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  1. Im honestly so grateful that so hyun accepted love alarm and TTON as we can see how much she enjoyed their company and even went out with both the casts. Anyways, after reading the comments on koalasplayground i really hope E&T do something about so hyuns stylist.
  2. I do agree that the stylist don't usually give our girl the best outfits for an event sometimes. BUT SO HYUN WAS LITERAPLY STUNNING YESTERDAY. EVERYONE WAS STARSTRUCK BY HER BEAUTY. However her agency should do a better job at handling their artist eapecially since its not just so hyun under that label. Cause a bad article about E&T would affect sohyuns image too.
  3. Not gonna lie. Im really gonna miss this drama. It holds a special place in my heart. The plot, the characters who each have theie own story, nokdu and dongjoo's pove for each other and of course the lovely behind the scenes which proves how close the whole crew is.. im just not ready to let go yet.
  4. Hello. Feels like its finally time i write something after silently following this forum. I just love what they did with this drama making everyone at the edges of their seats. Still can't believe i just read comments about how they hate this drama saying the leads have no chemistry etc. Well i guess not everyome has a good eye for dramas then...
  5. The fanmeeting was literally so good. I wish i could personnaly be there to watch all the videos too. i was also suprised to see the artist who personally sent videos for the fm. Especially im si wan and kim bo ra. Good to know she still keeps in touch with her co stars. I guess she is close with Myungsoo since sso also nominated him for the ALS last year. And the gifts she gave were so cute.
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