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  1. So proud! Hope this leads to new opportunities abroad. Would love to see him in a USA film. original article (i Korean) here: https://t.co/UsrL3hHDEW?amp=1
  2. Taec posts regularly to his IG stories, no spoilers, of course. Gives us just a peek at what he's doing. I am posting this one because he's speaking in English. It is from a string of stories showing his all night filming at Jinjuseong in Jinju. He finished filming at dawn.
  3. Here's iHeart part 2. @Min2206 Taec and the white printed shirt are part of the MV, him grabbing the camera is not.
  4. Day 2 of MUST MV filming Now I need to watch the MV and look for all those 2PM easter eggs. Also noticed in Taec's scene where he was protecting the girl, he wasn't actually getting shoved all the time. He was ACTING for some of it. What a guy.
  5. My MUST albums are finally starting to come in AND just received notification that there will be a Japan album premiering in September. Of course there are multiple versions and Japan products tend to be pretty pricey. I'll have to think about what I will actually purchase.
  6. Behind the scenes for the shooting of the MUST Highlight medley.
  7. Here's another one, a bit more casual: Looks like it was on the same day as their radio show appearance with Choi Hwa-Jung. Radio show is avalilable on YT. Nice reunion for Kang Dong-Hee and his "mom".
  8. Last show Taecyeon will be busy working on his drama so we have to wait for November to see him on the screen again. In the full cam, you can see the set up for the ending. iconic...genius... MUST jacket making video. Taec's suit is quite unique (and see-through in spots)
  9. This weeks Music Core. He changed up the hearts. See if you can catch them all! Taec focus
  10. Best Teac ending yet. I think I like it better than the stolen Khun heart on Inkigayo. Last night on Mnet Countdown. They came in #3 on the weekly chart.
  11. I like the song, but just not lovin' the choreo. Definitely an ajusshi vibe to it. Younger viewers won't watch too often. But on the bright side we get the fan cams and see Taec's secret hearts and quirky faces. Love his reactions to the ending fairies. Sounds like he's been talking to the members and convincing them to do some fan service. If he gets a facecam later, I'll add it here.
  12. New M/V. We get to see the video for "The Cafe". Nice vibe to it. Seems so natural.
  13. I was wrong, Taec focus video is always the BEST!!! EDIT: They posted a FACECAM! Taec really knows how to work the camera. I love how there is so much content for fans.
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