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  1. I also like the twist to the story that it's the male lead who has a child and is a single parent. And his awareness about societal assumptions about single parents. If the writer had written that it was JI with the child, it would be a more common plotline. You can already feel how he is worried for her and what others may think if they are together too often. But I like that JI is quite strong-willed. However, I expect that throughout this drama, she will feel the pressure from people around her and I wonder if she will be resistant to the pressure.
  2. So mellow and lovely. I like the quiet moments between JHI and HJM as JH and JI. It may or may not be a mistake, it may be destiny but what was powerful to me was this line. Cheating or not, that is up to the viewer's perception. But in this story, that is something for JH and JI to decipher.
  3. Also I think to love someone completely, you have to see through all the flaws to the diamond beneath. To everyone, she is the spoiled heiress but her driver (Mr Jo!) and her butler can see beneath the thorns. And the scene where I started sobbing?
  4. I think that (my thoughts) angels do not know the feeling of love, as in passionate, romantic love. They love everyone and everything but in a benevolent manner. The stirrings of love and desire for an angel is probably not a good sign as an angel but perhaps it's a path to being more human. Humans have these feelings. Why is he compelled to save her? Pity? Sympathy? Love? or more than just love? This is a journey where we watch an angel fall in love, a love which may require him to give up his angelic wings. And I sincerely hope he will not dissipate into dust or smoke....
  5. Glimpsed a man (?) just as KD went into the house and before YS went downstairs. Hmmmm.... And the beauty of this scene. A chandelier will not just fall like that.... There is a rat in the mansion.
  6. So I am watching Ep 1 and already tears are rolling down my cheeks. Especially since I know what happens to ajusshi. So I think I will avoid spoilers until I actually watch the drama. But both leads acting are top-notch. The evil baddies are true caricatures. I am just concerned about lead angel's warning about laying a hand on humans and you will disappear like smoke and dust. *shivers* BAck after watching Ep 2. Cried like crazy when she was watching the DVDs of her and Mr Jo. And everything is good so far. Love how KD manages to push her buttons. And hilarious when his wings popped out and he was trying to get them back in. I will be back with crazy long gifs. Will rewatch again tonight. Hehe.
  7. Hey, I do recognise the 3017 gang. Together again. LOL. The plot is intriguing and it was time to try another rom-com...I still have yet to continue from Ep 2 for a rom com which I have said I am watching... hehehe
  8. I am waiting for Ep 2 and watching both Ep 1 and 2 together. But the ratings does make me want to watch Ep 1 immediately. Argghhh.... I need to be disciplined and resist!
  9. Oh hoho... PsychoDoctorResurrectedOldMan is smart enough to figure out some rules of the Abyss. For goodness sakes, I hope our AliveAgainDuo can be at least a pace ahead... PS. Are they putting HJ in the middle. As in, she could still go good or bad....
  10. My comment... Oh Yeong Cheol aka PsychoDoctorResurrectedOldMan is even worse than Park Il-Do....(Guest fans will know who I mean). He has multiple lives and is soooo smart to get away from the police every time. But YAY for Min's revival!
  11. Cha Min can return with his handsome face? There must be an unknown rule by the Abyss aka DragonBall.
  12. I usually have my four episodes before I decide to keep or drop. The first two had me eagerly keeping. Then ep 3 and 4 made me rethink. I will hang in there for another two episodes to see what happens next. If the rule about Abyss going to the next person who was revived, does that mean we will see PsychoDoctorOldMan die before it goes into SY's hands or will we have SY (alone at this point) running around trying to find PsychoDoctorOldMan. And what will she do when she finds him anyway? *scratches head*
  13. So after watching Ep 4... I hope the storyline gets better. Due to the shock of what happened to CM and now that dragonball is in the hands of PsychoOldGuy...... I need motivation to keep me watching. I am holding on due to Park Bo Young.... So please have a turnaround by EP 5. PS. I get frustrated when baddies keep popping up and being ahead of our duo... And what the heck with Hee JIn......*stunned*
  14. I am so shallow.... *goes off to stare dreamily at Cha Min aka Ahn Hyo Seop.... PS. The Korean wrist grab in reverse! Refreshing...
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