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  1. This is awesome. We're only on ep6 I really hope it the numbers at least triple by the end. And do you mind telling me which are the 9 others? I'm guessing the first one is The world of the married... Thank you.
  2. This is personally my fav ep to date (and I am sure I'll have other fav episodes in the future..) I laughed out loud and I also cried this episode. We praised the director, the cinematography, the acting, the audio director, the ost, the stylists, the illustrators....and this episode proved to me that the casting diector is to parise as well, and a LOT. If it wasn't obvious the second he cast the main 4 , casting Kwak Dong Yeon for this episode's cameo is P E R F E C T ! So much that I wish he was permanent cast because he is just brilliant! His story is so sad I found myself crying during his
  3. OMG, I kneeeew it!!!! I felt the recemblence from the previews but didn't confirm it. I love KDY. He is super charming and he has the type of face features I love ( features that are perfect for evil or naughty characters but when he plays a softy it's heartthrobbing... ) His character here seems to be naughty and he is probably one of the patients of Ok Hospital...from my memory of the previews, MY seem to have helped him escape to sabotage his politician dad's campaign or something....If so, it's going to be hilarious! Can't wait !
  4. Me tooooo omg, I would love to see his strog facade crumble at least for one impactful emotional scene. He is being too selfless here (okay I know we're only at ep2 lol) But no matter how selfless and pure he is...there must be times where he just looses it right ? otherwise he is not human. From @stroppyse beautiful translations of the character descriptions (and thank you from the bottom of my heat for them @stroppyse , they are beautifully written and I bet your translation gave them justice.) You can feel that KT indeed has a bit of a dark side ( and rightfully so.. I even think that he ra
  5. I just finished ep1. The chemistry in their first encounter was amazing. Then in the last scene...wow...Phenomenal. Both such eye candies and I love the close ups. This is a veeeeery good start. Can't wait for this drama and this couple to become a HIT.
  6. ^ OMG ! Okay, but this is good news. I actually haven't watched Jealousy Incarnate, but what I do remember, is sutumbling upon one of the kissing scenes on Youtube and as a fan of JJS I just had to check it out lol ... and literally literally what I remember thinking is : " Wow, this director is really good...this is such an artistic way of filming a kiss! " because he used a shots from behind a rainy window...so basically you would see the leads kissing as if you were eavesdroping, seing the action ( a lot of action actually ) but sometimes without seing all the details of the kiss because of
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