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  1. Hi to all kind-hearted and dedicated fans that keep posting some articles and pictures here. It keeps our forum alive and moving. But I want to ask for some help here to keep our forum easy and happy to read too. for articles and etc please post something that related to Kim So Hyun only and put the link if you want, (plus it will generate more for feed to the source itself) Please do not put the whole page of the website here. For example, if the article mentioned a list of good drama to binge-watching or whatnot, please put her content only while putting others in title only. for pictures In one post, just post at least only 3 pictures and put the others hidden (see the eye symbol up there?) I love all of you and your efforts to keep this forum active. My thank you is not enough to thank all of you but these simple requests really needed to be complying in order to keep all readers in this forum comfortable to keep scrolling and can reading the posts properly instead of right now, need to skip some. Thank you so much. Love as always.
  2. It is another internet forum that work most likely fan cafe.. So people/fans/haters might drop any info, news or gossip there..
  3. From her dc.. It is still unfounded rumors and hope all the best for the casting team
  4. Heard rumor that Sohyun will take new project after LA2 shooting ended, which is SBS drama Hong Chun Gi, partner with Ahn Hyo Seob.. What's say you?
  5. Maybe new contract binded between Netflix with the others company. But rest assured.. The new production house still collaborate with Studio Dragon...
  6. Either way, both dramas sound good and I'm really can't wait to hear any casting news soon. Hopefully she will do drama or movie this year too.. Congratulations
  7. Hong Chun Gi (a novel) is about famous woman painter in saeguk era and the novel and the script was written by the same scriptwriter of the moon that embracing the sun and sungkyunkwan scandal. Both dramas were famous and hit.
  8. Same here.. With solid writer and solid director, I hope she will be FL in Hong Chun Gi..but will she doing sageuk drama back to back? I didn't read the webtoon, but I do read tons of comment saying this webtoon very dull and no plot driven - so, I don't know if this is the best for Sohyun..
  9. Jang Dong Yoon mentioned Sohyun in his recent interview about giving Sohyun list of delicious restaurants to eat
  10. Yeay for the magazine spread! Can't Wait to see the full pictures and interview too...
  11. So,it is confirmed that our Sohyun will attend SMA not as MC but as presenter only.. At least it better than nothing..
  12. Been following her for years and I believe this is normal (for her)... Once she's in hiatus, we rarely has any update of her even from her IG. I hope you can bare it for awhile it is drought. Yes, it is.. Everyone missing her and you're not alone.. She's enjoy living in her quiet space and this is usual her.. She's not into exposing her daily life routines/activities and i think now she is in her resting mode before immerse into Jojo's character.. So, i just hope we can meet her again after her mc-ing at SMA (hopefully) done. But if not, it's okay... Just meet her again in her next projects.
  13. One and only, she's Kim So Hyun The link for her variety show Because This Is My First Twenty is below with the total 12 episodes. Please give her full support... HER HANDWRITTEN LETTER TO FANS IN CELEBRATION OF HER 10TH DEBUT ANNIVERSARY SHE EVEN TRANSLATED THE MESSAGE INTO THREE LANGUAGES INCLUDING HANGUL, CHINESE, AND ENGLISH! Below is the English translation. 감사하고 사랑합니다♥ 지금에 안주하면 더 성장할 수 없다는 말씀처럼 항상 초심을 잃지 않고 배우는 사람이 되겠습니다. Thanks and love! Just like the saying, if we settle now, we will never grow. I will hold on to my focus and keep learning. To all my wonderful fans♥️ You have no idea how happy I was when I woke up this morning! Thank you so much for all your congratulations on my 10th debut anniversary. After thinking long and hard about how to express ten years worth of gratitude, I ended up writing this letter. I hope you like it! Anyway, when I think back to when I was ten years old, shooting Korean Ghost Stories and Child Let's Go to the Green Mountain. I remember how exciting the set was and how everything was just so much fun. Now that I have grown up in body and in mind, I realize how much of a lucky person I've been. Just being able to do what I love is fantastic enough, but to be able to do it surrounded by such great people and with the support of such wonderful fans is amazing and makes me so thankful! But I've only just begun! From twenty until I'm thirty or forty, I promise to keep doing my best! I wish nothing but happiness for those of you that love and support me and are with me on this journey♥ From now on I will make every effort to become an actress and person that you can be proud of. Anyway, I'll finish here by wishing you all the very best! Be careful of the hot weather and have a great day♥ 2018.08.07 OUR LOVE Name: Kim So Hyun; 김소현 Birthdate: June 4th, 1999 HERS II Instagram II Twitter II Weibo II V LIVE Channel II CURRENT AGENCY: E & T STORY ENTERTAINMENT Contact/media information: ent_qna@ientstory.com II Instagram II Naver II Main Website II Japan's Website 안녕하세요 E&T Story입니다.소현배우의 활동 영역이 점점 넓어짐에 따라 요즘 해외 각국에서도 많은 문의들을 보내주고 계신데요, 더욱 정확하고 공정성 있는 답변을 드리고자 문의 메일을 별로도 개설했습니다.앞으로 서포트 포함 문의들은 ent_qna@ientstory.com 으로 보내주시기 바랍니다. 감사합니다.---------------------------------------Hello, This is E&T Story ent.Recently, So-hyun's work spectrum became broader and we have been receiving many enquiries from the fans around the world. In order to give fair and accurate answers to all the questions, we have made separate email account ent_qna@ientstory.comPlease send all your enquiries to this email address. Thank you.---------------------------------------こんにちは。E&T Story entでございます。ソヒョンさんの活動領域がますます広がることにより、最近、海外からたくさんの問い合わせをいただいていますが、より正確かつ公正性のある回答をするため、問い合わせのメールを開設いたしました。これからサポートの問い合わせを含む問い合わせは ent_qna@ientstory.com まで願い致します。---------------------------------------大家好,这里是 E&T Story。首先真诚感谢支持金所泫的每一位粉丝,现在向各位告知问题咨询及礼物应援的规定。请各位粉丝们阅读以下内容并予以配合。随着金所泫的演艺活动领域不断扩大,最近有很多海外各地的粉丝来询问演员活动相关的问题。为了给大家提供准确、具有可信度的答复,我们特开设了咨询邮箱。关于艺人活动及礼物应援方法等内容的咨询,请发送邮件至 ent_qna@ientstory.com。再次感谢大家对金所泫的支持和喜爱!以后也请多多关注金所泫。谢谢 SUPPORTERS II (South Korea) STAND BY [Instagram] [Fan Cafe] [Youtube] [Twitter] DC Inside II II (Arab) ArabSohyun [Twitter] II II (China) kimsohyunbling [Instagram] II II (Hong Kong) ksh.hk [Instagram] [Facebook] II II (Indonesia) Stay Fine [Instagram] [Twitter] [Youtube] II II (Japan) kimsohyun_japan [Twitter] II II (Macau) ksh.macau [Instagram] II II (Malaysia) kimsohyun_my [Instagram] [Twitter] [Youtube] II II (Myanmar) StandByKimSoHyun_Myanmar [Facebook] II II (Philippines) Kim So Hyun Philippines [Instagram] [Twitter] [Facebook] II II (Taiwan) KSHTaiwan [Twitter] [Facebook] II II (Thailand) kimsohyunTH [Twitter] [Facebook] [Youtube]II II (Vietnam) Raining Land - KSHYUNVN [Instagram] [Youtube] [Facebook] II MORE HERS II Wikipedia II Naver II Daum II AsianWiki II