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  1. Finally caught up. Here is a translation of the preview for tomorrow. The video won't embed though, just link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WS2GwPdQXz8 Man VO: It’s the gisaeng house that is the lifeblood of the widow’s village? That Madam, grab everyone including all the widows who are close to that Madam and bring them here. ND Brother to the Minister: At least, if I were the King’s son, then having to live, hiding and being chased like this, probably wouldn’t feel so unfair. YM to ND: Why did you come here? ND to YM: You say you’re preparing for your love? TEXT: WAR Madam to the female assassins: Tomorrow night, all the female assassins have to leave the village permanently. YM to DJ: You won’t care if that person is killed and done away with? TEXT: IS STARTING ND to DJ: I won’t ask you to like me. Just don’t disappear. I’m begging you. So, the politics of the situation, are heating up, and that is turning up the tension. YM turns out to be a bit of psychopath who would be king. DJ and ND's love story seems to be taking a bit of a back seat now that ND has declared himself and DJ has rejected him. I sometimes wish we had more insight into what DJ is thinking actually. Sometimes it feels as if ND is so transparent with his feelings and motivations, while DJ keeps everything very close to her chest. It looks as if the Widow's Village residents are going to be in for a tough time in the next episode, as the Madam threads her way between the forces of power and tries to protect her charges. And, given that we're nearing the halfway point in this drama, I'm hoping that DJ admits the truth to herself that she wants to be with ND as well, and that they team up properly for whatever the future holds.
  2. I think the uneven tone of the episodes is going to persist. However, I'm still enjoying the two lead characters, plus the other characters are slowly becoming more fleshed out. Anyway, a translation of the episode 9 preview. MR: PD-nim, you’re a player, aren’t you? DC: No, I’m not! MR: You are a total professional, at playing with women. DC: You are someone who can make all the other people in the world happier. This is the start of the 99 Go project that you dreamed up. HK: It’s because you haven’t worked with him. He’s such a troublesome person! DC: Because I wasn’t able to be together with you for the past 20 years, I’m sorry. HR: Be careful not to be caught out. Ma Dong Chan being bothered, I really don’t like that. DC: Mi Ran, I’ll protect you. So don’t worry. Some notes: The 99 Go Project is MR's idea of having people experience what they were like 20 years earlier again. And, "9" can be pronounced "gu" in Korean, so MR liked the alliteration of "gu-gu-go" as the show title, the "go" being the English word "go". And, "99" since 20 years prior would have been 1999. In the final line of the preview, DC who normally speaks informally to MR and everyone else, actually addresses MR even more informally by calling her just by her given name with an ending syllable attached (so "Mi Ran -ah") rather than Go Mi Ran as he had been. So, there is an implied intimacy there.
  3. Each to their own opinions, of course. I am looking forward to the next episode, though. I do feel it has been a slow start, but expect things to start picking up since DC and MR have started developing attraction for each other, though both are clearly in denial about their respective feelings thus far. I feel that the sci-fi element of this drama took some setting up to do, compared to SWDBS which had a fantasy element, i.e. DBS’ extraordinary strength, which didn’t really require much explanation, justa treatment of some consequences. This drama, however, had to lay more groundwork in what caused DC and MR to take part in the experiment as well as dealing with the consequences of their actions. So, if one can accept the rather ridiculous premise of the two leads having been frozen for 20 years, I don’t feel that either character is being overacted. If anything, some of it feels like under-reactions which conveys how bemused and confusing things must be for DC and MR. Just MHO.
  4. This drama must be nearing the end. SW went and registered his and GH’s marriage with GH’s parents serving as witnesses. SW told GH that he rushed it because as it stood, SW isn’t able to be GH’s (medical) guardian/guarantor without it. Also, JH and SM’s divorce has been finalized. Though in the preview, SM is the one to tell GH about her divorce, and GH mentions how SM seems to regret that a lot. This seems to be signaling that SM will have a miraculous personality makeover, and possibly reunite with JH? Though if that does happen that would just be weird.
  5. Me, too. I keep thinking that BK at least suspects the truth, and wonder what he’s like when he’s not “in character”. I won’t be able to watch the episode until much later, so I’ll be checking here for updates. I hope DO stands firm on ending the engagement. Go self actualization!
  6. Ooh. Interesting idea. That would make YS look horrified if Helena is murdered. Nice observation!
  7. Translation of the preview ND: Are you going some place far away? Woman 1: There is going to be a big feast in celebration. Woman 2: We thought we coulf go have fun and make some trouble. Madam: Haven’t you thought whether your work is going to cause some fallout? Madam: You need to hurry, every hour counts! If you find them, tell them they might be in danger. Head Assasin: Widow Kim? ND: Madam sent me. ND Father: What are you planning? It’s been a long time (since we’ve seen each other). DJ: I think I can leave now. ND: Don’t go. I said don’t go! DJ: I said not to neddle, didn’t I? ND: I’m going to continue to meddle, so...don’t go. @triplem, or any other moderator, Would you mind taking the insta preview from within the quote and putting it outside the quote? I’m having some difficulties. I haven’t watched the episode yet because I’m traveling, but saw the clips of the kiss. Not to mention the topless ND. ND is totally enamored with DJ, and I don’t thnk DJ was unaffected. Wondered what YM is going to do, if he knows that Widow Kim is actually a man. Can’t wait to watch properly and to see the next episode. In the preview, I do rather enjoy watching ND fight.
  8. Wow, that is a very pretty place, especially with the low hanging fog. @LavelyShai, agree with your sentiments, and I was really happy with ep 6, so can’t wait to see the next episode.
