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  1. I love how do hwa will finally get the girl. Hahahaha i mean nam ju looks fine but I’m so tired watching drama where bad boy gets the girl kind of plot.
  2. Never been so frustrated for a kdrama before until now. I feel like the story is going on circles, it’s annoying. I’ll just wait till the whole series ends or just read for recaps. I can’t with it
  3. Can someone clarify this to me? MW said before that it was YW’s parents or mum who rescued her that’s why she treats YW as his brother so I don’t understand the scene where past CS saved MW.
  4. Am i the only one who doesn’t like lee jang woo as the male lead? I always find his acting annoying, can’t seem to relate. But the others though are outstanding.
  5. I still don’t understand why they are so afraid of suk hee. I think it was on ep 1 at the dining table where all of them stand up when suk hee entered and when the youngest brother didn’t heard suk hee talking cause he had his ear phones on their dad yanked the phone. It is like they despised her but they still need to respect her. And I’m honestly confused on their family structure except for the youngest brother cause he’s origin was pretty obvious with the actress mom. Is suk hee the only one who can inherit everything based on stocks because of her grandpa?
  6. I really think man weol’s reason why she’s still there is related to yeon woo (was it the guy’s name?) the other friend. I feel like the lieutenant wasn’t the real love interest. I really want to know her past and how KCH is related.
  7. I think the mission is not yet complete cause even though we all know that YS is falling for dan she still hasn’t acknowledge it so officially she still don’t know how to love yet.
  8. Any other live stream sites? Can’t seem to watch it on the aqstream site, keep on loading.
  9. I think my favorite scene of all for ep 21 was when ED told hello that she likes sunny more than her hahahahahha it was hilarious when both ED and sunny look at each other i love the comedy scenes of this drama, t’was fun watching ED and hyuk being comedic drama aside.
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