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  1. Wow, that was quite an episode! SJK's acting was really amazing! What do you think it's going to happen? Since there are still 4 episodes left, the psycho guy is not going to die yet. Any guesses for episode 17?
  2. Hello, I am new on this thread but a longtime soompier. Could someone explain to me the ending of today's episode? What was with the bloody bucket and the burnt stuff? Thank you!
  3. I skipped a lot of the episodes. Could someone tell me why is the cross-dresser being beaten up by the bad guys? I understand that BR's biological dad wants the business but why is the cross-dresser pretending to be a woman in the first place? Thank you for your answer!
  4. In which episode did you find out that the emperor planned the kidnapping of WX? I thought he had been unconscious for a while!
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