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  1. 2 BTS clips for the Rado CF. I guess he'll have photo spreads in Elle and Esquire Korea.
  2. Taecyeon's girfriend has been reported to be a 29-year old office worker. They have been dating about 3 years. from another article: 1. Taecyeon’s girlfriend is 29 years old, 3 years younger than the K-pop hunk (Taecyeon is 32 this year) 2. His friend further revealed that the lady works as an ordinary office worker. No specific details revealed on which company she is currently working for, though. 3. The lovebirds have been seeing each other seriously since back in 2017. So, that means they have probably been dating for 3 years now. 4. The insider also dished on how their relationship didn’t waver even when Taecyeon was in the army. According to him, “Taecyeon continued to show love even while he was serving in the military. They enjoyed their dating life just like any other couple would while the male is in the base camp. Just like how he casually shared his first relationship news since his debut, he has been meeting her quiet seriously. Their relationship is healthy.”
  3. New pictorial in Elle - Korea. Taecyeon is the face for Swiss watch - Rado.
  4. Soompi News! 2PM’s Taecyeon is in a relationship! On June 23, Xportsnews reported that Taecyeon is currently in a relationship with a non-celebrity. The report claimed that they had recently been spotted enjoying a date together at a ranch in Pyeongchang, Gangwon Province. In response to the reports, a source from his agency 51K stated, “It’s true that Taecyeon is currently in a relationship with a non-celebrity.” When asked for more details, they stated, “We are cautious to say anything as this is his personal privacy and his girlfriend is not a celebrity.” Taecyeon appeared in the MBC drama “The Game: Towards Zero” earlier this year and is currently working on the film “Hansan” (working title). Source (1) (2) Top Photo Credits: Xportsnews.
  5. 51K made it official... Taecyeon is dating a non-celerity woman!
  6. Kim Hyang Gi has been cast as Im Joon Yeong's wife (wife-to-be?), Jeong Bo Reum. She's just 5'1", so it'll be interesting. Though she is quite young, she's been acting since 2006. Teac's first Day of shooting, May 18 (from 51K official instagram) Q&A from 51K Official youtube channel
  7. Taec starting filming his movie on May 18. got a message to delete the photo. seems an enthusiatic but uninformed staff member posted the original photo in error on instagram. original post has been deleted.
  8. Official poster for Hansan:
  9. Our Taecyeon, forever trolling the net... Fans posts this on youtube: Taec posts the video on twitter just an hour later: In the video the fans asks him to post and gives these examples: 1. Post using a carrot (not sure why????) 2. with OkCat 3. OkBingu 4. Walrus 5. with gasses Then Taec replies to his first post: Love this guy!!!!
  10. Though I've seen mixed reviews about the drama, I really enjoyed it. Taec's acting skills have improved. Everyone in the drama did a great job. There were spots here and there that were a bit slow and as in most dramas the writer made things conveniently "fit" the situation. All in all I can recommend it.
  11. Taec doing his part against this epidemic.
  12. Just saw the preview for the last episodes. I REALLY HOPE that wasn't a clue that TP will die in the end, with the last scene being JY walking on the beach. Since TP told everyone about the possible suicide, one would think there is a safety net/mattress (whatever) at the bottom waiting to catch the two men. Anyways I am enjoying the twists and turns and surprising reveals along the way. The romance started very slow and that's OK, I get it. The relationship between the main 3 is what interests me, how it started, what happened in between (which we find out in bits and pieces) and how it is so complex now. The fact that I keep changing my mind about the villain, is kudos to IJH acting and the way the writer has portrayed him. Isn't that the reason all mothers tell their kids to be careful of strangers with candy and lost dogs? Bad guys know how to act "good". Bottom line, though, despite the awful hand he drew in life, that's no reason for the killing he has done - BAD GUY! That TP goes all out and is willing to do anything to save JY is understandable, I'm all for finding a "white knight". It's just too bad that TP's sheltered life leaves him ill-equipped to make rational decisions on how to go about doing that. He's really a lost boy in a man's body. It's too bad teacher Baek wasn't able to reign him in. Am nervously awaiting the last episodes next week, preparing myself for a possible less-than-happy ending. After it all done, will likely marathon all episodes and see if my impressions are different without having to do the weekly wait!