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  1. DramaMilk is doing a live recap for ep 6 here:https://www.dramamilk.com/melting-me-softly-episode-6-live-recap/
  2. If you are interested in spoilers here is DramaMilk's full rundown of Ep 4 (7&8): https://www.dramamilk.com/melting-me-softly-episode-4-7-8-live-recap/Insert image from URL
  3. Drama Milk is LIVE recapping this drama.... https://www.dramamilk.com/hotel-de-luna-episode-8-live-recap/
  4. They seem to be giving a lot of time to finish up the story so Dan Kim may appear again.
  5. I finally started Search: WWW. I'm more people are not on here commenting. Absolutely love this drama. It's really refreshing seeing such strong female leads in powerhouse positions.
  6. What the heck... I find this pseudo God.... Super annoying. He seems like a mad-man who is out to make hurt people hurt more. What's HIS point and purpose in all of this story why is he tossing all of these people and angelic beings in scenarios where they end up further trapped??
  7. Clips for todays episode will be uploaded here first...SBS has already started adding .... https://programs.sbs.co.kr/drama/mysecretarylife/clips/59187
  8. KBS is terribly misleading with the previews. The preview for 20 made it look like YL hit the ground after she jumped. The voice over is her cousin wishing she was dead...while all along it was her hand laying on the stage as she ended her dance, at least 30 min before she was pushed off the building. I know people are saying she didn't kick and flop her arms while falling... Honestly .... It only takes seconds to fall that distance and she is coming against the force of gravity and wind. It's not like she can grab onto something... life is flashing before your eyes... Is this really happening to me....terminal velocity of a falling object is 120mph or 193kmph....BAM! It's kind a quick.
  9. We still have 6 EP to go... There is a whole lot of roller coaster ahead of us I'm afraid. I really hope they balance the angst out with more sweet romance. It's a bit draining with all of the selfish unrelenting villains.
  10. YAY she was pushed off the roof but angel Dan comes to the rescue out of the clouds and saves her!
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