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  1. TV and film promotion is a bit different in the US than in Korea. I feel like it's a lot less personal--more about the plot and characters than about the real actors behind a project. I don't think we'll see a presscon and photo shoot and interview in the US media like you would in Korea. (Plus the cast is largely international, and therefore virtually unknown in the US.) I would guess the emphasis in marketing would be on the tie to the successful Jason Bourne movies, marketing heavily to the audience who loved them. Showing clips and trailers, some photos and a plot summary in various entertainment magazines, etc. Would be nice if Korean media did an interview, though. I'd love to hear her thoughts on it. As for extra seasons, yeah, that's pretty much how US TV works. They keep running seasons until people get bored and the show is cancelled. I guess they can always write out a character if the actor really wants to leave? For the actor, the plus side is regular work. The minus side is limiting your availability. But you know...the show hasn't even happened yet. It could be her best role yet.
  2. I see where @thistle is coming from. It has nothing to do with requiring a happy ending or not. It is more that I felt the writer promised one thing (ie the story will be about this guy who we KNOW has good qualities, fighting off the monster inside him, as evidenced by SM wanting the lead to do a psychometric read on him--as if he was asking for help)--and then took a completely different turn in the end. There are stories about a person whose ultimate tragic end feels right, like a fulfilled promise, and yes, then what you are left with is a discussion of all of those things @Ignatius mentioned. (Ie what if you are a good person but evil follows you wherever you go?) I *like* surprises in stories, but they only work when you can look back and see that all the clues to prove it were there, and you just didn't realize it at the time. I didn't feel that the ending was backed up by the clues given earlier, so for me, it wasn't satisfying. However, there are obviously multiple ways for a person to watch and interpret this drama, and it's interesting to read how other people saw it. For me, the clues didn't add up, but for others, they did. So if it sounds at all interesting, then take a look at it and decide for yourself. Just because one person likes or dislikes a drama should in no way impede another person from their own interpretation of it.
  3. I am sure that between the time of their first statement and this one saying they have filed a lawsuit, they collected evidence. After their latest notice about the lawsuit was posted, a number of comments on her IG apparently disappeared. But uh...I think (I hope, anyway) that it was too late. It's really hard for me to understand how people could be that cruel and malicious. The notion that she could be this person is so obviously impossible if you know even one shred of real facts about her. But I guess some people get a thrill of heady power over sitting anonymously behind their keyboards and harassing others.
  4. Lol. Yes, yes! Watch them! The nice thing about JS dramas is that he picks interesting ones that bear up under multiple viewings. (I have seen IHYV three times. And that will probably not be the final count...)
  5. Glad you are feeling better, @hilllllllly. I'm sure that he also feels a bit blank not being able to post whenever he feels like it. I mean, he posts often when he is on his own time! But already, doing ps instead of active military is a bit of a strike against him, even if he can't help it. (Knee injury from 8th grade.) He said he wanted to go in quietly, without a big fanfare, and I think he just does not want to stir up any netizen ire. There is a certain element that loves to pick fault at celebrities, and he just really does not need that in his life! I guess it's time for a 600-day marathon of Jongsuk's complete works.
  6. Yes! I am totally confused. I know the whole season was green-lighted (green lit?) and so it's not like they had to wait on approval to film the rest of the season. The stunt guys have been working in Budapest for several months now, though. So I dunno. Maybe it's not necessary for alllll of the cast to be filming at the same time. After all, they are supposed to be characters in different locations. Maybe they are filming their different stories one by one?? One main actor just went back to Budapest, but yeah, if they want this to come out this year, they'll need to actually film, right? I have a feeling they are doing more than is publicly known, though. Wish there would be a bit more news on it.
