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  1. I have some things to point out. 1. The hospital room is already a crime scene. The police should preserve the scene so evidence can be collected. 2. I understand the mother wanting to hold her dead daughter. But the way she was holding and caressing her face, hair and other parts of her body, she's removing traces of evidence. Where are the police officers who are supposed to take care of the crime scene? 3. There was focus on Mi Jin's broken fingernail. I do hope that it will be preserved. The irony is that the autopsy, if ever, might be assigned to Koo Do Kyung, who will definitely get rid of that piece of evidence. 4. Det. Seo Joon Young might be in denial regarding the artist sketch, since she believes that the forensic examiner is a good person. Tae Pyung should also have am artist sketch of the man he saw who might be the actual serial killer. Could that be Ki, Yong Bae/Kim Hyung Soo, the name of the man the younger Koo Do Kyung reported to Chief Han before?
  2. I agree with the observations and comments regarding the role of Dr. Cha. For 3 episodes she's done nothing but ran out of the operating room, vomit, or faint. Why cast her as a cardio-thoracic surgeon then when she's not fit to be one. She could be a pediatrician. That scene of her lamenting the drawn marks on her face. The ink's removed while she's rubbing it with her fingers. Why go to the length of running around, covering her face and stealing a surgical mask, when she could have gone to the washroom and wash off the ink with soap and water. She could have used wet tissues to wipe the ink off or even wet a cotton ball with some alcohol. Such a waste of video footage. Is she the comic relief?
  3. I think the story could be better with Min Seong still alive, rather than the twin brother. He could have been the one with a disease that will cause him to leave this earth as soon as possible.
  4. Sheesh, that good for nothing dad is all out to get what he thinks he deserves. The same goes for the youngest sister. Both are like the old SA, they all love money and the luxury it can bring them. The father who is supposed to teach his children good things wants to get hold of the money they will likely earn for the youngest daughter's sponsorship. And the dad is a snob, and judgemental to boot. He does not even know his daughter's boyfriend, yet already thinks that the guy's nothing, just because he is with his ex-SIL. The youngest (and the dad) thinks that JH mom knows JW's mom because JH's dad must be the driver of JW's mom or JH's mom is the housekeeper of JW's mom, or because they go to the same church. They are basing their impressions about the guy according to their own lowly standards and lifestyle.
  5. Cant' the scriptwriter and director just "kill off" Cha Young's twin, He does not contribute much to the story, except to irritate viewers. He only wastes screen time. He's just an added burden to CY's already heavily burdened life. Just let him meet the truck of doom while he's doing his selfie. That would do the trick.
  6. My goodness, this is such a good drama. One hour-long episode is not enough. I want to watch some more, alas the episode has ended. It's a beautiful story and the leads are doing a good job. Can't we just off CY's twin brother? He's such a leecher at his age. And he doesn't even have an ounce of guilt living off his sister. I was asking the same question many of you asked as well. Why doesn't Dr. Kang leave the hospital and go elsewhere? I think it's because of his promise to his mother. Moreover, if he's in Korea, his family is likely to make his suffer more and ensure that he cannot practice medicine anywhere else if he decides to leave the hospital. He can leave the hospital if he hangs up his coat and do something else, like pursue his first career choice - becoming a chef. Right now, the leads are not in good terms. CY is running away from Kang because she does not want to tell him that he was the reason why she decided to break off her relationship with Min Seong. She also does not want him to know that she recognized him and that he's her first love. Kang doesn't like CY because he thought she caused Min Seong's heartbreak because she loved someone else. He also thought she's heartless for not cooking the dumpling stew he requested to fulfill his best friend's last wish. CY and Kang has gone through traumas and upheavals in their lives. Both lost their mothers in the same accident. She has to pay off debts, including those incurred by her brother (he's just an irritant), and she still suffers emotionally at times, when she thinks about how her mom died. Kang has to live with family members who are more like thugs and loan sharks. Eagerly waiting for episode 4...
  7. Wow, Cha Young's brother Tae Hyun is still acting like the brat he is when he was still a child. He was already vain back then. I initially thought that he's going to grow up gay. He's annoying and would love to toss him into the Aegean Sea, but I don't want to pollute the sea's lovely azure waters. I love the second episode as well. The Lee family, except for Kang who was raised with plenty of care and love by his mom who was not up to par on the financial and society scale as the Lee's, are a bunch of thugs who put wealth and social status first before anything else. In the first episode, Kang said that he's going to give back to the Lee family everything that he and his mom received from them, with plenty of interest. That's why he told his mom to wait for him a little longer because he still has something to do (while he was fighting for his life in Libya). Someone commented that Jun looked younger than Kang when the former is supposed to be the older cousin. Let's just say that Kang had to endure physical and mental abuse from his father's family, which forced him to mature faster, physically and mentally. He was forcibly taken to join the Lee family in Seoul, sent to school due to his birthright and that's it. His mom was not recognized as a DIL and possibly treated like a maid by the Lee's. Kang was forced to give up his dream of becoming a chef and forced to study medicine to follow his father's family tradition. We have yet to know how Kang and Min Sung met and became best friends. I think Kang's amnesia is going to be used as the ploy for Kang to get closer to Cha Young because he'll be intrigued by her. Right now he doesn't like her for dumping Min Sung and leaving the country. Min Sung, who is now engaged to In Ju thinks that there's another man. Both men don't know that Kang is Cha Young's first love and probably the last. Cha Young and Kang both have emotional scars that have not healed. Both their mothers died tragically in the collapse of a department store in 1995 (referring to the Sampoong Dept. Store collapse - June 29, 1995 - Wikipedia).
