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  1. Sorry to cut your original post. To be honest, I tried to move on and watch a new drama. I found myself liking a new drama's first two episodes but couldn't bring myself to continue watching just yet. My heart is still with JinSoo and to cope I'm just watching a variety with lots of coffee and toast to distract myself from missing Encounter too much. After the drama ended I had so much in my heart to say about this very beautiful love story. But I let the moment passed by and couldn't write any of the emotions that overwhelmed me. I am thoroughly grateful to everyone in this thread especially to @bebebisous33 for all the amazing deep analysis of Encounter even linking it with classic literature. Thank you so much.
  2. Sorry for cutting your original post. I think mostly everyone feels the same way. And the only reason we're not hating on SH was because we know why exactly she's breaking up with him. I understood why she had to but I myself couldn't rewatch episode 15 as well. The pain caused by the break up felt so devastatingly real. So even though Encounter ended happily, episode 14 and 15 is not in my rewatch list. I don't want to be emotionally drained again. P.S. I know someone already replied about the title of the instrumental during the playground snow scene. I couldn't remember the title though. Can someone please tell me. Thanks
  3. Sorry for cutting up your post. I don't have any idea what happened here in this forum, but I could understand your view about having different opinion doesn't mean one should be disagreeable in voicing it. It saddens me that it coloured your interest in the drama and decided not to watch anymore. I wish when the time is right, you would be moved to watch the remaining episodes. And since you loved the show before, I am hoping that the saying, "absence makes the heart grow fonder," will inspire you to open your heart again to Encounter. Just as CSH turned her back on JH in episode 15, in the end she slowly made her way back to him. I hope the same for you, too.
  4. Ten Things I hate about Encounter 1. The writer made Jin Hyuk so considerate and thoughtful to the people he loves that it would be hard to find any fault in him when he's too perfect.  2. Cha Soo Hyun almost broke up with JH just to protect him from experiencing the hardships she had gone through. You win hands down for your selfless love.  3. I hate that because I couldn't wait for the subbed version I started watching live stream and reading live recaps just to understand and make sense of what is happening. All this trouble just to watch JinSoo couple.  4. I hate that JH and SH's characters felt so relatable that when they cry, I did too. It didn't help that I was sitting in the bus on my way home and trying hard not to. 5. I hate that the mothers in this drama are shown mostly in a negative light. Chairwoman was overbearing, Mi Ok overly ambitious, while Yeon Ja crossed the line with her desire to protect her son. The only mom who was like a haven to JinSoo is Teacher Lee. It didn't hurt that Yeon Ja finally redeemed herself by admitting personally that she made a mistake, and not just apologized sincerely but with LOTS of yummy food as a peace offering. 6. I also hate that PBG and SHG's acting was so incredibly raw and heartfelt that I cried so many many tears in episode 14 and 15 that I used up a whole box of tissue. 7. I so hate break up scenes the most. Too much angst. Thankfully the playground scene made up for it. 8. I hate that this simple story managed not only to awaken my old love for reading books, appreciate poems, and most importantly to realize that to cherish what we have, no matter how simple, is what makes life special. 9. I hate that now whenever I passed by a bookstore I would always think of JinSoo. There really is no exit to Encounter. 10. And lastly, what I hate the most is that starting next week there would be no more new episodes to look forward to. Jin Hyuk-ah, Soo Hyun-ah I will miss you two very much. Your love story will always hold a special place in my heart❤ Thank you Encounter for being so meaningful and heartwarming. And thank you for this thread with everyone's lively discussion and analysis. Thank you for the live recaps. Thank you to each and everyone here. Good night.
  5. Hello. Just want to say that PBG's characterization of JH is so wonderfully sweet and special. It makes me root for his love and happiness. His acting during the breakup scenes in episode 15 felt so raw that it hurts to even rewatch it. I can't believe that despite his very young age he now has two unforgettable roles which I would always love. Taek in Reply 1988 and Jin Hyuk. I haven't watch Moonlight drawn by Clouds yet. So perhaps when the mood is right it would be on my next to watch list.
  6. Hello. I've been mostly posting in the Encounter drama thread and since the drama ended I just want to say how much I love Song Hye Kyo's acting range. The way she delivers her lines, her expressive eyes, I feel that in each character she portrays she manages to make that character her own. I love her performance as Doctor Kang Mo Yeon in DOTS, and now as Cha Soo Hyun she just made the character so relatable that I cried with her whenever she cries, most especially in episode 14. My favorite scene was when she appeared at JH's home for the first time. She didn't have a lot of lines in that scene but she and PBG made it so memorable and special. I'm not sure if this should be posted in the drama thread. Just want to say SHK is just amazing.
