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  1. I am so sad to just now post something..i have been reading alle the post from the beginning and i wanted to point out that i really feel like it is suspicious that all the turtles worked for jang jae ryeon.. The first one JJR killed in front of YG i forgot the name of that guy and the second one that they just caught also works under JJR.. So what is the connection.. I dont trust this guy he seems suspicious edit: And if i recall correctly 9 different blood stains were found on the thumb cutting tool ..
  2. Dont say you dont belong here, everybody and every opinion has a place in this thread I feel like i like KMS emotional acing a lot more than his cheerful acting.. not saying that his other acting was bad but his emotions show up so well in his emotional scenes...
  3. after watching the last two episodes and reading your theories I actually think that even the husband of SKK could be behind releasing the footage of HMK.. if the husband has feelings for SKK he might know that HMK en SKK had an unordinary bond.. maybe he tried to ruin him by releasing the footage... I remember that he was also in one of those hosting bars in one of the first episodes.. so i t wouldnt even surprise me if he had a hand in all of this.. as to who is behind the BTM trending on real time i feel like it is probably someone in Unicon.. because they probably thought that BTM was the one behind HMK name staying on top of the charts and it resulting in him trying to kill himself.. Unicon was in danger, as seen in the board meeting with the foreign representative due to the advertisement of barro.. so it has to be someone that has been affected by the two things i've mentioned...
  4. I'm sorry for cutting your post.. but after reading this part of your post it made me realize that JKW is actually fulfilling his mission.. I dont even know if he is aware of it.. and i think the mission is probably invalid now.. but through YS he is fulfilling his mission of inspiring artist to do art.. YS didn't want to do ballet anymore because of reasons that are all known to us now.. but JKW without us knowing helped her to produce art after her lack of inspiration because of the hardships in her life.. What does this mean for JKW in the end.. if YS starts to dance again.. wont his mission be complete?? Im curious about this...
  5. OMG what is he going to do with this information?? expose Dan?? But YS has already seen his wings and is aware of his religious references.. will she connect the dots if JKW drops the A bomb on her Edit: @sal2 i also think the writer needs to uncover a lot.. I never really talked about the aunt and the niece.. but they did say that they were in a bad position before they got control over fantasia and that they dont ever want to go back to the way they where... It seems like fantasia is their only way to stay relevant and enjoy the luxury lifestyle they are now adjusted to.. As for Ni Na i feel like children learn a lot from their childhood, their upbringing, their friends, their surroundings, but they also have true honest intentions or just pure evil intention... (im not to sure if there is a gray part between good and evil).. It seems (im just going of on what i've seen so far) she has good intentions, but because of the influences she is in constant battle and she doesn't know which side to stand on..
  6. i also really liked that it is women based drama.. i love to see female empowerment.. lately(not just lately, but i recently have been researching about this topic more) in society i have noticed that females love to see each other as a competitor, they also feel like they have to compromise their morals and values in order for everyone to like them.. They are being influenced by ppl that aren't the best influence to begin with.. which leaves me thinking how the world will be in 10 years time.. i loved that BTM stayed true to her morals and values and that she isn't afraid to show her weaker side.. i feel like (based on the first 2 episodes) that she is a woman a lot of younger women who are battling with integrity issues and finding their value in the world, can learn from.. edit: i feel like gakyung thought that by playing dirty is the only way to become someone in society, BTM is showing that staying true to your self will open a whole new world of experience and freedom.. I cant wait to see more of scarlets background story
  7. I have been repeating this scene for over 10 times.. i've never find KMS attractive i always saw him as a good looking guy but not attractive (because i tend to like manly men) But in this moment he seems sooooooo attractive to me.. its so sensual that it makes my heart flutter... This drama really showed KMS in a way i've never seen him before.. @immorethant I also think she deserves all the big awards.. its one thing to act well and its another to be fully immersed in your role as if you have become that person.. you know the acting is brilliant when the eyes speak for itself..her eyes and body languages says everything.. its absolutely amazing!! Also i've noticed that L's eyes especially when he is acting out a loving or heartbreaking scene speaks in volumes.. that really shows his growth as an actor..
  8. I've noticed that they wear a lot of clothes and accessoires from jESTINA.. its probably a sponsor of the show.. I loved the second episode.. i really love the aesthetics of the show the filters they use and the places they choose to shoot.. I dont get Gayeongs character just yet.. because she probably married the guy to climb up the ladder, so now she has to obey everything the chairwoman of KU says... It seems at some point she is irritated by this, but she still chooses to stay in this situation.. and the fact that she was so triggerd by the post BTM made on the site right before she leaves says a lot about her integrity I'm curious to see how Scarlet and BTM will bond throughout this show.. the dialogues were very interesting but way too quick, i had to pause the video a few times to read what they were saying.. i already love the romance, the guy is soo hot like omg and the way he flirts and goes after BTM just does a lot to me..
  9. actually your theory does make sense.. I also thought that JKW probably didn't fulfill his mission because he couldn't inspire artist to create art.. as seen in the scene where the painter got frustrated and he walked away.. And also i think someone said it before that he probably actually didn't love mathil but he loved the art she created so therefore he wouldn't have loved her like Christ loved the church which means that the bond between him and mathil was not the same bond as Christ with the church but he put his love or obsession for her and the art she created above the deity that gave her this talent.. oke im getting off track i don't even know where im going with this... I totally can actually see your theory about Dan and YS love being true..
  10. im still wondering why the feather on Dans handkerchief was glowing when they kissed and why the feather on KJW handkerchief turned black when he put the ashes of Matil in a buddhist tempel.. Like i do understand that it was some sort of betrayal from KJW part.. and thats why it probably turned balck but why did KD feather glow up
  11. I actually really enjoyed the first episode.. i love to see strong women that do their research and defend themselves I especially loved the part where BTM had to defend unicon in a trial and the guy was attacking her and the company and she turned the tables really fast by hitting him with things that can not burried.. it also sheds light on the fact that you cant hide anything that you are doing on the web.. I also loved her playing tekken and choosing heihachi he was one of my favorite characters in tekken alongside kasuya and king Cant wait to watch episode 2 with subs
  12. I think JKW pushed dan in the water to find out his true identity If you think about it.. he is not able to die so even if he where to fall in water he will probably stay alive.. he saw Dan coming out of a church and probably is aware of the fact That Dan is perhaps an angel.. If so that would probably mean he also wont die if he falls in water.. Because he will only made to dust if he doesnt complete his mission..
  13. Ooow so thats what she said i thought she was confessing to like him.. ughhh my heart
  14. it seems likei n the piggy back scene she is going to tell him that she likes him..?? i may be wrong but it seems like she is saying something along those lines.. i really had all sorts of emotions during this episode.. its so strange like why would he get a mission to bring back love in YS life but he is not supposed to be the love he should bring to her.. and like seriously that selfisch idiot KJW why does he think that he is the only one that can persue YS.. it seems like at one point he was confronting Dan about his feelings for YS and almost telling him that she is out of his league
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