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  1. I know I'm out of post here, just to say that the handsome actor who plays Sun woo will also be playing the lead male in the drama that starts on September 28, title: LOVE is Beautiful life is wonderful. We have for our eyes/ A future great actor: handsome male and good acting
  2. It's true that he seems to be hanging on to jenny, I want to see a love romance sexy between them i have like everyone here noticed that there seems to be something between sun woo and HJ but maybe it will be too late. Even if it's just the beginning I wonder if jenny will not die in the end( i hope not) and let HJ take the mentor
  3. Sun woo sexy It's refreshing to see JENNY a woman having the power to be the lead character. Usually the kind of character who is the second lead female the poor girl disamaged in this drama is usually the lead in other drama, so it's nice to change that way. I understand that we announced a love triangle with sun ho and JENNY and her husband, but she is already married! sun woo himself sails between all these gorgeous women, can be a romance with the girl who lost her mother who is the second lead female But sun woo is the male lead so jenny and him will be together, anyways I calm myself it's revenge/action theme here
  4. According to preview, it looks like there is a new woman for KI, finally, he will stop being obsessed by SW. After all KI is a handsome and attractive man and he can have other children. I just hope she will not cause problems to SW and TY
  5. I see everyone say here that seo ji hoon will not have the girl because he is second lead, but you do not know that during his previous drama he get the girl while he was second lead ?? we do not know yet how the story will evolve we'll see
  6. EP 100 already, ouch, normally it will remain 20 episodes and not yet a kiss between our two leads ?? it's the first time that in such a drama it's as long, ok it's the story that wants it yet the second couples are already together
  7. POOR SW, with JM, they were so close, I hope to see JM forgive her Oddly enough, if I were in SW's place, I was not going to believe what TY would say to me, I'd say I was surprised TY would forgive me LOL. At present, I know that there is a lot of love between them, but they have each slept with other people for many years, it is only me that it shocks a little? lol
  8. i love this show too, the lead female and her friends are so funny. THE plot is sometimes very sad, the romance very realistic, just the ex boyfriend of lead female in this drama is so sexy and very hot , shame that she love other guy but it's the life, i like a lot this drama
  9. I must be the only one who does not like this likely future couple, I liked to see MS in love with Jenny, chemistry between jenny and him is so perfect on fire, I would have wanted a real love triangle in this drama, when we do not ask for a love triangle, there has, and on the contrary when there is no love triangle we want. In any case, MS deserves to be happy he suffered so much
  10. I do not agree, certainly he is obsessed with SW, but I see that he really loves JM, ok his relationship with JM is not perfect but what a relationship is perfect in this world
  11. maybe a new woman for KI?? KI seems really loves JM, it's very sad the whole situaton
  12. At the same time it's obvious, I do not see her becoming a princess and continue her job, it's the opposite no, she'll just continue to have to work very hard
  13. I wonder how JM will react to the truth, I know he loves TY as a father, but despite everything will be a shock, KI loves JM despite everything. All these stories about parental rights over JM during divorce is unfortunate, I know that in this story 'there is too much resentment and anger, hatred, but it can have two fathers; I know that some families do not see each other more anymore, and I know that TY wants to find his son that he did not raise, I still hope that KI will resume and that the writers will not leave KI at the end of this drama leaving JM as if he had never been his father.
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