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  1. I get so turned off by the amnesia trope in any drama. A lot of my fav dramas have them and it seriously irritates me no matter how well it is handled.


    There, got it off my chest!

    1. partyon



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  2. Loved the first episode. I'm hoping for a unforgettable drama. I am sad that Kang Ha Neul is just a special cameo. I love his acting! Hope we get a few flashback scenes of Oh Dal's childhood so that I can see the dad. . I remember how I got goosebumps watching him in Missing Noir M. Ji Soo is great too. He captured everyone's hearts in Angry mom. Love a strong female lead. Women power!
  3. It takes a lot of time to change a society's conservative beliefs. I don't blame the writers. I can't even change my grandparents and my inlaws' views. My parents are broadminded and hence I am even more broad minded. I would have loved to see any controversial storyline because I love bold writers. That's what attracted me to watch this drama in the first place. A woman in Joseon era? I'm not surprised that she decided to kill herself. When I argued about woman's rights with one of my grandmas long ago, she told that she had no option but to kill herself if her daughter suffers i
  4. Yes, in the post, I was trying compare SB and SY. SB going all-in seems more plausible than SY going all-in, especially while being pregnant. SB is the wo(man)
  5. I don't think anyone tried to corner you here. A writer's work is always open to many interpretations. You have all the right to feel different about a story than others. Though you may feel that since you have watched without the need of subtitles and have a clearer viewpoint of the story, there are certain scenes that help establish evidence that BH was behind a lot of decisions that SY/SB made. That's what they are pointing out. Many of the books I have read are translated from another languages. I have written English subtitles for dramas and songs in my native language
  6. Suggest new kdramas that are going to air this month. Only one or two dramas per day. 

    My calendar:

    Monday & Tuesday: River when the moon rises, Joseon exorcist.

    Wed & Thursday: Hello! It's me, Sisyphus the Myth.

    Friday: Dear M

    Saturday & Sunday: Times



  7. In the beginning, he did what he needed to survive. In an earlier post you mentioned that BH was selfish to not care about what happened to SY. But I don't think so. Was he really selfish? Maybe. But try imagining the situation if it happened to you in real life. If I imagine myself in someone else's body tomorrow after jumping in a pool, I would sure be jumping back in every other pool to get my life back. Why? Because to me, Only a dream or my death would explain the madness that is going on. My mind would be buzzing with worry only for my son, my husband, my parents and sister and not
  8. The reason most of us are not satisfied by the ending is because we were invested in SB and not SY. We loved everything about SB/BH. It was like the writers just deserted BH. BH was all alone in the current world in the end. Ofcourse, he wasn't going to jail but that just doesn't cut it. We saw the whole story through his eyes, we fell for his character. We cheered for his love. In the end, he lost his love and his friends. A writer has the freedom to tell her story. I always respect that. If we were more invested in SY, we would have been able to appreciate this ending more.
  9. Why does it need to be a BL ending? No one said that if we were a woman in this life, then in our previous life we would have also been a woman. BH could have been a woman in the previous life and male in the current life. Clearly BH was into women. So CJ could have been a woman in this life. Just a little closure for my heart would have been nice.
  10. My theory is very simple Never thought I would graduate to the level of sunbae here. Been watching kdramas since 19 years old. My classmates used to look at me weirdly for watching foreign language dramas. Now I see many Indians, including many of my very classmates who once looked at me weirdly, watching kdramas lol. Now I'm 30, married and with a kid. Time flies.
  11. As a mom of one, I would say, it may depend on the age and the history of the mother (past miscarriages). The occurrence of miscarriage increases if you are younger than 20 and older than mid-40s. I was 27 and I am no athlete but was in a pretty good shape. I had planned for a trip to Alaska before I knew I was going to pregnant at that time. My doc said it was perfectly fine to go trekking and enjoy life and I sure did. I trekked many miles along a river named Savage river. Not all women get miscarriages due to stress. Many of my friends worked till the day they went into labor.
  12. I recently watched a lot of cdramas and uffff they always mess up the endings. I was watching General's lady and the ending was
  13. When I saw Signal 2, my heart fluttered. It's been so long since I have watched Signal. I binge-watched it so fast that I don't remember most of it. I will re-watch it soon!
  14. I liked this drama. I loved the story, the actors, the beautiful cinematography, etc. There is one thing that left a deep impression on me: the concept of dreams in this drama. It shook me. I am person who has intense dreams almost everyday. What I mean by intense is that they often feel very real to me. Some are fun dreams and others are nightmares. I sometimes feel like a dream is a continuation of a previous dream. I mostly remember them too when I wake up. I have had these every since childhood. My dad has them too. I , also, once in a while, dream of my late grandfa
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