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  1. Im sorry but what in the world is he wearing I also saw a picture of CEW on a boat with a few ppl and ISH manager was also in the picture...
  2. TBH i dont think its a allergic reaction i saw a few pictures of him attending events before leaving for cebu and i could tell through his make up that he was having some skin problems.. It looks more like an acne break out due to stress, exhaustion, unhealthy eating!! edit: Im so sad tho!! i understand that ISH is scared because i would most defiietely be scared as well.. but i feel like the crazy fans are limiting so many possibilities for CEW.. Maybe he needed a noona like ISH in his life for mental stability, but he cant have it because she will be sliced if she gets near him..
  3. wait so are they taking the same flight or did they leave at different times? CEW is so busy i saw all the events and programs he will be attending and on top of that his group is preparing for a comeback!! i would not be able to survive this type of schedule! edit: KDY is so buff like damnn boy he's been working out
  4. @icyphoenix maybe they arrive separately and fly with the same plane?! eunwoo looks good his skin does seem to react to the amount of stress he has been having... so i hope he will rest a lot
  5. OMG yessss i need to see the pictures of their departure!!! why cant i move on from this couple and this series... i have so much to do but im on the internet searching for pictures of our couple
  6. ugh my heart i love this Thank you guys for all the pictures.. i hope they will take the same flight
  7. Are they going to be at an event together for atelier??? omg this sounds so exciting!!!!
  8. omo do you know where i can watch running man with subs.. i would love to see the episode
  9. OMG LOOLLLLLL i died laughing because of your post @icyphoenix this is one of my most played . clips besides the jealousy and the cute conversation between the two.. i loved mirea's facial expression when SA said to KS that she hopes he will do well at this job interview or something along those lines... MR's facial expression where GOLD
  10. My heart is crying rivers for ISH.. her being very selfless and wanting verybody to shine and help the drama reach the status it deserves was very selfless of her.. because of this she didnt get the recognition she deserved but let the other ppl shine... i admire that about her.. but i am sad because she deserves to take home all awards and get more exposure... its so sad but i am very happy for CEW and JWR they did really well and am happy their hard work paid off..
  11. Loolll omg ISH is definitely the type of personality that i love.. .. i love her interviews her personality is just so amazing it is difficult to not have interest in a someone like her.. she definitely not superficial
  12. TBH same i have the biggest girl crush on her.. im 2 years older and i feel like we are similar in a lot of things.. Its funne how she said growing pains as words to discribe the drama and CEW said in his interview that Astro's song growing pains is the song that fits with the drama.. @annie1234 thank you for sharing the interview he is indeed very mature and well spoken through his interview i can really see his artistic side especially the part where he talks about how the sky changes.. me being an astrology enthusiast.. can tell he is an aries just by his interview...
  13. Poor dohee she always gets cut of because of her height.. so cute i love the chemistry of the 4 of them, they seem to have a nice feel to them..
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