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  1. Preview translation SW: Couldn’t you let me meet Seo Man Woo-sshi just once? Man: I said that I don’t know. (meaning he didn't know whatever it was that SW is asking him about) SM: Keep following him around, blocking his attempts to find Yeo Rum. Aunt: Isn’t it that someone is trying to prevent Sang Won from finding his child? JH: Couldn’t that child be just fine and living a good life? SW: Do you not want me to find my child? GH: Yeo Rum’s birth father has appeared. GH Father: I’ll try meeting him, so give me his contact details. GH: Do you remember a friend named Ji Seok? He is supposed to have been with you at the Happy Orphanage. YR: Ji Seok? So, it is a matter of time. I wonder how JH is going to put GH's father off from meeting with YR's birth father. I still can't imagine that GH is wiling to deny her child a relationship with his own father who is looking for him, so I hope they end this story line soon where GH just worries. Good for SW's aunt who seems to be the only member of that family who is firmly on SW's side. Actually, I guess SW's father is as well, but he's too fooled by his wife and daughter to see the situation clearly. I would have thought that YR was old enough to remember his own name before it was Yeo Rum. Even in Korea, children are called by name rather than by title, so he's spent his early childhood being called Ji Seok. Though, I don't remember why YR's name was changed to YR at the orphanage. Did something happen to trigger the name change? Anyway, I'm ready for YR's identity to be revealed to everyone, so that we can get along with the story, and hopefully, GH, SW, and YR can start figuring out how to be a family. Plus, I'm tired of GM and SW having to be dumb so that SM, JH, et al can play their evil petty games.
  2. The problem with improving the subs for TSYB at this stage is that the bad subs have already propagated. It's too bad that there wasn't at least a proper fan subbing project or something. If there had been, the better subs would have been picked up by all the various sites. *sigh* 554
  3. Yes, if only the female lead had been halfway decent. *sigh* As it is, I'll probably wait until after it's run so that I can fast forward through the unwatchable scenes. I finally managed to finish Hwarang like that whereas during the live view, I cringed so hard and couldn't finish episodes. I think I'm going to enjoy the bromance bits of this drama though. +2
  4. This thread is being locked until a cast has been confirmed. Please notify me, or any other of the forum moderators, to unlock this thread once the cast starts to be confirmed.
  5. Ep 95 preview translations SM Father: What do you mean that Sang Won has a child? SM Mother: You mean that Sang Won has found that out? SW: I’m going to start by going to Guchun tomorrow, and finding out the identities of all the children who were at Happy Orphanage. (name on document: Seo Yeo Rum) SM Mother: Find someone who can keep Sang Won from finding Yeo Rum. SM: There’s some work for you to do. JH: There’s a chance that the birth father may hurry his lawsuit (to get YR back). If you have any thoughts of leaving, you should prepare to do so even a day faster. (This is a way of saying that GH should leave with YR as soon as possible, if she’s thinking about doing so, rather than think any longer about it.) GH: I understand. I’ll trust you. SM Father: But about Bora, why did she disappear? Wife, you know something, don’t you? Aren’t you going to tell the truth?! Text preview: Gyeong Ae asks Sang Mi to find someone who can keep Sang Won from finding his child. Geum Hee, after hearing about Yeo Rum’s birth father, becomes worried. Meanwhile, Yong Jin, after hearing that Sang Won has a child, becomes suspicious of Gyeong Ae… It looks as if SW doesn't find out yet that YR is his son in the preview, but I feel that he will find out some time next week. It may possibly be the Friday cliffhanger, but I feel that would drag it out too long and there wouldn't be a good way to do so without making GH act out of character as well as becoming completely stupid, and SW becoming the stupidest person in Korea unable to see through the dumbest of schemes. JH has clearly told GH horrible things about YR's birth father to scare GH into taking YR away overseas. However, he's the same guy who had betrayed GH before when it suited him. I hated it that GH tells him that she's going to trust him in the preview. Ugh. Though, I can imagine the initial panic at the thought of possibly losing YR, I would think that GH as she has been thus portrayed will want to at least observe, if not meet, YR's birth father because she wouldn't want to deny YR knowing his birth father, if possible. So, this plotline, if it goes on much longer, is specifically to drag out the YR/SW separation, and doing so by making GH act unlike herself and by being stupid. Also, SM's ex-bf hasn't exactly been the smartest person about his various schemes on behalf of SM, but because GH and SW are so naive, they've been for falling for it without really being too suspicious of things (ex: GH losing her job at the market, the diner at the restaurant who claim bugs in his food). However, SW should be highly motivated and suspicious now as things don't add up with respect to his son. I am happy that SW's father is finally giving full voice to his suspicions of his wife. He clearly didn't know about BR being pregnant when she broke up with SW and disappeared, but he knows his wife well enough to be suspicious of her. I would really be okay if SW's father and mother got a divorce because he can't stand her selfish, conniving ways any longer, not to mention her loud, shrill voice. As for SM and JH, maybe they should stay married? They can just continue to make each other miserable. Any smidgeon of sympathy I was developing for JH at having to submit to humiliations from his wife and MIL is gone now that he's still being a petty, selfish dolt.
