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  1. Based on google translate , it says that she is from International Marriage Office and will arrange fake passport for Father Haeil She could be an ex-NIS like Haeil.
  2. From the HT it seems like they already or maybe finishing it today. Another article about the surpassing the ratings : (KNG focused) #KimNamGil's #TheFieryPriest surpassed 20 % ratings...popularity is also skyrocketing. If you really searched the hashtag: https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/우주최강배우/
  3. Now South Korea invented a pun dedicated to their Cherry blossoms, how could they DVD Survey, I participated hoping there will be subs in english
  4. I still hope Father Han is not going to die. The writer just want to amp the anticipation before the resolution this week. Also in kdrama land, even a person whacked and shot in the head survives. Father Han can be in a state of coma. Referring to Detective Seo's injury.
  5. Wigs can do wonder in this drama, it can make you sassy awful bob haired villain or curse you to doom
  6. Now the truck of doom has a replacement. Those clown wigs are the culprits (no offence to clowns), they are cursed in kdramas from now on. This is a week of agonizing for the finale. BRB
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