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  1. Didn't realize that I was rooting for the romance. When she was crying after sending off her mother, I so badly wanted In Bum to hug her tight.
  2. I didn't watch episode 13 yesterday so that I could watch 2 episodes back to back today. Was eagerly waiting to find a link to episode 14 only to be disappointed. Loved episode 13. I love Ahjumma. She played Jang Nara's mom in Go back couple. It kind of made it even more meaningful.
  3. Even if she did what her mother did, she wouldn't have known that her mother would die. On the other hand, the mother would have known what she was asking from her daughter.
  4. This episode made me sad. When In Boem called Ji Ah home to check if grandma has become a unrested spirit, it invoked too many emotions for me, more than what I would have wanted. One, it made me realize how painful it would be for Ji Ah to see her mother. Two, it made me mourn for a person I have never met: my spouse's grandfather who took his life at a very young age. If this universe of unrested spirits and exorcisms were true, then I would have sought Ji Ah out to help me bring peace to him. I would really want to know what happened. The pain the family had to endure due to
  5. During the last 15 minutes of the 6th episode, I became very sad because it was going to end and I would have to wait a week. I loved both the episodes. I am excited to learn more about the backstory. I don't want it to drag too long. Will she really just exorcise the uncle or will it continue? Maybe the uncle realizes that this is his nephew and gets out of the Oh In Beom's body, if that is even possible.
  6. Another beautiful episode. Can't wait for next week. The pace is so good.
  7. One thing I need to get off my chest: A man crying doesn't make them a baby. The scene in the drama didn't really push me to say it but I think I've seen so many men in real life who try to act tough. Let your men cry people
  8. Wonderful episode! I loved the scene where she just tore the painting. Badass! Oh In Bum is pretty embarrassed tsk tsk. I don't think it is something to be embarrassed about tbh.
  9. I'm hope I can be on schedule till the end. I have a 2 year old and my inlaws are going to visit. I'm going to try my best
  10. I get so turned off by the amnesia trope in any drama. A lot of my fav dramas have them and it seriously irritates me no matter how well it is handled.


    There, got it off my chest!

    1. partyon



      cr. to owner

  11. Loved the first episode. I'm hoping for a unforgettable drama. I am sad that Kang Ha Neul is just a special cameo. I love his acting! Hope we get a few flashback scenes of Oh Dal's childhood so that I can see the dad. . I remember how I got goosebumps watching him in Missing Noir M. Ji Soo is great too. He captured everyone's hearts in Angry mom. Love a strong female lead. Women power!
  12. It takes a lot of time to change a society's conservative beliefs. I don't blame the writers. I can't even change my grandparents and my inlaws' views. My parents are broadminded and hence I am even more broad minded. I would have loved to see any controversial storyline because I love bold writers. That's what attracted me to watch this drama in the first place. A woman in Joseon era? I'm not surprised that she decided to kill herself. When I argued about woman's rights with one of my grandmas long ago, she told that she had no option but to kill herself if her daughter suffers i
  13. Yes, in the post, I was trying compare SB and SY. SB going all-in seems more plausible than SY going all-in, especially while being pregnant. SB is the wo(man)
  14. I don't think anyone tried to corner you here. A writer's work is always open to many interpretations. You have all the right to feel different about a story than others. Though you may feel that since you have watched without the need of subtitles and have a clearer viewpoint of the story, there are certain scenes that help establish evidence that BH was behind a lot of decisions that SY/SB made. That's what they are pointing out. Many of the books I have read are translated from another languages. I have written English subtitles for dramas and songs in my native language
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