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  1. Is there schedule update in Minoz zone?? Just saw a Korean tweet about it CF filming hopefully we get Ig update
  2. I think C-Minoz get their information from DC actually and then they share that information on Weibo which further reaches I-fans. But Kminoz in Dc won’t let rumors spread and posts get deleted immediately like in seconds. So if you catch their post, you catch it and if you don’t, you don’t.
  3. LOL we would be banned long time ago from DC, Kminoz attitude in DC is really yessssss, we are closer to news. I wish they let the rumors to spread and it would reach a different level. But they die down these posts. i wish we knew title of next work
  4. It’s official yes and yes let’s get that casting news please is it today? I will be waiting for some news
  5. they should talk about it and let it spread. I hate how they delete some posts. I would even love to hear rumors and talk like this. Everything is secret from Pachinko to next work
  6. I saw many tweets from K Minoz that they also prefer a local work from Lee min Ho. In my opinion, Lee min Ho can definitely do critically acclaimed movies and dramas in his own country. He can do many more works. But if he does S2, then no local work for a long long time. It’s not only Apple TV plus that makes those shows. Also spending a long time for just 1 work isn’t worth the risk. Korea has a super fast market. I would love Lee Min Ho to take more movies and dramas. He can do many different genres and characters. Also It would be nice to see him back in the local prestigious Korean awards
  7. I don’t want S2 Everyday we are waiting for casting news and today I woke up to S2 pachinko possibility news. Why would he be in S2?
  8. I don’t want season 2 neither!! I want movie and drama!! If he did a drama before season 2 , it would be nice. But he won’t! I don’t want season 2. It’s gonna take forever to wrap that up. So we would have to wait like 2-3 years for his local work?? let’s pray he won’t be in S2 his agency should at least release some statement ,,,,, if not we just have wait and wonder what happens ,,,,
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