  6. The discussion between GH and SW. This feels like a goodbye talk. Is this a final meal for them before GH quits? SW: I’m sorry. For not being able to protect you. GH: No. Sang Won-sshi has watched over me more than enough up till now. So much so, that I can’t imagine what I would be like now without Sang Won-sshi (having been there for me). (flashbacks with voiceovers) GH: Sang Won-sshi is a very reliable person for me. When the whole world would feel as if it was crumbling on me, you were a sturdy person who was by my side, watching over me. A person I am so thankful for. SW: It was the same for me. Geum Hee-sshi and Yeo Rum were very comforting for me. (end flashbacks) SW: Yesterday, Yeo Rum called me. I must have looked sad to him. He said that he didn’t want me to be sad. GH: He did? I didn’t know. SW: You don’t know how much comfort Yeo Rum’s call gave me. Even when after finding out that Ji Seok had died, and Yeo Rum hugged me, it was almost as if my son had returned alive to me. And, yesterday, I was very comforted. GH: Yeo Rum likes Sang Won-sshi very much. SW: That’s why I’m even more grateful. The other night with the shooting star, you had asked me what I had wished for. GH: Are you going to tell me now? SW nods. GH: What did you wish for? SW: That Yeo Rum and Geum Hee-sshi would be happy. Because that is also when I am happy as well. GH: Sang Won-sshi SW: So, wherever you may go, you must be happy. Because that will be my happiness. GH: We’ll do that. Yeo Rum and I will make sure to be happy, so Sang Won-sshi must be happy as well. Understand? SW nods. These two love each other so much, and it's tearing them both up that to be parting (if they are) or at least thinking that they can't be together. I hope that next week, they'll find out about YR's parentage so that they can figure out how they're both going to be a part of YR's lives (hint: marriage).
  7. Preview translations for ep 94 SH to GJ Mother: Couldn’t you please reconsider it? GJ Mother to SH: I thought we had finished talking about it. SH to GJ: I won’t give up on you, Geum Joo-sshi. JH to GH: Yeo Rum’s birth father has appeared. As soon as the court grants the adoption, go immediately to America with Yeo Rum. Keep your wits together, if you don’t want Yeo Rum to be taken away from you. GH to JH: Help me meet with this person. SW to Nun: I didn’t even know that this child had been born, but he seems to have grown up in an orphanage in Gangwando. Nun to SW: Is the name of the orphanage “Happy Orphanage”? SW to Nun: Sister! Text preview: Seok Ho goes to Young Shim and asks her to reconsider his relationship with Geum Joo. Joon Ho tells Geum Hee that Yeo Rum’s birth father has appeared. Meanwhile, Sang Won hears about the Happy Orphanage from the sister who is the orphanage director. As expected, GH wants to meet with YR's birth father rather than running away as JH had suggested that she do. JH really doesn't understand his ex-wife that well despite all of their years of marriage. GH isn't the selfish, narcissistic pig who will do anything that's to her own desire that his current wife is. And, SW's aunt is on his side at least. Plus, it looks as if SW will get a big clue, if he doesn't figure it out entirely. Actually, given that the next episode will end on the week's cliffhanger, I expect that the episode will end with us wondering still if SW has figured it out or not that YR is his son.
  8. Your Korean is progressing very nicely @nohamahamoud2002. Good job! Korean men are not that henpecked in real life, though there is concern that they are becoming somewhat isolated from their families. A lot of husbands are still the breadwinners while the wife stays home with the children which allows more bonding with the mother, but isolates the father. I've seen a number of kdramas address this issue, especially after the men retire and are around the house all the time, but they don't really know what to do with themselves and their wives and children are not always very welcoming of all that newfound availability of their husbands/fathers. I always think the bright pink lipstick on men in kdramas is a bit odd.