  8. I watched the first episode and I love it. It has the right amount of melo, with family feuds, family and professional rivalries, sad and tragic pasts, and childhood dreams with a deft touch of lighthearted fun. Who would go around a hospital with an IV bag over her head? A person who just had an appendectomy eating kimbap and tteokbogi...the ''stalking'' and ''confrontation'' between the leads was cool and the chemistry between them was palpable. This is going to be another must-watch drama, aside from the fact that I like HJW. The story, basing on the first episode, draws you in. Since the story is about healing each other, I hope that it is not going to be overly dramatic but more on the side of light drama, with fulfilled dreams, new leash on life, and saving people of all ages through physical and emotional acts of kindness.
  9. That bleached MIL is going to lose everything - her son and her money later. She mocks the poor for not having money like it is a crime. But they work honestly to earn a living, unlike her who does illegal and unthinkable things just to keep her money. As I was watching the last episode, in the scene where Double X, HR and Jin Woo were talking and the bleached mom was singing HR's praises, JW was not interested. Methinks that there is another back story there. HR could have done something that made JW swerve the car and caused the accident.
  10. This is what I believe. Nam Sun Ho has a massive INFERIORITY COMPLEX because of his social status or lack of it. He hates Bang Won because BW grabbed his sense of false pride, threw it on the ground, stepped on it and ground it to dust. Taking more from his fragile ego, Bang Won told him he is not even worth killing because he is not a son of Nam Jeon.
  11. Like many have said, Bang Won saved Hwi on many aspects. It takes one to know how a guilty feeling goes deep and gnaw your conscience and your soul if you have to kill a friend or someone you consider a friend or family but the act has to be done anyway for the greater good. Bang Won allowed Hwi to go to Nam Jeon's villa to have his revenge on the evil minister, who's betrayed his friend, Hwi and Yeon's father out of greed and saved Hwi from feeling guilty on top of everything else by killing NJ himself because he also had valid reasons to do that. Sun Ho was trying to prevent Hwi from killing his father because he doesn't want Hwi to add to his sins. Sun Ho wanted to be blamed for his father's death, because he wanted to save his friend, as maybe due to his affection for Yeon, whom he failed to protect while her real brother is gone. When he was finally stabbed by Hwi, he told the latter that even his stab is warming. It seems Hwi intentionally stabbed him in a spot that will not do too much damage. As Moon Bok said, he's not going to die from that stab wound. It's a pity that Hwi will continue to suffer and be in the frontline once again for the next chapter of Bang Won's rise to power. It's predestined that Bang Won will go against King Taejo but before that he will have to fight Taejo and his army and Sun Ho and Bang Gan's forces. What's good about the alliance of Bang Won and Hwi is that both are military tacticians since both of them honed their skills on the battlefront. In the preview, someone was telling Sun Ho to align with Bang Gan to go against Bang Won and in effect Hwi. Bang Gan is a sly character and he sides with anyone as long as it favors him. He's been trying to get Hwi to his side and when he saw the way Hwi fights, he thinks that the latter's fighting style is familiar. Since Bang Won and Bang Gan have the same mother, they both received military training from Hwi's dad. Bang Gan is also ambitious and he's envious of Bang Won's fame and fortune. King Taejo is ruthless, and that's understandable so he could establish a new country and a new era. Aside from fear, I think he's jealous of the prowess of Bang Won. He knows Bang Won can get want he wants, which means he needs to build a thick wall to prevent Bang Won from usurping his position. Did he think that Nam Jeon is a good enough shield? He's a user as well. He keeps NJ by his side despite knowing the atrocities and abuses that evil minister fosters, as a foil against Bang Won. While he may believe that he has to keep your enemies closer, he's not good at reading people, because NJ continuously went against him. Okay, he receives intel, but those are after the fact most of the time. He's trying to show NJ that he's keeping tabs on him but that's just for shock effect, because NJ already had done the deed. He chose the youngest prince as his successor because he wants to rule longer. What a lame excuse. He did not even think that the country he violently founded will suffer when his successor is a weakling in every aspect. He knows that NJ was going to support the CP so NJ can rule behind a puppet king, but King Taejo did not do anything to keep NJ from realizing that ambition. He's more interested in preventing Bang Won from becoming the next king. Why won't he recognize Bang Won's contribution to his cause? It was real and in-your-face fact. Telling him that as a king's subject Bang Won was useful but as a father, he considers Bang Won just his fifth-born child is challenging Bang Won. He's two-faced as well, because he tells people before he became king that he considers Bang Won as his first born. So he is a person who goes back on his word.
