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  1. Now, I think this richard simmons has been hit, he's seriously attracted to her, she felt it and now tries to make it flinch, it's no longer a quetion of time before he goes to sleep with her may be she going to get pregnant and will surely be one of the causes of the divorce but she is deceitful, it seems to me that she has a guy with whom she often sleeps
  2. So it seems that she asked him to divorce him so that he remarried with a woman likely to give him children ?? that's what she thinks ?? I do not understand, lol, she throws him a pole, that's how he may go to see the other woman. For the moment the husband seems to resist the temptation
  3. Am I the only one to wonder where is the second female lead ?? did the writers put her out? the scenario no longer suited her? practically in the second part of the drama, she did not appear, but appeared in the promo and even the poster, in any case, she seems present in the last episode
  4. I saw the episode, so I guess San ha is amnesic and the other woman uses it against her revenge against the LSH family, she told her that she was her sister apparently, and that they do it for their parents , of what is NJ, I have no idea, I'm waiting for the twists to come
  5. I agree with everyone here, I read the summary on asianviki, I followed the first episode and nothing with the credits we already know what will happen. The female lead will be robbed her husband by the second female lead, and therefore the brother of the second female lead who is the lead male will come to comfort her, it's so classic, with the fight of the families, the mother-in-law mother We are sure that there will be birth secrets, and the shenanigans of the second female lead who will want to make the female lead suffer, can be even to steal the child but the endless number of times that we will see the female lead cry, and cry and still cry I would say at least in the first 100 episodes, it is only around the 107 episode that she will smile, the weeding finally at the last episode of the female lead and savior n the end, everyone will make peace, the bad guys will be forgiven because it's just the family, so we have to move forward together, so the ex-husbands will be alike all of the same family at the end of the drama lol
  6. Sorry to cut your post who will she choose between the slim guy or the fat guy, frankly I'm afraid that the writers put her with the slim guy
  7. drama very interesting, I love the scenes of combat. I watched the first 4 episodes, but what's the role of the main female character? sorry but this role is useless, we have seen practically nothing of her consistent in relation to the plot, the other female characters are already connected but she nothing, just divorced and wants to play the hard face her ex
  8. I hope that Tiffany will come back before the end for Chan, and that she will have grown and settle the majority of her problems I would be very disappointed otherwise. I can not believe that we can abandon a child so easily after 5 years, writers are really killers
  9. sorry to cut your message, tiffany is already gone ?? I am very surprised that this plot ends so easily, I would have wanted to buy it from Chan and show that she could sympathize. can not wait to see the episode.
  10. the thing that I'm disappointed with is that the writers made tiffany really hateful, that's a real shame, did it really get to that point so that chan was returned to SH and LSH? really bad
  11. I am pretty close to tiffany despite the things that are happening, maybe because in my family there are adopted children and they have been loved and brought up sincerely. We do not raise a child to give it up like that, there are no perfect parents, one person will always criticize the way another is raising his children, it is human nature, nobody is perfect (thank god, there is no child abuse here) Tiffany loves him and Chan loves her as his mother, I have not followed today's episode yet but I hope that SH and LSH will not force Tiffany to give them Chan. After they tell me that court only the fact that tiffany is not a house to herself is likely to be hard for her to have custody, especially since the court will surely see only the property of the child first, and with the story of SH and LSH will be hard for tiffany. I know that Chan is attached to his biological parents it's obvious how he likes huge SH, it's horrible for SH and LSH and even for tiffany, but they all have to find a solution, but right now with all that happens is not sure that the parties can calmly listen to each other.
  12. SH's motherannoys me so much, all this is her fault, she just wants to take Chan and pull tiffany's hair, besides I feel bad for tiffany too but how can she ally herself with these villains, but I understand that she is afraid that her son will be removed I wonder if the writers will make her unpleasant??, ok SH looks for her child, I guess Chan may have heart disease and must be brought to the hospital and there SH and LSH will be there
  13. sorry to cut your post, I had already said that Chan must surely be the son of SH, cons I also wonder if tiffany has legally adopted, may be in the usa but not in Korea, if tiffany run away by fear? I do not know the law at first, but she has always wanted a child, and she has found one for her. In any case, I wonder if Can will be withdrawn from her, will she go to prison? ester is the devil, poor SH and LSH, the little Chan is intelligent, he will understand, but it seems too hard to imagine that they will take away the mother he has always known
  14. Sorry to cut your post, anyway, I love Tiffany, it shows that she loves her adopted son, but I think he is the child of SH because of his heart problems, I know that SH has suffered, but I hope that Tiffany will also remain the mother and that they will not remove the child or that the writers will kill her, I do not want, but it's hard to see that
  15. ESThER is so bad, but so it was cetain that she had something to do with the disappearance of baby SH and SOhOo, we learned more later but it seems to me that the adoptive mother really loves the child, she also seems rich and it was said that the child had suffered a heart attack Honestly I do not know how SH will get her child, we do not know everything about the family who adopted the child DY2 seems so to suffer the poor, he suffers so much, I feel if his memory is back, maybe he'll make a rejection and stay amnesic again
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