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  1. @Wis dom I am merely voicing my choices based on the poll and giving my reasons behind my selection. I know and understand that the majority are more in favor of dramas that have broader or international appeal. @Nikaa94 Brought up the subject on who we want LMH to work with. I have dropped so many dramas that I thought intrigued me during the beginning, but later made me emotionally disconnected. So I am merely voicing my own personal choices and gave it a really serious thought as to why those particular writers work resonated with me.
  2. @Nikaa94 Thanks for tagging me. I've been reading excerpts of Faith just hours ago so definitely I would choose first Song Jina as the writer. Second would be Kim Eun Hee because my all time favorite is Signal. I don't know any of the actors when I watched it. I didn't even know who Kim Hye Soo is. But what truly impressed me was how the narrative was written to make the viewers immediately pulled in to the character who wasn't even in the present time line. Daebak. Unfortunately I no longer have the thirst to watch zombie themed stories so I didn't try her newest hit Kingdom. Other writers who I favor right now are the following: Im Sang Yoon "Camellia Blooms" Park Hae Young "My Mister and Another Oh Hae Young" Both are healing dramas but totally different vibe. I really loved Encounter but the writer's others works I am not familiar with so not including this writer. I must say that no matter how brilliant the script is, if the PD decides to do it his way or the production crew is having budget problems, then the result would still be a mess. PD and Writer must be on equal terms or in agreement on how to flesh out the characters and make the story engaging and intriguing to pull in the viewers. Some of the problems I have seen that made me drop the drama: 1)The plot sounds interesting on paper but came out flat upon watching. 2) A really good writer makes you care not just for the main characters but for the supporting cast as well. Which is why I voted for Camellia Blooms writer because every character was loved saved for the killer, of course. In fact I kept thinking that he was merely framed. I am adding this last paragraph to explain that this is only my personal view. I am not imposing or trying to change anyone else views. Meaning as a faithful viewer of kdramas over the years, my favorite viewing list has dwindled next to nothing. One very recently watched drama has faded into oblivion the moment it ended. And just to be clear it's not TKEM. So now my choices are more or less all about characters that speaks to me. Stories that warm my weary heart and leaves a smile on my face. It's the same with TKEM. I readily rooted for Lee Gon because of what his character had to go through at such a young age. His character already pulled me into the story.
  3. @msdot Thank you so much those english translations of the novel's excerpts are just precious. Thank you for sharing. All I need is to read a passage and my mind is immediately swept to a different time and place. Completely absorbed by the beautiful story of CY and ES.
  4. I thought I knew all the kiss scenes in TKEM. But when was that post saving kiss? Which episode was that? I thought post saving was the beheading? I'm very happy with the recent news articles posted regarding TKEM global Netflix success. Though I noticed that with Netflix as the main platform, not a word about SK Wavve was mentioned. Never mind everyone knows TKEM topped Wavve week after week.
  5. The first Reply drama Reply 1997 was a bona-fide surprise hit. Nobody expected it to be big. It clicked because the audience felt nostalgic about their own past youth. While Prison Playbook has a different vibe because the writer is different. But I really liked the story. If I could use sweets to describe above dramas to TKEM, then I'll say for me PD Shin's Reply 1988 is like custard pudding, sweet and comforting. While TKEM is, to borrow a line from Forrest Gump, "was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get". It is full of surprises and twists.
  6. It did really well in SK because of the brand. The PD is well known for his Reply series and Prison Playbook. I only love Reply 1988 and Prison Playbook. HP didn't click with me despite having 3 likeable leads. I know I felt the same way. Letting the cast and production crew finally know about the global success of TKEM via SBS news was a defining moment. Though I am still not forgiving SBS for letting all the disparaging comments about the ratings continue till the end of the broadcast.
  7. @Heilo @Nikaa94 It would be amazing to a have another season. I'm all for it. But this is a new concept in SK. And so far only Kingdom has done it. Not even that other high budget A-lister drama with all those talks of another season has yet to confirm the deal. I forgot there is another one confirmed for season two. Hospital Playlist. So now I have my hopes up. Question: Will LMH, KGE, WDH and some of the supporting cast agree to return for another season? The only actor that cannot return for sure is LJJ's character.
  8. With regards to the predicted future pairing, I have a feeling it might happen. Since IU is riding high from the continued streak of success from My Ahjussi to Hotel del Luna. Add in the fact that there aren't that many actress to choose from who are age appropriate. Though personally I would choose cutie Park Bo Young or Kim So Eun (Liar Game) if given a choice. Sadly both are quite not active as of late.
  9. I think it isn't right anymore to compare those other KES double digit hits to TKEM. I placed in spoiler in case people are already tired of reading about the ratings.
  10. LOL. Didn't see the video when I saw your post the first time. Now I saw the clip. Canola seemed like a tear jerker. While Sunset in my Hometown, I heard she intentionally gained weight for the role. Tune in Love might be my next stop or if not there is Monster with Lee Min Ki. And still haven't watch Memories of Sword.
  11. I'll try Hit and Run next then. It's supposed to be a comedy right with JJS and Gong Hyo Jin? I need something lighthearted. That Coin Locker scene gutted me. I hope KGE's cameo would be a fun one.
  12. I just finished Coin Locker Girl though I had to pause three times. One particular scene involving Park Bo Gum's character was just not for the faint of heart. It was a far cry from the roles I have seen KGE portray so far. And even in her last drama, her role as Jeong Tae Eul's doppelganger Luna still managed to be different from her Coin Locker character Il Young. After watching this film, I do wish KGE and Park Bo Gum could collaborate again in a drama or a movie. Hopefully with a much happier ending for their characters.
  13. It's the King's birthday, so I decided to rewatch a couple of episodes of the drama that first introduced me to Lee Min Ho. Unsurprisingly, just one episode in and all the fondness I felt for this drama resurfaced. The feels are still the same. Imja couple remain adorable especially in that scene where she called him "Daejang". What took me by surprise is seeing Kim Kyung Nam in two scenes in the 23rd episode. Years ago I didn't took notice of him. But now after TKEM it was funny to see him here. After rewatching the ending scene of the last episode, I now realized I am no longer upset how the ending set up was like that. But rather I now feel that after being separated from Choi Young, Eun Soo felt overcome by relief and happiness to just see him again. And Choi Young probably felt the same. After waiting for five years for her, he had remained steadfast in his belief that she will find a way to come back to him. So those unshed tears glistening in his eyes showed how deeply affected he is that she managed to return him. And this time she will stay with him forever. Imja Daejang
  14. I love this! I didn't know that I would like this pairing so much. Kim Tan-Ji EunTak is visually cute. If this an alternate version of Heirs, I will be the first one to watch this. Jung Hae In as second lead would be perfect.
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