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  1. REMINDER Please do not interact with anyone who comes onto this thread who is not a shipper, but rather is looking to be disruptive. Please report such posts and then let the moderators take care of it, rather than interacting with the offending posts. @angelangie @LavelyShai @youngatheart
  2. Preview translation Sindy: It seems that no one had known, that you were dating. EG: Even if I immediately reveal everything, I’m going to set things right. Ryan: Director, I want to learn some judo. (so the title that Ryan uses refers to EG as the Director of the judo dojo) EG: What is this with the judo? Ryan: Do you like it? DM: A lot more than Director may know. DM: An adult man, if he does something that he should take responsibility for, then he should take responsibility until the end! No matter how embarrassed and ashamed he may be. Sindy: There is something… (meaning something fishy) I will definitely find it out. SA: She’s not the type to take a picture like that. (referring to DM the fangirl persona) DM: I’m looking at the person whom I love. It seems that DM is becoming aware of Ryan as a man and may have even had some expectations of their closeness? However, Ryan is probably still working under the impression that DM is in a lesbian relationship and may have restrained himself. Anyway, their push-pull is definitely cute, and even cuter how Ryan is trying to "protect" DM, even from himself.
  3. I don't think that there are any elections in the near future. The next National Assembly elections are in April 2020. The next presidential election will be in 2022 since they just had a president change in 2017 after President Park was removed from office. SK presidents normally serve 5 year terms unless they are removed from office. National Assembly members typically serve 4 years in office. Not sure if there are any special elections going on right now which may happen if there is an unexpected vacancy. I think this drama is more of a response to various reception corruption scandals. While there have been any number of dramas with a corrupt or misbegotten Assembly member as a character, this drama takes full charge at the whole process of getting elected and serving. It's a preposterous idea that a professional scam artist should be able to run for the National Assembly, but I think there is a bit of a sly commentary on whether a professional con man may not be just as fitted to serve and may have more of a conscience than an elected Assembly member. We'll have to see how the story develops. I am totally loving Yang Jung Kook as a character, however and Choi Si Won plays him with so much sincerity!
  4. I have no sympathy for the cheating AH, but I think cameras need to be identified as filming. And, I think that driver is a bit sleezy for having sold the clip to the news agency. 872
  5. 868 Hmm, infidelity...not a happy thing at all. I wonder how that cab video was taken. Are cameras normally mounted that way in cabs? Possibly for the protection of the driver? If so, then, aren't AH and JW rather silly for taking that chance to make out in the cab rather than wait to get to her home? These are just questions that came to mind, and not that I'm really curious. At the end of the day, infidelity turns my stomach, so I'm fine not reading any more about them.
  6. 852 Hey everybody. I've been a bit busy, so haven't jumped on he thread in awhile, but notice that it's leaped hundreds of pages while I wasn't looking. Currently, I'm watching Mother of Mine and Kill It on the weekends, though I keep falling behind because of RL. During the week, I'm watching Dear Citizens and Her Private Life. @triplem recommended He's Psychometric, and supported with some abs pictures, so I'm becoming a bit tempted. Thought I would drop in, just so that I could add a bit, though, it seems Team Add is doing just fine anyway.
  7. For eps 11 and 12, the main points were that JK starts his campaign to be elected an Assemblyman, and that MY's suspicions having been roused finds evidence that JK is a bit shady. So, the episodes throws JK in contrast to the other 2 candidates. JK is just plain clueless about history or politics or societal needs, etc., as are his team, along with HJ and her crew, for that matter. The other two candidates are having noisy sessions about their respective campaigns, while JK and his people sit cluelessly until KJM shows up to the meeting. Kang Soo Il, the experienced candidate is running on a negative platform, meaning he tells his campaign team to find dirt on the other candidates and smear them. Han Sang Jin, the other newbie candidate and MY's ex-bf, is almost too idealistic to be a political candidate. His campaign manager tells him at one point that he's running as a candidate for his district, so he should be thinking about bringing money, etc. into his district when HSJ argues against campaigning for an additional transportation links into his proposed district since a neighboring district would be better off with those services being provided from that district. So, JK has the conversation about KJM as to whether it's even possible for someone as clueless and as ill-educated as himself to be elected a National Assemblyman, to which KJM