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  1. I'm going to join you on that. The episode where they got pregnant and married was an epic high, but then the whole thing came crashing down so bad that I don't even dare to watch the last two episodes. I just want the illusion of a happy ending rn.
  2. YES! That's what I want to see. The dilemma of two people who love each other and want to save the same thing eh baby but have different approaches. But in my oppinion they didn't deliver on that (yet). The writing was weak in the last two episodes. So I hope that we'll get at least a good ending.
  3. @leetaera Jep. Just watched the episode and exactly what I feared happened. Even without subs I feel it's going down the gutter… EDIT For some reason I can't make a spoiler tag SORRYY
  4. Ugh last episode was a mess -.- I hope mama will keep her faith in her hubby and not fall for those lies. It would be cool to see her fool the bad guys and actually save her baby and Zi O!!!!
  5. New to this thread and really happy that I found this drama ♥️ Imo TvN dramas do well with dark, realistic stories but sometimes then romance gets left out. So I'm happy to see both in this drama!!! The action scenes are amazing and the kind of slow burn romance works well between the two main leads (the eye candy and chemistry is explosive). I also thought it was bold to have the two leads have a child and marry without the story ending there! Kind of refreshing. Let's see if they get a happy ending tho… Can't wait until the next episode!
  6. @liddi thank you for that precious information. We have hopefully all survived 2020 and are now ready for the announcement of Signal 2 anytime sooooooonnnn!?!?! I am rewatching this show for the fourth time and I still love it like it was the first. The only thing that changed is my wish for a second season with the exact same cast AS SOON AS POSSIIIBLEEEE. Fingers crossed for 2021
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