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  1. Hi, you seem to be lost...again. This is a JCW-NJH shipping thread and if reading is difficult, let me help remind you that it is against soompi rules to talk about other costars to avoid shipping wars. Wook has a shipping thread with most of his past costars except for KJW and the wind. Since you seem to have so many ships, I suggest you create a thread for each ship and air your opinions there!!!!!
  2. Hi Chingus! I hope everyone is doing well with the crazy year we’ve had. It’s been a long time since I posted something and I almost forgot which thread I’m on since we seem to be going off topic. This thread has reached over 1700 pages with little to no comparisons with other ships or costars and we should be proud of that. We have so much to be thankful for and happy about so we should focus on those moments. Having said that....I think I remembered exactly 2 times that dog-owner, Wook has held a cat so don’t think I didn’t sneer when I heard him choose a “cat girl”. Lmao!
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