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  1. +2 Hi @mirmz. Actually, I have to go, so have fun subtracting.
  2. True. I think it's the lack of self-awareness by DH that I find so frustrating. He's literally ceded control over everything to YJ it seems like, and the drama hasn't shown us enough back story to at least attempt to explain why their dynamic is as it is. I mean 8 episodes of showing us a failing relationship, and it feels pointless and drifting. Rather than having any sympathy for DH, he just seems pathetic. It's as if YJ was pretty, smart, and rich, so he didn't think he had a chance, back perhaps when they were working together. However, YJ did choose him, it seems because he's good looking. And, DH has been trying to measure up ever since. And, if this isn't their back story, then they should have done a better job of making us care. And, by the way, I no longer care what their back story is, just that it really needs to be over. Btw, I have no idea why this couple should be called the Tom and Jerry Couple. I guess I was expecting more zaniness and more cat and mouse type games, but at the halfway point,it's been more the DH and YJ show with SB being kicked around on the side by life and her younger sister. I haven't watched episode 8 yet, and given the spoilers I've seen here, I don't know that I'm in any hurry to watch it. I may just give it a miss, and see what you all have to say about ep 9 before I invest any more time in this drama. Think I'll go watch Healer again.
  3. 306 There are definitely some actors that I appreciate a LOT more after they've come back from their military service. It's as if in their time away, they've rediscovered their love for their craft. Actually, I love post-military Hyun Bin. It's just that his project selection has been a bit hit and miss, unfortunately.
  4. Good point. I also thought that when ST said that in the preview, he was talking about KT. It made me think that perhaps ST had asked where KT had been, and it was revealed that KT had been with MY because she needed him, and ST is worried that he's losing KT. if you think about it, both ST and KT have lost a lot in their lives with the loss of their mother as well as their father when they were very young. And, then with the need to move around, ST hasn't had much permanence or stability in his life aside from KT and then later JS. I've been wondering whether all the moves are really necessary. It's true that ST had nightmares, and that is nominally the reason that they move, but it feels as if it's KT who not knowing how to help his older brother, moves them elsewhere in an effort to show ST that he's safe from the nightmares. Otherwise, if there was the wherewithal to help ST deal with his nightmares, it doesn't seem as if they necessarily have to physically move. ST thinks they're moving around because KT wants to, while KT moves them around as his way of helping ST. So, it definitely seems that one of the themes of this drama is to be able to truly understand your own self and the hopes and fears that affect us. It's interesting that all three, KT, ST, and MY sleep fitfully, whimpering in their sleep, though they don't seem aware that they do it themselves. I think I can wait for the kiss to be at the right moment, though, rather than having it in formulaic fashion in the 8th episode. Meaning that I'm not anticipating a kiss in tomorrow's episode. This drama has unfolded at its own pace and building up the various relationships, so I'm fine with waiting and watching where it wants to take us, since it's been vastly entertaining and moving. I did like how KT wouldn't drink with MY since MY knows no moderation, and having them both drunk would lead to big trouble. It's clear that KT finds himself thinking about MY, while MY has been straightforward about wanting KT. I'm curious though as to whether MY is being so forward as much because she expects KT to retreat from it. I think she might be caught off guard if KT ever decides to accept her overtures, much less actually make any overtures of his own.
  5. Night night! Looking forward to the next tromping! +2
  6. I've always acknowledged that he was an excellent actor, and I've enjoyed watching him in various movies and dramas. It was just that I didn't feel any particular urgency to watch his projects. However, I find myself waiting for the next INOBTO episode with anticipation. Plus, I actually think that KSH makes really good and interesting project choices as well. Unlike some other actors for whom I had a passing fancy for which didn't last either because of subpar talent or regrettable choices of projects. Okay, I understand. I strongly encourage you to keep your word. Just a total coincidence that it leaves you on the winning team... Just teasing you. It's sour grapes on my part because Team Subtract has been like a horde of zombies whenever I've been on this thread. However, TEAM ADD FIGHTING! 300
  7. 300 I think so. I went and ate a whole chocolate bar which made me feel sick. So, now I'm over the choco abs thing. Are you sure that Team Subtract hasn't won at least 25 times? It seems that every time I have to go and then come back, Team Subtract has won and it's been reset.
  8. Honestly, I wasn't a particular fan of KSH, but I am adoring him in IONTBO. Agree that he is amazing in the role! 298 @partyon, yes, it looks as if it's the two of us. Are you sure you don't want to come to Team Add and help us out a little?
  9. That is too bad. So, after episode 8, the OTP has made no real progress from where they started, (i.e. SB likes DH, but DH isn't aware of any romantic feelings for SB), and the ML is still following around his GF like a puppy? Btw, I finally finished episode 7, and I'm really, really tired of EB. No sympathy left whatsoever for this character.
  10. 270 There seem to be more Team Adds on right now, but we don't seem to be advancing our cause all that well. So...
  11. A translation attempt for preview for ep 9 Man: Team Leader didn’t come in today. Woman: Is she acting like that because of that store manager who doesn’t have anything? DH Mother: How do you know me? DH Mother: Just because…! DH Mother: I’ve paid everything back now. DS: What do you mean Dad got a job? DH Father: Because it came up so suddenly, I wasn’t able to tell you before. DH: What? It was seized for non-payment? DS?: If you can, just make a settlement and end it. DH: What is it that you did wrong?! Are you a criminal or something? JW: Let’s go to my place. SB: Jung Saet Byul, how did you end up like this? SB: Is this the method that Store Manager had talked about? Whoever is cutting these previews are not doing a very good job. Anyway, this is a translation attempt. After I've had a chance to watch ep 8, I might amend the preview. Anyway, from this preview, it seems that YJ and DH aren't quite over yet? Sigh. If not, they're dragging it out too long.