responds as translated in my previous post. KJM accurately predicts the campaigns that the other candidates will take, and decides that it's people's trust in JK that they have to exploit, plus JK's ability to claim commonality with them. Ultimately, JK becomes a chameleon, taking on the accents of the various citizens that he meets, claiming that he had spent significant time or been raised in various parts of the country, taking on the accent of the region that the person he's speaking to is from. HJ and her people start a campaign of bribing influencers to tell people to vote for JK, including a fortune teller who tells people that if they don't vote for JK that they will have bad luck including failing businesses and not being able to find a marriage partner. In the meantime, MY's suspicions about JK are roused by various things including HJ's pronouncement that JK was a con artist. Her team member also finds JK caught on tape at the building that they were trying to scam sell, and then MY hears about a description by a security guard witness about a man who looked like JK being the man who erased security footage from a building. All of this leads MY to follow JK, and thus sees him with his con artist crew. MY then confronts JK with it to end the episode. So, that is the basic plot of the episode, but I don't think it does a good job of conveying how good the episodes were. It makes some scathing digs about politics, both of Korean and American, and also holds up people's motivations to the light. It's not always about doing what's best; a lot of times, it is more about self interest. The use of influencers is also a dig at the suspect nature of people who give advice. And, this part feels like a dig on both the use of celebrity as spokespersons and the plethora of "influencers" online and everywhere right now. If these people are endorsing the products, services, etc. for money, then how much value should be given on that endorsement, and how does one know when the endorsement is genuine or just because they're getting paid. So should we really be making decisions based on paid endorsements? There is also a lot of humor in the episodes still, even though there is an underlying tension to the comedy, because it is actually a rather serious subject. However, I did find myself laughing out loud a couple of times while watching. I should also note that I usually multi-task when I'm watching, but I found this episode fascinating enough that I actually focused on watching the drama rather than just having it on in the background. Finally, I couldn't find a YT clip of it, but here is a translation of the preview to eps 13, 14. HJ to MY: If you do, you’ll get really hurt. I’m not joking. MY to HJ: If I do get hurt, then what do you think will happen to you? Do you know how to fight even? MY Mother to MY: How are you going to catch them? Think about it logically. MY: It involves my husband, so how can I be logical about it?! Announcer: In just a minute, the broadcast with the National Assembly candidates will start. Man to KJM(?): The issue regarding Kim Mi Young has been taken care of as ordered. JK to KJM: What issue was taken care of? What did you do to Mi Young?! Detective to MY(?): We confirmed that they are inside, and there are people in the sauna… KJM to JK: We have to do whatever we have to right now. That is the only way that you will live, and your wife will live as well! MY into her walkie talkie: Who shot? Woman: What is going on? MY into her walkie talkie: Report on what the situation is now. JK to KJM: I can’t trust any of you people now. I’m going to do as I want, with only what I believe in now.
  8. Wow, episodes 11, 12. In the middle of watching it, but this caught my attention. This drama really is political commentary and satire rather than a straight up comedy per se. This is from a scene where Kim Joo Myung and JK go to a bath together, after a rather disastrous first meeting to try to set up the campaign. KJM has just told JK that they are going to have to con the Korean people in order for JK to win the election since JK has no idea about Korean history, politics, or needs of the Korean people. JK isn't sure that it's doable, but KJM responds with the following musing: KJM: You, at the last American elections, do you know how Trump won? JK: Yes? KJM: A richard simmons who used to be a land merchant and was on tv saying “you’re fired”, how did someone like him become the president of a huge country like that. Do you know? (JK just quirks his head that he doesn’t know.) KJM: It wasn’t much. The American white people. They thought that they were the ones who made America, but they felt that they were losing out to black people, losing out to Hispanic people, and losing out to Asian people. So those people who thought that it was their land, but they didn’t even have a home where they could sleep comfortably, those white people. He was able to win their hearts, that’s how he won. We’re going to use the same concept. Let’s see how we can do that. There is quite a lot of rather thoughtful exposition in this drama about society and politics. It's infused with humor to try to make it more palatable for the audience, I think, but at the end of the day, the digs do run deep and sharp. Whew!
