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  1. Ugh guys/gals, I'm not used to watching a couple being this swoon-worthy. Is this drama an introductory class to perfect dating? LOL. I'm on cloud nine every moment they're looking at each other with so much fondness *melts*.
  2. OMG, how lucky you were! And so brave too, waiting for hours and even saying hello to them. I would never be able to pluck up my courage to even visit the set in dread that they'd shoo me away and I'd be completely brokenhearted. Thank you so much for telling us your experience in detail. I hope you'll have a great time in Seoul during the rest of your stay.
  3. So much this. Women and men have been conditioned into believing that the invasion of a woman's self space and asserting dominance over someone is romantic if it's done by a romantic partner-to-be. Grabbing wrists forcefully, calling a person "my woman", not giving someone the initiative to make their own decisions when it comes to with whom they associate with, none of these are sexy or romantic. The male lead treating the female like a weakling is something that really irritates me about k-dramas, and the reason why I don't watch many unfortunately. Ryan is the true exemplary boyfriend material that should be. Quoting from the tumblr post shared by @mellinadear: I said again and again that I find EG's behaviour ill-judged and destructive, but only did so by looking at it from DM's perspective, because that's the person who he is hurting. I'm not worried about the OTP at all. EG is breaking their 30 something year old sibling relationship. That's a huge blow to DM. Not to mention that I would be quite angry with Ryan too if he were to insert himself between DM and EG in a way that disrespects DM's connection to EG. The same goes for Da In.
  4. I salute you for your amazing post, it perfectly sums up all my feelings about this episode and the show in general, however this point I've quoted especially made me squee with delight. I couldn't agree more! Ryan Gold is the Mr Darcy of k-drama land, period.
  5. What an episode... Seriously, it's been some time since I've seen such a genuinely affectionate couple on screen. You can see the sparkle in their eyes when looking at each other. That nose kiss was so full of tender love. Beautifully acted. I don't blame DM for what she did in the closing scene (edit: ok maybe slightly, she should have come out when EG started acting like a j*), but I have a few words for EG: I still had hope that he'd make up for the mistakes he did in recent episodes, but alas, he went right into destruction mode. Why humiliate DM and himself in such a way? What purpose does it serve to corner her with his feelings between a rock and a hard place in front of a "stranger"? Remember "being a burden with your feelings to someone else" theme from last episode, now that's what he's doing. Selfish brat. @KymberleeDIn the last gif you shared, he was totally nibbling her ear or neck right before the timbers fell down
  6. First of all, thanks for the live recaps and the delicious gifs! I can't believe I'm a 33 year old woman cheering for a fictional couple to kiss on screen ROFL This is what this show made me into and I'm loving every moment of it! So relieved that the breakup drama was kept lighthearted and the pair made up quickly. We were right to trust the writers. NOW THAT IS HOW YOU MAKE OUT AFTER SO MUCH LONGING AND SEXUAL TENSION. YASSS! TURN THAT HEAT UP! On another note; I'm yet to watch the episode with subs so am not sure if I'm right in my inference, however, I have an inkling that Choi da in might have sent DM to the workshop on purpose, so that DM can be alone with Ryan. Notice how there was no one in the shop, it seemed like a setup to me. I could be totally wrong though. Edited to add: just seen your comment @classyviews, you've already mentioned the same thing hehe. Need subs for more in depth analysis (this episode felt a bit like filler).
  7. Is that a little knitted lion in Ryan's hands that I'm spying? A gift from mother-in-law awww
  8. Wait, aren't these photos from episode 7, when Ryan drops Deok-mi at her house after the dinner with her parents?
  9. You don’t always fall for someone for all the rightful reasons though. Many of the good Deok-mi witnessed in Ryan is enough for her to admire him deeply at this point. Trying to protect her supposed private relationship with SJ for instance, shows that he’s ready to go to big lengths for a person who he thinks is disadvantaged in society and being bullied for it. To me, being an ally is one of the sexiest and most honourable things a straight man can do. Then Deokmi knows he’s a well known, talented artist much sought after, he’s meticulous in his work at the gallery, is aloof but shows a childlike vulnerability at times, he’s not egoistic. Add to all that being a gorgeous specimen of the male species lol Total panty dropper. Deok-mi at this point is wondering if such a great guy would even consider her. What she’s seen of him is enough I think. Supporting her fangirl side will be the cherry on top.
