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  1. Do you mean 50 more episodes? I thought it was 120 episodes. That's what it shows on the first page.
  2. Hello fellow soompiers, I have never enjoyed a daily k-drama as much as I have enjoyed this one. Our otp's ship is finally sailing and they are so cute. I am loving this show!
  3. Is the OTP a couple in real life? It is their 4th drama together, isn't it? That's pretty unusual.
  4. There was no episode 54. In the live link, there was a black screen with words which I could not read since of course it was in Korean. I wonder what happened!
  5. What is that brown thing that ED is wearing outside her shirt? It is so ugly and makes her look so unattractive!
  6. Hello fellow soompiers, I have started to get interested in this drama and I missed a lot from the beginning. So, the chairman got the heart of ED's dad. So where did TI's dad get his heart from? Thank you for your answer!
  7. I watched the show live this morning, and I was so confused. TE is in LG's world and then all of a sudden she's back to her world? The writer made such a big deal about crossing the worlds and now she's back? How was she able to go back?
  8. I absolutely loved the first episode, I was already moved by it! I like both leading actors very much, I am so happy they were paired together.