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  1. I am so enamored () with the company set up. It's supposed to be a corporation with shareholders and all. But how come only DevilChin has control of the entire company. She can sell assets and landholdings on her own? There is no comptroller, accounting manager, finance manager, auditor, at all? No financial reports either? The corporate secretary, the comptroller, finance department and legal department (headed by the brainless SK) do not have any inkling about the financial status of the company? Hello, production staff, at least give us a semblance of a corporate environment. DevilChin is acting like she's a single proprietor, for goodness' sake. In my previous jobs, accounting people cannot rest until they find where a single cent went. I experienced the same thing when I was handling a client's account and we have to make a monthly expense report. It's painstakingly difficult to find where the loose coins were spent. It can take several hours or a few days, since we have to check previous and current records. Even with an accounting tool, it's still garbage in, garbage out.
  2. The story is beyond ridiculous. Dorito devil is so powerful she can manipulate everybody. My goodness. She wants to have everything but she'll have nothing in the end (I hope). That SK character is hopeless. He doesn't have brains. To think that he's a lawyer...then he should be someone who questions things. The writer does not know much. He/she could have done some research. The writer must not have an idea regarding job responsibilities. Tsk tsk tsk. This is such a cheap production. That easy-to-enter house of the Ko's is a studio set that was used as the Choi's house in the drama My Golden Life. While I understand the reasoning why BH wants the house back, it would have been more practical and comfortable for her to live somewhere else and rent out the house now that she owns it. Why insist on being in that neighborhood and around those annoying, greedy and money-hungry people? Side note: The mistress tends to over-act, but she can at least show emotions with her face and body compared to the Dorito devil who can't act to save her life. She has a stiff one dimensional countenance, and like I said before, she must have problems with her eyes as well, because it seems like she cannot get her eyes to properly focus. I hope that they will introduce another male character who will be the new love interest of PBH. I cannot stand SK and his clueless stupidity. I don't understand why he has to be given the role of a corporate lawyer when he could have been just a senior manager. He's supposed to be a temporary head of the new business department but it seems that he's going to be stuck there. He's useless, anyway. Also, are those Michael Jackson-ish trousers still in fashion? They look awkward on his tall frame and doesn't fit the corporate style. Even if it is makjang, they should at least give us something more relatable. I mean they are throwing in all the usual makjang elements, so they could at least have given us a more plausible story line. It's like watching that other makjang drama about a traditional noodle factory that went south. It seemed like a very long daily although it was only 50 episodes, as the viewers continued to suffer during each episode waiting for something to happen to modernize that traditional noodle factory to make it worth its hundred-year legacy. Incidentally, Shim Yi Young's real-life husband is in that drama.
  3. I am thinking that Kim Wook is the grandson of Han Yeo Hee, cause his mom always mentions an "aunt-something" who is the daughter of the chairwoman. That is why all the three who died did not match the chairwoman's DNA. It could be that Wook's mom took care of the baby, and she was eliminated by the power-hungry people at Choiseung Construction. Detective Park was killed because he came close to the truth, and maybe Beom Soo witnessed that, so he was eliminated as well. The number he recited, which seems to be a plate number, will be vital later. Many of the stories are tied up to Choiseung Construction. On the other hand, it is probable that Pan Seok's daughter is not yet dead but he came to the village, just like Wook, to help the souls in limbo find their closure. Could it be that Yeo Na is fighting for her life somewhere or comatose, and her soul is wandering, that is why she ends up at Duon Village, where she waits for her body to be found and given medical attention? The writer of this drama tells the story clearly and the cast delivers. I hope Thomas will have closure as well. He'll probably be the last soul who will leave the village.
  4. I am watching ep 45, and I cannot help but wonder why SK, as the head of the legal dept of the company has to accept all the lies of SA. Doesn't he have a suspicious bone in his body? He should not be the corporate layer then because he's inutile. The fake daughter is giving off all the signs of being an evil doer yet the lawyer does not even seem suspicious. He should be looking at past activities, corporate documents, past transactions, illegal connections and such. Another proof of him being not suitable for the job was when he accompanied BH to the police station. When BH asked why he accompanied her, he answered that he was being considerate. My goodness, he's a lawyer of the company, so he should be dealing with things like that. Of course it was not the fault of the actor. Blame it on the script writer. Shim Yi Young's appearance each episode amounts to just a few minutes, far less than the screen time devoted to the fake daughter and the ex husband and mistress. Is she doing another show? We are getting the same things each week, it's boring. For such a weak storyline, 50 episodes seem too much, but 100 eps is definitely stretching the plot as thin as the paper the script's written on.
