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  1. OMG! He's going full on 'Ajusshi' on me! Bringing me back to my worshipping Won Bin days! I can't wait for tomorrow now! PS... There is a high chance of Father Han surviving since he made it to the hospital. But seeing him so severely injured and listening to Hae Il at the church made me tear up.
  2. Hi! I did try but somehow I couldn't continue. I am watching the drama that Mateo is in at the moment. LOL. I think the premise for the drama is interesting but I suppose it's not for everyone.
  3. Father Han also crossed my mind as the person who could have killed Father Lee (ya....I humbly apologise). This thought disappeared as soon as it appeared because of how he has helped Hae Il. The look of shock on Det Gu and Det Seo when they saw the video meant that it was someone they recognised and also someone they didn't expect. We are running low on suspects ..... Technically...about the violence. The show is aired wuite late at night and there are warnings about age limit. It did surprise me about the level of violence and blood and I had to check it was not OCN!
  4. My sense of foreboding hit its peak when Father Han asks if he could call Hae Il, hyung..... *Shades of My Annoying Brother movie*
  5. What a ride. I do agree the writing is pretty up and down. Moments of hilarity and then you get Father Han.....sigh. I feel like Prosecutor Park and her 'bipolar disorder' Laughing one moment and in the depths of despair in another. We still don't know the big bad at this point. Do we?
  6. Too happy. I have a big feeling of dread. Especially the scene with Hae Il and Father Han... Bad feeling about Father Han.......
  7. Holy mu-sshi-so.....Hae Il and Scarface - FIGHT! And Song Sac to join the party! Double the mu-sshi-so! Wow. Song Sac!
  8. If anyone can private pm me a place where I could watch the live stream, I'll love you forever! I am eager to find out how they escaped too!
  9. I swear this episode can make me cry and laugh at the same time. The flower petals and blurred behinds when their pants were stained. LOL And the brown bomber jacket. Gangster Hwang .....
  10. Catching up on last night's episode. I never knew I was such a bloodthirsty person. I cheered when Hae Il was beating up Scarface. I was so emotional when I saw Det Seo unconscious.... Am I fated to love priests? First was Kim Jae Wook in Guest and now Kim Nam Gil...
  11. Getting beaten up and fired up the team. Now they are even more determined. And it looks like michin Hae Il is released! Looking forward to the final few episodes!
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