  9. I appreciate your sentiments and had a chuckle at the Jasper Fforde novels. I love his books, but wouldn't have thought to equate it to this drama! Once you mentioned it though, I had to laugh in recognition. This drama did struggle with balancing its tone. Teenage gang rape and subsequent suicide are heavy topics, and actually, I thought Dong Ha did an excellent job with his role in this drama, and his scenes were initially creepy, but actually moved me with pity and a bit of horror once the truth was finally revealed. The murder mystery was definitely in another plot universe though from the romance. Still, I thought JCW and NJH did a great job with the comedy of their romance and the tension of the murder mystery. Plus, both of them are so excellent at hitting emotional notes. In some ways, I appreciated that the comedy and romance softened such a hard topic though, and wondered if it would have been broadcast to any significant audience, or even at all, without the softening that probably made it more palatable to the viewing public. And, kdramas tend to like all of their material, even the comedies with touches of the tragic, the profane, and other serious flaws with the human psyche and subsequent actions and consequences.
  10. @midorinokerochan , I’m just happy that they are not live shooting. It’s one of the things I like least about kdramas, that sooner or later, they end up having to liveshoot episodes, and thus everyone not getting enough rest. Anyway, I think it’s fairly common to shoot out scenes out of sequence and then put it together in editing. Even though a set may not be a special location shooting, it is still easier to group scenes by location convenience rather than scene sequence.
  11. I didn't see/read the interview, but if I had to guess I would say that ND may end up giving a reluctant YM a peck. At least, there is that scene in the preview where ND seems to be backing YM up to a tree. I would be surprised if it was DJ and YM because that's messing too much with poor YM's one-sided crush. And, AD is still a child, so couldn't imagine that she would have a kiss scene, no matter how cutely framed with ND who she's calling "husband" already. Actually, the other funny kiss scene could be AD and DJ. Given that AD seems to be sleeping with DJ, AD could turn over and kiss DJ thinking that she's kissing ND? Anyway, I'm looking forward to tomorrow's episode.
  12. Unfortunately, no, I wouldn't recommend that you watch it. The thing you might like best about the drama may be the second leads. Seriously, it does slide pretty frequently into slapstick, especially in the initial episodes, there are pretty tragic second lead stories, the plot is still a bit thin at this point though building. It is quirky, though, which you might like. If you don't have anything else to watch, then you could try it. But, if you have other stuff to do, I would give it a pass. There are other dramas airing and about to air that might be more entertaining for you. Having said that, I do love the chemistry between the lead characters as portrayed by Ji Chang Wook and Won Jin Ah. Their romance is slowly starting to happen without them even realizing it. +2
  13. Episode 2 brief recap in the spoiler Thoughts about the episode. I actually enjoyed it quite a bit once I stopped trying to compare it to the US version, so I'll minimize mentioning the US version in this thread from now on. Bringing LTJ's loss of his son into the present time line changes a lot about LTJ's motivations. And, it seems that the team keeps going to try to find the Big Bad who caused all of the events in these first 2 episodes to happen in the first place. I assume that while they do that, they will also help some other people as well. All of the characters are very human and very flawed. LTJ is a brilliant planner, but his emotions involving his son cloud his judgement, as might be expected. I think we're going to be seeing LTJ descending into his private hell before somehow climbing back out in order to lead his team. The relationship between LTJ and HSK is interesting. HSK is a scam artist that LTJ has captured in the past, and she hasn't forgiven him for that. Apparently, his capture of her and subsequent arrest caused HSK to miss an important audition. Though, HSK is not a good stage actress. She's really a gifted scam artist, able to improvise to keep the scam going as she needs to. However, despite their history, it's clear that LTJ and HSK have formed a friendship, of sorts, and that they both appreciate each other, even if they don't agree. GNB and JUS still need some settling down, I feel. Their relentless bickering is actually a bit tiring, and I hope that they'll show something that shows why they have been able to establish a working partnership, of sorts. Individually, though, both of the characters are pretty cute. GNB is the physical one, JUS is not physical but a whiz at computers. RR has mostly been stoic, lethal and chiseled. He looks amazing, but hasn't really been given that much to do as yet. I assume that it's coming. However, he projects a hardness and an aloofness that serves him well, not to mention, he seems to be the most controlled and least emotional member of the team. So, I couldn't find the preview video, but here is a translation for the preview to the next episode. LTJ to Bad Guy: Even using my child, why did you do that? Bad Guy to LTJ: You and I, we’re just pawns on the board. We don’t determine how we move. HSK: How long are you going to be like this? Become the rude Lee Tae Joon that you used to be before! RR: Given the scale of the incident, there is no way that that guy could have pulled it off himself. US: What is all this? HSK: He looks like a connected guy. It’s too much for us to handle by ourselves. Man: Go ahead and try as hard as you can. There is no way that you’ll win. LTJ: You wait and see. What you did, I’ll make you pay for it.
  14. I understand why you bailed after ep 2. If I didn't like both leads as much as I do, I would have as well. It does get better though. I really liked the most recent episode. 516
  15. Some brief thoughts on the first episode with spoilers in the spoiler. This drama is slick and action-packed. This first episode was mostly set up, as we meet 4 of the 5 members of the team. Also, it deals with LTJ's motivation to go from someone who catches criminals to someone who masterminds a crime. GNB isn't as proficient as Parker, but she is pretty feisty with a smart aleck mouth. KSR looks amazing as GNB.
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