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  1. The only thing that would've made this drama even better is if we did get a good romance line. Sigh. But even without it, the drama was really good!!
  2. i really hope SYHH ends on a happy note. the good ones all deserve a happy ending after all they've been through. Regarding our favorite virgin, I honestly would not mind if we get a To My Star ending here. If you know, you know!
  3. Looking forward to tomorrow!! Anyone wondering if we'll get any romance?? I'm beginning to think it may just stay platonic... but all the signs point to a little romance not being too far fetched.
  4. I love the Young Master and Maid and honestly hope the show will go a surprisingly route and have them end up happy together. I get the feeling this show is gonna need at least someone to end up happy because most won't. Honestly that homophobic line was truly ugh. As soon as he said that, I was like, "And your point? She was in love with a woman, so what? Love knows no boundaries and that a-hole can go F himself." The only way to fix this is to have SH end up with her love and show that homophobia will not come out on top. Or at least have everyone find out and accept it instead o
  5. Two things i've noticed quite a bit (not always, but more than i'd like or more than makes sense): 1. If a character has a mental illness or physical illness, go to America and come back fully cured with no side effects. 2. Once a couple gets together, the FL becomes a shell of herself and loses her independence and confidence and becomes a yes girl to the ML.
  6. omg!! a show that actually has OCD correct. i feel seen because yes, this is what i deal with on a daily basis. the pics/compulsions to make myself calm down and remember everything is okay... finally a show that gets it right.
  7. DY is in for a big surprise when he finds his "princess" again. She's not gonna take his BS... at least I hope not. I have faith the writer will do right by this.
  8. This sounds so good! I love me a woman character who is independent and doesn't buy into the sexism of the olden days!! Also, these two and their chemistry is sure to be amazing!!
  9. i honestly doubt he's dead. this is so a fake out. if this were ep 15, then i could maybe believe it. but nah. i don't believe it this soon. Also, HE CAN'T DIE A VIRGIN!!
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