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  1. Hi guys. I've been a fan of So Hyun since 2013. And i just love how cheerful and playful she is on set with jang dong yoon. You can't even imagine their age gape is 7 years apart cause they act like same aged friends (our couple. hehe). The last time i shiped sohyun this hard was with sungjae due to their awesome chemistry, photoshoots and since so hyun posted a lot of their selcas on insta. WHICH MAKES ME HOPE SOHYUN POSTS AT LEAST ONE PICTURE WITH JANG DONG YOON ON HER INSTA BEFORE THE DRAMA ENDS PLS. I also can't wait for the end of the year awards to see them win the best couple award and acting awards. Pls say they walk the red carpet and sit next to each other.
  2. Hello. I've been a fan of So Hyun since 2013. So i must say that school 2015 really did boost her popularity and might even be her most popular role till now. Thanks to School 2015 she gained many more fans, CFs and lead roles. I just hope she gets another role like that, something more female lead centered since we all know she has a lot of potential thats just being wasted by the writers sadly.
  3. Thats too bad. I was thinking of reading it before love alarm comes out.. but when is love alarm coming out? I seriously can't contain my excitement anymore
  4. Hello guys. I'm not usually active but i guess there's something i really wanted to say to all sohyun's fans. I've been a fan of so hyun unnie since i hear your voice so i feel like i've been growing up with her and i look up to her so much. Her drama's give me strength and so does her smile. I easily get hurt when so hyun is getting hate or isn't recognised. So in the future i hope we all will still be with so hyun supporting her so her dreams to act in hollywood and get an award will also become reality. Will you guys join me with the journey to support so hyun. Along the way there will also be new breakout actress who will be around sohyun's age. But we'll be there with sohyun forever. And in the future i hope so hyun gains more friends and dates. Hopefully we can protect her if she ever dates an idol or actor(considering their fans might hate her) . I hope we can unite as a family to spread love for sohyun.
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