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  1. I skipped a lot of the episodes. Could someone tell me why is the cross-dresser being beaten up by the bad guys? I understand that BR's biological dad wants the business but why is the cross-dresser pretending to be a woman in the first place? Thank you for your answer!
  2. In which episode did you find out that the emperor planned the kidnapping of WX? I thought he had been unconscious for a while!
  3. I was not part of the discussions here, but as a soompier, I wanted to come to this thread to say that I LOVED this drama! For me it is the best drama of 2020. It never disappointed me (except that I adored the second lead) but I knew who the main leading couple was from the beginning. I thought it was very inspiring about to really follow your dream and not to be afraid to take risks! The last episode was excellent, it was so moving. I cried a lot especially the scenes between JP and the grandma and the 3 guys saying goodbye to their old place. Such a great and motivating show! It has been su
  4. In the preview for episode 53, who is the little boy that SJ sees when he's driving? Thank you for your answer!
  5. Watch episodes 45 and 46 on youtube and you will find your answer! But there are still 2 more episodes left. I wonder how it's going to end?
  6. So do you think that at the end of this drama the queen and Derang will not be together? That's usually how most Chinese historic dramas end, in a heartbreak! You are exactly right! He manipulated and separated them both and found happiness for himself!
  7. This is by far my favorite Chinese drama! I absolutely LOVED it! The acting was perfect and the leading couple had such incredible chemistry that I became a fan of both actors! I will be looking forward to their future dramas. Bai Lu is in "Jiu Liu Overlord" but the leading actor there is NOT at the level of Luo Yun Xi. I remember in 2013-2014, the Korean drama "You Who came From The Stars" was such a success in China and the minister of culture said at the time that he couldn't see why the Chinese would not be able to make a drama like that. For me, finally, this was it! This drama was the on
  8. I just watched this drama! It is a complete home run! Amazing first episode, it made me cry and also very curious of what's going to happen next! I REALLY like the 2nd lead and his looks! The story was so interesting and the relationship with the grandma was very moving! Finally after a dry period of very uninteresting and depressing k-dramas, this one is shining like a bright star! I am on for the ride! Great job TVN and Netflix!
  9. I came to this thread to see what other soompiers were thinking and I agree 100% with you. That kidnapper, no matter what the reason is, knows exactly what she has done and who the real mother is and stole a defenseless, little girl, which is absolutely inexcusable and unforgivable. Now, she has met the real mother and still refuses to tell the main female lead the truth. She is despicable!
  10. Hello fellow soompiers, I am loving this drama! The camera absolutely loves PBG, he looks spectacular in this show, he's actually looking better and better every year! I am so glad it is on Netflix and that I am able to watch him on HD.
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