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  1. Yeah i tried to open the page previously but failed and got an error message. I have read about the possibility of VIKi lost the licence. But anyway i just checked again today and i managed to open it. Also they put coming soon on top of the page. https://www.viki.com/tv/36567c-love-and-destiny Do you think they eventually manage to obtain the licence? I’m still diligently sending this https://vikiinc.wufoo.com/forms/title-request-form/
  2. The actor who played Si ming is good, i laugh everytime he tried to avoid or reject Shi San
  3. I’m watching the rise of phoenix now, she disguise herself as a man there. Yeah I think she’ll be perfect as Mulan
  4. Fav part is all the OTP scenes of course, but i prefer the mortal realm and the rest scenes after that. But the part when JC turn to a dragon forcing to combine LX’s soul was very touching.
  5. So what form do you think Nian’er take? A bird or a dragon? Did they give us hints on the last ep?
  6. I like the scenes between JC and LX in the mortal world compare the previous scenes when LX stay in JC’s residence. The female lead is very beautiful and charming. She’s becoming more charming toward recent eps. Anyway i’m kind of confuse with LX’s origin. So her father is phoenix who live in the peach blossom land and then got married with a queen from mountain spirit? So her father was an immortal. How about mountain spirit tribe, were they also high level immortal like JC and the rest immortal who stay at heaven?
  7. The saving grace of this drama are the male lead and happy ending. The male lead personality was very interesting and the acting was spot on. Actually i don’t like the female lead, i think her acting and her expression sometimes awkwardly stiff and flat. But since YQ loves her alot, i tried to like her LOL. I wish we have decent villain in this drama instead of bunch of crazy women sigh. I can’t stand watching MH, XT and their respective couple (two female lead’s senior brothers). I kind of speechless with the teacher’s inaccurate stars reading accusing the female lead as the dark star and the cause of death of his two male students. LOL
  8. Great ending . I think GG and TM is more like a rival, they are so briliant in tackling enemies with their own drastic way . I also love CH and TM friendship they are so adorable lol. Anyway i love the three ladies have their happiness with their respective partner whatever status they held.
  9. Could it be they want to show that rather than being affraid and thinking too much until hindering your happiness, TM and MG should just go for it to be together, because life is short, and you wouldn’t get another chance.
  10. Probably his licence was not cancelled, or his licence reinstated again after he served his term in prison, because the medical society deemed his action not necessarily required permanent licence cancellation??
  11. CYH looked shaken when SY crying and telling him that she couldn’t save her patient or someone from her flash back. After that he looked her from the window quite long time. Romance line ? or he only felt she was similar to him regarding their despair from their past. Anyway i think the female lead’s acting is quite awesome. I don’t remember seeing her before in drama though.
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