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  1. I get that, totally. I “loved” it compared to the other episodes—which I couldn’t watch. I haven’t watched last week’s episodes, btw. I only watched this one because the ratings had dropped below 2%. But this episode felt a bit more what I was looking for character development etc compare to 1-4. The show’s writing, directing, tone are driving me mad and deserve a low rating. Like I said I couldn’t watch the previous episodes without skipping entire scenes (see my previous posts). I don’t know re looks... I just can’t figure out why other dramas that I dropped because of the same problems with writing, pacing, etc, had better ratings. The only common thread was that the MLs were all idols—with large, Young fan bases. And there have been so many idol dramas that I thought it might just be that taste has changed. JCW is stupidly handsome and talented. I suggested the idol issue because it is the only thing (off the wall, I can’t believe I suggested it myself) I can think of because it is so so so random. It is stupid but that was kind of the point. Hope that clears it up.
  2. EDIT: see my follow up to this. Not going to delete this but more explanation was needed. To be clear, up front, the last bit is because of shifts in taste, which happens, not because of anything else. This drama is giving me whiplash. I LOVED this episode. LOVED. So long as I forget the fact i was invested in the NHY and MDC relationship, the relationship between GMR and MDC is very delicately written and acted. Id happily have this be episode 4 and an early, early kiss with the resulting “I cant like you for your health and mine“ for the next 8 episodes. I cannot understand why the rating has dropped this dramatically. The only thing that i can think of is that people just arent watching dramas on the weekend—then streaming later. The other, and i cant believe im offering this as a reason, is that JCW’s look no longer *visually* suits the key demographics in korea—for this kind of drama. For an action/thriller yes because a masculine face is good but so many successful romcoms are idol based... Maybe im mad to suggest that but the k-entertainment has changed in the last two years—i dont know...
  3. Watched with subs!!! 1- It looks like several of the other extras are starting to become aware... any thoughts that it is only extras who can become aware? There are several scenes with extras looking confused/surprised (when BK "confessed"; when BK and Haru had their confrontation) 2- Are they giving BK a reason to pretend like he didn't like DO? (that he pushes her away because his mum died from sickness so he never wants to get close to people who might die?... fairly classic trope)... But it in no way makes him a good guy... and I really can't stand his character. 3- Speaking of tropes! urgh. loving them here so much. very well done and often subverted, even the love lines. 4- yes! totally agree. I think he has always been aware of his feelings for DO but they have become stronger as it goes along... the bit on the bench did me in. But the movie theatre scene was the best... so many memories of being a teen and hyper aware of your date in a dark theatre 5- I am going to admit that I've always felt a bit sorry for Jinmichae... I think he genuinely wants the best for the manhwa (not necessarily the characters)... when he said that everything had returned to what it was my heart broke a bit. Clearly whatever ending Flower had is really tragic and he wants to prevent that. He seems lonely. I loved at the beginning when he said that it took DO a much faster to figure it out, as if she always does. His relationship with Haru is clearly complicated and he cares for him. When he said "you would disappear" I interpreted that as who Haru really is. That who everyone is on stage isn't who they really are. With Haru's new role in the manhwa, he is now just another character. 6- I think he could still know all those things and be a body guard / military official in a sageuk (plus fusion etc) 7- This was hilarious! I've really been missing him--and occasionally rewatch METS for the cute he brought in the beginning... I wonder why he hasn't gotten more roles? (he has always been my favourite of the Lee Minhos) Final thought... So many of the guys in this drama are "armpit sniffers" (guys where the girl is so much short that she only(barely) comes up to his armpit... not gross if they bathe regularly! come one! hehehe... I am also dying to see how they manage the DO Haru kiss... even sitting down she is so much short than him.
  4. I think this "supports" the/my theory that he was the protector of DO AND BK in the sageuk(have we confirmed this?) manwha... the plot of Secret* is slowly turning into the plot of the other manhwa... which is meant to be a tragedy where BK (after being a right royal pain) falls for DO and then she dies** after they reconcile--which was why it was BK and not Haru who catches DO. *the Secret being that 1-the characters are, well, characters in a manhwa. and 2-the secret behind who Haru is (the translation of the korean title is "Haru found by chance" **DO's driving motivation so far has been living. not falling in love but living. I think this means that her character in the other manwha is meant to die. Haru is meant to make sure that she doesn't prevent her death...
