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  1. 2019 Korea Drama Awards Announces Nominees On September 27, the 2019 Korea Drama Awards revealed the actors who have been nominated for awards at this year’s ceremony. Check out the nominees below: Grand Excellence Award (Daesang): Yeom Jung Ah (“SKY Castle”) Choi Soo Jong (“My Only One“) Kim Hae Sook (“Mother of Mine”) Jo Jung Suk (“Nokdu Flower”) Best Drama Award: “Mother of Mine” (KBS) “SKY Castle” (JTBC) “The Fiery Priest” (SBS) “Doctor Prisoner” (KBS) Best Script Award: Jo Jung Sun (“Mother of Mine”) Yoo Hyun Mi (“SKY Castle”) Park Jae Bum (“The Fiery Priest”) Park Gye Ok (“Doctor Prisoner”) Best New Actress Award: Na Hye Mi (“Home for Summer”) Kim Ha Kyung (“Mother of Mine”) Kwon Nara (“Doctor Prisoner”) Shin Hyun Bin (“Confession”) The 2019 Korea Drama Awards will be hosted by TV personality Jo Woo Jong and announcer Gong Seo Young. It is scheduled to take place on October 2. Credits: https://www.soompi.com/article/1355335wpp/2019-korea-drama-awards-announces-nominees --------------------------------------------------------------------- I don't agree with some names in this list, but for sure Kim Hae Sook deserves a Daesang.
  2. I think Chairman Han will die, it’s not just my wish but It’s because he seems in pain, I think he will have a heart attack.
  3. I was expecting this. They drag the information so much, that is no way he would discover and just say - Ah, okay, let’s move on.
  4. Even TJ was kinda of sad because her. It’s not because the secret, of course. I think he wanted she in the place of his mom in his marriage, not Chairman’s wife. @angelwingssf I’m curious too.
  5. Yeah, I also liked this episode. The last week episodes was too draggy, no surprise or plot twist, but in this we have dynamism. I love the girls and the hug scenes. Well, MR is really going to do the same thing that TJ did. And now because of all situation in his family , this secret is a HUGE. And I gave up to understand IS.
  6. Hong Jong Hyun for W Korea Source: http://www.wkorea.com/2019/06/29/서늘한-얼굴-뒤에/ Video
  7. The ratings are really better. “Mother Of Mine” Ratings Soar To New All-Time High KBS 2TV’s “Mother of Mine” has broken its own viewership record once again! On June 23, the hit weekend drama achieved its highest ratings yet. According to Nielsen Korea, the latest broadcast of the drama scored average nationwide ratings of 26.4 percent and 33.6 percent for the night. https://www.soompi.com/article/1334189wpp/mother-of-mine-ratings-soar-to-new-all-time-high
  8. After Mi Ri test, I believe in this too. The order for IS give up her daughter was a test that she failed.
  9. I was wondering if TJ had any problems with his stepmom in the US. He was in the US and returned to Korea without telling anyone and he doesn't seem to like her either. I am just speculating since she will appear soon.
  10. Hong Jong Hyun received a coffee truck support from Kim Nam Gil. P.s. I had no idea they were close, but I loved it. I think they became close because they are under the same management company now.
  11. I’m curious too. I see some videos from today’s episode and He was cold.What happened? Or What will happen? - Well, I hadn’t seen their last scene. At this point, I'm very worried about her ankle.
  12. It's not just you, and I hate the way he treats Mi Ri and In Sook. He is really sexist and sometimes, creepy.
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