  5. This drama keeps you on the edge of your seat, as the mystery is unraveled, a layer at a time. When I watch it I always feel that the next episode is the final one. The writing is very good. What if Do Min Seok is not a serial murderer (technically) but an organ harvester? Baek Man Woo might he his biggest client, and Baek Man Woo makes lots of money by selling the organs to his VIP patients who do not want to wait for an organ donor. It's a probability since we are not informed if the victims were found or exhumed and autopsied. The voice is the recording somehow sounds like the doctor's voice. The real Baek Hee Sung might have learned of his father's ill practices and wants to have solid evidence, which is why he was in the area where Hyun Soo emerged from the forest. He was going to meet a witness. Or he could be doing something illegal as well, since we have yet to see his back story and what his mother did to him after the accident that left him comatose. He might be the accomplice as well. I agree with most of you. There is something really questionable about Kim Woo Jin. He's holding on to some critical information because he wants to write an exclusive story that will make him famous. He was a bully when he was younger and it seems that he may have done some bad things in his adult years. He may not be the accomplice, but he's got something up his sleeves. We cannot forget the sister, who sculpts and creates prosthetics.
  6. I am liking the story so far, and I like the the characters of Seo Hwan, Seo Ji and Ye Ji. There will always be antagonists in a drama, so the other characters are all right, but I don't like the character of Ye Ji's aunt or maybe because the actress is doing an over the top characterization. Ji Soo looks so different with his hair like that but it fits the role of a rather shy, immature, yet earnest high schooler. Ha Seok Jin always exude manliness. He looks so good in this drama, with his hair subtly colored. The hair color fits him, complementing and softening his features. When he had black hair, his facial features looked very sharp. Lim Soo Hyang continues to improve as an actress. She's more animated now and able to express more emotions. I saw her in one drama where the only thing that moves was her mouth.
  7. The script or the translation by the subbers may have contributed to the confusion. In many Korean dramas, the mother or the father often say, my wife's daughter or my husband's son, but it does not mean the the kids were from their previous individual relationships. You also hear the mom saying ''Eun Soo's dad" or ''Ji Su's mom". The chairman seems to have a daughter and a son. The son, who died (suspiciously) was SK's best friend. The daughter is supposed to be the crazy girl. However, the chairman has suspicions that she is not their legitimate daughter. So he's searching for the real one. He thought that his wife tried to pass off the "fake" as their daughter, which meant there was intent to fool him. In one episode, he told SK has he has "another daughter" who is lost. So there is already some confusion there, since he and his wife only have 2 children. We have yet to learn the backstory of the dead brother and why fakey is such a greedy person with thug-like attitude. It does seem like the mom has very little gray matter, which she seldom uses anyway. She always sides with fakey, no matter how rude she gets or how irrational she behaves. Looking at the husband and wife's character, it is easy to establish that fakey in not their daughter. (Incidentally, there seems to be something physically wrong with her eyes. It seems like she finds it difficult to look straight ahead or focus. She closes her eyes before she looks at the camera). Fakey is supposed to be a company director. But she's seldom seen at the office and leaves whenever she wants. She's the greatest eavesdropper of all time, and manages to be at the right place at the wrong time, all the time. But I do wish that we will see less of fakey, the ex-husband, mistress and the in-laws. They are all irritating and do not contribute much to the story. The writer should spend more time in developing Bok Hee's story. I wonder why BH cannot initiate the divorce this time.
  8. I find that fast-forwarding is the best way to watch this daily drama so I do not get disgusted by the unscrupulous actions of the fake daughter who lacks decency and good manners. The only good thing she does is revealing incidents, and acting as a continuity storyteller. Likewise, I FF scenes with the ex-husband, floozy, step sister and step mother. How wide is her network of paid informers and manipulators? And how come she has the pass codes to the chairman's safe? My goodness, there is nothing safe and sacred in that household and in the office as long as she's around. She's embezzling funds from the company and laundering it through APlus. They said there is nothing suspicious about the financial records, but records can be manipulated. They could have two or three books. What about the actual money. Is it in the bank, in investments, receivables or in the money market? Is the head of the finance department part of SA's network? The only thing I am holding hope on is that torn wallpaper covering "something" inside the basement room. It's not even a basement but more like a storage room. I learned that SK is the head of the legal department (really?) and temporarily heading the new business dev unit. What is their new product, by the way? What frustrates me is the scriptwriter's failure to give more substance to some of the key characters and realism to the positions in the story. The search for the missing daughter is given to us sporadically as there's more focus on all the villains in the story. The storytelling is very loose; some things are forgotten, and some scenes are disconnected. I think this is one of the reasons why ratings are going down. In my opinion, networks keep producing the same type of drama formulas that worked several years back. They should analyze the preferences of the new generation of drama viewers, in whatever platform, as well as the content they want to see. Even the historical dramas they produce today are not on the same level as the sageuks before, such as Damo, Jumong, Jewel in the Palace, Dong Yi, etc. Getting two high-profile stars do not guarantee that a show will be a hit. Several of these popular actors do not know how to act. They just coast along, looking pretty and think that's acting. There are several dramas with not so popular stars that attract more viewers because of the story and the acting.
