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  1. I think the mission is not yet complete cause even though we all know that YS is falling for dan she still hasn’t acknowledge it so officially she still don’t know how to love yet.
  2. Any other live stream sites? Can’t seem to watch it on the aqstream site, keep on loading.
  3. I think my favorite scene of all for ep 21 was when ED told hello that she likes sunny more than her hahahahahha it was hilarious when both ED and sunny look at each other i love the comedy scenes of this drama, t’was fun watching ED and hyuk being comedic drama aside.
  4. To everyone in this forum, thank you very much for the short yet wonderful journey together! For the live recaps and different views and opinions, thank you! To the staff, crew, and cast of Encounter/Boyfriend, thank you for the epic drama of 2018/2019 it was a fun ride. Tonight’s episode will be the last episode and we all know it will be a happy ending regardless of all the hardships our otp experienced still at the end it will be the two of them. It was a roller coaster experience with JH and SH and I’m glad i was a part of it. Thank you to everyone hopefully this won’t be the last we’ll see hye kyo and bogum in a drama together.
  5. Ahmm is there other links for live stream later? Aside from aqstream and tvn website?
  6. Omg i fast forward whenever its sunny and woobin screen time hahahahahaha also wishing for the best to both sunny and the emperor. I have the feeling that hyuk’s gonna die trying to protect sunny. Anyway, maybe in a different world the emperor and sunny are living happily together. I honestly want sunny not to end up with anyone, want to see her as a stong empress who could lead the nation by her own. I feel like the emperor and woobin are gonna die.
  7. Can they like extend the series please? Hahahaha I don’t want the ending to be rushed tbh.
  8. Still not loving JH’s mom (find her irritating as hell). I do understand SH’s decision though cause in typical asian family, the family’s view is very important especially when it comes to mothers opinion but despite understanding SH I was still hoping for her to fight for the relationship (would be lying if i say I wasn’t disappointed). A part of me was hoping for JH to distance himself from everything and to move on (just so he could prove to everyone that he’s capable of being SOMEONE in society) but I understand we only have 2 episodes left. Anyway, it’s safe to say that we will have a happy ever after.
  9. This is something I don’t understand, saw a lot of kdramas that has the same issues with funding for political campaign. Is sponsoring for a politician not allowed in korea? In my country, anyone can sponsor the running politician as long as the amount sponsored/anything sponsored is documented.
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