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  1. Happy birthday to our dear Han Hyo Joo. I hope this year is a good one, with a lot of wonderful things to look forward to.
  2. Happiest of birthdays to our favorite actress Han Hyo Joo! (It's the 22nd in Korea already). I hope this year is a good one!
  3. Yes, I totally think what you think. Awwww. He really loves this sign, he stuck it in the truck and on tumblers and coasters and mugs, too. I wondered what happened to it when the cafe was sold. It was like the heart of the cafe. I'm so glad to see it still alive in a new location. And he seems pretty proud to have it there.
  4. Same, that's why I was asking. I haven't seen any mentions on Naver lately, either. But I would guess it will show in Korea as well?
  5. (source: https://sports.hankooki.com/lpage/entv/202102/sp20210217180918136670.htm?s_ref=nv) Yes, I do as well! There have been a couple articles about Studio & New's 2021 lineup, and first off they mention Moving. There hasn't been any new information per se (they are still looking at a 50 billion won budget, still discussing where it will air including internationally, still listing their main cast as HJ and JIS), but the one thing they seem to be agreeing on is that it is part of the 2021 lineup. So hopefully later this year we'll get to see her in drama again. Oh
  6. Thanks for that link, @hilllllllly. I liked his answers! Very upbeat, and in a way that put the question back on the person asking, you know? But in an encouraging, positive way that probably makes the askers think, yeah! I can do that! So now I'm curious how Jongsuk will answer. And yeah, I like the combo of magazine article + YT video as well.
  7. I just have to note the cuteness. Yoon Sang Hyun's son must hang out with Samchun Jong Suk a lot, cause he has the same scrunchy smile...
  8. Thanks, @jongkkot. I've been watching Elle for the results of JS's Q&A in which he gives love advice (I thought it might be on their IG or something since it seemed a bit informal). But maybe that's what they'll use in their March edition?
  9. Yoon Sang Hyun's kids calling Uncle Jong Suk is the most adorable thing I've seen in a long time.
  10. Ah, that makes sense! They do look a lot alike; somewhere in the back of my mind I also registered that. But she has already worked with JWS twice (Cold Eyes and Inrang), so she's on to other things.
  11. Not really, it shows up in the news every so often in stories about the director changing, a large budget, etc. There's interest from drama watchers but not really a lot of movement from the production side. So far, none of the cast has officially confirmed (I assume they will? HJ at least turned down something else in favor of Moving), and the timing is not definite, either. I saw one report that suggested they might start filming at the end of 2021, but I am not inclined to believe anything as set in stone at this point. When HJ went on stage to present the awards at Blue Dragon
  12. What a nice surprise to find Hyo Joo presenting! She looks beautiful, and I'm glad to see her in front of a Korean audience again. Hope her films go really well this year, too. From the event, her agency's post, and her story:
  13. Heh...he's definitely got the advantage of long arms and legs for this sport. He just needs to quit flipping the foil around so much and stab. He'll start winning soon, I am sure!
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