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  1. Any English translation out there? did they stay true to the tone of the Webnovel or they changed it altogether?
  2. How’s the ratings back in S. Korea? Are they considered high? its all fluff and romance but everything’s been adorable!
  3. im just on episode 49 and Sui He's devotion is admirable at this point even if it's obsessive
  4. im talking about the wedding between Run Yu and Jin Mi. I think that was episode 45.
  5. I dig these kind of dramas! Hahahaha! Feels like the original Meteor Garden days. Who's doing the subbing?
  6. I tried to watch the one with Yang Zi and then I learned it didn't give an appropriate happy ending, so I just dropped it. Is this another tragedy version?
  7. I've been wanting to watch this but the subs are only up to a certain episode. How I wish someone picks it up so I can watch continuously. It's a feel good light hearted ancient rom com.
  8. Just finished the wedding scene and it is intense! I love it. I'm sticking to it and finishing it till the end despite all the misgivings. Not sure if it gets better after the wedding episode.
  9. Yes, update me too, if they will have a new drama, I don't understand Chinese, any help is good!
  10. I hope someone can translate the Script because I want to know if it would have been actually better or not.
  11. Hello! I'm just about to begin at episode 45. Does the pacing of the storytelling get any faster after the wedding? The past few episodes have been dreary with unnecessary scenes.
  12. exactly my sentiments. i don't know if you've guys read "crazy rich asians" and watched the movie already. they changed a lot and cut so much from the novel but nobody cared because the movie was well-executed that everything just fell in seamlessly. i'm happy that they fleshed out one of my fave c-novel but the production team didn't give the viewers any justice to the soul of the story. it's supposed to be about the OTP and not if Run Yu's ever going to get redeemed or not with his me against the world storyline.
  13. That's great! I'm one of those who still prefer the novel. However disappointed I am in some points of the adaptation, I'm still continuing to watch. I've waited for such a long time to get this novel to be fleshed out. The acting is top-notch, as well.
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