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  1. I just discovered this in youtube and I can't believe they've cut this scene!!!
  2. Just finished this!!! I'm so happy to hear that there will be eternal love 3. I'm just confused. Did Xiao Tan ever truly get her memories back? From the episode wherein her father tortured her, she just said to Mo Lian Cheng that she watched the memories but it's not hers.
  3. I am such a late bloomer. I'm currently watching this series and I got shookt by the turn and twist of another world! episode 21 out of 24. i'm so happy there's season 2. I hope there's more seasons because the novel version has like 5000++ chapters (sadly not everything is translated yet to english).
  4. I still got 10 more episodes to finish this drama! I've seen spoilers regarding the ending. So the ending is indeed different from the novel?
  5. I just want to ask why nobody cared for WHY THE COMMANDERY PRINCESS (the evil one) and THE SENIOR BROTHER (the lovesick one for Fu Yao)?! I mean they just disappeared and no one asked them why they just did? Was that the same in the novel?
  6. I'm only in episode 30... you guys are at episode 36 already!!! are you guys watching this in eng sub already at ep 36 or just in raw chinese?
  7. i'm still on episode 24!! i can't wait for tomorrow for the subs release. i like how intriguing the storyline is. i didn't get bored at all. same feelings with ten miles, wherein you just want to keep watching to know what's next. (with flame's daughter, i actually wanted to skip some dreary part)
  8. The TV drama is fantastic! So, I researched on the original novel and found the summary to be totally different. Apparently, the novel version she's an archaeologist in the modern day and time travelled when she was digging tombs. Can anyone tell me why the Chinese TV Board restricted time travelling dramas? The time travelling aspect actually makes the story better for me.
  9. just marathoned all the episodes. i find this so much better than itazura na kiss. it didn't have the comical feel. there's character depth.
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