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  1. @Ameera Ali thanks for the lovely gifs!! Especially the ones where he was explaining how he got an X. Hahahah!! I like how this episode helped me understand why Yi-Sang behaved the way he did around Ha RI in the earlier episodes. I found it a bit strange tat within the first couple of episodes he seemed to be drawn to her.... Followed her around even to a wedding which he knows no one and gets jealous so easily!! Ah! So he was attracted to Ha Ri 3 years ago!! He is definitely deserving of the 5 stars given by Ha RI for personality - trying to shut himself out so he will not hurt someone.... So sweet! Then we have to give Ha RI 6 stars for bravery... How she will always find opportunities to share with him how she feels about him!! I just love them together, each time they look at each other.. .. U could feel the sparks flying across... How to survive until next Wednesday!!!
  2. The bed and breakfast scene is my favourite part of the episode... The traditional music accompliment as our hero walked in with that strange clothing and carrying blocks of firewood to set up the fire is priceless!!
  3. I loved how the show is light-hearted yet deep... Through these hilarious moments we have a peek into the issues each of the character faces..... Yi Sang just shuts himself out so he will not be excited... The moment his heart starts racing for another, it signifies healing for him... Ha Ri is challenging the social norms that only married can have children.. actually who has the right to have babies? Jae Yoong has to deal with being a single dad - giving up his dreams to raise a child..what other struggles would he face? Hoobae seems to be clueless about building professional working relationship and understanding others.. (Hmmm, this might not be an issue per se.. Maybe we will learn more about him later) So thankful that it's Wednesday and I am so looking forward to today's episode
  4. This is really an amazing drama.... I can't believe we are down to the last 2 episodes. . Never a dull moment and excellent acting by all.. Wish they could receive more I love how strong the women are in this drama.... Lawyer Kim standing there provoking Lawyer Song, she did not flinch at all when he threw the glass at her!!! Lawyer Boo confessing her love for lawyer yoon... She is so cool abt it....
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