  5. BK as the a-hole crown prince? DO is the ignored crown princess who falls in love with the guard (HR) who is always protecting her??? (except that BK was meant to be the lead BUT DO and HR fell in love anyway because they are fated no matter who they are *meant* to be with?) --I will 100% write a fanfic for that if it isn't what we end up with...
  6. So, bear with me because this is super new idea... does anyone think that Ha Ru could possibly have been the ML/other in a *different* manhwa--which is why he has the scar... it somehow "erased" him from the Manhwa. Which is why he "remembers" Nam-joo's parents (as if they are his own). Jinmichae is there to make sure that the manhwa ends the way it is meant to--even as characters become aware or despite the fact that they are aware. But yeah the story has been officially turned on its head in the final stage (we weren't in the manhwa at the ending)**. **you can normally tell because the colour tone switches from "warm" for the stage and then "cool" for the manhwa.
  7. I don't even know where to begin with this episode! Will need to rewatch with subs to get the details though. I'm devastated about the Palace Lady. Flat out devastated... I had to skip the scene when I saw where it was going. Seo Ji-hoon! Boy can really do the sad, kicked puppy dog. It was there in Mama Fairy and the Wood Cutter but here! AH! I know we need to move the main love line along but did they have to do it that way? And how is our poor Soo going to stay positive? He had things to fight for! Now... I worry about him so much. Isolated while everyone else is having a great time... If he doesn't get a lady love at the end of this(I don't care how shallow I want him smiling and playing with his kids while they match make the Ma kids with the Lee kids--fight me), I will fly over to SK, find the writer, and sternly shake my finger at her.
  8. 100% times a million. To justify (for my viewing pleasure not to justify her actions which are awful) I have split her into identical twins one is nasty as all get out and beats her servants totally unredeemable (Ji-hwa) and the other is the repressed/prejudiced but redeemable sister (Ji-hye, why not) because she has cute run ins with Joon. Their names are close enough that people think they are the same person... but *I* know that they are entirely different people!
  9. They smashed 2 different characters into one... it could have worked but they've gone overboard with her negatives... If she had just been super prejudiced against any and everyone who wasn't a noble that would have sufficed--especially if it comes from a pov that it is her only way to have control over her life. We get a bit of this with her relationship / misjudgement of Joon. But they've made her needlessly cruel, which is a shame because her scenes with Joon are so lovely. I have an example in mind where it was done well but can't for the life of me remember the drama.
  10. Haven’t watched the episode* yet but this really surprises me. It is a live broadcast number right? Doesn’t include streaming? Because that could play a big part. A younger audience is out partying and then watches it the next day? I was surprised it was in a weekend spot. Expected a mid week one. And thanks for these numbers. I’ve never actively followed viewership/ratings before so this is really interesting. *im probably going to wait for a couple and then go back to beginning and binge—I hope that the pacing will be better that way.
  11. Edit for correct spelling @pauliza Geobug... I mean geogeo... Oh! right! I mean TANCOOKIE has an instagram account! https://www.instagram.com/tancookie_/ Now Ggoma needs one... Truth is stranger than fiction?
  12. all of the above. (I'm not even going into the feelings. Love it. As far a fusion sageuks go this is riding super high at the moment.)
  13. This is the cutest thing. It has stolen (is it only the 4th ep?) the top spot for campus dramas... ever. all of the others can take a seat... RG ruined MLs in drama land. Extraordinary You has ruined all campus dramas... I will die on this hill.
  14. LoL... you mean she's gone kooky for wookie? hehehe... (I feel we could go on all day with this!) Please, please... CLEARLY the fire emoji is for warm, fireside cuddles... It is getting colder and everyone needs to stay warm... Don't you remember? Last year she wanted 100DH to keep all the soldiers warm by watching the drama? She really cares about everyone's health... Nothing at all unusual about wanting warm cuddles by the fire... with your favourite kitten or with your loved ones...
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