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  1. Binged watched it over the weekend! Happy to join in any discussions. I like how they are open with each other and clarify things to other parties. Even though I felt the FL said' Are you angry?' too many times to the ML, I think I understand that it was a fledging relationship and both were working around what would make the other person upset. Towards the end, the trust they had for each other was amazing (though there were tinges of jealousy from both sides)
  2. I don't think about whether it is Bong Hwan or So Yong who is kissing the king. It's So Bong! Pretty much Shin Hye Sun kissing Kim Jung Hyun. Hahaha. If it suits one to think it is Bong Hwan, go ahead. If you think it is So Yong, it's ok. There is no right or wrong answer here.
  3. Personally for me, I hope they did not consummate. Romantic that I am, I would hope that both parties had joyously participated in the union. Not a 'did we or didn't we' scenario. We will only know what really happened next week but we can see how So Bong has taken a liking to CJ (no matter how much he/she resists!) I am more focused on Shin Hye Sun's portrayal of her character and so for me, whether it is Bong Hwan or So Yong who falls in love (or remains in love) with the King, I am not as bothered. The King definitely became more interested in trying to figure out his Q
  4. I agree. I am just going with the flow and trust the scriptwriter will have a satisfactory ending.
  5. Did Soompi become overloaded because of the final scene tonight? LOL I need the subs before I can process what to say. And then, the waiting begins.
  6. LOL. A lot of us are on fire but that's the beauty of us viewers being immersed in the drama. So 'icky cousin' is the right name for him. He is actually really smart but sadly his desire for the Queen has blinded him (at this point) to what his adoptive father and Queen Dowager is planning. I think once a Queen is deposed, the Queen would be banished and can never marry again. Most likely sent to a nunnery for life. That's an awful fate. This scene gave me the chills. Hail to the King!
  7. Good to see how Bong Hwan is now realising how difficult a life the Queen had. I love his/her impassioned speech about how the King was taking advantage as she was the weakest person (at that point) which he could attack. And the realisation from the King that that was what he was doing. Bravo to the acting from Shin Hye Sun and Kim Jung Hyun. Intially I was upset with how Bong Hwan was thinking about just going back and not thinking about the consequences for the Queen (So Yong) once they have swapped back their souls/bodies. But then he realises the treacherous moves
  8. Jumping in to say I DO NOT LIKE THE CONCUBINE I think the story as it goes about a soul swap set during these times would already indicate that this drama is not going to be fully following history. I suppose that because the story is based on actual historical characters, there would be a big uproar. However I am not watching Yi San or Jumong but rather a fantastical spin on history. I had the laugh aloud moments and the whiplash between modern references (the songs!, the twerk!) and classic Joseon speak and mannerisms. I especially
  9. I am back to K-drama land! Have been away on a C-drama binge. Only KYJ can pull me back. I am looking forward to her new drama. Plus AHS, GM and Kwak Si Yang! Moon Embracing The Sun was my addiction when it aired and coincidentally KYJ was in it too! The younger actors drew me into the story. So now I can't wait!
  10. Where are all my professional singles? Being one myself and still waiting for someone like Qin Shen to come along. Haha.
  11. @deltos What he (2ML) did at the end did lead me to sympathise with him (a little). But yes, I agree with you about the 2FL (Although I am not sure what that word meant. )But I can guess the context. Haha.
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