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  1. I don’t know what it is about W’s IVs that inspires me to write so much fanfics. He really makes it so easy. Warning: the following you’re about to read is Fake. I repeat....this is fake AF (for now!) After FM.... Glorious boss: Good job on the FM, chigu! That was a brilliant idea to bring Omma Ji. We can always trust her to rein W in. One day later....after the “Rumor Has It” IV: Bangchigu: I stepped away for 1 minute. 1 minute!!!!!! Why can’t you control yourself? W: But its pizza and chicken.....and Ji Hyun...I just love them. Bangchigu: Did you just put pizza and chicken in the same sentence with Ji Hyun? H: It’s ok manager-nim, I love food too. Bangchigu: Omg Ji-Hyun, I need you to focus! H: Oppa, do you want me to like another fan video to take attention away from your slip up? W: No jagiya, don’t do that. I have several more interviews and I’ll probably mess up so it will just cancel out your efforts to divert attention. Bangchigu looks over at mama Ji who is lovingly stroking Ji-Hyun’s hair. Bangchigu: Omma Ji, can you please attend W’s upcoming IVs? Mama Ji: No Chigu!!!! I don’t care what he does anymore!!!! I want to be a grandmother! Feeling defeated, Bangchigu calls Glorious Boss. Bangchigu: Sir, We’ve lost Omma Ji. Glorious Boss: HOW?!?!?! You had ONE job.... Bangchigu: Grandbabies, sir! I lost to another baby. Glorious Boss: Yeah, we are fckeeeed! lmao. I really hope I still have a job tomorrow.
  2. Of course his questions are screened. I love JCW and I love watching JCW eat, but how many questions regarding his food choices do I need to hear in every interview? His chicken and pizza answer was filled with inconsistencies and not to mention...a hot mess. He said he didn’t like to eat chicken and pizza before his enlistment, but I seem to recall a SP BTS scene where he was tearing up a chicken wing like it was his last meal....with a papa johns pizza box in front of him. Also if he disliked it so much, why specifically ask a certain person to bring it when she visits? *facepalm! His military service is over, why is he still being asked about this? It’s because Korean media knows he won’t last long either..hahahaha I for one have very little faith Jigoner will continue to be on his best behavior. The more interviews he does he’ll break...I’m sure of it. Jigoner won’t disappoint. Lmao!!!
  3. You are just too cute to still have so much faith in him. This is the same boy who was not supposed to reveal the Daybreak song until the FM, but he blurted it out anyways. Lmao! I have no hope for his restraint! Let me remind you of the current score: Glorious and Bangchigu : 0 Blabbermouth: 3 and counting
  4. And that is exactly why we are all still here! Happy 2 years to SP and counting!!! Hopefully the NamJi fandom can celebrate more milestones in the future, but regardless of what happens, there’s no place I’d rather be.
  5. Lmao! Got called out by his long-time fan and contradicted himself. I thought it was the system that didn’t allow them to see her? Lol! W would so lose a case in court and I’m not even a lawyer.
  6. Agreed! And both had no problems denying any rumors or speculations in the past with other co-stars. Lol!
  7. Am I the only one checking the weather in Seoul everyday to check how sunny it’s been lately? The emoticons.....I just can’t! Lol!
  8. I would love to have dinner with her too, but would probably keep my mouth shut since there’s a possibility I would corrupt her. .
  9. Both are MIA today again too. (I’m just planting a seed. Think what you want )
  10. I think this is the reason for her going into recluse or maybe lay low for awhile til things cool down. I have to admit, Wook did drop a major bomb and unlike the MBC interview this one carries a lot of weight and so threatening since it shows how well this ship has withstood the test of distance and time. Another reason for her silence could be that Wook has been out of the limelight for so long and she doesn’t want to divert the attention for him to reconnect with his fans. How amazing is this girl!? Love both of them!
  11. @masthu Always coming through for us! Sometimes I have amnesia and need to be reminded, especially with the kissing gifs. It’s really weird but every time I see one, the tongue gets more prominent. LOL!
  12. The amount of recent vitriol directed at our couple is out of control. The more hate they spew at her, the more comforting those broad shoulders will be! Despite all this, she is cool as a cucumber, which makes him cherish her even more and they’re too dumb to realize that their resentment just brings NamJi closer, but what do you expect with a rabid fan base that cannot separate fiction from reality?
  13. @pauliza So cryptic...I see a lot of pairs. I don’t like this game. Lol!
  14. And isn’t she in the same agency as our Ji Hyunnie? That would be very convenient...just sayin’.
  15. The timing is strange isn’t it? Before his enlistment, he mentioned his new found affection for rom-coms because it’s light, fun, and doesn’t take a physical toll on his body. Once he got the offer of the script, he could’ve confirmed as soon as he discharged (side note: I feel like “discharged” is a dirty word. I didn’t type that.. blame it on @Harry97 ‘s cat. Lol). Anyways, why wait a couple of days to confirm something that you exactly wanted before? Rationally speaking, we don’t really know if Hyunnie “approved” this or not, but I am 100% sure she influenced his choice. Who all here is surprised I still had an ounce of rationality in me? *first to raise my own hand*
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