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  1. SBS is really killing the excitement. It's really tough to pass this weekend without Vagabond. Is it true? Vagabond has been confirmed for season 2 with total 8 episodes? I read few comments on YouTube and Twitter.
  2. Finished watching this drama after a friend recommended it. Tbh, I find this drama over-rated and didn't live up to the hype . There is no plot and depth in characters just bunch of cute scenes compiled together. Thankfully leads were cute enough for me to be able to finish it.
  3. Hola! I am new on Soompi. I was a lurker in drama threads for a long time recently created an account to participate in discussions. I got to know about JCW last year and soon binge watched three of his dramas Suspicious Partner being my most favourite one till now. I am not into shipping but thought I should say this JCW and NJH have the best chemistry one of it's kind. This kind of chemistry is irreplaceable and can't be created just by anyone. This is the first time I am in awe with a K-Drama couple. I keep re-watching their old clips on YouTube and they still make me relive the magic I felt watching them for the first time. The last time I was this taken by two actors with their chemistry was in 2004. They were none other than actors Vic Zhou and Barbie Shu. They acted together in MARS and watching JCW-NJH remind me of them. They were known for their excellent chemistry who later turned into real life couple but sadly not together anymore. I won't be surprised if these two become one of those REEL turned into REAL couples they are excellent together. I watched their behind the scenes he looks smitten by her.
  4. I have more issues with lead couple. I can't connect to their love story.
  5. I am a silent lurker here but before I quit I want to give my opinion. I expected this drama to pickup after first few episodes only to be disappointed. I can't believe this is Ji Chang Wook's comeback. He probably trusted the writer to give it a go for this and also the concept sounded fresh when this drama was announced but turns out the writer had no idea what to get out of this drama. MDC's character is a disaster he comes off as an desperate man in need to get some action. There is no consistency in the screenplay. Out of the blue he starts falling for GMR even though he knew her in the past. At this point I question the point of this drama. They got the best actors but the lousy writing is doing injustice to their hard work. I can't wait for this drama to end so that the actors can finally be free. I hope JCW and WJA act together again in drama with a better writer. The K-netz reaction and the ratings are completely justified with the way the story line is going forward . This is not actors or time slot fault but completely the writers for the disaster he or she made out of this drama.
  6. About Micheal's mistress I have strong feeling that it's edward park's secretary because few minutes before that KWG asked her if they have met before because she seemed familiar. She also fits the description of Micheal's mistress being an Asian
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