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  1. Apologies for the anxiety and confusion caused. Just ignore whatever I wrote . I myself not in a sound mind.
  2. Baffling . She lost her first son and had the accident in1993. Supposedly in coma for months or years, not to mention (supposedly) being devasted for not finding her son. BUT managed to a man to remarry and give birth to SA in 1997. LeeSol could just be a 'artist name', not her real name. Heo could be her surname. Cha is her new husband's name. Anyways, have decided to not dwell in this LeeSol plot line. Too sloppy, I take it as case closed. Next is about DM's mom. I guess just like Sindy who easily called her omma, HYJ could have done the same too. The memory he had was when he had to unwillingly leave the orphanage with the new foster parents. DM's mother had to painfully let him go, told him, 'I am not your mother.'
  3. Surprised, Dramabeans didn't recap HPL regularly. It's a rom com and has PMY in it! Why not worth the time to recap?
  4. I think 9 pieces simply to make a 3x3 grid puzzle. The last piece with the boy is at the center of the grid. Maybe. Don't think RG was lost at age 9 (year 1993) because by then he should started formal schooling and would have been old enough to remember his birthday. He did say he can't remember the rebirth hour. Didn't say he can't remember the birthdate. He mentioned September the month he was adopted... After the Leesol reveal (sugar coated and tied with pink ribbon) in ep 14, I suspect the last 2 episodes the focus will shift to DM's Mom and DM. @DeePlatonicFan, thanks for highlighting the mother -child figure in the painting, sharp eyes!
  5. - I was the weird one, complaining why DM could be sound asleep, as if RG troubles can be solved simply by the BR sweet drinks and looking at her fancy SA merch (courtesy of vacuum cleaner). In Ep 14, the team dinner scene is also awkwardly wedged in for PPL. Making the sketch scene seems so forced and rushed. Bleh. - RG didn't believed her because he had vague memories of being pushed away in the orphanage, and the lady (I believe is DM's Mom) said 'I am not your mother'. --- And it's such a lame story! Quite disappointed the HPL had such a lazy story line. Mom got into accident, coma for years, couldn't find her son?!?! What?! I mentioned this possible lazy story line a few days ago, thinking surely HPL can't be so lazy! The boy, police and orphanage knows his real name. Yet, she can't find him?! Did she just go back to the playground to look for him, thinking he will be standing there waiting for her? Why didn't she make any police report? Not that he was kidnapped , smuggled to another country to be child beggars! - I am also one of the weird one to defend EG. Actually, I am surprised DM was not even concerned of him. Yes, I kind of understand why she avoided him, but she showed no concern at all. She didn't even tell SJ about the EG confession, asking her to help console EG. Nothing. EG is not just a random school mate or colleague that hardly see each other, thus can just hide and avoid. He grew up with her for goodness sake. - The reveal of the 9th painting is well executed. But, after the glitters settled, she stood there triumphantly, why? huh? What so triumphant to literally have her son in the painting? Surely, a good artist need not resort to literal representation. DM already decoded the motherly love through the other 8 paintings. --- i know it's difficult to forgive his Mom for being left behind (abandoned, lost, whatever), but to suddenly forgive her after feeling her LOVE and smile through the boy in the painting? Bleh. - I was wondering why RG was always on the left of the screen, DM on the right. In the bed scene in her penthouse, she suddenly floated to the right side of the bed to make space for RG on the left. I thought because for the pock marks on KJW left cheek. Heeee...
  6. Most probably because of the leeway the PDnim gave them and also the way she bounces off her costars. She tries to match her costar’s energy. In HPL she is more spontaneous and free because of PD nim and KJW. In HPL, the OTP are so delicately portrayed, dunno credit to the PDnim or the OTP. The kiss in the ep12 is so different from the workshop kiss. If it were other PD nim or male lead, the chosen kiss would be the one in BTS, not the one in the final cut. PMY has the acting chops, but no opportunity to flex it. I chose to watch Q7D, WWWSK and HPL because of PMY. Didn’t know who was KJW before HPL. Thank God, if it were another Ms Park as FL, I would most probably missed HPL and lovely KJW (again) .
  7. I know what's the problem with PMY, she's so pro and talented, she makes her costars look good. The similarity in all her works? She never strive to dominate the scene. (A good comparison is Park Seo Joon costar in She is Pretty vs WWWSK). Unfortunately , Kdrama female leads have not been too varied, thus she can't stretch her acting skills too much. Back to our gold KJW, he was wise to have his first rom-com with PMY. After watching HPL BTS, I can sense he humbly learns from PMY, rom-com is a new genre for him afterall. I like PMY since SKK Scandal, love her since Healer. Like KJW since he struts down the steps with MILK in his hand, love him after watching Antique. @Ondine, i agree it was too rushed when DM forced RG into art therapy. I was more moved when she rushed to the gallery to find RG and smacked him.
  8. Errrm, though the scene before was a drinking scene , the actual shoot may not be in the same sequence, especially not in the same venue. The flush most probably from the heat of spot light directly facing her. Poor KJW, when he stepped into the room, his face was the oily-est I have ever seen.
  9. That’s why I suspect SA is adopted. After She has been searching for RG for many years later. She stopped painting as LeeSl right about the time she left RG.
  10. I read Yoo Ah In won instead . KJW wasn’t nominated for anything. I watched Antique 6 times in the span of 24 hours. Back to HPL. Why do we need to justify and not accept that Leesol had ABANDONED her son? I know it’s an old trope of abandoned kids turning bitter and vengeful. I don’t see that happening in HPL. Despite being abandoned, I guess he was not ill treated by his adopted mother. In fact he grew up to be a fine talented man. Just like EG, he was definitely abandoned by his mom, he got over it and forgave her. I hope the writer won’t sugar coat the reason why he was abandoned more than why EG was. Ok, the easy story is that she was in an accident, in a coma for years, then wanted to search for him years later but couldn't find him because he migrated overseas. But I want to believe RG is stronger than that to face the hard facts and forgive his mother . He just want to hear his mom apologize (that's the reason why he is good at apologising.) The stooooOoopider the reason his mother abandoned RG, the bigger the man to forgive her.
  11. Wrong thread? Can’t help it, cos I am so enamored by Min Seon Woo’s delicate beauty in Antique. Whoa! I wished I am a male converted to gay just for him. Delicate performance by KJW. Surprised he didn’t win any award. Oops sorry: in 2008, 16th Korean Culture Entertainment Awards, he did win the 'best new actor award'. Yoo Ah In won the best new actor in 2008 11th Director's Cut Award. @jaydendoji, @kdramaQ , you are right he did ge, I go hunt for the video now. @mushforbrains, apologies, he did, as indicated in his wiki page. Not in the film's page, though.
  12. I thought RG already did this at the workshop just before the bleeeping planks dropped?!
  13. Seems like PD nim told them to just go fore free play and roll the camera. Why is there no eggs huh?
  14. Edited to amend a better translation. DM: Were you looking at that painting? RG: A girl I know stared at at painting when she was having a tough day...That’s why. DM: What girl? Ooh! Almost didn’t get it. What woman/ girl? RG is doing what DM likes to do . Referring to DM in episode 2, she likes to look at art work and contemplate after a challenging day. Then DM said - which is greater, art or the person... That scene was quite significant because it’s the first time RG connected and opened up to her. https://www.instagram.com/p/BxiJAcWpvDp/?igshid=it66cxnc04hn There isn't enough time to show flashback, since there is only 4 episodes left. The message almost lost .
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