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  1. What? SW's boyfriend would be gay? are we talking about the boyfriend of the daughter of the female lead? the young doctor? i don't think he's gay he must have loved another girl before but with everything that happened in the flife of SW, he really fell in love with SW, I remember an episode where he turned into a teddy bear huge just to make her laugh
  2. Seokyun's trial was good enough, and weird to be facing her mother, too bad she hasn't changed, she was excluded, it's good to see justice. I saw a lot of comments all over the place that said that Eubyeol also had to undergo this, I agree, but everyone forgets that Seokhoon also had to undergo it, I put him practically in the same situation as his sister, it is not because he supposedly changed by Rona, that we should forget the horrors he did to many people
  3. OK, Thanks, but that doesn't mean he's going to die, maybe that's what he'll bring him closer to YS, and everyone include YS's dad and mother of GS, will be okay with their relationship, it reminds me of another drama, where the FL was sick and that's what made her marry the male lead at the end of the drama, since his sister (ML's sister) had stolen her first husband.
  4. Haven't seen the episode yet but saw the preview, in my opinion it's just filler episodes, I don't think they're going to get married, it's just before the finale between YS and KS, I guess JH will see for himself that YS doesn't like him, I mean it's obvious the writers won't put YS and JH together. On the other hand, I find it a shame that throughout the 110 episodes who passed, we didn't have any real romance for YS, no kiss, no dating, no many flowers, nothing
  5. LOL I don't think so, it seems more like it's just for nostalgia, it's been a long time since the four of them have been together, JH will surely want to leave
  6. Oh, NewMom is dead, poor EJ, she is in coma now per preview, she suffers a lot, poor girl
  7. i don't think that dementia plot is interresting, sorry I just saw the preview for the next episode, it's horrible EJ is deeply humiliated in front of everyone in company, and Hara pours coffee on her head, she lose her job, even NewMon hits her ugh, dementia, but that's really miss monte cristo? the true one has never been humiliated in the book by those others he took revenge until the end and kept the wealth, it's a shame, these writers!!!
  8. I don't think so, their relationship with the webtoon has already been explained, there are currently three seasons of the webtoon, it's ambiguity in the webtoon between these two boys, but yeo joon flirts with girls like in the drama, and in the drama the relationship chart speaks of intense friendship and obsession. I see rather a romance between FL (So Bin) and the ML (Yeo Joon), especially since there was the last trailer before the first episode which showed them almost kissing, after I don't know, it could be flirting
  9. Newmon's case deteriorates even more, poor lady so EJ will just go home like that, and her revenge? her job? her prestige? money?
  10. I have a lot of things with the married couple 30s, there are really some here that they want the husband 30s is with the mistress and their child? not me I want to see him suffer even more than that, sorry and the mistress?? the screenwriters paints her to us as being a saint? but the wife 30s as being a devil? lol but in the end it would be difficult to imagine that they would stay together I just want to see all these women take revenge and send these mistresses and husbands to hell
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