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  1. Photos from his Japan Fan Club site. Unfortunately the club is only open to Japan residents.
  2. I was there!!!! Here is a fan video. You can hear me at 1:15 saying, "Aloha from Hawaii" and Taec responded, "Aloha".
  3. Here is a snippet posted by the MMA I'm headed to Goyang! Hope he stops for a bit as he exits the base.
  4. Watched it LIVE. Exciting to see Taec in front of the President.
  5. Taecyeon featured on Army Soup again. This time talking about the Warrior Platform gear. They ask him to give a shut out in English around 40:30.
  6. May 16, 2019 Taec's new discharge date!
  7. Taec appears on the 51K site now, though his filmography page is not yet uploaded.
  8. willenette: Hi TheaN, thanks for sharing this. NICE - so, JYPE will still continue managing his singing activity while 51K will be responsible for his acting career. I'm relieved that 2PM will still be promoting as (6) members. Isn't this a good choice? I hope they will be together forever. Best of luck, Taec! ******************************* I agree that this is a good move, especially as he will be solo for 2-3 years. I believe he advocated the "let's all go at the same time" choice so that 2PM would just be out of the limelight for 22 months. Of course that would mean no income for the agency for 22 months...just saying. Though he has had his own solo concert, his strength is definitely acting. Connecting with So Ji Sub is not a bad idea. That said, this still must have been a very hard decision for him. He probably met with his members to tell them ahead of time. Doesn't it look like Chansung was crying in the photo above? Though he wasn't able to meet with Wooyoung, who was still in Basic training, he sent him a letter on the day of the announcement.
  9. Taecyeon Signs With New Agency, JYP Reassures 2PM Will Continue Promoting As 6 E. Kang July 24, 2018 2PM’s Taecyeon has decided to sign with a new agency. On July 25, 51K officially announced that the idol has joined the agency. He is the only 2PM member to not renew his contract with JYP Entertainment, as the other five members did so earlier in January 2018. 51K expressed they were extremely pleased and lucky to be able to work with Taecyeon, who has made a name for himself as both an artist and an actor. The agency, which houses So Ji Sub, has slowly been transforming from a one-man acting agency into a multi-faceted company for publishing, music, and broadcasting. The agency stated, “We will wholeheartedly give our full support for his activities as a singer as well as an actor so that Ok Taecyeon may showcase his talents to their fullest potential through a variety of works. As many fans have shown him love for a long time through 2PM’s group activities, we will also do our absolute best so that he may continue pursuing 2PM’s activities with JYP Entertainment.” 51K also shared, “With the experience he has built over the years, Taecyeon, who is currently carrying out his military service, is happy about his new start with 51K. He vowed to return to the industry more matured so that he may repay all the fans for their love. We will do our best together so that Taecyeon, who will be active not only in Korea but around the world, and his many talents may shine even more.” A source from JYP Entertainment clarified to news outlet Maeil Business that 2PM will continue as a six-member group. They stated, “Despite his move to a new agency, Taecyeon will continue promoting with 2PM. JYP Entertainment will be in charge of managing 2PM’s [group] promotions.” source: https://www.soompi.com/2018/07/24/taecyeon-signs-new-agency-jyp-reassures-2pm-will-continue-promoting-6/
  10. 2PMAlways provided an english translation.
  11. Taec announced his promotion to corporal in a tweet last night...cute! "Ok Taecyeon sangbyeong"
  12. Taec became a Catholic this Sunday: https://www.instagram.com/p/BkZpj8zh9lz/ Since he was already a baptized Christian, he did not need to go through a water baptism again. Instead he probably went through the Rite of Christian initiation. His Catholic name is John the Apostle, [whose feast day is December 27]. I was wondering about the bracelet I saw the recent photos as I didn't think jewelry was allowed in the army. Now I see that it is a rosary bracelet.
  13. I noticed! Even made the press. More pictures (in Korean): http://www.insight.co.kr/news/160771
  14. On his way to MC the ROK-US Alliance Concert: source: as tagged
  15. Taec on holiday with Eddie:
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