  12. The rapport between Judge Hong and CA is quite good. Judge Hong needs someone to talk to about other things rather than legal issues. Jun Hwi needs CA's vibrant personality to ease his loneliness. Fellow Soompiers have said everything there is to say about the 2X ML, CA's mom and CA's dad. They are all selfish, self-centered and pathetic. JH's aunt is very upfront in telling him that she paid CA so she's now her person and that she's doing everything to prevent JH from becoming Inter-Market's executive. She's so greedy, considering that the company belongs to Judge Hong. I think Jin Woo has a fixation about a ''chaste'' woman. He kept on saying the he's her first man. Nothing else matters to him, just that. Maybe he got tired of women who chase after him for what he represents. He's a confusing person because he also said that he wanted his wife to day that she loves him, even once. But then again he knows that she married him for his money and the status he can give her. For sure, he knows that his mom's love for him is superficial. Or he could be harboring a secret...closet queen, perhaps? I do hope that CA passes the exam this time and she'll finally become a policewoman, so the story can move on, since she can have access to some "buried" information. Moreover, I hope that she does not get to go back home, that somehow, either JH or Judge Hong will be able to help her to move into another residence.
  13. Yeon's death is the catalyst for Seo Hwi and Sun Ho. Hwi lost the only reason for him to fight in order to live and protect Yeon. As many fellow forum commenters here said, Yeon is one of two persons who understands Sun Ho and accepts him for who and what he is, not by his name or his status in life. Alas, while the two friends were jolted by Yeon's death, they have to trod different paths to pursue their personal goals in their own way. While both dream of a new country where people will be free and not worry about status and rank, we know more about Joseon's history. I believe that aside from using his father's name and alliances to gain power, Sun Ho stays by his father's side to gain intel so he can somehow thwart his father's misdeeds. Somehow, I think he wants to minimize the bloodbath his father is prone to creating in his pursuit of his goal to be the "king with a gat". Nam Jeon longs to have ultimate power so he's enduring everything because he knows his poisoned whispers can still sway the king, who is getting paranoid over Bang Won's ''strengths'' - in mind and physical power. King Taejo sees how the pieces (people) move, the alliances formed, the duplicity and treachery of his people, yet he chooses to ignore them because he is King and can dictate what's to be done. But being inside the palace is different from being outside where the majority of the Joseon people struggle to survive; where you hear the truth (as well as half truths); where the true ''country'' is. Most of the information that reach Taejo's ears now are sanitized and flavored with the malicious intents of those who seek power and special favors. The people inside the palace - yangbans, scholars, ministers, relatives and cohorts fight among themselves to stay in their seats and get paid to do it day in and day out. It's a situation that will foster across several centuries. I am glad the this drama tells the stories of people from the other side of the fence - the people who are most affected by the decisions, desires, whims and machinations of the conniving few.
  14. We cannot fully expect ratings to increase as this is a cable TV drama. Kudos to the cast and the production team for giving us a wonderful drama. I have one issue regarding the female lead and this is personal. Is she afraid of crumpling her stiff face? She displays just one expression, brows furrowed slightly, tight lips, wide eyes. That's all you get from her. Whatever emotion she's supposed to display, what you get is her stoic face. She might have been good in a few of her dramas, but she's lacking in the emotional department here. I compare her acting to the nuances of the facial expressions and delivery of lines of the actress playing Yeon and even the gisaeng who's HJ's friend. For me, these two ladies' acting is more natural. Sun Ho's eyes are expressive, so they count and I love that he always has a warm and gentle smile for Yeon. He has to remain firm and bottle everything inside, from the insults he receives for being the son of a concubine to being forced to live with a heartless father, getting a position due to his father's clout to being forced by circumstances to part ways with his only true friends. In the first episode, I think he wants to prevent Hwi from killing his father not because he wants to save his father's life, but rather save his friends life by killing his father himself, the father he's hated all his life.
  15. While there are good aspects in this drama, I think viewers want some growth from the female lead. It looks like a low-budget filler drama. There is very little movement in the story line. Week in, week out, it is the same. Even if you skip several episodes, it doesn't feel that you missed out on anything. The employees sometimes rally themselves to work but most of the time are just sitting in the office doing nothing. If they are frustrated and ready to give up on their employer, why don't they just leave, instead of hanging around. They complain about their salaries but they are not doing anything to see to it the the company earns enough to pay them. They know the situation but they just complain, blah blah blah blah. I count about 4 to 5 who are actually working there. Philip Oh continues to improve their product, so they should do their share. I like it that Philip keeps his distance from the other employees, otherwise that nincompoop spy who leads in the complaints would sell the idea Philip is developing to TM or Seongwoo. Also, was it intentional to dress up the female lead in the factory uniform all the time? She's supposed to be the president/CEO of Cheongil. While the position is de facto, she should at least dress the part. I cannot believe she's attending a meeting with the president of Seongwoo dressed in that same uniform (ep. 11) and with that hair! It's like sending a cleaner to a corporate meeting. Even cleaners have more sense to change into a good dress when needed and fix their hair and makeup.
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