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  1. Happy birthday to Jong Suk ssi. And best wishes to the cafe people (today is the last day it's open, have seen a few people posting their visits, but it all looks very quiet, I guess because of covid or something?). I hope this coming year is better than before. @backstreetboysfan I find it continually amazing that his follower numbers keep growing even though he has had no projects and no official appearances (not even the traditional army picture) and has posted almost zero times since enlisting. I think he had only 4 million followers when I first followed his account a few years ago. I can only imagine that when he gets out and has more projects, those numbers will grow even more.
  2. Happy birthday, Lee Jong Suk! Love the smiles and hope there may be many more in your future!
  3. As more possibilities have been added to the cast list of the drama Moving (none of whom are confirmed yet), I've been poking around, trying to find more information about the webtoon the drama is based on. Has anyone here read it? I think you can only read it online within Korea, but it's also in a print book series (5 volumes). I read the plot summary and some of the reviews on Kyobobook. Like I said already, it's about a kid who can float, plus some other kids at school who have superpowers as well. The parents want him to keep it quiet. The story then goes back to tell the parents' story (I assume HJ's role is the mom?). The parents were secret agents and the dad at least can fly. Then the third part is about the parents and kids working together. There's a lot about what it means to be a superhero really, and I think (from the reader reviews, anyway), a lot about the special relationship between parents and children. Here's the cover of volume 4 (of 5) of the print comic. Can you see Hyo Joo? The gist of the words on the cover is, don't you dare touch my kid. Given her action background as well as the times when she's played a role defending various family members, I can totally see her in this. She even looks like the drawing? If I were adapting this, I'd lower the age of the kids to elementary school to make the parents' ages a bit more believable (and I can think of a couple options that would work well for the kids), but I don't know what they're planning to do. Anyway, if anyone has actually read this manwha, please share! It seems a bit difficult to access from outside Korea.
  4. I dunno what filter does this, but it's a bit unnerving to see a drawn Kang Chul moving around, speaking of...
  5. I loved watching her in Hometown Flex! It's been too long since she did any kind of spontaneous interview, even. I've been hoping that she'd make an appearance in Running Man (because of the Pirates/Kwang Soo connection), but the Hometown Flex was an unexpected, welcome surprise. It made me want to watch Brilliant Legacy all over again.
  6. @cee en loud Yesss, she's my favorite actress and I've really missed her in dramas. I hope this is a good one! In the meantime I'm really looking forward to the Pirates movie. The first one was really fun and this one has a great cast, so I have high hopes for it as well.
  7. Hi and welcome, @cee en loud! According to news reports, Hyo Joo's agency said that she had received an offer for a role in the upcoming drama Moving, an adaptation from a webtoon of the same name. She has not yet accepted the offer but is positively considering it. The drama would be aired in 2021 but so far they don't have a firm timeline as covid is interfering with, well, everything. Right now they are just focusing on casting. (As far as I know, hers is the first name to be mentioned with casting.) Source (in Korean): https://sports.donga.com/article/all/20200825/102632546/2 I went searching for this webtoon and unfortunately it seems the paid chapters are not accessible from outside Korea, and it's not on the version of Webtoons available in my country. But from the chapters I could read and from the author's summary, it's a story about parents and children with some interesting superpowers. There's a high school kid who can levitate, but no one is supposed to know. I *think* his parents were special agents of some kind, and his dad has superpowers as well. The writer talked about three parts of the story--one about the high school kid, one about the story of his parents (like...in a past timeline? not sure), and one focusing on both generations together. I am not exactly sure where HJ would fit into this, but if they are offering to her first, then it seems like it would be an important role? Maybe they are focusing on the parents' story? There was some discussion on DC about this and questions about what kind of adaptation this would be. I'm just piecing together what little information I could find, so if anyone has read this webtoon, please share about it. But the short answer is, yes, she has received an offer and is positively considering, although she has not accepted it yet. In the meantime, she is currently filming the movie Pirates 2.
  8. Another poll here for most favorite Korean drama couple of all time to the present: https://kingchoice.me/topic-most-favorite-korean-drama-couples-till-2020-close-august-31-1243.html?option=38426
  9. Some people have very, very long sticking power! This from a recent article here: https://www.koreaboo.com/lists/20-best-k-drama-couples-voted-fans/ These Are The 20 Best K-Drama Couples, Voted By Fans Which couple stood out the most to you?
  10. I'm sad about the cafe being sold. It's really, truly over. Stupid coronavirus! On the positive side, the new house looks great! He's someone who always finds a way around obstacles and is always looking forward, though. So I think there are good things in the future to look forward to. I'm interested to see what he does next once he's out of the army.
  11. I know Rania has posted this before, but this is 2020 and everyone is walking around with way too much stress. Sometimes we just need to look at something simple, gentle, and sweet. Gentle hugs to all, whatever you are going through.
  12. I'm sad to hear that the ratings dipped. I really enjoyed this episode, it just had such a warm feeling, and several times I laughed out loud (like when she was reading off from her phone facts about Sangdangsanseong fortress and got to the part where Sukjong restored it during the Joseon period, and everyone just looked at her blankly. My nampyeon, duh!! (King in Dong Yi). Loved the surprise when they met "Pilgu" (what a cute kid and also excellent young actor). And the farewell at the end had me smiling as well. Overall I'm so glad they invited her on this show. It's been a long time since she's had any kind of spontaneous interviews or appearances in Korea, and it was so fun to see her warm interaction with LSG and also the others.
  13. I had forgotten about that. Good to hear! (on the FM, not on the April Fool's joke) Basically just looking forward to whatever next project JS has and whatever next appearances he makes. In the meantime, I've still got a few dramas left to re-watch.
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