  9. I think the chairman is still hesitating regarding having a DNA test done on the tea cup. Even with this suspicions, he's still slow to move and investigate further, waiting for reports on SA's movements. However, SA wants to always be ahead of the game, hence, she's finding things about people she encounters/deals with so that she can blackmail them. As I said before, where does her greed and bad manners come from. She acts so entitled, feels like she's classy, when all the while she's just a lowly thug. She's more unscrupulous than that nasty ex husband of BH. I believe the chairman asked SK to live with them, just like a son. If he's back to discover how his friend died, it must be because there are some evidence that there was foul play. He's reporting to someone about what he's discovered so far, although there was nothing much. I wonder when that broken wall paper will be discovered and by whom. What will it reveal? How come they allow the driver to stay or sleep in the basement room? Should he be outside in the servants' quarters or something? SA is blaming BH for deceiving them and not telling them that the driver is her ex-husband. But she was the one who was taken in by the smooth-talking guy, whom she hired on the spot because she just fired her driver. She was the one to blame because she did not do any background check. The chairman's wife is forgetful. She saw the driver with the floozy when she and BH went to her stepmother's restaurant.
  10. This drama is so fun to watch. It's thrilling and makes you anticipate things. What you think right now will change when the scene changes. The storytelling and the movement of the plot are very good. You feel the tension, you go on a chase with the actors, breathe a sigh of relief, but then you're in for another suspenseful scene when you haven't fully filled your lungs with air. Yet you don't get exhausted. Do MIn Seok is already dead, right? So what Hee Sung is seeing is just a product of his imagination. I wonder how many layers Hee Sung's character has. We already know that he's a victim of bullying and guilty by association. Many people wove urban legends about him, and others believe that he's the culprit because they want to hide their own guilt, while others continue to throw unfounded rumors about him because they did Hyun Su wrong when they were younger, just like that Chinese chef who stole Hyung Su's entire savings and tried to kill him. We don't know yet why he killed the foreman in his hometown. We have to unravel his association with the Baeks and how/why they ended up posing as a family. Is he a psychopath or a sociopath. At the same time, a different side of Ji Won surfaces from time to time. She was scary when she was talking in the bathroom with that social worker who killed the senior citizen because she had to climb several flights of stairs every time she visits. What will happen when the real Baek Hee Sung wakes up from his coma?
  11. Like I said before. SK doesn't show any sign of being a lawyer, corporate or otherwise. I mean, the fake daughter is throwing threats at BH in front of him. He witnesses Sang A's open hatred of BH, yet he remains clueless and did not even react or think about those incidents to at least suspect the fake daughter in the "loss" of the ring and her finding it inside BH's bag. SA said that she's going to make sure that Bok Hee gets fired this time. Even if his crush/love at first sight is rekindled, he should act maturely and use his lawyer's brain. I laughed at the arrival of the kids who went on a field trip to Singapore. They just popped out, in school uniform and backpacks, but where are their luggage? Even SA's daughter just came into the house like she's back from school. A ring is a small thing. If you're looking for it, would you be trashing the place, throwing out pillows, beddings and clothing? You should look carefully at places where it can be hidden. Lol The conflicts inside the Ko household is complicated enough without the shenanigans of the step family, the ex-husband and the floozy. Can we get rid of them right away?
