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  1. I can’t wait for next ep, but little bit sad next week are the last. I’ll miss the eight a lot.
  2. I actually watched the eight because i like the female lead after i watched her in under the power. I don’t remember the male lead, but his face is quite familiar as a villain characters . Anyway back to the drama,
  3. The male and female lead went out for dinner couple? Are they dating?
  4. Actually i think many scenes in majority of the episodes are deleted, i notice that when i watched the ending credits, there’re many scenes which present in the ending credits, but not present in the drama and sometimes the scenes ended and jump abruptly wihout connection to the previous scenes
  5. No, i think it’s related to censorship. Probably it had content which not approved by the censorship so they cut or delete certain scenes.
  6. Yay friday is coming, i force myself not to watch the raw, the temptation is hard
  7. bawled my eyes out watching ep 24. BX is very cool character, i also like YF (the head of assassin). I think not many people watch this drama, too bad, because i think this drama is quite cool and thrilling
  8. I like Ba Xian, he recommended the battle of generals, because he knew MC’s ability in strategy and with this he can also show off MC’s inteligence to the head of mechanic faction.
  9. I quite enjoy the storyline up to ep 12, hopefully it will continue to be good and has a happy ending.
  10. Love the drama and really enjoy the plot. I found the drama’s plot was quite similar to the book. I don’t know why but i prefer DH with his white hair rather than black LOL
  11. Just finished watching and love it mainly because the male lead XS, he is awesome. I also enjoyed the storyline though it became quite dragging with unnecessary plot towards the end. Especialy the many scenes when RY was accused for something repetitively in short time. Lol Anyway how come XS can meet RY again after 1 year, didn’t the emperor forbid them together? He mentioned something about he had waited too long, it looked like he knew he can meet RY again after their separation. Did XS had already planned all along to change the emperor ? I felt the drama editing is jumpy with scenes were cut abruptly and move iregularly to another scenes.
  12. I definitely enjoy your translations, i especially curious the novel side regarding the underwater giant clam scene
  13. @Adidaem thanx a lot for the translation. Anyway so we can assume it’s happy end with FJY pulled QC into the lamp so he can be together with her, while he cultivated himself again until he can go outside the lamp. Since previously he had told QC that he will still accompany QC in the lamp if she according to plan, sacrificed herself to the lamp. It’s better that she still alive when enter the lamp rather than enter the lamp like the cousin by sacrificing herself, so there is still hope for them to be together again.