  10. What if Deokmi deletes SA's picture with Ryan in it from her fansite and he goes crazy? lol
  11. Exactly! He was on his way getting there, but Eun-gi's petty meddling escalated things. Not going to deny that I loooved seeing Ryan be a jealous mess though. So cute. This! Yes please. I enjoy relationship angst, but hopefully it won't hold up longer than an episode at most. We need the fluff. I hate it when dramas start as rom-coms then become tearjerker melos halfway; like Jang Na Ra's One More happy Ending, that drama frustrated me to no end! We have a lot hurdles to get over; SA and Ryan's parentage for instance might create a huge scandal. I don't want to see Ryan suffering alone in NY. He better be with DM at that point.
  12. So it means "Gold Flower" in Ancient Greek. Nice choice Mr Ryan. I really really hope he won't throw away the bouquet, and we'll see them bloom by the end of next episode, if you know what I mean hehe. Lots of symbolism in recent episodes; Eun-gi complaining about his name and getting silver medals, wanting to be a Gold, DM giving him a fake golden medal-chocolate. EG doesn't get the right to act like a jerk because he always comes in second, just strive to be better person, period. I wonder if we'll ever see why he turned out the way he is. There's definitely some family drama at the root of it.
  13. Thinking on it with a clearer head today (when did I get so much invested in this show lol), I agree with you that Choi Da In has more leeway. As you said, she didn't insert herself between Deok Mi and Ryan when they were all working together, like Eun-gi did, and reproached Eun-gi for making a fool of himself in front a couple. She made her move only after being filled in on the real situation. Acting according to her heart's will is human I guess (to an extent), and makes her a more layered side character. But then she knows Ryan likes DM, and goes behind his back to tell DM his supposed intent, conveniently dropping half of the truth, which is extremely sly. What she did should cost her Ryan's friendship imho, even if she shows the incentive to fix it. I think Choi Da In's trying to solve her own artist's slump by clinging onto a mentor, and imagines she'll be over it if she has Ryan's intimacy too. She seems bored out of her life, has no purpose and is looking for an easy out. Compare her to Ryan, who's actively striving to bring contemporary art to the masses, despite being self-retired from painting, while Da In easily refused a collaboration with Cha Shi An in the past. She's setting up a super slick studio, decorating it prettily, planning where to place plants and all that stuff, but has seemingly no desire to actually work. I'd say to someone like her (because I went to art school myself I've known a lot artists, and very successful ones too) "get over yourself".
  14. Sorry for posting consecutively but I was right about the memory bit. I should have checked before posting. Here's a cut from Ryan's awakened memories when he sees children playing in the park (episode 4) Here's the same boy from DM's mom's memories from tonight's episode: @zenya22 was right; Deok-mi, Eun-gi and Ryan has a connection from their childhood. If not playing with them, maybe Ryan was watching them play from afar, I'm not sure.
  15. Guys & gals, I'm getting more and more pissed off by the third wheels by the minute. Gonna flip some tables arrrrrrgggh! Darn, that Choi Da In! I wasn't expecting her to turn out to be nasty, what a selfish a-hole! I thought maybe she was like Seo Ji-hye's character in Jealousy Incarnate, who was hitting on the male lead Hwa-shin but stayed cool and didn't attempt to hinder his relationship with Na-ri, even helped clear some misunderstandings. I thought the writer might take a less typical route with her. And you Eun-gi, really? What he did was so much worse than Da-in, who's a complete stranger, whereas Deok-mi considers EG as family. He's being such an insensitive, undeserving brat atm and he better fixes it!!!
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