  12. My gawd, the ex-husband is openly flaunting this relationship with the floozy and still wants to cling to BH. If I were BH, I'd give him a good kick where it will hurt the most. She should stop talking with the guy, whether they are divorced or not. How many times had that guy took money from her and their kids. The same is true with the stepmother and stepsister. She did not go to school so she can work to send her stepsister to college, and what did she get in return? Ungrateful Richard Simmons. She should firmly cut ties with them. I was hoping that she's not going to be a stupid, long-suffering wife or ex-wife. It's a 60-hour drama that will last for 24 weeks or 6 months. It they make the series shorter, they will have tighter writing and better storytelling, instead of having everyday happenings that go on repeat, that becomes annoying after a while. That rich household is something else. With all the security concerns, how come the driver can come and go as he pleases? They have very large rooms in their home, yet for a conglomerate, they do have limited office space. I understand it's a daily, but they could have used a bigger room and added more props. Imagine meeting clients or business partners in the same room where the office staff works! Why not meet them inside the director's room or in the conference room? The new business office is cramped. It's like a corner room. What do those three employees do? They should have a product development team, an IT team, and a marketing team at least. What can a group of three or four people, who are afraid of the fake daughter do? There is no use counting the fake daughter as part of the team because she's out of the office attending to her evil schemes more often than not. SK on the other hand should learn to separate personal and corporate life. He's so busy thinking of BH, allowing her to intrude his thoughts anytime of the day, like a lovesick teenager. He is not suspicious of the fake daughter given her actions. He cannot concentrate and is unable to dig deeper or even do a critical analysis of documents and contracts. He doesn't seem to have anybody on his side to investigate. Is he really a corporate lawyer? I've met a few corporate lawyers and legal consultants before and you can feel their energy and the way their minds churn. He's the head of new business but he does not have a secretary or a PA. He cannot work independently, relying only on what the chairman tells him to do. As such,he's like a clueless yet glorified go-fer. On the subject of the fake daughter, where does her greed stem from? (On a personal note, it's irritating to look at the face of the actress playing the fake daughter. Her chin is unnaturally pointy. It was already pointy before, but with the removal of large parts of her jaw, based on her previous photos, her face now is too tapered - a classic cartoon villain look, like the Joker, Cruella De Vil and RickRoll'D Dastardly, who all had downward pointing triangle faces, which, according to research, people typically think as synonymous with the devil). Source: https://www.businessinsider.com/researchers-explain-why-all-cartoon-villains-look-the-same-2012-5
  13. I do not dig the vacillating character of the female reporter. Moreover, the role could have been played by another actress. I've seen this actress in the messy The Last Empress and she displayed the same countenance, despite being smirky all throughout that show. Now she's just showing the same emotionless expression. She's just another pretty face, flat acting. Otherwise, this is a very good show that keeps you glued to your seat, knowing the culprits (as a viewer) and waiting for the cops to finally connect the dots.
  14. As this is a daily drama, it's definite that we'll get plenty of irritating scenes, like the ex-family members of BH continuing to intrude and meddle with her life. And that annoying ex-husband, grrrrr. She's a pushover. She cannot completely cut ties with them even if they are messing her life with the things they do. She knows what they do to her but she can't put her foot down. What I cannot understand is how the stepmom and the stepsister can come into the house without her knowing. She should instruct her kids not to let them in or they will be forced out of the house. The daughter is supposed to be smart, and she witnesses what her step-family members do to her mother, yet she doesn't do anything. We can remove the twin brother from the equation because he's pabo. He's either sleeping or eating. Also, they know that they were able to transfer to that ''elite'' elementary school through the kindness of the chairman and they are scholars of the family, so they shouldn't expect much. Even their school uniforms are hand-me downs. They know that they are living in the basement because they have nowhere else to go and their mother's salary is not enough to find them a house. Yet they are pressuring their mother to send them on a field trip that costs 5,000! Now for the ''daughter".... my goodness how rude and ill-mannered can she get. The way she shouts, speaks and threatens the chairman is not far from being a thug. She's been kicking people and things. Maybe she will be kicked out of the house and the family in the same way. She's supposed to be the only child left, so why is she so greedy? If she's that good, she can do things for the company, open new businesses and launch new products without resorting to bribery and threats. Then she can earn the trust and respect of people, including the chairman. But since, she's doing that, she's nothing more than a corporate thief. Si Kyung is supposed to be a lawyer (corporate?), but he does not exude the persona of a lawyer. As I look at him, he seems clueless about everything. He does not look like a corporate guy, a businessman. He does not have the firmness and mental toughness that businessmen have. Even a corporate lawyer is used to dealing with people and has that aura of being a person of power, trustworthiness, and integrity. But the way he acted when they met the chairman of that company who lost the prized screws shows how weak a person he is. Did the actor read his supposed character wrong? I don't know if it's deliberate but the way I see it, the actor is misinterpreting the character he's supposed to portray. I dunno. I may be expecting too much or have watched too many dramas, hahaha. This drama is going to run for 24 weeks or 6 months. We're only on the fifth week. So we can expect more shenanigans for several more weeks. It's possible that they will reveal Bok Hee being the real daughter by the fifth month, which would be around the second to the last week of October. Still a long way to go, so for the meantime I'll be doing plenty of fast-forwards.
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