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  1. @jongkkotOh whew, I did read it wrong! (I was waiting on an appointment and my battery was dying, extenuating circumstances, lol.) I just saw 2022 and was like, really?? Okay, that is MUCH better. @hillllllllyI don't like dramas with multiple seasons. My whole entire reason for watching Kdramas over western media in the first place is that there is a limited number of episodes and therefore an actual satisfying ending to the storyline. Plus you can have a non-ending (like Vagabond) with the hopes of another season, but nine times out of ten, the second season doesn't happen. 12 o
  2. Not filming until 2022?? Wow. With the huge backlog in films and a drama so far away...when will we next get to see JS? *is sad* Please, Jongsuk ssi, find a drama to fill in in the middle, too!
  3. Aw, my favorite unnie wasn't included. She's active in three countries, even (Korea, Japan, and the US). Han Hyo Joo. She's a multi-award-winning actress in both film and dramas. Recent, current, and upcoming projects just since 2016: Dramaworld 2 (mini drama, 2021/Korea) Inrang (2018 film/Korea) Golden Slumber (2018 film/Korea) Moving (drama, upcoming with Jo In Sung in 2022/Korea and Disney Plus) Treadstone (USA drama 2019, currently airing in Korea on OCN) W Two Worlds (drama, 2016/Korea) The Sun Does Not Move (movie, 2021/Japan)
  4. To me this is a large part of what distinguishes her from other actresses/actors. Some actors have sort of a wooden look (I dunno if that is due to acting style or botox use or what), but she has a super expressive face, with a lot of nuances that are perfect for screen acting and that add a lot to whatever spoken lines she has. I browsed Treadstone hashtags in Korean yesterday and saw quite a few people posting how impressed they were with it/with HJ's acting. Yay!
  5. @biminiThat's awesome! I've been stalking DC to see reactions, but didn't see much since last I looked.
  6. Someone was able to record HJ's entire live, and posted it on YouTube. You can't see the comments she is responding to, but I guess you can guess from context? Some of her staff and Treadstone castmates showed up, including Gabrielle Scharnitzky from Germany, which was cool. Anyway, you can watch it here:
  7. I was so impressed with her English. I've heard her speak English long ago, and she has really come a long way. It's beautiful and comfortable and fluent. What a delight to see/hear her! In the Korean part she talked about Treadstone and explained about the characters, said she's currently filming Happiness, and was happy to see fans, friends, and coworkers. She said that she missed her coworkers, she told everyone to be healthy, and seemed super excited to share Treadstone with her home country. Her staff member off screen at one point I think was trying to tell her she needed to go, but then
  8. I know, that's got to be a major headache for producers right now. I did read a while back that they were thinking of experimenting by releasing simultaneously in theaters and OTT (ie streaming services) but I don't know what the result of that was. I would guess they would chill on new productions for a while, though, until things even out.
  9. Seriously, entertainment is everyone's bestie this year. Much needed and appreciated! I'm really amazed at the extent to which they were able to keep filming in Korea with covid going on, but of course there are still some disruptions on the creation side. Drama schedules may be going on as usual, but I read another article yesterday that mentioned the 100+ films still in backlog because they couldn't open theaters. Eek. I've got people asking me constantly when this or that is going to come out, and I've had a lot of people tell me, "but I heard this!" And I'm like...um...I hate to break it t
  10. By the time there is an agency statement saying that they have received an offer and are positively considering, it's out of rumorland and into real possibility/likelihood. However, I also appreciate that twitter user for stating clearly that it isn't confirmed yet. It's just...I feel like sometimes the rumors get out of hand, you know? Like last winter when people were claiming leaked information and attaching JS's name to every project on the map. When I went to track down the original sources, I could not, and now I see these projects gradually issuing offers to other people. I realize this
  11. Park Hyung Soo played the creepy older brother in Crash Landing, this should be interesting, lol.
  12. @jongkkotYes, it's a different interview! She had interviews with both Vogue Korea AND Vogue Hong Kong this month. It is every day a different interview with Han Hyo Joo in June, lol. @kembie posted it above (I think maybe a different person's translation, though). She's supposed to have one with First Look, too, but I haven't seen that one yet, just pictures that they put on their IG. She seriously has SO many works in the pipeline, though...it's not surprising to have all of these popping up now.
  13. Ummm if anyone else would like to translate an interview, etc., please feel free to jump in. I'm not doing this because I'm good at it, I'm doing it because I want to know what she said and I can't find it anywhere else. Here is an imperfect-but-best-try translation of her Vogue Korea interview. If I see the First Look one anywhere, I'll do that one, too (or if I see someone else's, I'll try to link to it). The original Vogue article can be found here: http://www.vogue.co.kr/2021/06/07/화보로-드러난-한효주의-기본/ - Han Hyo Joo Basics, Revealed in a Pictorial After Treadstone, H
  14. It's getting a little hard to keep up with alllllll of her appearances, lol. But here are yesterday's videos from The Game Caterers (or 15 Days on a Business Trip, whatever we are calling it): There is also the OCN interview she did (they are airing Treadstone on June 11): Translation under cut:
  15. Hyo Joo is on the cover of First Look today (volume 220): Today is also the 16th anniversary of her debut. Congratulations, Hyo Joo ssi!
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