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  1. Where's the making i want to see my otp joking around after all those angst. Maybe because i know they're getting a happy ending i.e getting married, I can tolerate the sad scenes eventho it still hurts a lot. The break up makes sense to me. It was inevitable and we all saw it coming but i didnt think it would hit me this hard. love the fact that Dj did not break up with him just cuz he is the king's son, but because she thought ND is protecting the king. whereas, ND wanted to break up with her but he loves her so much he couldnt bear to let her go. Hopefully, DJ will figure out soon that they are on the same side, and be more involved lol The last scene thoooo, their acting is crazy good - from dongyoon heartbreaking tears to sohyun 'ssorrowful expresion. my babies deserves happiness. Run away and live on an island, get married and have minj dj and nd. pls hahaha Anyways, give me the bts!!
  2. How did DJ role changed from vengeful sole survivor of her clan to a skincare worker hahahah thats so random and yayy doosan bears! Thanks for winning the game, now we can watch our drama in peace hehe
  3. Her hair is still short so i dont think they're going to separate for too long (in terms of timejump in the drama)
  4. Lmao han ga eun. Such a stressful character hahaha hopefully the writers are not going for that path where they just forgot about DJ's storyline and execute it in a way that would make me want to stab myself. repeatedly. Honestly, im kind of tired of DJ pushing ND away. Like i get her motives and all, but i want something fluffy and romantic. In the stills, she still look angry and annoyed. Its kind of killing their chemistry in my humble opinion lol
  5. We are on the "popular now" section lol I wonder how they will play the comedy cards from now on tho, based on the preview it looks heavy af. I just hope that they will keep the comedy going coz i feel like thats what attracts people to watch this drama ++ hopefully made them a fan. Another thing im worried about is the quality, i hope the writers keep on writing good scripts and maintain a coherent and good quality story line. I dont wanna see lazy writings and a galaxy worth of plot holes. This show has so much potential, pls dont f it up huhu
  6. This scene HAHAHA imagine how weird it was for YM to watch ND dressing and changing his voice. If I were YM, id be so weirded out by the whole situation I kinda knew YM is not who he seems but i did not expect him to be this crazy hahahah but good job to the actor (forgot his name sorry!) for carrying the whole scene The last few scenes was so intense tho, i love it!
  7. Awwh thats too bad. Rating may dropped but we still trending tho so im ok lol From the reviews i read, majority of them are positive. So i agree with @faye406 lets just continue hyping up this drama on social media.
  8. TTON will air today Lol i tried to make a prayer circle. but hopefully the baseball players will do well and will not go overtime and we get to see a full episode today
  9. Im not sure if someone posted this one before but i find it sooo cute And.....ehem look at JDY trying to distract the girls hahah jk jk
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