  9. I love how showers are so necessary for deep thinking for men with hot abs in kdramas... Not that I'm complaining or anything. Just admiring. Thanks for the recommendation of He is Psychometric. I'll have to check out ep 4 at least. However, it seems that SLS will firmly set in, and I hate getting SLS. :(
  10. I really liked episodes 9 and 10. This drama presents a lot of twists, as befitting a drama with a con man for a lead. JK does have a soft heart, but he's not above turning things around to his advantage rather than just leaving it with doing a good deed. However, he does have a limit as to things he won't do. For being a con man, he has a sense of honor. HJ may be an evil loan shark, but she is also very smart and wily, and it's interesting watching her deal with people. She doesn't always get her way, as with Kim Joo Myung (the Assemblyman she wanted to be JK's advisor) who tells her, after JK says he's not going to sell his building for him, that even if JK had succeeded in selling the building, that he KJM wouldn't have agreed to be JK's advisor anyway. It didn't make sense for a con artist to be running for the National Assembly. KMJ was just taking advantage of JK as a con man possibly actually being able to sell it for more than it's worth and taking the building off his hands. You can literally see HJ turn icy with rage as she registers that KJM had just been toying with her. Ultimately, though, she comes out the winner of this episode, as she coerces JK into falling back in with the plan and twists JK's work to threaten KJM into being his advisor. I think I'm still waiting for MY to become a more substantial character in this drama, though, and I hope it will come as she realizes what JK is. I know that there will be a lot of angst in store for the OTP when she finds out. JK is still actively trying to hide his profession from her, but it doesn't look as if it will last much longer. I just feel that her character can't go much further until she finds out the truth about JK. And, then the dynamics should change, whether it's because she now knows that she's looking to arrest her own husband, or possibly later on, because she's realized that he's actually trying to do the right things even if he started for the wrong-ish reasons. It also seems that each episode of this drama has a running gag of some kind. In eps 9 and 10, it was that JK's sister kept telling her daughter to pretend not to know her grandfather since her grandfather was a bad man, a con artist. It was actually kind of funny, but kind of not. Then again, I may just be a bit too tired today to really be into it. I like the open confrontation between the OTP at the end. I like that MY, at least, is honest with JK and tells him a few things about herself that he was too wrapped up in his own guilt to be aware of. When he charges that MY had gone back into the field without letting him know, MY responds that she had loved him more than she had loved her job and thus had transferred to the desk job, but as soon as they got married, he had started ignoring her, and she hadn't known how to handle that. And, so she had finally transferred back to a field job so that she could "live" again. I think JK heard her and felt more regret, but he only responded that he's running for the National Assembly so that he, too, could "live" again. And, then later on, MY asks him not to leave and to stay with her, but he leaves anyway. I think it's because he feels that he has to do what he can to ensure their safety, and he's decided that the only way to do that is to run for the National Assembly, even if MY is unhappy about it.
  11. @maribella, @lu09 and @ck1Oz already explained the family relationship between TJ and IS. Technically, IS is TJ's aunt by marriage. However, IS helped to raise TJ, and so he sometimes calls her mother. If it were an American relationship, they probably would address each other as cousins. If MR had been acknowledged as IS' daughter and been adopted by IS' husband and thus on his registry, then MR and TJ would be cousins. As it is, legally speaking, TJ and MR are not family to each other at all. As you elaborated as following: However, under Korean law, MR and TJ wouldn't be cousins (sachons) unless MR had been adopted by IS' husband and thus on his registry. As you've summarized, IS is married to her husband and thus on his registry, while MR was put onto SJ's registry. It's not clear that MR had previously been registered. I think that depends on who MR's father was. However, given that SJ has changed MR's name to MR, she's probably on SJ's or her husband's registry. So, technically, TJ and MR are not cousins, unless IS decides to acknowledge MR as her daughter. Even then, MR couldn't be moved onto her husband's registry without the chairman 's consent(as the patriarch of the family in lieu of IS' deceased husband). So, while emotionally, they could be seen as having a "cousin" relationship I don't think that MR and TJ will ever be acknowledged cousins. I think that's a safe bet. JB calls SJ "eomoni" because she's the mother of a friend of his, i.e. MH. And, he uses the respectful form of mother because he used to date MH and had hoped to become her son-in-law. It's actually pretty common among friends to call one's friend's mothers as "mother". One's own children might use the most familiar form of "eomma", but a friend would use the more respectful form of "eomoni". And, actually, even if one is a stranger, but trying to be friendly, might address a much older woman as "eomoni" or if they're even older "harmoni" (grandmother). While "ajumma" is the term that is more used to address an older woman, there are certain connotations to "ajumma" so that one might not want to use it, namely, that it may not be respectful enough, especially if the speaker is an adult and not a child. So, context is critical in determining how the titles are being used. That's because IS is "only" a wife. She doesn't seem to have had any children with her late husband. As such, IS is still i n her father's registry, and then her marriage was registered. But putting her off the Han Family registry would probably be easy enough for the Chairman to do. "Noo-nim" is the more formal version of "noo-na", so it's just the suffixes changing which indicates greater formality and respect. I don't think SJ's brother (Young Dal) is SJ's birth brother since he calls her "noon-nim" rather than "noon-na". "Samchon" can be a generic term to call a man who is like an uncle as well as an actual uncle. And, the girls haven't called him or even referred to him as "wae-sam-chon" meaning maternal uncle (so mother's brother). So, I'm not sure what the exact relationship between SJ and YD is, but he might be the younger brother of her late husband, or someone who was like a younger brother to either SJ or her late husband.
