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  1. I didn't expect that after a year we'll still get to see them together. Thank you KDW for being brazen enough to show yourself on MGY's IG live. I just love these two so much, nothing changed since the first time I saw them together on IG live
  2. Lol wondering the same thing.... There's just too much going on, I as a viewer can't hardly keep up.
  3. Hmmmmm MGY will not renew with KE? Thinking about it ,there would be slimmer chance for KDW and MGY to have another project together if she decides to leave KE.... huhu my heart
  4. It was too juicy not to be shared haha.... A twitter chingu shared some Bluray BTS scenes to me and if I remember it right, there are 2 angles with long kiss for the rooftop kiss and that video was one haha.... Honestly when I watched the BTS scene, I understood why it was KDW's favorite scene looool. I felt like we were robbed with that intimate KS as their first kiss but I understand why the PD had chosen to show a bit subtle KS for their first.
  5. Happy Anniversary to one of my favorite kdrama.... Love everything about the drama, the friendship that was built, the fans who continued to support the cast and crew even after a year had passed. Wishing they'd have a reunion the soonest.
  6. Found this https://www.kdramastars.com/articles/112276/20160115/hyun-bin-to-form-new-agency-with-acting-teacher.htm .... Looking at O&'s Instagram and website, they only had a few stars on their list, and I think if I am not mistaken, KJH is their most bankable star today. I am not familiar with their other actors/actresses except for Chae So Eun who played HY in Mr Queen and Sung jun, though I can't remember where I saw him http://www.onent.co.kr/
  7. They are indeed partners in crime Kudos to these two more making the scene sweeter with their adlibs re I've watched it a lot of times already and I think I'm gonna rewatch it again when I miss them haha... It's such a shame that they will not release a bluray.
  8. I love Princess Hours but I really hated Min Hyo rin here, I hope MGY won't agree to play MHR haha
  9. We can share this one, right? I'm just happy to know they were together last night and watched Kim In kwon's theater play with Cha Jung hwa . I love MQ family so much, I am havng a hard time moving on from the drama
  10. She said this was shot last 2016. Much deserved rest for our girl...She haven't been active lately I miss her. As for our Anchornim, he's busy filming for his upcoming drama
  11. I wonder if he already wrote a screenplay but too shy to reveal it just yet haha.... He has the makings of a great scriptwriter I am at awe with how good he is just by reading at the adlibs he's done for both CLOY and MQ. Kudos too to the directors and writers for letting him have his way.
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