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  1. Just done with episode 32 wherein LX is healing JX. I feel like there's a bit of spark there when LX was changing JX's bandage. Seriously can't wait to see how JC will handle this.
  2. Does anyone have the clip or gif of the scene wherein they were in a hut and JC made that sly move to rain more so he can stay with LX longer? Please do share. Just want to keep reminiscing on that scene among others.
  3. I do wonder if the director has a say on how the kissing should be. Could have directed it way better. LOL.
  4. I'm only in episode 30 wherein LX meets LX. The love triangle is just about to begin. With all the disheartened emotions I'm reading about the ending, I guess it's the same feel as TMOPB? Reunion so sudden, short but still sweet. What's just sad is that this one has no book that has a lot of epilogues unlike TMOPB wherein we get to read more about Little Rice's misadventures. Still okay, though. Still loving it.
  5. goodness gracious. fan subs have been released until episode 30. however, the subber is so mad right now because kissasian's been continually stealing their effort. kissasian had the audacity to even cover the subber's watermark. it's so ugly. the subber is currently getting dismayed and don't want to upload anymore. oh gosh. oh gosh. oh gosh. how am i going to survive?!?
  6. OMG, YES!!!!! THEY KNOW HOW TO ROLL IT!!!! AND IT AINT NOTHING LIKE TMOPB wherein only Mark Chao had the passion and Yang Mi stood like a doll.
  7. The news subs have come!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!! I know you all are in the last episode but right now, I am gushing over the ending of episode 28. Remember the scene when he meets again with A'mo while she was picking herbs? They got stuck in a shack while they wait for the rain to stop. When the rain was ending, JC used his powers to let the rain be even he'll get a cold hand and so just he can spend more time with A'mo! They were just happy and enjoying being together without the need of words.
  8. I read the manga (zettai kareshi) years back, I remember that he chose to shut down when he's already "dying"/"malfunctioning". Did they do that here as well? I'm still on episode 14.
  9. head over to facebook and join the group PCCD to get you up to date for latest subs. they subbed until episode 25. episode 26 and so on by thursday when the subbers get back from their vacay.
  10. i'm so jealous of y'all! you're almost finished with the drama and here I am waiting for sub episodes that's going to be released on thursday (still on episode 26) coz subber is still on vacayyyy. lol.
  11. I think filming the drama for them was just fun compared to all the movies/tv shows they’ve done. You can tell how just happy they all are. No sweat for them.
  12. Head out and watch Love & Destiny if you’re craving more of TMOPB while awaiting Pillow Book. Same same but different.
  13. As this show is about to end on August 16, are there any news out there of any upcoming tv shows similar to this (aside from Pillow Book, of course)? Similar meaning as just easy viewing as this about gods and goddesses.
  14. I think I can do 4 episodes a day. I just finished the first 4 episodes last night. Ni Ni has more depth in her character here than in Love & Destiny (well, L&D is all fantasy romance anyway so really lighthearted). With all the political scenes, this is going to be one heavy journey of 70 episodes but what seems to keep me is the acting, cinematography and costume. You know that it’s well-produced so the story’s got to be great if they invested so much on it.
  15. Everyone's recommending to watching this despite the sad ending for the couple. I'm just a bit hesitant because it's 70 episodes?! Oh my. How long am I going to finish this?!
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