  12. I'm not sure if he already knows that MR is IS' daughter or not, but if he doesn't, I expect he will soon. Now that MR has caught his attention, he's not someone who wouldn't do a background check on her. I agree that he's an awful man, but not sure that he's really pitting mother and daughter against each other. It seems that he's openly acknowledged that IS is only a placeholder until TJ can run the company, and that IS understands that as well. However, the old chairman doesn't trust any woman, especially one who isn't of his blood. So, despite IS' loyalty to the family for 28 years, that's still not good enough for him to think that she might not betray them or muck it up some way. As for despising women of power, I don't think it has anything to do with power. He probably just considers women second class beings who shouldn't be trusted to do anything material. Yes, I felt sorry for MR as well, because the old chairman is deliberately implying that MR could become an Executive Director, but he clearly has no intent at all to do so. As he explained to IS, MR is someone who should be used for as long as she's useful. The implication being that once he's determined that MR isn't useful, she'll be discarded like some refuse. It makes me wonder how TJ who is such a decent guy came out of that family, and of that father. No wonder TJ is not on very good terms with his father. I admit that I'm fast forwarding through MH's scenes still. I just don't find her very interesting to watch at all, not sure if it's a fail on the acting or writing, but it's still a fail for me. I noticed that, and also think that IS left MR with SJ in order to go marry the Chairman's brother. I'm sure the chairman would have done a thorough background check on her, so he's probably aware that IS has a daughter, though I'm still not sure if he's aware that the daughter is MR.
  13. @larus, a translation of the ending scene. I did this in a rush, so I may end up tweaking some of the references they make in their conversation later after I've watched the episode. But, you'll get the gist, and it is a pretty cute scene. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JHbJ_DxdwPI (TJ is leaving the apartment building when he runs into MR who is just getting in.) MR: Oh, Han Tae Joo-sshi, where are you going? TJ: Yes. MR: Where are you going? TJ: I’m going to eat dinner. MR: At this time of the night? TJ: Yes. But, Vice President must only now be getting in. MR: I met someone, and then I stopped by the office briefly and did some work. TJ: Ah, so that’s what you did. You even did some work. Then…goodbye. MR: Han Tae Joo-sshi, why are you being like this? Did something make you angry with me? TJ: No! (starts walking away) MR: Fine! I’m sorry. I am sorry. (TJ turns back) Han Tae Joo-sshi was trying to care for me so got me some hot packs (for sore muscles), and since with my hurt leg, I might be bored, you played with me all day. But because I left you in the middle like that, you’re angry now. TJ: So, you are aware of it. Then, go ahead and continue to be sorry. MR: Han Tae Joo-sshi! Don’t be like that! I’ll buy the meal. Stop being angry! (they both leave the building with MR catching up to TJ) MR: Where should we go? Should we go to that place last time? TJ: That place has already closed by now. Don’t you even know the time. MR: Oh, it’s too late. So, where should we go then? TJ: Sheesh. (continues to stalk off, but MR stumbles and complains) MR: Ouch. My leg isn’t completely better yet. (TJ turns around, and takes her arm) MR: Oh, what are you doing? TJ: So, did anyone tell you to wear high heels to go out? Can’t Vice President just refrain for a bit? So, just…like this…lean on me. MR: So where are we going? TJ: The 24 hour potato stew place. I want to eat potato stew. MR: Oh, let’s go the potato stew place. TJ: Fine. MR: Are you really angry? TJ: Ah! I don’t know. MR: The darts - who won? TJ: What do you mean who won? Of course, I won. Vice President should just buy the meal. MR: Wasn’t that (game) voided? TJ: What do you mean a voided? Vice President ran away! MR: Fine. Let’s go to the potato stew place. TJ: Let’s. MR is a woman who has a lot of aegyo which only her family has seen until now. However, with TJ, her walls seem to be coming down, so that she feels free to pull some aegyo on him as well. It's cute, especially with TJ who is in a petulant mood at apparently being abandoned by her when he had been taking care of her. LOL
  14. Preview translation Colleague: What in the world kind of trouble has our Vice President caused? (meaning MR) TJ: Please don’t hate her too much. IS: Are you taking Vice President Kang’s side in front of me right now? IS: It’s Vice President’s arrogant plan. TJ: Are you okay? MR: It seems that you’re under some misconceptions. I’m your supervisor. (me: She’s smacking him down for being too familiar with her.) TJ: Mi Ri! Mi Poong! (me: He seems to be using a cutesy version of MR’s name as he calls out to her. Probably can’t be sure until I’ve seen the episode to have context.) MR: Han Tae Joo-sshi?! TJ: Mi Ri, you! If you do that, you’re a bad kid. You! Should fix your temper. LOL. So, in the next episode, TJ probably finds it so difficult to be between IS and MR that he goes and gets drunk, and then goes to MR to scold her. It's going to be cute and funny, I think.
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