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  1. ummm... we don't have to worry about being rational when she decides to use a photograph that is 9(nine, NINE, 9!) months old... @sp17jcshipper... maybe nostalgia?
  2. @DeePlatonicFan Thanks for your whole post!!! Really loved it. I did the same thing re the maths/ages... I think it is a continuity error (unless he really is an 85'er, after all he doesn't know his real bday). However! if he was born in 85 it holds with my original theory that she painted one painting a year that he was alive (ok probably not but that is where I thought we were going when it was announced that there were 9 paintings).
  3. 1- 1000% they could have pulled it off. And I’m kinda bummed that they didn’t have a chance to have that chance. And I totally agree re bender and plate breaking—if DM had joined in the plate breaking that would have been perfect. But I still think that off that emotional high there would still to be a dramatic emotional drop/dead end which doesn’t really play well with hyper-sexy bed scene. I guess I’m coming from personal experience in how I’ve worked with a partner through really difficult stuff and then ended up in a bed scene of our own. it was always a spike in emotion and then a very low key, calming coming together. If that makes sense. I didn’t like how we got to the bed scene but the emotional beat of the bed scene made a lot of sense to me. TBH I didn’t want Ryan to be painting or even drawing until the very, very end. The episode was lazy story telling because they needed to wrap it up because we don’t have enough episodes to deal with it realistically.
  4. Haha. I still look at this as a Noona, thinking “awww you looks so handsome but I still can’t you seriously. I know you aren’t suave in real life, give up and smile like a loon little bro” (“Noona! I need to look cool, *boyfriend material*. I can’t be sexy or boyishly charming—that isn’t who I am now. I believe in ROMANCE... I’m in character... it is all about the *psychology*! The viewer needs to believe that it looks real—I said this before in front of EVERYONE! I’m more mature now. I don’t make off the cuff remarks anymore!” ”Sure kid. I believe, even if no one else will”)
  5. Your post is perfect. Completely agree re bedscene. would I have liked to see something a bit more mature? Yes. Would it have made emotional sense? Not one bit. Weve been praising their emotionally grounded relationship. Let’s also make space for bed scenes that aren’t raunchy — you know, like most of real life... (I’ve a suspicion that Sian and/or LeeSol are going to show up tomorrow morning... so we might get trolled again)
  6. Oh agree. It felt very PG compared to some of the kisses (including imaginary) we’ve had But i was just referring to the morning after! When they are wearing shirts. Not an issue of whether they are comfortable with passionate kisses etc but whether she is comfortable showing/implying nudity. Nevertheless I think it was a directorial decision for the scene to be muted.
  7. Re bed scene... Ok so would have loved something a bit steamier but it wouldn't have suited the build up which was more about love than passion... I'd have preferred a bit more... umm. skin-skinship for the aftermath but it really depends on what the actors/actresses feel comfortable with... I don't think that in ANY of her previous dramas that her bed scenes have had much skin showing (certainly not Healer or WWWSK). So there is a good chance that PMY said that she wasn't comfortable with lots of skin showing.
  8. Who could forget? I saw it before joining the ship and thought... wait? How much filming have they done? What on earth does that... Ah yeah he... wow... how did she keep it together? Wait does that mean she has heard this before? Yeah... she’s heard that before... maybe im going too far... oh there is a forum that also... OMG HI GUYS LOVE YOU LOVE THEM WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO ABOUT ALL OF THIS!?!?!?!?!?
  9. Well he doesn’t need to talk about a *girl group* when he has an *awesome girl* to be questioned about instead... duh! Ahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahaha Just like a good lawyer: don’t ask a question that you don’t already know the answer to... for a journalist they: don’t ask a question if they know another one will get more of a response from the person being interviewed.
  10. Ok I want to go out on a limb here and say that we might get a proper sleepover... based solely on the fact that in the preview Deok-mi and Yoon-jae are wearing the same outfits at night as they are in the promo stills (which was shot in the sunlight at her place...ok logic could be he picks her up that morning but I don't think so)... It would be a dramatic rhythm change where they have just had a lovely night together and then the day just gets more stressful... This might be my wishful heart but... we shall know soon enough. (also really pleased that we were right that the costumes were all co-ordinated!!! makes me so happy)
  11. ehehehe. that interview was adorable. It isn't too surprising that seems a little bit more grounded. Imagine being in the public eye for, what?, 13 years and then having a completely new kind of schedule and new expectations. It is probably a very steep learning curve for all the celebs who go (not to mention the other men). As for BS, well that cannot have been pleasant especially when it is so difficult to address while he is enlisted... having that kind of moment of reflection clearly helped him affirm who he is as a (good) person (clearly friends and family gave him strength and support). It is why I think that the choice to do a romcom is actually very wise (and I am "melting"(hehe) at the idea that our girl might have influenced the decision). It will be less taxing on his body than playing an astronaut and getting to laugh and joke around rather than be serious all the time is good for everyone's mental health. I'm not saying it won't be hard work. But putting your all into something where you get to laugh and joke around a bit will be good. So excited to support him in this next project. Also, I like this more mature and considered side--it doesn't mean his inner dork is gone or that he will no longer grin like a fool over certain things (ahem). Just he has one more experience under his belt... another tool for an actor to draw upon going forwards. And if he wants to settle down... well @Changsky I will hang out with you in delulu... we can prepare lots of dirty laundry baskets that need to be taken care of and then discarded for, ummm, other matters? (eep 100th post, of course it had to be here. x)
  12. de-lurking v briefly because I was in a taxi on my way to a meeting, put on makeup (I have blonde eyelashes so it is a pretty big difference), let my hair down, and put in contacts and the taxi driver freaked out because he thought I looked so different. So def possible for people not to recognise you with little alterations (especially if they don't know you well). absolutely loving this drama
  13. I am not ready for the fact we are in the final act/last four episodes of HPL... At the same time, it feels like eternity having to wait for Wednesday. It's been ride and the most fun I've ever had with a drama. Every contribution has been brilliant--gifs, vids, theories, fangirling/boying--; lurkers your support is appreciated, come join the party! (Also, let's break the 200-page mark before Friday, FIGHTING!!!)* A couple of things that I am looking forward to: Kim Mi-kyung (aka mum) and Lee Il-hwa (aka Lee Sol) rocking hanboks again... because we deserve a wedding scene since editor Nam told mum to get her hanbok ready. Kim Sun-young (aka Director Eom) rocking even crazier lewks and strutting through our lives. (also, maybe a reincarnation in Deok-mi's fantasy director outfit? it was ott but brilliant!) and, finally, enough BTS to make our hearts flutter, our smiles become permanently etched on our faces, and laughs/giggles bubble from our bellies for as long as we all shall live. *I'm bad at goodbyes so getting this in early
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