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  1. I'm in doubt too.. It took me 4 days either to post it here or not.. But no harm in guessing right? Although I hope it is 100% her..
  2. It was 4 days ago.. My guts keep saying that her with new haircut..the most possible update we can will know is during the FM this 1st June unless she's update it herself @elan1 Yup, she will sing the original Japanese song. Hope E&T will upload it
  3. Oh.. On the same day of FM, I guess Sohyun will enter the set more earlier than him. So she's gonna be start her filming by NEXT WEEK!!
  4. There is only once she's posted her ticket to the musical theater on her IG story..but I saw that her manager posted several times too..thus there's possibility she's with her too I don't know about SK, but at my country, our theater house do looks like hotel lobby in certain parts (like carpet, lighting etc), I assumed more or less they must be similar in that terms. BTW, I think this is an old picture because in SK right now, they are slowly entering Summer and the guy behind her still wearing his winter coat.. So, I guess this is just throwback selfie of her, not a recent ones.
  5. @mindstar Seeing people at the background wearing formal attire too and look like the picture is taken at the entrance/exit of the theater/hall. I think she's into watching musical theater right now thus that explains why she's dressed like that.
  6. @mindstar i have came across comments that saying Mung Bean will start filming at the end of June to early of July.. right in summer I think it started late because of the preparation of the casting, locations and customs too.. hopefully, it will be not much of live shooting. yup.. i think there will be second season of LA, i don't think they will give us only a quarter part of the webtoon.
  7. @elan1 I thought it will be much more shorter, but still I love this new look.. Isn't it is too early for her to cut her hair? Does it mean that Mung Bean Chronicles already start their shooting? Maybe they still waiting for her until her schedule is free? And there are possibilities that she will shoot Love Alarm for season 2 since the last scenes where they have stopped is still in the middle of the webtoon. If the character will give impact like her appearance in Goblin, why not?
  8. Big applause to E&T for keep fighting those illegal buyer of tickets.. Hope everything will be okay and all fans will get the tickets with the same exact price.. @Elif Ataş Thanks for keep being here..
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