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  1. preview for next week ep 15, so they broke up, I was not wrong, I said it, apparently it will be just a year later, and this time it's Song Ah who will fight for their love
  2. so the bad girl hara is pregnant and seon hyuk is finally not going to go abroad, their wedding will probably be tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, i think the female lead will have her memories once the wedding takes place, and she will believe that her fiancée also betrayed her, and little by little she will discover other dark secrets Poor of her mother and her brother, they are going to lose everything, Serin is going to take everything from them, already she has stolen the drawings of eun jo, she seems to want with her father to monopolize the business that the father of eun jo crea
  3. i'm a little confused it looks like she has to go for 5 years, in the preview she leaves and she comes back at the end? in any case, since he also has a lot of work, it won't be easy; the next episode may also be hard to watch, because there will be a hard decision to make, imagine we have a time jump of 4 or 5 years
  4. I bounce off what you say, you are right, I remember seeing a historical drama where the male lead was a prince and very in love with the female lead, he said he did not want to marry other women, but his grandmother told him that it was his duty, kinda what you say, but she added by saying that he had to assume his role of parent and give them a child is like ensuring a descendants in the families of these women that are given to him, so suddenly he said to marry other women and sleep with others wife, well the female lead understood after having cried a lot. All this to say that
  5. Cinderella is online,there are ten episodes but not all with subtitles i was very disappointed, it has almost nothing to do with the Chinese version, the male lead is too weak
  6. Maybe she will finally leave at the end of episode 13, and there will be a time jump of 6 months or a year and there, there will already be a new girl who will here for the ML, and the misunderstandings go on extend to episode 14. And they will go back to episode 15. Anyway, I have the impression that it takes the usual practice to break up
  7. But can we applaud Kim So-yeon's performance as Seo Jin, she is perfect, she steals the show from other actresses, her character is bad, so despicable and sometimes she is pitiful, I really love, I like this character, I'm even surprised by that, in general I don't really like characters who are mean I think Seo Jin still loves her ex husband, he's probably the only man she loves, but she also loves money, power, and being envied and wanted by everyone, frankly I also think Yoon chul has a little trouble admitting it but he still cares , love, a little about her
  8. I agree, the problem is that they've lived together all this time, and she was a child, it's not even the age difference that worries me, if at least they didn't not lived together, I would have said yes Maybe the writers will change that when they see the comments, then I don't know what Korean viewers think. Otherwise I always think that DJ and JH will end up together, I have the impression that they will sleep by accident, get married, will have jealousy problems and JH will really fall in love with her
  9. I clearly want Seok Heon with Byeol, they will form an unlikely and cute couple, i want them for third season if Byeol doesn't die before
  10. i just saw the final episode, many years have passed( maybe 5 years) since they last saw each other, but they are both very busy with their careers; I am also disappointed, I imagine a wedding for the leads at the end, but it's clearly a happy ending, i'm a little disappointed but who does Baili end up with? I did not understand her conversations with LZ in the last episode, but I know that in the penultimate episode there was a confraontation between her, her ex, the uncle and the other girl
  11. they are the all worst parents ever, yet they have money and live in nice apartments. So Eun-Byeol now has two step sisters and a step brother thanks to the remarriages of each of her parents, but besides she hates them all !! What an atmosphere, Poor Rona it was really hell but really hell, the writers really managed to show what happens when you have a parent accused of crime; fortunately his mother came back stronger Seo jin and DanTae already have sex outside of their union each, Yoon chul is a profiteer, I was also amazed I think Yoon chul &Yoon's marriage is true, but it's
  12. I guess now this beach scene was more of a kind of introduction to the drama, I would have loved to see this final scene but the actor who plays Sae Hoon, is no longer there, although he only comes back to the end, this scene would have no more impact
  13. From what I understood, the father will die soon enough, only her brother and mother will be left, but we all know more or less how she will come back for revenge. As for our FL's fiancée, he looks reliable, I don't think he's going to betray her, he'll think she's dead and marry the wicked , maybe he'll have to? forced? she will rape him? pressure of the mother? money? or will she tell him that it is the choice of the poor deceased FL? maybe all this and even, I think he'll never really like the bad girl; I think like in monte christo's book, the FL may end up with the guy who will hel
  14. I know the character has traveled, but has the actor really left the series ?? I thought we were going to show him anyway in the usa and he would come back , but is there an official source?
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