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  1. Sorry, I did not want to provoke anyone, since I am in this forum, I always analyze the dramas that I watch, and i give my opinion, there it was also just excitement nothing to do with the fact of putting everyone agree with me, sorry if this has been misinterpreted Otherwise can't wait to see season 2
  2. For the time being ?? I did not like this sentence of CH, so he wants to keep his distance from her, I have the impression that EH will become very jealous if CH and EJ get closer, on the other hand it seems that CH will finally realize his feelings for EH EH will probably have problems with the ex-fiancée I am more and more invested with the history of the parents, it is refreshing to see them young or old or in love or unhappy, or exhausted so EH understood the secret of birth of his sister. it would finally be interesting to know the story of the father's second family and more that the title is unfamiliar familily, I imagine that EJ will want to know the family of her biological father
  3. I may be the only one to say it but for this season 2, I want a new young sexy and funny female character in the life of JeongWon, I want to see wintergarden confused, I want the new girl to seduce JeongWon and make things fun, i want jeongwon felt like he is desired lol
  4. I agree, the poor man, he is sincerely in love with ED, a lot here calls him a selfish child, even if he is selfish, he always tried "his best for ED, I hope that he will find a woman who will love him
  5. He had feelings for EJ and I think he always put her on a pedestral, and he has respect for her but things started to change when he and EH didn't see each other for years, , but now in the present I think he is starting to be confused about his feelings towards EH, who is starting to grow
  6. I don't think it was a troll, it seems that their relationship is evolving, anyway CH and EH are so close that I do not see how he will try something with EJ.
  7. I also wanted to see them HJH AND ED together, they form a beautiful couple so yes he was sometimes childish, but he was always loyal to the feelings he had for her, but there it’s already episode 50, I think it’s finished for them, too bad
  8. I thought it was obvious that CH would end with EH but with the twists of these last two episodes we are not far from a surprise if CH tells EJ that he has feelings for her there will be another big one dispute between CH and EH, EH is already enough possesive of CH without realizing it, these two already love each other very much, in any case would have been sad, but as we already pointed out CH does not seem to be broken by the fact that EH is sleeping with her boss personally I would like to see the two friends CH and EH together in love, dating, they understand each other better and know each other
  9. At the current state, if EH learns that CH had or has feelings for EJ, there is another big argument, I have the impression that we are heading towards that, even if I imagine that EH will probably develop feelings for CH, the opposite I don't know yet otherwise I am not disappointed that EH slept with her boss, certainly it is clearly not the right thing to do, but i speak in the sense where we have a selfish female lead, who barks and seems normal and not one of these female lead pure à la Kdramaland for the father I will be very disappointed to learn that he really has another son, after we have been shown that he is so in love, maybe his wife knows it already, and she preferred not to say anything , since he accepted EJ as his daughter.
  10. But I was not surprised to learn that CH had a crush on EJ, but I wonder if he still has feelings for her, now he seems too polite and anxious towards her, apparently baby brother was right at least currently he does not seem in love with EH despite their proximity, they are great friends, the writers have told us that we will see a story of friendship turn into a love story between these two best friends, but maybe that will not be the case, because there is so much mess with all these stories Baby brother, i like this name lol
  11. Regarding the screen time of our two lead, I will say that it is only these last two episodes we have not seen them, really just these last two episodes otherwise since the beginning I find that they have a good screentime Now where I find that it does not go at all, it is their stories because it is obvious that they must get back together but their stories do not progress, from the beginning it stagnates it is a shame, but as said the comment above,it maybe because : to wrap up the stories of others and focus on the leads towards the end of the drama so maybe 60 episodes there
  12. precisely, I hope she will not lose custody of her son, even if she is divorced, people can misinterpret certain things, her husband seems to want to be revenge as well, but I agree with the fact that she suffered too much, she deserves to be happy, just I would have liked a loving tension with her male friend, who is often there for her, he is really very attractive, handsome, three hot guys here hummm lol
  13. delusional?? never say never, I remember seeing another drama where the second female lead was chasing the male lead, it was bad, I really thought she would have no chance, and even the male lead had told her that he was totally in love with the female lead yet what happened? the family objected and he ended up dating second female lead , they even kissed in front of the female lead, ok there was a happy end but at what price, a lot of suffering, but really this kind of drama at 120 episode, you should never say delusional
  14. I didn't think I would like this drama, it's been really good so far, the marriage here is not easy, good actors, it's cool, just it’s weird to see the actor who plays the younger brother being so funny and kind, while in another drama it was a merciless killer who liked to cut up bodies lol Very very good performance of the female lead in thes two episodes, who plays Eun hee, the scene of the argument between her and her best friend was really superb. I read a theory about the fact that the vice president planned to come closer and sleep with her, it would be a revenge apparently it would have with his family and her family and the biological father of the half sister, I do not don't know, but I thought that the scene where he hid the photo maybe it was his ex wife
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