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  1. LOL. Actually I can't believe we are celebrating his birthday and he is a fictional character! AND THEN HE WALKS IN....
  2. They are cute together and I see them at a friendship stage? Not a couple stage? They joke with each other and can act 'ugly' with each other by making faces and full-on teasing. The amount of times Zhao-jie picks on him. Hahaha. PS. If June 30th is the lunar birthday according to the Chinese calendar, wouldn't his actual birthday on the Gregorian calendar be 20th July? [Referring to HS here ]
  3. Yes! DYX topped the category and TROTR won by a whisker. It was really close!
  4. Watching Parallel Love too. Up to Ep 10. That variety show was hilarious. And his wig!!!
  5. Thank you for the alternative ending link. It kind of makes sense too. LOL. The weird way he treated her as Actor Han in Ep 1. And then, somehow, she got her money transfer. Although I would have to suspend belief that if a man without a past appeared, would it be so easy for him to become famous without anyone digging about his past.
  6. I am only getting news through Twitter lol. So I am not sure of the date.
  7. Why were we deprived of this? Sometimes I wish Chinese dramas also have Directors Cut. Hahahaha.
  8. The thirst is real. They better heed the cries of fans for S2 with them as the leads. And it's funny how Pei Heng and ChuChu also appeared. Hahahahaha.....
  9. That video is scarily amazing! How did they superimpose her face? LOL. And it looks like a better venue for a first night than the prison too. Hahaha. I am just wowed.
  10. Thanks @Super_Dede I am learning new things everyday! Sidenote: Don't you wonder how many times XLS threw herself into DYX's arms in that hospital scene?
  11. I am looking forward to the King in Love but I know I will be comparing it to Moonlight Drawn By Clouds I am also attempting to move on.... but I can't. I plan to rewatch TROTR when I can get a stretch of free time. I am going to try out Parallel Love .....
  12. I, for one, am glad that she got the role of CQQ! Like DYX said during that 'epilogue which was actually a post-interview after their fanmeet' - only she can be CQQ. It makes me wonder who are the other 4 actresses who auditioned for the role. And correct me if I am wrong, but it looks like she was casted already and then they looked for a male lead? Since it was mentioned he only meet ZLS the first time when he had to act out HS with ZLS?
  13. This gives me another reason to rewatch! Is there going to be another fanmeet or not? Hmmmm...
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