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  1. Pediatric Surgery is a sub-specialty of General Surgery, so technically Dr. Jang is considered to be JW’s resident.
  2. Anyone catch on to what LMH said? He said they’re still filming part 1 so does that mean there’s a season 2?
  3. So i have a dilemma here; if we get a happy ending, do you think JTE would willing to risk leaving her life in ROK to be a queen in KOC? And if not, would LG willing to sacrifice himself as a king and live in ROK? I reckon that it would be hard for both of them to constantly travel from one world to the other. Hahahahahaha. I’m just thinking in advance lol.
  4. It’s not everyday that I get to be attached to a drama, only a few of it and Hi Bye Mama definitely is now a part of that few series. As much as I love this drama, I don’t think I would rewatch it again just because I would be reminded of the hurt and bittersweet of this drama, from the very first episode till the end I’ve been crying (that’s how much I’m invested to this) but I will certainly recommend this drama to others. All the cast is so precious, I love each and everyone of them. To everyone involved with this series, THANK YOU. Thank you for giving us such a wonderful drama. And to everyone in this forum, thank you for sharing all your thoughts. It was a nice journey with all of you.
  6. I actually like the first few episodes especially the cinematography but after awhile just like you I started to not understand the story, it felt shallow honestly. Felt like because the writer is trying so hard to make the drama deep, it felt shallow along the way. And cutting the drama into 12 episodes wouldn’t help expound the story either.
  7. One thing I’m bothered though is to why they didn’t let SW know about YR? I understand that they want to move on but isn’t it SW’s right to at least know who her biological mother is? She’s a kid and maybe wouldn’t understand the whole thing, but the fact that they didn’t even bother to at least say a little bit about YR baffles me. GW prolly is too busy with work and moving on (trying) but it would have been nice if MJ could at least tell SW that her “real” mom is already on heaven, even just that small line just acknowledging that YR did exist you know...
  8. Will there be a season 2 or will they end it next week? Cause if next week will be the last then what about the other ghosts? I felt bad for the family actually, what they did to SW was amazing but they just left so abruptly. And what about YR wanting to live again? Are they just gonna fast tracked everything? Hopefully not cause there are a lot of unresolved things. Plus I want YR to live as well cause her dying again would be too much for everyone especially her mom! It’ll be bad for everyone’s mental health (same with the viewers! Lol) i just wish they will give everyone’s story justice and give YR her life back (be it with GW or not). and as much as i love this drama, i feel so bad for Kim Taehee! She’s freaking beautiful but there’s no episode that she wasn’t crying! Hahahahaha give her a break directornim
  9. Have you notice their promotional pictures as well? JWon and SH seems to have this subtle look with each other all the time whenever they’re not close together.
  10. I feel so bad for the besties, minjeong love her unnies so much that she’ll feel betrayed. I can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode even though i know that it’ll be a tearjerker again. Right now, I couldn’t care less about GH hahahaha i just want my three besties to be friends again and YR to remain alive
  11. It’s just amazing how humble and simple the parents are! They’re all like chaebols and executives but they didn’t fit to the usual conglomerate type of parents and i love it. Just proves how unique and wonderful this drama is.
  12. Same! You’re not the only one . I feel like only a handful of us actually ships them and that’s sad. Hahahahha i just want chilbong (lol) to have the girl this time.
  13. I agree with you. Surgery is not for faint hearted or slow poke people. My sister is a surgeon, and she told us from the very beginning how it is a warzone for them especially for female surgeons (In real life there is really discrimination for female surgeons, that’s why mostly men are surgeons) You have to be tough to be in the surgery department. That’s why I wasn’t impressed with Dr. Jang’s performance as a doctor as well, her representation is just to out of reality for me (I get that it’s a drama) but anyways hopefully her character would grow.
  14. I laughed so hard with SH dancing scene! Hahahahahahaha she’s just amazing, I can’t even LOL. anyways, am i the only one wishing that JWon and SH wouldn’t end up with either residents? Hahahaha I just want them to end up together or with someone outside the hospital.