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  1. A reminder that SBS's official website (it is all in Korean so use google translate) has already started to release clips from today's episode. You'll have to endure about 15 seconds advertisements with each clip, otherwise it is where you can find them first.
  2. Thank you for all the recapping. I was unable to watch it live. I was on the train after landing at Incheon (lol my 3 month visa run to Japan...AHHH) and my Korean phone wouldn't refresh this forums posts for some reason... ... aigoo. Anyway... Back home with the internet....reading all of your comments... I will have to wait for the subbed version to watch it but ... Part of me wishes I had waited to bing this one...I am curious about so many things...the hamster wheel in my head is spinning. I will comment more once I watch the episode. THANK YOU AGAIN!
  3. I'm actually starting to get annoyed with the plot. I get the whole angels shouldn't pursue relationships with the humans part of the story. The fact is Dan Kim mission makes no logical sense to me at this point to me. She's supposed to find love with whom? Now he has been heavily warned....The only two options we've been shown are Angel Dan and KW who is a fallen punished wandering angel. Unless the whole point is she is supposed learn to love herself and others in general????? We all know the story is about her and Dan. IDK it's just strange. How are these dots going to connect? I need subs... I feel like it will be a few weeks before some to this insanity makes sense.
  4. She could be a target still if the "sec. boss" thinks she knows something she shouldn't. It could be the type of plot twist needed for DOM to move past his hurt feeling and forgive her. Maybe VP will clear things up...along with her confession note.
  5. Ouch that hurt in more than a band aid being slowly ripped off...why why why does it have to be this way.... I am not surprised she was fired, that's to be expected. @turtlegirl the clip on SBS is called "You're fired" Kim Young-kwang I wonder how this will all get mended... Now for long wait.... Praying the write will be kind and not drag out the pain for too long.
  6. The side story with the "secretaries on a mission"...Maybe it's because they had to cut out all of Han Ji-sun portion of the story so it feels lacking but I no longer care what they are up to at this point. Can we get back to some kissing or something...
  7. Thank you for responding. I don't remember her mentioning it. If she did I suddenly pitty Dom more than ever for not putting the 2 and 2 together by now. UGH. I was also thinking his BP maybe why he noticed who she was suddenly....It would be the most reasonable explanation I guess we shall see soon enough if some of these the blanks will get filled tonight.
  8. After watching 22 I have to say I am completely confused by her quick dress change as @screwdila pointed out but also.... PLUS....How did Dom " know" or "think" GH would be with VP? She wasn't even going to see him that night. He was waiting for the Fake VP. I feel like I missed something? Did she tell him she worked for VP in the past. Help me connect the dots please?
  9. It looks like the cat is about to jump out of the bag...We all know a it always gets a bit uncomfortable before it gets better. Exposure of the lies will be good for everyone in the end, I'm happy to see the story moving forward it was getting a little tedious waiting for Dom to catch on. I wouldn't be surprised if they deal with his response next week, it could take a moment for him to get over being betrayed when he trusts her completely.
  10. WOW one more epic finish... I can't wait until next week. BTW for the people mentioning the ratings. Today was Memorial Day in Korea. Most people took off work early (or started enjoying the day off the evening before) as Koreans do best. It's raining here in Seoul so maybe the rating will boost up a little tonight. Next week will give a true picture as to where things stand. Anyway, I think that maybe why the viewers may be less.
  11. I keep thinking there is a major key in the reason why the second lead (now we know is also an angel or fallen angel of some kind) is so set on doing Giselle. SYNOPSIS: GISELLE - (From the SF ballet website) ACT I Giselle begins in the village of Thuringen, located in the German Rhineland. Giselle, a lovely peasant girl with a weak heart and a passion for dancing, is courted by a young man known to her as Loys. He is, in fact, Albrecht, Duke of Silesia, disguised as a peasant. Loys vows eternal love for Giselle, but the mood is shattered by Hilarion, a woodsman. He has long been in love with Giselle, but she rejects him and makes clear her feelings for Loys. Hilarion is suspicious of Loys, and he angrily vows to uncover the true identity of this mystery man and separate the two lovers. Giselle and Loys are met by friends and villagers on their way from the vineyards, and all join in a dance. But Berthe, Giselle’s mother, admonishes the girl for dancing so much, afraid that her daughter’s heart will give out. She tells Giselle and the villagers the story of the Wilis, young women who died before their wedding day and must spend eternity dancing. This, she fears, will be Giselle’s fate. Berthe leads a reluctant Giselle indoors, and Loys takes his leave. Horns sound in the distance, signaling the imminent arrival of a hunting party. Hilarion returns and breaks into Loys’ hut as the horns sound again. The hunting party arrives, led by the Duke of Courland and his daughter, Bathilde, who are seeking sustenance. As Giselle sees to her guests, Bathilde engages her in conversation. The noblewoman inquires whether Giselle has a boyfriend, and Giselle explains that she is engaged. Bathilde responds that she is also engaged and asks after Giselle’s fiancé. Giselle says that she is looking for him but can’t find him. Bathilde is charmed by Giselle, and requests the Duke’s permission to present the girl with her necklace. Giselle is so delighted by the gift that, as a gesture of thanks, she dances for Bathilde. The Duke and Bathilde go to Giselle’s cottage for a rest, and the hunting party disperses. Hilarion emerges from Loys’ hut holding his rival’s sword. He notices the hunting horn hanging outside Giselle’s cottage, and on closer examination, he sees that it is branded with the same crest as the sword. He feels vindicated, triumphant. But before he can expose Loys’ deception to Giselle, the vintagers return. Hilarion hides the sword and waits. Giselle’s friends return and crown her Queen of the Vintage. Everyone dances in celebration of the harvest, including Giselle and Loys. But their revelry is interrupted by an angry Hilarion, who rushes toward Giselle and denounces Loys as a deceiver. He presents the sword as proof. Giselle does not want to believe him. Hilarion summons the hunting party with the horn, and Loys, or Albrecht, can no longer conceal his identity. Not only is he a nobleman, but he is engaged to Bathilde! Giselle is distraught beyond measure. She stabs herself with Albrecht’s sword and sinks into madness. Weakened physically and emotionally, she collapses and dies. ACT II Giselle has been buried in a forest, close to a lake. Hilarion comes to grieve at her grave, but does not linger; he senses the presence of Wilis. Myrtha, Queen of the Wilis, summons her subjects to appear and assist her in initiating Giselle to their sisterhood. The Wilis hide about the forest as Albrecht, full of remorse and sorrow, comes to mourn at Giselle’s grave and seek her forgiveness. She suddenly appears before him, and he runs off in pursuit of her. Meanwhile, Hilarion has been found in the forest by the Wilis. On Myrtha’s orders, they make him dance until he is exhausted and then cast him into the lake, where he dies. Now Albrecht’s presence is revealed, and Myrtha commands that he, too, must die. Giselle intervenes, telling him to seek shelter at the cross of her grave, where she stands in protection. But the vengeful Myrtha orders Giselle to dance. She obeys, and Albrecht is soon drawn to her. They beg the Wilis to help them, but their pleas are rebuffed. They begin a pas de deux, and Myrtha now realizes how Albrecht will meet his death. She will see to it that he dances until he dies. A weary Albrecht pleads to put a halt to his dancing. His entreaty is refused. Giselle again pleads for his life, but she cannot sway Myrtha. Albrecht continues to dance, until he collapses from exhaustion. But the darkness of the forest is broken by the first light of dawn, banishing the Wilis. Giselle returns to the earth. Albrecht, overcome by his love for Giselle and by the generosity of her forgiveness, is left to weep at her grave.
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