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  1. Was there a new episode today? I can't find it anywhere yet! Usually at this time it would have been posted.
  2. I was waking up early in the morning to watch streaming directly from S. Korea, but I will do that NO more! This drama has become a joke!
  3. OMG, 3 more weeks of nonsense??? The writer will invent a bunch of silly issues in order to extend to another week! The leading couple will suffer for a lot longer.
  4. I think no dramas will be shown on KBS2 today. There is a baseball game going on! Too bad, I really am enjoying the tale of nokdu!
  5. At the end scene today, what did the doctor say about JW that the mother and wife were so shocked? How about the secretary?
  6. @triplem, I didn't understand what you said, preview in 2nd slide, BR got involved in the accident as well, who's is BR?
  7. I was really shocked at JH being worried about having the secrets of the family aired in public instead of helping her son. What kind of mother is she? How ridiculous was the end scene, with KI and YW sitting side by side? Now we are going to get the noble idiocy with the main leads for 9 episodes and a rush ending in the last episode. Dumb SH being manipulated by MR to feel sorry/responsible for KI and DS. Even YW who seemed so smart, is starting to dumb down. It is getting to be super frustrating to watch this drama.
  8. I am tired, too, actually exhausted watching this. This drama should have ended long time ago but because there are 100 episodes, the writer has to come up with sillier and sillier things each time a problem is solved. So now everyone knows that YW is the real heir, KI is still living in the house like nothing has happened. He and SW still share a room, yes, we see 2 beds, but does that make any sense? He tried to kill YW and caused him a lot of harm and SW still shares a bedroom with him??? He has done unspeakable things to YW and the family continues accepting him living with them. This is NUTS. Only in K-drama land!
  9. After watching the preview, does JH know who CA is? His brother’s letter mentioned he was happy with a girl on his last day but did not mention who she was. How does he go to her little place in the preview?
  10. Is VIKI having issues now? I was logged out and I cannot log back in on safari. Even on Chrome, I got logged in but when I try to play the episode of the drama, it logs me out again.
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