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  1. Shin Ha Kyun should win in the best actor category. His acting is on another level.
  2. The way SSR planned her revenge is daebak! I hope tonight's episode will give us the satisfaction of seeing JDT get what he truly deserves. Can't wait to see tonight's episode.
  3. I have a question. Na In Woo is just going to be Ondal starting episode 9 onwards. Then episode 2 to 6 would still be Jisoo? Or would the production edit his face and use Na In Woo's like what they did in episode 7-8?
  4. I like how Jenny responded about Mari's job. She has gone a long way from bullying Rona and now has matured a lot.
  5. I just finished episode 9 and I don't get JW's character. He's getting on my nerves with the way he speaks to Dong Shik like he was responsible for Min Jung's death. Right now I don't just want to throw eggs at him, I want to punch him in the face. This is my first time watching Shin Ha Kyun act and his performance is really something. He is another level. And the only other actor who impressed me right now is Lee Hee Joon in Mouse.
  6. Right now he is just filled with so much guilt, and is pretty useless. I hope to see less of him for now and focus on a new character like Mari's husband. He might be entertaining to watch. Though I'm not sure if the role would be a fit for Park Ho San. I liked him in Prison Playbook but not with some of his roles after that. With season2, I find the odd episodes boring and this episode in particular snooze inducing. Maybe tomorrow's episode get more interesting since now we know Suryeon is just pretending to be someone else. And it's good that it's her, because I reall
  7. Why do I feel that exposing Jin Mook's crime is merely the tip of the iceberg? I'm so glad someone trusted Dong Shik. Really like Jae Yi and glad she wasn't harmed. Can't wait for tonight's episode.
  8. I don't like that LL's part is like a guest cameo who appears every now and then. I do like Eugene but not the way her character is written. I got bored while watching episode 7. If they could give Kang Mari more to do it would be lot interesting to watch. Too bad, she's only a supporting character. Lee Ji Ah's new character hasn't done anything yet and the twins don't know of her existence. I guess will have to wait for tonight's episode to see if she gets to do anything substantial.
  9. My bet is SJ's secretary. He already helped her once with dealing with her dad's death. With the hospital scene I still hope it's Logan. @kimdaehwi I too had same thought like what if said video is saved in phone memory and not SD card.
  10. I can't explain it but I suspect Jin Mook right from the first episode. So far I haven't changed my opinion. But I feel that there might be two suspects. One who killed and the other helping the suspect. I might be completely wrong but right now my bet is on JM.
  11. I do hope you're right. So much injustice and wrongdoing in this drama. The theme is about parents who would do just about anything for their kids, even cover-up their crimes. What a vicious cycle. SJ's dad covered her wrongdoing, now it's HC's turn in covering up for EB. I guess the next focus would be on SK and SH. How they would react to their birth mom's return. Would it affect JDT?
  12. I do feel that Logan might have taken her away to treat her abroad where she would be safer. I hope so because Rona is YH's whole world. So sad. But there's a big chance she really is gone. I think JDT took the necklace to use it on HC and SJ when the time comes. As for the new character, her vibe seems to be a different person. She isn't Suryeon. Hmm, did I remember it wrong? JDT told Suryeon the birth mom died. Was it a lie? How could she just walk in like she owns the place? Odd. Lastly, I want YH to stop pretending to be married to HC. He
  13. I have to disagree. Eun Byul is already on the edge of mental breakdown thks to both her parents but mostly to how SJ raised her. Fueled by jealousy that SH prefers someone who used to be poor like Rona, and hatred because the poor girl could sing better than her. Add the malicious lies told to her by SJ concerning YH and her dad, she sees red whenever she sees Rona. Just like SJ who acts like a mad bull who sees a red flag whenever YH is concerned. EB is just like her mother period. I think even worse. EB didn't need drugs to kill Rona, she already tried t
  14. It would be nice if they could have celebrity friends as guests for the last episode. Just a couple of friends would be nice for a change. The foreigner guests are all nice but the most memorable still remains the couple from Iran. The husband is fun to watch as he eats. It's odd that it was more entertaining watching them run a restaurant in a foreign setting than running a BB in Korea. In the first season in Indonesia after they had no choice but to change location, they hardly had any customers but it was still entertaining to watch. The second season in Garachico,
  15. @Supergal99 Who is that actor? He looks good with SHJ Thks for sharing. I hope the drama will be interesting and relatable. So far all her choices have been good.
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