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  1. Aw it has been a while but this is such a loving and supportive fandom. And SMI is clearly loved by both of them individually. They are always so thankful to fans. Just rays of sunshine during these stressful times.
  2. Oh this is a much better way to put it. hahaha I will always be impressed that they were brave enough to cut it for the benefit of having incredibly tight story telling.
  3. I really wasn't ready for this drama to finish. I have loved pretty much every minute of it... ok. loved every minute. I can somewhat understand from a plotting and pace perspective why they trimmed it but... omo. I wish we had the full 16 ep. i'd have watched it for the filler and potential fluff (hopeful romance). I personally thought they would have had a more obvious call back /mirror to the very beginning with the signing but the ending does mirror the beginning of their actual partnership so happy as well... I just want more. and would happily watch a second season of this drama.
  4. http://wwwe.sogang.ac.kr/academic/academic_calendar.jsp Graduation for Sogan University (18 Feb) cancelled (probably because of public health concerns). Nevertheless! congrats NJH for finishing your studies.
  5. Hi, long, long time lurker. I cannot believe the wait is finally over. I watched ep 1&2 then caved and bought VIP (oopss...). Have to say, I think it is good they are going chronological rather than following the book's structure. It could be confusing otherwise. But I really, really hope we get the book's opening scene in the drama!!! It was one of my favourites. One thing I prefer in the drama is how DongHua has these little moments when he looks at things and you think he is thinking of FengJiu. Visual media can be better at this than books. And the characterisation of FJ as well because in the book she is reflecting on her time as his fox so her perspective is different Anyway. Back to lurking and the real world. Just couldn't contain my excitement. Everyone thinks I'm crazy. Will probably reread the book saturday.
  6. Joyous New Year to All!!! Jumping on the "I'm so excited for her new drama" train. New kinda role for her, which is super exciting. Love this ship and shippers. 2020 FIGHTING!!! also 2020... 20:20 vision... clarity... relationships... dating news... marriage news... baby news... ok, I have never claimed to be rational... just be happy that the captains of our ship are adorkable and hard working. Looking forward to all their projects in the new year.
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