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[Drama 2019] The Joseon Romantic Comedy: Tale of Nok-Du, 조선로코: 녹두전

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- THANK YOU FOR WATCHING -                                                                                    @0ly40 @50okie @aineofcebu @aisling @akausagi @alekaonu @Ameera Al

My ship is officially sailing!      The Submissive Lover ...            Lady Kim's powerful punch!       But DJ

@Sky8lue @lightbringer06 their wedding conquer the wind , like their  love conquer everything between them           

i'm so happy that they finally gave us the "joseon roco" skdjdlkjsld i thought that i'll have to accept melo as tale of nokdu's theme for the finally episode :joy:



dongjoo and nokdu got their happy ending together with the gang and i kinda figured out that they will have to leave because of history (that king injo will become king and gwanghae will eventually be banished to an island or killed) but nevertheless i felt that they were all contented and happy with how everything turned out. they might be living in hiding (before gwanghae was dethroned) but they were at peace while gwanghae lived a woeful and lonely life and yoolmu got what he wanted but in exchange he will have to live a life filled with paranoia and distrust. on the other hand, nokdu will finally be able to live with his mother together with his now wife dongju  and all his friends and family which is all i ever wanted for him. to live his life with love and to be accepted by everyone and not feel like he was a mistake. 


overall, tale of nokdu was not perfect (uhh the palace drama was all over the place lmfao) but they gave us many scenes with beautiful cinematography, fun behind the scenes footages showing the cast all having fun  (they were all comfortable and it looked like they really enjoyed filming on set) and of course jang dong yoon and kim so hyun's adorable and exploding chemistry. :wub:

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@Ameera Ali @lightbringer06  I'm sure you've seen this, but why not :wub:







Translation of part of JDY's and KSH's speech at the wrap party (@shjky Twitter)

ksh : everyone has worked hard for the past 6 months, i really love you all and thank you for filming with me with love & affection.

jdy : i cant believe (that the drama has ended?) but thank you and love you everyone!

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hi guys. eventhough i rarely say much in this group. I'd really like to thank everyone for being so cheerful and active on this forum throughout the period tale of nokdu aired. Still can't believe its ended.. well atleast we still have our behind the scenes right. And is it too bad that im hoping sohyunnie posts at least one selca with jang dong yoon before today ends. Hehehe

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1 hour ago, Ameera Ali said:

Yes we can enjoy it 100 time 

in this drama 

we see her run away from him , while she hurt 

See her run to him , to save him 

but nothing come near close to see her running to her man arm :wub:



Yes i think 3 times is probably not enough.. will probably rewatch all the episodes again next year 

I need to see the BTS for this one seems like they would have a lot of NG's or perhaps the director jumps into JDY arms:smirk:

Edit: seeing the title change of this thread breaks my heart NOOOOOOOOOOOO i cant say goodbye

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2 minutes ago, jeonghyang said:



                                                      - THANK YOU FOR WATCHING -





@0ly40 @50okie @aineofcebu @aisling @akausagi @alekaonu @Ameera Ali @Amirah @angrytomato @Annette @aniliaz @Anna Tan @annamchoi @an-naum @aoi_karin @Arcbow @Artheusa @Asohib @b4l01 @barbekyu @bebebisous33 @Bejaffled @Belinda Tan @blademan @Breeze @cantbreathe @carolinedl @celebrianna @cherryblossomkawai @ChunSungIm @chuscho @ChyuuNyuu @cinnamonsterxx @ck1Oz @coffeedragon @decafcappuccino @dkdk @dramaninja @Dramanoona @dramaonion @Dundee @elan1 @fans123 @faye406 @fieza1871 @Forever Spring @frequent_fairy @Friendly kitty @Gi @gilaswan @guinearoyal @Gulftastic @hahanzyy @Hd Hd @hell59 @herina_90 @honeywell @htk9207 @hugo10 @Hush @hyunbinnn123 @iamlatika @icryforattention @J77 @Jafstar @jeilopes @Jemrie @jentayue @Jillia @JMarei @joccu @jojoanna @jongski @Josh Marquez @jstgt1501 @juhli @junejungki @juryia @kaqueski @kawaiibooty @KimJang @kimjojo @kiraning @kkddrraammaa @Kkdrama @Kookies&Cream @kookixuan @kshuuuuuw @Kshyn @ktcjdrama @Kvothe @kyra myesha @Latte_Anyday @Lazilady @Learry @lhynne @libra22 @lightbringer06 @-Love Blossom- @loversbridge @lovescenario @lu09 @luz8 @Ly Khánh @Lyna @Lyna @LyraYoo @Mamachum @mapleoaks5 @margerytka @mari_mari @Mariella831 @marrez1 @marykarmelina @mentarisenja @mightychimchim @mikhaella75 @misskym86 @Mona Ys @monster @morningdew @mujisano @multiloverssss @mungbean @naera @nat_phoenix88 @nitttss @nonski @noor1 @ohchan waifu @Oksana Sutra @packmule3 @petunia @philosophie @princess16 @PuppyMacaron @purpleconfetti @Qwan @Qwan Ree Un @raziela @realistic2280a @reddragon @RobinM @rocat @rocher22 @roli @rossy5 @RPM @sadthe1st @sal2 @sandjh @sassylove @savingrace @ScarletSire @Sejabin @ShannonK @Shenshen @shinenshid @Silver Fall @Sky8lue @Slim Adenike Ogunyemi @smhelen @smoothoperator @soesje @Soo won Kim @spy booble @stargazer187 @staygold @stella77 @stewiefg @stroppyse @sugarandspices @Sushimi @sweetnona @sweetnona @Table122000 @taeunfighting @tas82 @tianaa @tinymel @triplejist . @triplem @turtle0217 @ucylucy @uglypearl @valNK @vangsweetie637 @Veronica Xu @vintage_chutzpah @wildcherry @yeli @ysetiawa @zarads @zoodiacly @zuerah zuerah

Waaah what's this you make me want to cry haha.


But since it's the end *sniff* let me also just thank you guys for being so welcoming! It's my first time to create an account just to post in a Soompi thread because of this awesome drama lol, and I had a good time here. It's so nice to fangirl and watch the drama with you guys and exchange theories and comments and all that, it's a really nice experience! And for that, I thank you~!:blush:


There's still the drama awards tho so let's all wait for that!;)

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omg I have hearts in my eyes seeing all the stills and clips!! :love: I'm soooo glad we got the happy ending and really waiting to watch the full thing (and probably in repeat!) I'm so glad his mother gets to join them right at the end, although she had to wait 9 long years, but at least it seems like she got letters time and again. I've never felt so satisfied from a k-drama ending, and I hope the whole final episode will make me love the whole drama even more!

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