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  1. Used to have a KSH daum account but I can't remember how I registered at that time. Also, I think I'm only at level one so some posts are restricted to me. Anyways, I found the link of her daum cafe https://m.cafe.daum.net/moongayoung/_rec It's making me excited to look for clues on the upcoming days lol
  2. KDW was known to gifting Chanel products to his staff. So let's see haha I've noticed our thread is on the Hot Topics ... The power @Thirtysvn37 and her findings holds hihi
  3. Thanks for the pic. My guess, the first one was their official couple photo from the drama, though I cannot recall seeing it haha and the second one was probably the last day of LJB's shoot that's why they had a picture and there's flowers too lol. I've looked into MGY's DC but I can't seem to find a photo of the bouquet being shared as part of their present, lately they've been busy preparing presents for her birthday. Besides, it's the only photo she shared that day and they should be elated that she shared the photo with "their present" right? Also, they shared her IG pic on the gallery but they did not mention anything about the flowers @Sortie15 It's Dinner Mate with SSH and SJH. And as I've read, it's SJH's most intimate KS to date with the back and forth thing and moves on her part hihi. They also have great chemistry off and on cam. They look like they're pretty close and comfortable offcam too lol But I find KDW hard to read too, especially with him not having any social media accounts and him having different personality offcam. He's being careful once he saw there's camera following him. We only get to see a glimpse of his true self a few times especially during their IG lives
  4. Oh I'm sorry, I'm just so used to using abbreviations i didn' think not everyone will understand, I guess we're all only familiar with KDW, MGY, LJH, YHJ lol KS- Kissing scene ML-male lead FL-female lead OTP-One true pair And I'm curious about the picture thing that would make us sad. Pls share it to me And it's MGY's birthday tomorrow, will we get more clues?
  5. Usually florists/coffee trucks being sent to artists post it in their instagram and tag the artist as a way to promote their products but this one in unusual as they did not post anything about tthe bouquet she recieved during the Sixvengers presscon. We all know someone who is rather a very private person lol. Also, as a part of appreciating her fans, MGY could have thank the fans who sent her the flowers when she posted the picture. but she did not. Thanks to @Thirtysvn37 the thread became active. Anyways I was watching the BTS of the KS of a current drama. They seem pretty close offcam too but then during the KS, there was an awkward moment when the ML must have done something that made the FL uncomfortable that she had to hit him and laugh after that thus making the Director shout "yaa" since the camera is still rolling. The ML had to explain that they should end the kiss on that side or something. Anyways it was totally different with our OTP, I can really feel no awkwardness between them and it feels like MGY trusted KDW to lead that scene so the atmosphere was light and happy Also, I'm used to FL jsut waiting for the ML to lead during KS but MGY had her own "moves" too
  6. I hope so too! He's taking baby steps to somehow interact with his fans through SNS though we all know he'll never open a SNS account. We can see he's getting the hang of it, if only they did the IG live earlier he'd probably talking more and more hihi.. I say kudos to MGY for making him comfortable using SNS. I've read that he doesn't have computer at his home though I can't remember why. I guess he's the kind who's not techy. @Thirtysvn37 Thank you in advance. Can't wait to read it
  7. I've got a feeling it's MGY 's influence on him that got him reading the comments for the drama haha. And he looks so happy when FMIYM was mentioned. It's realy a shame he did not do a post drama interview after FMIYM ended @Thirtysvn37 Ahhhh I'm still waiting for that DM
  8. I'm late to the party but can you DM it to me too hehehe.. It's a bit suspicious especially that the drama has ended a 2 months ago and yet this friend keeps on liking videos of them..... hmmmmmm Have anyone watched Tempted here? I am curious if I should watch it. I watched a few videos and I felt that it has similarities with the American movie Cruel Intentions?
  9. Watched Episode 31-34 with subs and would probably finish the series tonight hehe. My thoughts on the episodes The scenes are much painful now that I know what they were talking about. It was hard watching XY tried his best to woo her back but JX who never got over the hurt she's been through pushed him back over and over again and it was so painful to watch coz both of them are hurting. I really felt the hurt XY felt when she accused him as cold blooded person. But he loves her too much that he desperately tried to win her over but failed for the nth time And I'm just so mad that Anna even had the guts to smile at JX when they saw each other again on the dance studio as if she did nothing wrong. And I'm so angry at Dylan for trying to use his sister so JX won't get back with XY as if both have no minds to decide what they really want to do. It's both selfish on their parts and it's no wonder they are siblings hah.... My favorite part of Episode 34, when XY, SQ, JX and the lawyer had a meeting for the divorce lawsuit (?) . I'm in love with SQ on this scene , I love her confidence only to be slammed by evidences on XY's parts haha.... Overall I really felt they could have finished all the twists and turns on episode 34 as they are already trying to talk about what happened in the past. But the writer keep adding so many things to the episodes to try and break our OTP until the very end lol
  10. MGY's latest IG Story. FMIYM fans are the best ! As I've read on twitter, another batch of gifts were given to FMIYM actors and directors though I'm not so sure when the gifts were given. They gave MGY a yellow airpods so I am assuming that they gave KDW a blue one. It would be nice if KDW would be able to communicate with his fan in someway to show his gratitude for their unending support. Found this on MGY's dc gall . Sooo cute!
  11. Managed to watch the last unsubbed 6 episodes(Thank you YT) . I agree that the writer spent too much with the push and pull scenes that there were not enough time for the scenes with out OTP after their wedding. It was such a shame coz I do want to glimpse of their married life with no Anna between them, them, loving each other without lingering thoughts that they will hurt someone with them being happy together. Still one of the best OTP with one of the best and sizzling chemistry I've seen so far in my watching dramas. I've recently started watching Lucky's First Love while waiting for the subbed episodes OF YAMD and I've seen the trailer of LJ's new drama, but I just can't seem to move on from this two just yet (always my problem after watching dramas where I fell in love deeply with the OTP lolz).
  12. Thank you @libra22... I am too shy to ask you to translate this part. I think this is one of my favorite part of the finale episode
  13. In this version, Anna became clingy and selfish in the end. The writer never even bothered to give her a decent ending, they did not even show a remorseful Anna and how she was forgiven, so it was hard to sympathize with her character even til the end. It was such a shame coz in the first episode she was portrayed as a good person with her helping JX with her wardrobe problem. I agree that the actress who played Anna did a wonderful job, she looks and felt like a true ballerina. And she's a good actress too for a rookie actress. And sh'es just so pretty here
  14. I've read about the flowers too haaaa It's my first time watching MGY and KDW so I am really not familiar with their behavior so I am curious with what you have found out hehe Loving the cutest new emojis. Don't mind me putting some on my post coz they are just too adorable hihi