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  1. Hi Chinguus! does anybody know the name of the classical music at te ending scene of ep 3? I feel like I heard it somewhere else, it might be an arrangement of a famous piece for the drama so if anybody knows the original one I'll be so thankful!!!!! It was so beautiful and fitted so well with the beautiful scenery and scene! I'm shooketh!
  2. Hi chingus! I've been lurcking here but guuuurl I can't contain how much satisfactory last episode's eding was to me. So here I am. Sunny will have to performe the role of her life in front of those reality tv cameras and take those fake *astards down using their own game. It's going to be hilarious and I can't wait!!! To be truthful this drama has many flaws, some things are just flat out ridiculous and unbelievable but somehow even those things add to its charm. It's such a wild ride, I'm not sure any of us know for sure what's coming next, I mean even if it's a trope fest it manages to be quite unique. And hands down to all women in this drama, even Ari managed to surprise me!!! what an interesting little witch xD
  3. It went from a too innocent disappointing closed and pressed mouths peck to AN ACTUAL REAL DAMN GOOD KISS! YAAAAAAY!!!!! I actually knew it from the preview! EW's look and eyes and position looked like he already kissed her once and was going for a second kiss and usually first kisses are meeh and second ones are awesome!
  4. I loved Park Fun Bin's portrayal of her character in AOY and I'm happy to see her paired with one of my favs. I have a crush on Choi Daniel since "Babyfaced Beauty", so seing him in this drama, without glasses and with facial hair is making me all hot and bothered...That 6th sens plot twist was amazing! I actually love it! It will make the leads dynamic so special...she is the only one that can see and touch him (for now) ...gaaah gimme aaalll the love and angst asap! If people recently were able to ship a robot and a girl (in Are you human?) there is no stopping me from shipping a goddabmnhot ghost and a girl xD
  5. @kodomonojikan omg what the hell is that!!!! I laughed out loud at the gif!!!! thank you! you made mi night xD I honestly didn't know these kind of kisses still existed in drama world, it's so outdated lmao. I could accept it of it was a 2005 drama but this 2018!!!! like COME ON! Even of the guy is younger and is an idol, how could the actress actually kiss him that way? There are plenty of ways to give an innocent peck, without outraging the obsessive fangirls of the idol. Honestly, I'd be pissed so much if MR and KS exchange such a dumb "pressing of shut mouths" or whatever the hell you call this! I know EW is popular and this is his first romance, and SH is older than him, but it's called acting forks, omg somebody tell the obsessive fangirls that their Oppas are probably dating and doing more than dead fish eyes pecks in RL with their lucky Girlfriends!!! They should at least act properly and deliver the emotions onscreen for god's sake!!!! EW!!! I trust you!!! SH I trust you!!! Please deliver!!!! I'm here for proper heartthrubing exchanges between KS and MR! As they did so well until now, with the rain scene being such a heart fluttering moment and the emotions being delivered amazingly...I really believe they will kiss properly. I do not expect a French kiss... Seing how actually innocent and awkward they are still.... but I Keep hope that we'll have a sweet innocent kiss by the end of the drama. *let's pray together* lol
  6. How he protected er from the rain!!!!! How she pushed the umbrella his way to protect him too!!!! Her soft voice and how in every line you feel her hesitation!!!!! The way he grabbed her hand to make her come closer!!!!!!!! How they stayed in that position throughout the whole conversation!!!!!!! The way these particular lines were delivered by EW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That deep soft voice of his and that intonation!!!!!!!!!! Especially THAT last question!!!!! "From the very start ... I can't be the one, is that right?"!!!!!!!!!MY HEAAAART!!!!!!!! I died, and then my heart broke into million pieces!!!!! Honestly, I haven't seen a heartbreaking romantic scene done well in a whiiiiiiiile! And both EW and SH are slaying their roles. Like WOW!
  7. Guys! I think KS dyed his hair grey because he's modeling for that funny bald guy who is also a hair saloon owner!!! He promised to pay him well and KS still has his business card and looked at it when he felt jealous about WY paying for the screen baseball night out. Also it is a smart way from the writers to pay a little homage to the webtoon without it being permanent. So chill xD Euh Woo's gorgeous black hair will probably make a comeback very soon.
  8. Hi! *screams* JUNG KYOUNG HO IS SUCH AN AMAZING ACTOR!!!!! Sorry I just needed to get that out of my chest. Bye!
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