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  1. All couples are interesting in their own ways. The way the men look at the ladies tells u they are so in love with them.... U can literally see hearts coming from their eyes and the ladies are so clueless about it... or maybe they are not willing to accept the fact that these men are smitten by them..... It is really refreshing because in the usual dramas, it is the ladies who are the ones smitten and having hearts coming out from their eyes.... Scarlett and Ji Hwan are my favorite couple too.... I really like seeing Scarlett all flustered when she is with Ji Hwan and the clever Ji Hwan dropping hints and teasing Scarlett with his actions... The photos you posted her is one of those actions he did which i feel was intentional to tease her. I am really loving this drama thus far
  2. I agree with you on BTM/PMG relationship.. I don't think she is playing games.... I see it as a moral battle she is having within her.... This guy is 10years younger than her, it would seem inappropriate to date a younger man as the society is rather conservative... So she wants to draw the line... I see it as insecurity from her part.... This guy could leave her for a younger woman...For someone so competitive and independent... It will hurt her pride.. I see it as her not wanting to be seen vulnerable... I think she must be hurt badly from her last relationship that she decided to put all her energy into work and not go into another relationship... If she goes into a relationship now.. It means making herself open to be hurt again.. Which she rather not... That's why that back and forth in their relationship.. And it is so relatable as that's us humans; Excited by the thought of being woo by a younger man but afraid that we will be burnt by the relationship....
  3. He took the bus to see OJS! Her advertisement is on the billboard opposite the bus stop!!! So heartbreaking!!
  4. After watching episode 12 with subs, I thought the separation is necessary as OJS gave KJR the idea that her past is something that she treasures more so than her future with him. That is why I found the goodbye gift, Roman Holiday, fitting. Throughout the episode, OJS did not once come out to clarify that KJR is her boyfriend. When she was mobbed by her fans and when their picture is being POSTED. Instead she asked if it is OK if the company release a statement saying they are not a couple. KJR being an upright person knows that it will make OJS uncomfortable if she has to keep their relationship under wraps and more trouble will come her way so he decided that it is best for him to call it off. So the next couple of episodes are for OJS to find what matters to her most and make that call to announce to the whole world that they are lovers. It is a call for her to make not KJR. He has shown that he loves her alot and is willing to go through thick and thin with her as long as she is willing. I hope she doesn't take too long!!!
  5. Thanks for this great insight to the breakup scene. I thought the choice he made is so aligned to KJR's character.... Right from the first day he met OJS, he has shown to be a very sensitive guy; He bought her lunch even though he is not pleased with her being late and not being able to help. He remembered her saying she can't eat lunch alone...... He could sit in the cold and eat the food she prepared because it is her dream... Tell u so much that he is paying attention to her needs and wants.... He knows that OJS will probably not tell him that she is suffering because of their relationship because she tends to hide her sadness and put on a happy front...So he knows it must be for him to make that decision... he knows how much she loved acting and has seen the happiness she has in her face when she is reminiscing her acting days.... Like u said it... Because of the great love he has for her... He has seen that being with him will make her suffer.. So he would rather let go... I think it might not be a bad idea to be separated for a while because i think it will help OJS grow to be a better actress and for the two of them to discover that they are better together than apart...
  6. While waiting for the next episode, I would like to ask the community.... When do you think KJR started to be interested in OJS in a romantic way? I am rewatching the series to find my answer.... Any views?
  7. This was my favourite scene for the episode... Like you said it.... This simple action speaks volume of his love for OJS.... In this action, you can see all the qualities of KJR we have seen unfolding in front of us...his quiet confidence, his no nonsense demeanor, his sensitiveness, his protectiveness and love for OJS.... Thanks for the wonderful analysis of KJR!
  8. This has been on my mind for the longest time... Is WB less guilty than LH when it comes to murdering Sunni? In my opinion they are equally guilty... I guess that is why I find it hard to ship her with both of them.. Both men have their issues..both are quite scary when they try to mete out punishment on their enemies....
  9. No. No. you are not imagining things... I felt something there too... WB could probably be feeling something for Sunny already... I loved all WB and Sunny Interactions since the time she sprained her ankle... I found him too caring towards her as a guard. I loved this scene too! It's a pity that he had tried to kill Sunny off too many times else they will make a nice family. My guess is that he yearns for a loving family that is why he seems to be softer around Ari and Sunny.
  10. Hahaha. Felt the same about the ending.... Is there a special episode which we do not know about? Haha Anyway, I am so happy that YEH is back! Hope I will get to see her in a new drama soon.
  11. Thanks! My 2nd favorite scene for this episode... I like how the poem is used as promise to each other that they will be strong and be with each other.
  12. Thanks for sharing!! This is my favorite scene for this episode... I find it extremely romantic... Just like the words of the paparazzi who was following them: The atmosphere between these two is really close and passionate! I find the paparazzi constantly echoing our thoughts... He said he would continue to watch them because he is curious... Those are my exact thoughts... I will continue to watch them as I am curious how their relationship will develop...
  13. It is so insightful that you mentioned that their relationship grew because of her tender loving care. Indeed it is her little actions that touches his heart.. So I am making my list of the little acts that over time made him fall in love so fast... You might have yours.. But these scenes really speak volumes of the heart of YJ.. . Episode 1 - paid the treatment fees of her fan in the hospital Episode 2 - having a meal with him Episode 3 - Thank you note from her Episode 4 - (1) during the signing of the contract, she made sure the contract included his terms too. I found this really sweet and thoughtful. (2) the apology gift and note. (3)picking out clothes for him. Episode 5 - (1) worrying about him even though she is injured (2) agreeing to his requests quite readily - to give him a gift and to visit his mum (3) paying a guarantee deposit - not the cost of the equipment. I thought she was thoughtful and knew that he would be upset if she paid for it so she found an alternative solution. If I remember correctly, YJ is always sobbing, crying or tearing in almost all the episodes thus far. Through all these, WH is seeing her sincere heart and it makes a good man want to love and protect her.. So@vegaspink my conclusion is... YJ is just too loveable that it does not need to take WH long to fall for her.
  14. Read @packmule3 blog post on the last scene in episode 6. Thought all fluttering alert fans should check it out http://bitchesoverdramas.com/2018/11/17/fluttering-alert-truth-or-consequence/#comments I really loved this scene because this is where YJ and WH are willing to be vulnerable. Throughout this whole episode they have been waiting for the other party to be honest with his/her feelings before they take action. It is hilarious watching both of them trying ways and means to make the other party confess first. I found the ending scene fitting for this episode because at the beginning of the episode WH was not sure if the kiss was real and if YJ was affected by it... At the end of the episode, WH got his answer.. The kiss was real and YJ was affected by it... I really liked the idea that WH reiterated to YJ after answering her question that he does not kiss anyone he has no feelings for... A confession in its own right and he looks ready to give her a kiss with a clear mind rather than under anesthesia. My bet is that we will have a proper kiss in the beginning of episode 7 from the two of them to signify the start of the real relationship with each other. What do u think?
  15. Thanks for this insight. It definitely provided depth to the characters. I rewatched the scenes again. Yes. He is a sincere person and thus would soften when he feels the sincerity of the other party.
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