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  1. Anyone saw Song Ji hyo's "listen to love" ??? I think that's the only cheating series that I wasn't so pissed off by the cheating person. It was more realistic why she cheated compared to this drama and even VIP.
  2. Am I the only here hoping that SB will go back to his original body? I just think it's unfair for him and SY. SB is clearly a guy with a straight guy's feelings, he was clearly disappointed that it was not HY but instead the king who he slept with. It's unfair if he would eventually just settle as the queen because he doesn't have a choice. And SY as well, it'll be nice if she can finally live a happy life with the king.
  3. I think he was supposed to cut hwan’s cord but the father cut his rope to save hwan. That’s why I’m confused as to why jin only felt guilty to his father when in the first place he planned to cut his younger brother’s rope lmao. He should feel guilty to both.
  4. I’m confused . Will JG have a romantic line with her mom? Lmao. TY is SY right, she just changed her name since she decided to stay in the past and that woman in the end was TY as well before the whole pregnant (year 1992) thing. MH was JG (joowon’s) dad right? HAHAHAHAHA I’m honestly confused as to where this drama is headed but I’m definitely intrigued! someone please enlighten me with the relationship lines, it’s definitely confusing.
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