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  1. Japan Fan Meeting! Thanks for waiting! 2020 Ok Taecyeon is coming to Japan. EVENT is being planned in May 2020. Details of the event and FC reception will be announced in October. Please check the fanclub site. https://finn-neo.com/user.cgi?articleid=18992&actmode=AblogArticleDetail (in japanese) 5/5 and 5/6 Saitama Civic Cultural Center https://t.co/SekfBqgbhv?amp=1 5/8 and 5/9 Kobe Bunka Hall https://t.co/wuTZgj8DL9?amp=1 Both venues seat about 2K.
  2. Taec hinted at a Christmas get together on the 4th: Then 51K posted the official announcement...details to follow later: Would be nice if they opened up tickets to foreign fans, though the venue is a bit small.
  3. Taec posted a vlog of his trip here in Hawaii: I guess I should also include his vlog from Taiwan:
  4. New from 51K. Updated profile for 2019.
  5. BTS of Taec's filming for Taiwan Tourism: Also newsclip of Taec's departure at Incheon for the US: Busy boy!
  6. Taec, Nichkhun, and Jun.K went to send off Chansung to his military enlistment on June 11. Rather than post all the Taec pics here, I am linking a video someone made. Play it on high speed, though, it's very long. He is sporting a few round bandages around his neck. Wonder what those are for???
  7. I bought the Soldier OkCat at WithDrama in the Common Ground shopping plaza. Unfortunately, when I went there this trip I could not find the outlet (Note: store location has moved everytime I visited Common Ground). You can still get the regular OkCat at KTown4U in the Dongdaemun shopping plaza. I am not sure if the OkCat brand is jointly owned by Taecyeon and JYP and they are still negotiating future sales. It seems there was a lot less stock that in past visits.
  8. Pics not as nice as the others I've seen, but it was taken by ME!
  9. Just got back from Korea. Had a chance to visit their "home" at the Edelweiss Swiss Village. Sadly the home is privately owned so you can't go inside.
  10. Photos from his Japan Fan Club site. Unfortunately the club is only open to Japan residents.
  11. I was there!!!! Here is a fan video. You can hear me at 1:15 saying, "Aloha from Hawaii" and Taec responded, "Aloha".
  12. Here is a snippet posted by the MMA I'm headed to Goyang! Hope he stops for a bit as he exits the base.
  13. Watched it LIVE. Exciting to see Taec in front of the President.
  14. Taecyeon featured on Army Soup again. This time talking about the Warrior Platform gear. They ask him to give a shut out in English around 40:30.
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