  7. About the time jump I'm thankful the writer took pity on us and didn't let it happen during the break up. Regarding the ending, trust me I really imagined it would end in the Cuba garden as well. Until I realized that just like in the movie Notting Hill, the playground ( it's a special bench inside a private garden in NH ) holds a special meaning for the couple. JinSoo met in the playground right after JH started working in DH hotel. It's the place SH went to when she was sad and missing him. They spent time there apart and together. So it was just befitting that when they finally reunited it was at the playground. The writer wonderfully showcased how ordinary happiness could be so special. Even the ending showed them simply walking together. Like any couple in love, doing ordinary stuff together. Cherishing the time they are together is what makes it so special. ❤ On a serious note I was anxious about the prison term as well. I read that it takes years.
  8. @NongpeeP KJH and his mom scene at the bus stop was so touching. But I was even more touched when she went to bring the side dishes to SH. So when JH gave back SH her pair of shoes, I was already crying. This time they're tears of happiness. I won't rewatch episode 15 though, it's not good for my heart. I'll just rewatch episode 16 to my heart's content. Thanks for the translations. Still waiting for subs.
  9. I love how the writer wrapped up the story. I never thought seeing a pair of shoes could have so much impact on me. My heart stopped for a second fearing that JH is letting her go but then I realized it was the opposite. I love the playground scene, it was perfect. It could have ended right there and I wouldn't have minded.
  10. @gigivillaceran I could hardly recognize MoonSnail's Dae Chan without his beard. LOL We're finally at the end, just a couple more hours to go and we can all finally see what the finale holds for us. I wanted to quote so many of you who wrote long posts about JH's actions after learning the bitter truth about his beloved mother's feelings toward SH. For some reason all the quotes I have selected did not appear after hitting the reply button. So I'll just say I agree with most of you that JH being JH is not the same as WS. He is protecting SH by showing to his mom that he's fine since Mom is unreasonably worried that he will get hurt. Since he loves both, he is doing all he can to reassure his mom that he is okay so she wouldn't put even more blame on the already traumatized SH. He already told his mom that SH makes him want to be a better man, so he will continue to be a good son. We all know that having a good communication is the key, but let's face it in real life not everyone often has a heart to heart talk with their parents. More so when you know that the parent/s felt that it's for your own good. It's like talking to a wall. So instead of words, I feel JH is using warm gestures to convey to his mom that he loves her, but he would continue to love SH in his own way. About his mom, I think most of us already voiced our thoughts quite strongly, so I'll just add that Mom thought she's doing the right thing. But doing what she thought was for the best interest of her family doesn't mean I agree with her actions. I hope she would realize that she's not going to lose her son, but instead would gain a very devoted and loyal daughter in law. Someone said it's always SH who was being pulled out of her shell. So for once, would really appreciate if she would be the one to walk out from her self enforced cage/prison/castle of guilt. It's time for her to reach out and finally take the happiness of a lifetime JH is offering to her. Sorry for writing another long post. Just want to unload the heaviness of my heart so I can finally look forward to what's in store for us in the finale. If there is any more tears left in me, I would like to shed tears of happiness this time around. Thank you everyone for the insightful posts, in depth analysis, and sharing the same love for this beautiful love story. It isn't perfect for me, but it's close enough. JH fighting!
  11. Same here. My heart feels so heavy. I'm going to watch a variety with plenty of yummy food to warm my aching heart.
  12. @autumnight I don't just need to see him smile, I would rather see him smile than cry his heart out. His sparkly smile cheer me up, whereas his crying wants me to curse the person who made him cry.
  13. Dramabeans Boyfriend episode 14 recap I've just read the recap and Lollypip's personal view. I found myself agreeing with the last part of Lollypip's thoughts . Below is the portion of said comment. This isn’t noble idiocy — it’s fear, plain and simple. Until Soo-hyun learns to get over her fear and trust Jin-hyuk when he says that she’s worth it, just herself and nothing else, this relationship will never work.
  14. This thread moves so fast. I was just away for a couple of hours and now there's already 4 pages to read.
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