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  1. Just finished watching, and it’s very nice drama. The scene that surprising me when YS told GS to pick up the steel pipe and then she suddenly run off while cheered him, and watching GS’s expression, LOL i can’t stop laughing. I don’t know whether she was just that selfish and didn’t care GS even a little bit, or she knew GS will be fine, because his bother will protect him. LOL Well i prefer the latter, since i think she’s quite inteligent reading the situation that JGW’s only target was her, and she pretty sure GW would not hurt his own family member
  2. Bawled my eyes out watching JP and grandmother’s scene, she visited JP knowing that he was sad. Overall very exciting drama, really enjoy watching it.
  3. I don’t like how DM had to plead to DS so he can work for her company, i know DS was hurt because of what she said, but if he really knows her personality, he should understand she did that for their own good since there’s nothing they can do at that time. I’m thinking prob DS rejected DM offer because he thought DM and JP dating and he thought DM was being insensitive well if that’s the case i can accept. I also don’t like how the other two guys said to DM about them being different or well known compare to 3 years ago, i mean they worked together before with DM even just for fe
  4. Anyway did Dalmi and the lawyer got their share from the 3 billion? I mean at least enough for Dalmi to start over? I really don’t like her sister but Dalmi working with her sister also good idea. And i think Dosan went abroad also good, it give restart for their relationship
  5. I like the female lead’s character, the storyline also quite interesting, too bad the male lead’s potrayal is quite stiff. I like the relationship between QH and her father, i love their scene alot.
  6. Very good and thrilling drama, love the fighting scene. My favorite character are Xuan Ji as god of war (i think she’s cool ) and TengShe. The female lead’s acting is wonderful.
  7. I don’t like amnesia, but probably it served as a purpose to give HS a restart for his relationship with JW, not as a pretender which he claimed himself to be. And probably the feeling of losing JW when he thought JW died it’s quite traumatic for him, added by his wound on the head all caused him amnesia. Anyway KMJ is very funny, how he tricked HS that JW was coming, told hae soo that JW behaving as a saint and commenting on how HS want to make JW’s happy by catching serial killer as a gift LOL
  8. I didn’t know JW got married after she got pregnant with EH, could i have missed the dialogue regarding that Their wedding pictures are gorgeous
  9. Yeah her acting is quite captivating, i like her after i watched under the power. Initially i watched go ahead because of her. I watched SZ in skate into love, he’s good. This is my first time watching SWL, i think he’s quite good although there are several scenes which i think his acting little bit lacking, but he’a still young so it’s quite understandable and the most important thing is i like his portrayal as LX
  10. The husband and wife’s scenes made me bawled my eyes out and also made me LOL. These two are hilarious especially when they got handcuff together
  11. I hope he’s getting better towards the latter episodes, i’m still on the earlier eps since i’m waiting for the sub
  12. Though the ratings drop below 2%, It still got first place both on tv and online, so i think many people like the drama. I have successfully persuade my sister to watch this, and she loves it, so happy lol, she’s more into k-drama than c-drama lol https://dramapanda.com/2020/09/c-drama-ratings-and-celeb-rankings-week-starting-aug-31.html
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