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  1. I guess this is a webtoon about zombie. Netizen choose Sohyun for virtual casting.
  2. Actress Jiwoo commented to Sohyun's ig post : Photo by Jiwoo unnie (wowhellosohyun twitter)
  4. 5 Things to Know About Actress Kim So Hyun Learn more about Actress Kim So Hyun that we all know and love from the popular Korean drama "Love Alarm" Kim So Hyun started acting at a young age. She was only 7 years old and has starred in more than 40 dramas and movies. Despite her young age, she has achieved a household name due to her appearance in multiple popular dramas over the past number of years. Here are more things to know about actress Kim So Hyun: 1. She has acted in more than 40 dramas and movies Kim So Hyun has started her career in the age of 7 in the drama "Drama City" which aired in the year 2006. The year 2012 was the year for Kim So Hyun because she was able to come out into the limelight when she portrayed the young queen Yoon Bo Kyung in drama "Moon Embracing the Sun" and a student who was often bullied in drama "Missing You." As of July 2020, Kim So Hyun has starred in a number of more than 40 Korean dramas and movies. 2. She has never been in a romantic relationship As fans can see, Kim So Hyun has achieved so many things in her acting career that her schedule is always full. Putting her priorities straight and focusing on her thriving career, there was no time to date and find love. She says in an interview that she knew a lot of people who were in a relationship but she really did not have any interest in the opposite sex. Despite her never experiencing any romantic relationships, she has done a very good portrayal of being one in her dramas. She says she learns by watching multiple romance dramas to help her portray her role. 3. It was not problem for her transitioning to more adult roles Most child actors in the industry have a hard time transitioning from young roles to adult ones but not for actress Kim So Hyun. According to her, she simply focused and worked her best on the role that she was given. Kim So Hyun playing adult roles came naturally to viewers because of how good she was playing her role. She says that she was able to do it by doing trial and error method. 4. She takes advantage of every opportunity With her list of achievements, Kim So Hyun does not do it because she is obsessed with work. She does her job because she wants no regrets when it comes to new opportunities, play the roles that she wants to play and opening doors. Kim So Hyun further dreams of playing short and independent films that will further her acting career. 5. One of her popular dramas, the long awaited second season of Love Alarm will air soon Fans will be excited to know that Love Alarm Season 2 will premiere in the month of August 2020. It tells a story about a Love Alarm App that rings when someone who loves you are within a ten-meter radius. Fans definitely love Kim So Hyun in this drama and it will definitely be worth a watch.
  5. Before Love Alarm ,she shared this video on ig. Then the official announcument came. I hope her today's post is a sign Love Alarm will be airing in 2021.
  6. Sohyun ig uptade. Is she trying to tell us something :)))))) Why not Hong Chun Gi’s mother once prayed to the heavens to send a suitor down for her daughter to marry, and one day when a strikingly beautiful young man falls from the sky right in front of her, she believes he’s been sent from the heavens just for her. ( mydramalist )
  7. I read a lot of Taeso story ( am still reading ) and ı really believe they are dating :))))
  8. I just laugh at those comments . There is an another article about the prettiest actresses of Korea. Sohyun 's name always mentioned 10 of the prettiest Korean actresses of all time fans choose all over the world. Check if your idol actress is on the list below!4. Kim So Hyun And about saeguk. İsn't one of her nicknames a Saeguk fairy ?
  9. Today July 1. And ı really believed there will be an official announcement about her next project . But there is only rumors :))))