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  1. @razielaWell, it will be more interesting. Do you realize Sa Bin never really met Sang Ah? She never knew who Soohyuk's ex-fiancée was. So many plot holes
  2. @raziela Maybe, He would still be a prosecutor, it has His plague too. I think in this final The three would work together, cause the plagues.
  3. I already watched it’s amazing, one of my favorites, but I don’t think is similar Born Again. But it is a must to watch, it is a really amazing love history and the script is so great!!
  4. JSY - Born Again JKY - Go Back Couple LSH - Sweet Stranger and me
  5. This thread is still alive because the frustration is kinda of funny. We are all unite in the hate. Well, poor writer! The script always had some problems, but it was really entertaining and interesting until episode 10, KBS messed up everything.
  6. This explain a lot. I will stop to blame this poor writer.
  7. She and her staff are really more active than the guys. She has a Twitter too and she is gonna do a live in V app today. To see some photos of them, we need to look for their staff (kinda of discover who is their staff ) or wait for their agency
  8. The same photos I already posted and a video. And maybe JKY will do another drama before enlistment. I wish him the best and a better script.
  9. I heard the SH/SB always had more supporters, including in Korea. If they did this They not just ruined the loveline, but all the storyline. Because all became a messy.
  10. I don’t think They had one. Dramas are not doing the after party because Covid.
  11. So guys, I watched the last 3 scenes with subtitles. And after the bookstore scene said - Epilogue - Sacrifice (the hospital scene) So, we can interpreted that he died. Total a open ending, but not a better ending.
  12. BTW, I love The King in love! My profile picture is Rin and San. It has some flaws, but nothing compares to the mess that was Born Again HAAHAHAHAHHAHAH The male leads there are friends. And the FL never said I love you for any, because She admires their friendship. The friendship there is way more important the love.