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  1. I think it is depends to the partner.. Not only one side only.. Have JDY do any passionate kiss scene before?
  2. This is the comment from Drama Milk You can read her live recaps for episode 9-10 here COMMENTS This show is probably my favorite on TV right now. I love how it always keeps me guessing and manages to have fresh moments of excitement where it continues to keep the momentum of the show chugging forward. The story never drags, it is always interesting to watch but it isn’t an overwhelming watch, they know where to put their resting scenes interspersed with fast paced scenes. I love it so much. On top of that, I love how Dongju knows that Nokdu likes her! Usually the heroine is so clueless to the point of driving me insane with how stupid she is. But in this case she knows he likes her but does not want him to say it because it could complicate things with their relationship and with just moving forward because she would have to admit that she likes or lie and say that she doesn’t so it would be awkward either way and then where would they go from there? It is a scary proposition just because love is a scary thing. *sigh* Swoon, just swoon.
  3. Send love to all crew Truthfully, there is nothing we can do about the ratings... But we can buzz it through our social media platforms So, don't forget to share and promote TTON to others
  4. New still cuts: LINK here Hahahaha.. I think NokDu will use YulMu to disguise himself in front of Aeng Du!!! I wonder what DongJu reaction to that.. It's gonna be chaotic and hilarious for sure
  5. They didn't explain about that yet.. Even Hwasoo have that same question like us. I'm sure they will answered some of our questions in the next episodes. No plot hole please
  6. @elan1 In my opinion, ratings does bring a good impact to all crews but nowadays even big names can't secure the high ratings. Do you remember Ruler? It got the highest ratings compared all to the dramas in the same time slot. But does her happy? Does us happy despite of high ratings? I think nope. Her character been criticizes for being damsel in distress and become as nuisance for second female lead. Working hard may have the downfall and not bears success but the experience it is. In her recent interview in LA, she mentioned that she just want to do her best and leaves to the audience how to rate her actings because she want to stay long in the industry not for 2-3 years. Maybe TTON got low ratings but Knetz keep praising how good she's portrayed her character, how great the drama it is and even today at comments section on Naver, everyone hope the ratings keep raising.
  7. I'm not sure about the significance of that gold frog, but if I'm not mistaken, Nokdu got the gold frog in episode 1 or 2 after helping the couple that run away from the girl's father. So, Nokdu just use the gold frog to buy/ release Dong Jo from gisaeng status.
  8. Yup, TTON is just 6% with the remaining another 94% that consist all channel choices from sports, dramas, variety shows, products, singing programs, news etc Let's hope for another good ratings next week... Off to watch TTON with subtitles now...
  9. Right now, eventhough SBS does not put any dramas for the same time slot, they are airing their variey shows and we all know how much Korean love it. And last night is the new episode of Invincible Youth, they got the highest rating last night replacing Little Forest that only got around 3-4% before this. I'm glad that TTON really doing a great jobs delivering gem to us and i hope they know it .. I read some comments from Knetz that want the percentage to increase too...
  10. How about Cha Yul Mu assistant? I don't think he's just a pusher... He's quiet professional with his sword too.. And with the same candy too.. Is that possible that he brought the same candy from the Queen to Cha Yul Mu? And Nokdu cutely eating it
  11. Dear, this is the same old trope. There are many choices of drama and even now we have another 2 saeguk drama that currently airing together with TTON and why bother to watch Sohyun if she's just the same in everything. I can't help but ignored this kind of comments. Our Sohyun maybe lacking here and there but she's improving day by day. Her hardworks are shown in her works and she's never claimed she's the best. She always saying that each work brings her new experiences and thoughts. So let's grab the popcorns and don't forget to stream TTON tonight.
  12. IMHO, based on the character description.. DDJ only have one mission. To kill the King as a revenge for killing all her family and relatives so she doesn't have any more grudges.. Her mission accomplished and I think her act of crying that beautifully dropped and disappearing the swords just bring another meaning she's done and that, it is enough. Nothing to do anymore and she doesn't even care about the consequences. She even leaves her will. but yes, still no Plan B whatsover too. BTW, this is too early to judge everything and I wish that for next episodes we will have more ground of DDJ backstory.
  13. This is her posts after the casting news come to surface one by one.. Her post is really cute. She talked about the drama scripts and saying that she already read all of them /part of them and she's really excited because the story is really good and meaningful. She also likes the new characters in the drama and thanks the directors, writers and actors. Another one from her. Full article Soompi The original webtoon artist remarked, “I found the script very fun when I first read it. I could picture Nok Du and Dong Joo from the webtoon moving as portrayed by in the script the entire time while reading. It is a drama that will satisfy both readers of the original webtoon and those who are seeing [this story] for the time through the drama.” I tell you, she's very supportive and always posts her satisfaction towards each episodes and character. I hope she really enjoyed and means it She also attended the press conference and gave her presents to our main leads.
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