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  1. Well, I get a fair amount of hits on IG from Korean accounts, liking my posts about her. Maybe they aren't screaming on Korean portals, but all those those supporters come from SOMEWHERE.
  2. That's very cool, Cindy! As for the guy who doesn't know if fragile HJ can do the scenes...let's see what he says once it airs. Pfft. I do think she will have some media coverage (photoshoot/interview), but I'm still waiting on just regular news stories? I am just amazed that when you do a search on her name in naver, you see photos from her IG from February. Mentions of her because one of her old movies is showing on TV (like Masquerade...which is HOW old by now?). And yet, nothing on Treadstone. Do they do this to all actresses? Or just her? Surely Korea noticed that Claudia Kim was in the Harry Potter franchise, right? Did they cover her at all? Just curious. The Jason Bourne franchise is um, not small. As evidenced by the interest people have taken in it on twitter.
  3. As maristellla813 says, they managed to summon Jong Suk from the manhwa on his birthday... This clip was part of I Live Alone ep 311, aired just now. Lee Si Eon (Soo Bong) says in his past life, he was in a department store (as a chaebol?) Then it cuts to this scene of Kang Chul buying a $3000 dress for Yeon Joo in a department store. But then it cuts back to LSU. "Yeah, in my past life I was in a department store--as a shopping bag." Lol. Also, a very happy birthday to Lee Jong Suk today! (You know what? I am thirty one today. And you, Yeon Joo ah, are only 30. So you should call me oppa...) Happy 31st, JS!
  4. Same. It's coming! I feel like it's been sooooo long since she's done an interview. Please do a good one!
  5. GOOD. I have been reading DC and Naver pretty regularly, and I am AMAZED at the silence the Korean press has given her over this project. On DC, you have her actual fans who are following TS and are enthusiastic about the various things being released. But mostly, there are many other people who are completely clueless and think she's just, I dunno, retired? Playing golf and ignoring the world? Not their fault--they just haven't seen any news about her because there is almost no mention at all in the regular press. It's so strange. They will repost something from her IG from months (or even a year) ago--as if it's new. And sometimes in passing they'll mention she's in Treadstone. But I feel this should be news. She scored a spot in a major US TV franchise through audition, and it's airing soon. Promo keeps going up. Hello. South Korea, you should be dang proud of your girl. She's in all 10 episodes, she's a major character, and she will represent you to the world. Without even looking for them, I've seen at least three full articles from India about Shruti Hassan being in this thing--and she's only in 4 episodes. Wake up, Korea! I think there will be something soon about her, but in the meantime I'm glad that at least on twitter, people noticed and are talking about it.
  6. Wow, @kiyimae, that's obscure. (1973?) Good detective work! I never would have thought further if @hilllllllly hadn't gone looking to see if it was a set phrase. Well, don't cry, and play your flutes everyone! It's Chuseok and Jongsuk ssi birthday time!
  7. A few screen shots from the latest promo material of HJ/TS. You can watch the full teaser at the link below. https://www.usanetwork.com/treadstone/videos/soyuns-dossier-from-usa-networks-treadstone-hitting-october-15
  8. @kiyimae Yes, he's said before that One Piece is his favorite manhwa (I know they asked him once in a W interview, cause of him playing a manhwa character and all--and he's shown his One Piece fan side many times as well). There's a lot to One Piece, I can see how a person could be sucked into it.
  9. Same same. Hehe, he really does hate being hot! I think he must know that people will post and share when he signs these things. So I'm glad that people do. As for the thing about One Piece, he says something like, the rules in a manwha aren't simple, they are complex to form a strong story. That's probably why One Piece has so many fans--including me.
  10. Aw, I'm sorry. I did not intend it that way at ALL! I guess tone doesn't come through in writing very well. What I'm trying to do is to be happy along with you that he has put out this nice video--it lets us see and hear him, and it also gives us the entertaining opportunity to speculate on all the ways it may have happened. In the end, however it happened, we're just GLAD. I truly did not intend it as yelling or as meaning shut up in any way. I just mean that of all of the things we've talked about, maybe it's this or maybe it's that, but in the end we still get a nice video and can smile over it. I'm sorry for making you feel bad. It was truly not my intention.
  11. I've done a rough translation of the video clip. If you have corrections, by all means let me know and I'll edit it. But this is at least hopefully a more accurate version than some of the strange things IG can produce... Hello to the members of Connects and those of you in your 20s who can’t sleep in Korea. I am Lee Jong Suk. I’d like to introduce to you a book (some books?) I personally like. The first book I’d like to introduce to you is “To You Who are Frivolous (or Bored?) Today.” In Romance is a Bonus Book, I played the role of an editor. As an editor in that drama, I talk about the importance of poetry. Well, it was a pretty pathetic description. Poetry is the most important thing to (help us) find rhythm in our lives. The reality is that poetry collections don’t get a lot of attention in the publishing market. I also used to think poetry was hard. But I guess I’ve learned that life with poetry is a lot richer. “To You Who are [Bored? Frivolous?] Today”is a collection of poets’ works. It lists the changes in the feelings people have about love. It helps us see different forms of love. If you’re having a hard time because of love, I recommend you take a look at it. I think you’ll find a lot of comfort and things to identify with in it. I personally like this poem. It’s Han Young Eun’s “Measurement of Love.” I’ll read it to you. Measurement of Love The more pleasant and beautiful things are, the better But the less of your love, the better Your love is something between you and me To know the quantity of love, I have no choice but to measure the distance between you and me. So when you and I are far apart, the amount of love is great And when you and I are close, the amount of love is small So a little bit of love makes me laugh, and a lot of love makes me cry. When people move apart, love grows distant also. If since you left, love has gone away, What is it but love that reduces me to tears every day? An invisible love that can be felt despite one’s absence. I think it was nice to be described with such honest words. How did you like it?This book comes out in a series of three volumes. It would be nice if you could read it with me. Thank you. (Source of the original video in Korean: https://www.conects.com/common/template/detail?id=TmRObzZ0QnZweWFhTldWQytZeDcvUT09&post_type=normal)
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