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  1. SW said all the right things to GH about not taking YR away from her. @0ly40 SW said he is going to protect GH from now on and JH ask if he is going to marry her he said I dont see why not.
  2. So thats how it happen, it looks like someone was trying to run them down maybe? His bro fell on the knife after pulling her away since she fell on top of him with the knife. Looks like the prof is indeed evil.
  3. Lol JH still think he has any place to talk to him as this point. GH and SW have a son together now something you will never have it times for you to bounce!
  4. @UnniSarah I am pretty sure SW and OTY was always fated thata why they had so much misfortune when they was with other people
  5. Preview is hot fire ! http://program.kbs.co.kr/1tv/drama/homeforsummer/pc/board.html?smenu=9725de&bbs_loc=T2019-0043-01-436004,read,,102,797114
  6. YESSSSSSS he caught up to her and seen the pic of Bora! That look in his eyes he knows he finally found his boy
  7. Preview I see the TY stupid MIL still working for that dude real nice have not learn one single lesson. http://program.kbs.co.kr/2tv/drama/aplaceinthesun/pc/board.html?smenu=9725de&bbs_loc=T2019-0122-01-130845,read,,71,797115
  8. Yeah SW wearing the same clothes as well l in the preview he must have rush right over after finding out. She was saying goodbye to him the preview so its no reason for him to rush to the airport unless he found out.
  9. I actually kinda want SW to go with GH and YR give them some time to themselves to plan for whats to come.They could used the extended vacation as well lol . She 100% wont deny SW as the father because even with the garbage fake father stuff she did not wont to deny him rights or anything. But this is the person she loves and he loves her back so YR is a great reason to be together. Also YR being SW son gives GH more power over his family as well since SW will NEVER take YR away from her and his family just going to have to accept that.
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