  7. As far as I understand it, he can do those kinds of things in ps. I think it was a holiday (May 1) and perhaps that made it possible. Soompi had an article the other day about Super Junior's Kyuhyun, who is soon to get out of public service. I had a look at his IG (gyuram88) because I was curious what a person could or could not do as far as one's travel and also fandom. He in fact did have a trip to Jejudo during his ps. He posted on IG about every 2-3 months (with some longer stretches in between.) The thing that fans have to realize is that celebrities are limited in what they can do to promote their careers while they are doing military service. It's not that they are "cutting out the fans" intentionally. It's that this is a time when they are supposed to be regular civilians. Yes, there are times when they have a bit of a break and can post freely. And yes, ps means you have a desk job and go home at night. But they are still in the army. Their time does not entirely belong to them. Take the case of Psy, he supposedly neglected his military duties in favor of promoting his career, and they made him enlist TWICE. Can you imagine??? I think that no one wants that experience. When I saw these pictures, to me I felt that JS was thinking of fans and trying to say hi in as low key a manner as possible.
  8. This would be a good time for her to have been conveniently in Europe, quietly filming or training for Treadstone, so she could simply show her stamped passport. It makes me angry that this is already a situation where multiple women have been victims of horrible crimes. Crimes where society makes the victim pay, whereas the perpetrators often get off with a slap on the wrist. Is it really necessary to create new victims out of nothing?? I hope BH goes after the creators of these rumors and sues them openly and publicly and thoroughly. Meanwhile, there are horrible things associated with this whole event that need to be investigated. Fake rumors detract attention from the real issues. I just feel so bad that she has been quietly and happily living, finding peace, and then has to deal with this.
  9. I'm mad, too. She is not the only one getting hit by stupid, malicious rumors. (Although she is the one I care most about.) Yes, over and over, completely innocent people keep getting dragged through the mud. Is it actually fun for people to trash actresses like this? I hope BH sues the pants off of everyone who even whispers a lie about her.
  10. Yes, they did. They strongly denied that she was the actress in question, and said that neither she nor any of their other actors had ever been to a club called Burning Sun. And that they would take swift legal action against any posts or comments that suggested otherwise. Source: all over naver
  11. Man, Soompi really misses Jongsuk! How many articles have they included him in since he left?? (I am not complaining!!)
  12. So I finished this one. Plus points to super fast subbers, really, it makes the whole viewing experience so much better when you aren't trying to guess what's going on. (Yes, I'm learning Korean. No, you can't do that in a single night. Unless maybe you're a mermaid named Jun Ji Hyun.) The acting was good. I think everyone working on this did a great job. It's nice to watch your favorite veteran actors, and it's also nice to see newcomers nail their roles. I think the writing was fine as far as the script goes. I mean, the story held together and all. And it was plenty tense, so even though I don't actually care for gory stories, I kept watching because I really wanted a resolution. I thought the pacing was good in general. The part I didn't like so much was the ending. Just...the point of the story, as some of you have said. That simply put, the guy was born as a monster's son, and he turned into a monster, too. That no matter how much other people loved him, he could never succeed past that point. Which then made me question the point of the whole drama. Because...he didn't change. He simply let people catch him. He developed feelings--when it was too late. I guess I just disagree with the main point the writer was trying to make. Also, like some of you said, it was a little weird to be all happy go lucky, couple-y at the end, after all of that. Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing what these actors do in their next projects. I liked their acting. Liked many things about this drama, but the ending...well, I would have written it differently...
  13. Weird, imdb has two stunt doubles listed for her, but her character has no name listed. (Even though she has one.) Most of the cast is not American, you'd think they'd find a way to broadcast this outside the US. I mean, wouldn't they want to invite the already-existing fan bases of all of these international actors? Also, was talking with a family member the other day and somehow the subject of this drama came up. "Did you know they're doing a TV spinoff of the Jason Bourne movies?" Yes, of course, I said. That's the one that Korean actress I like, Han Hyo Joo, is in. Relative was EXTREMELY impressed. "Whoaaaa. Really?! That is a big deal!" etc. Of course it is a big deal. And of course she is an awesome enough actress to get into something big like this. *proud fan*
  14. HJ in Istanbul, Turkey. I love her photography. The second picture in this one is my favorite--she makes it easy to sit exactly like a cat, when really, um, it's not.
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