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  1. The FF button is my friend when watching this drama. I really cannot stand the younger self of the FL. She continues to do crazy and selfish acts. She really should know the consequences of her selfish acts so she can stop what she's doing right now. Her reasoning is not acceptable. Likewise, the actress playing the young Ha Ni does not help either. She's trying too hard and it shows. Her acting is too put on. There's a real story in this drama. The writer should focus on that. I think the production should focus on the development of the older Ha Ni, like how she can get over the
  2. Sorry about that. @Jillia. Ep. 10, a messy filler episode. When LUCA goes LOCO. My goodness, Chul Soo can survive the heavy punches of Yi Soon? Fantastic. Why can't Yi Soon be fried by the high voltage electricity from Zi-O? The daughter can surround herself with a protective shield. So, was she the one who was dropped from the building in Ep 1? Hello, Superman.
  3. GR may be playing dumb to get those people to give voice to their thoughts. Or her judgement's clouded by the recent events and her fear for her child. It's difficult to handle so many issues at once. She just gave birth, her husband is nowhere in sight, she and her daughter has been kidnapped, partly her fault for letting her emotions get the better of her and gave away her location because of her phone call to the caring detective. She's still trying to handle the fact that the chief is in cahoots with the greedy and conscience-less people. Of course, there's still that iota of doubt on Zi-O
  4. The feelings between Go Geon and Mo Yong sizzle. They also look so good together. Will they end up as the partners/lovers? The role of On Dal suits Ji Soo. His acting is quite good here. He can be the softie, the smitten puppy, the happy-go-lucky guy. But he does get angry and delivers the right level of emotion without shouting. Nice! I do not know why On Dal's nanny has to shout all the time. She chose to be blind but she's not deaf, so she doesn't have to speak loudly. There's more depth and resonance when you speak quietly even if you're angry. Could Mo
  5. So the presidential candidate has several secrets. He had a hit and run, and from the video the FL was watching, instead of reporting the incident to the police, the father took the person he injured and burned the person. Anyway, the presidential candidate mentioned that his life will be busier after he learned the the person who saved him was the brother of his aide who died, Lee Geun Woo.
  6. I am disappointed with the way the story developed. There was so much promise when the drama started. But in the latest episodes, they are just showing brutality and senseless killings. For what? Earning 10 million (Japanese yen?) since the people interested in Zi-O are Japanese. Not even 10M U.S. dollars? The premise of humans regenerating and gaining extra strength was interesting but they failed to develop it completely. The intent of creating enhanced humans was never fully revealed. They are just mentioning money, especially Chul Soo. Blind obedience is ingrained i
  7. I knew if. Capt. Choi is in with the evil NIS person Cheol Soo. He was superficially caring but there was this underlying sleaziness in him that is almost tangible. Goo Reum is good at analysis and sizing up people but she failed to read the chief, when it's already clear that he's not that truthful. This show is captivating because the take is different from Awaken. Off topic: It's just like comparing TIMES with KAIROS. I find the former more engaging.
  8. I like the comedic antics although they've been overused. But I didn't like the 17-year old self of the FL. Somehow she rubs me the wrong way. Maybe it's because she' trying too hard. From the character's description, she was supposed to be young, exuberant, bright, etc. But in the actual depiction, she was a brat, selfish, hard-headed, full of herself person who thinks she owns the world when she hasn't even accomplished anything. The present day FL seems to be the opposite of the younger person, being obedient and all. I guess she's suffered from trauma during her high school yea
  9. Maybe the curly hair is a sign, like an identifier for good genetically-modified people. Something like in Uncanny Counter where the person who becomes a counter gets a curly hairstyle while the villains' hair remain straight.
  10. I agree with you @nona88. I also think that the guy from NFS, Oh Jong Hwan, who helps Goo Reum, is shady. It seems that he's being very kind to her because he knows that if he gains her trust, she will bring Ji O to him. He asks leading questions. And he's already prepared to get all the types of body fluids and tissues from Ji O. Everything looks legit since he's from NFS. He is a colleague of Prof. Ryu Joong Kwon, so he more or less knows what that crazy guy is doing. He may know something about Goo Reum's parent (and checking how much Goo Reum remembers of her father and her childhood),
  11. I've seen the third episode and viewers will know more about Goo Reum and Ji O's backgrounds. LUCA is similar to Awaken in that some unscrupulous people are experimenting on genetic alteration and enhancements. But in Awaken, they are using human blood samples from children and changing their genetic makeup by enhancing some of the genes' composition. In LUCA, they are altering the DNA, changing the human evolution process by mixing their DNA with the DNA harvested from different species. Ji O's DNA is a mix of human, immortal jellyfish, electric eels, and flies. Accord
  12. Many viewers did not like the drama because they cannot grasp the dull meaning of the story. They were expecting something superficially romantic and cute. In reality, the drama, although presented in a light and breezy way, is quite deep. It makes you think and view your life in comparison to the lives of the lead characters. It compels you to listen to what they are saying, especially in the case of Sun Kyum and Mi Joo. You can see the changes in their personality, shown in their nuanced performance. Shin Se Kyung and Im Si Wan delivered. Biases can cloud one's perception of real
  13. It would be awesome if the king's special forces, who trained hard using the manual that the queen helped compile will invade the palace and take care of those old dodos who cling to their court posts for the money and power. The drama and the production may have some loopholes, but there are several things that are worth noting. For example, in the prenatal education book started by the queen, she wrote on the pages horizontally. On the other hand, the king wrote his messages to their baby vertically, according to tradition. While Hangul was already enforced during his time, isn't
  14. Rather than bust up my brain thinking of the many possibilities, I want to leave it to the writers to deliver a satisfactory ending. The weekend is still several days away, so I want to just anticipate what I'm going to see on Saturday and Sunday. Hopefully, they will not be pre-empted due to the Lunar Year celebration. In Ep. 18, I find it disgusting to see BI with shiny lip gloss while at the gisaeng house to meet with the greedy and power-hungry idiots from both clans. The makeup artist could have toned it down a bit so it doesn't look too obvious. And he's gone loco like his ad
  15. The actors playing Byeong In and Prince Yeongpyeong both look like they are going to cry in every scene they are in. Both are suffering from unrequited love. While one keeps a blind eye on the earlier transgressions because they are being done to make the queen suffer, the other is delusional. He's clinging to a his one-sided belief that the queen likes him even he's been rejected each time he asks that she takes his hand. Well, each is playing the role that was assigned to them, but they are not good actors, in my opinion. On a side note...Byeong In is not a Kim by birth, as he wa
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