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  1. Yeah she is definitely going to hold back for awhile especially after a betrayal.But I guess in the process if SW trying to help fixed her marriage she going to see the person that she is truly meant to be with. I am not going to watch Shady Moms because I dont have the energy for that lol
  2. I can see all the roadblocks coming for the couple. 1.His mom is 100% going to be nasty 2.His sister is of course you to be very big problem for multiple reasons 3.Her mom could be an issue as well 4.Cheater is going to be very annoying 5.The kid is goign to causes not himself of course just the fact he going to be caught up in all of this 6.Cheaters mom is going to be another issue 7.His ex will pop up too I am sure I cant wait to see how they fall in love with all of this,but I knwo they will and its going to be amazing.
  3. Yep at first sure it was not his fault but now with the thoughts he is having even trying to pursuit it makes him just as guilty
  4. I doubt garbage husband will be happy to see another man interested in her. So yeah he will act like a child.
  5. Preview http://program.kbs.co.kr/2tv/drama/leftywife/pc/board.html?smenu=9725de&bbs_loc=T2018-0682-01-495663,read,,102,793836
  6. Right! this is what makes dramas fun I dont expect everyone to agree with me either. But if you dont.... ......
  7. So yeah he is totally goign to cheat on his wife during that 2 day trip.His convo with his brother all but confirms the type of crappy person he is.
  8. NJ is totally evil you dont come back for kidnapping some wife, nearly killing her and pretending they where in love all time when she lost her memories because of him. He isn't some tragic hero he is a very selfish person that is willing to kill someone if he cant have her.I have zero sympathy for people like that and random acts of goodness does not change overall evil. He did not care when her family was crying about their daughter, he did not care when PDK was crying and begging over his wife, and he did not care when their son was crying for their mother.So I dont care or ever will feel sorry for this character.
  9. They are still setting up the story since he has not cheated yet and the main leads only talk a few times to each other
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