  9. Preview translation SM Father: What are you looking at like that? SM Father: Wife, the child whose picture you have in your phone, he does look very pretty. SM Mother: Does he look pretty to you as well, husband? SM Father: Who is that child? Really? SM Mother: What do you mean who is he? He’s Sang Won’s son and your grandson. SH: What? Geum Joo has collapsed? GJ Mother: Why are you here? SW: Even when I was hugging Yeo Rum, it was as if my son had come back to life, but… JH: Make some time for me, since there is something I have to discuss with you about Yeo Rum. I don't think SW's father knows YR is his grandson. I think SW's mother's voiceover in the preview is just to herself rather than to him. Also, I don't think that SW knows that YR is his son. It's just that SW is longing for his son, and when he had hugged YR, that longing was strong in him as if YR was his son. Finally, I hope that JH is calling either GH or SW about YR being SW's son. I really hope that JH is doing the right thing, but my fear is that he's going to meet with GH and only give her partial information about YR's birth parent looking for him, hoping to get GH to leave with YR. Still, I don't think it's going to work that way, if that's what JH has in mind. I still don't think that GH will want to deny YR a relationship with his birth father without at least meeting the father to determine whether he would be harmful to YR or not. Haven't actually had a chance to watch ep 92 yet, so looking forward to GH doing a smackdown on SG and JH. It's time that GH came to SW's defense as well.
  10. I wasn't talking about kissing! I was talking about APPRECIATING! You can dislike the character, and still fangirl the oppa! +2
  11. Really late, but here is the video preview translation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KdtsJHf_QdQ JH to GH: Joo Sang Woo is my brother-in-law! He’s Joo Sang Mi’s younger brother! GH to JH: Should I speak honestly about the way I feel?! JH to GH: Are you saying that you want to try to do well with him? Is that what you’re saying?! JH to GH: (drunkenly) I did wrong, Geum Hee. SM to SW: Where are you bringing him home from? GH Mother to GJ: He said that you messed up the casting (meeting). SH on phone: Wang Geum Joo’s casting? Why? GJ to mother: I can’t get myself to do anything, so what am I supposed to do? GH to SW: I want to buy a picture frame? SW to GH: A picture frame? GH to SW: I’ve discovered the photo of the woman who gave birth to Yeo Rum. SW to YR: What is that? YR to SW: Mom’s photo. I so hope that YR shows the picture of his birth mother to SW. That way, the good guys can learn about YR's birth as well and start protecting themselves rather than being done in by the evil ones yet again. Plus, I really want SW and GH working together rather than GH trying to force distance on SW. I'm also hopeful that GH seems to realize that she likes SW as well, as she has told SG, and in the preview, to JH. So, perhaps, she will start to accept SW, especially as she realizes that YR is his son, rather than pushing SW away or thinking she has to give YR up.
  12. Yes, but he was so EXCELLENT as the smarmy prosecutor! I actually quite enjoyed his character and the arc that he had to take.
  13. I don't think Leverage is an adaptation of BBC's Hustle, though both series admittedly took their inspiration from the old US TV series Mission Impossible. Plus, I think Hustle is actually a bit more out there in terms of breaking the fourth wall and hiding the sequence of events until the final big reveal. I've watched a few episodes of Hustle back when it first came out, but had not been as engaged as I was with Leverage, despite my admiration for Robert Vaughn. However, your post makes me want to go watch some more Hustle episodes while waiting for the Korean adaptation of Leverage.
  14. I wonder as well whether finding out about SW and YR, and the possible effect on GH will change her mother's attitude towards SH and GJ? She could decide that if it is GH's fate to be entangled with that family, then she might as well accept SH as well. She can accept SH without ever seeing JH again, and even though seeing SH will remind her of JH and his perfidy, it won't be any worse than seeing SW/YR and being reminded of SM's evil ways in exploiting JH's weakness. As for GD, I'm still not sure that there is a relationship there actually. I mean GD is totally in love with the girl, but the girl still doesn't seem to have any romantic feelings back towards GD. What she's expressed is gratitude for his friendship and his aid, but there hasn't been any romantic feelings indicated on her part. Though, perhaps gratitude could turn into love? At least that is what GD is hoping for, I'm sure.
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