Watching her in My Love From the Star made me a big fan of hers. Going to eventually watch The Legend of the Blue Sea, too.
  5. i ship them. i just recently became a kdrama watcher so i'm not completely up to date with a lot of things yet.
  6. In no order... Je-ha and An-na (The K2) Deok-Mi and Ryan (Her Private Life) Jung Hoo and Young Shin (Healer) Jae-In and Da Hyun (1& of Something) Yi Jung and Ga Eul (Boys Over Flowers) I have many others, but don't have the time to type them all up. lol.
  7. As of now... 1. 1% of Something 2. Healer 3. Her Private Life 4. School 2017 5. The K2
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