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  1. It's been two months since this lakorn has finished but I still can't move on... One of the best drama I;ve seen this year and I love the chemistry between the two leads... Last day of shooting
  2. Title: หัวใจศิลา / Hua Jai Sila Also known as: Heart of Stone Duration: 27 Episodes Genre: Drama/Romance/Revenge Broadcast network: ONE HD Broadcast period: March 4, 2019 --- June 10, 2019 Theme song: เพราะหัวใจเป็นของเธอ by: Yes’sir Days หัวใจของเธอ by: Tor Thanapob Leeratanakajorn Tor is a love child of a mistress and a wealthy hi-so man. After his mother dies from neglect, Tor is forced to live with his father’s family . Abused by his stepmother and stepbrother, he turns to the girl-next-door, Minta, who also suffers neglect at the hands of her so called mother and sister. One night, while being chased by his stepmother, Tor jumps into a river and is presumed dead, though he survives. He is taken under the wing of another prostitute who knew his mother and takes on a new life under the alias, Sila. Years later, he returns as a notorious, rich pimp, with plans to avenge his mother and to get revenge for the torture and pain brought to him by his stepmother and stepbrother. Sila's main goal is to hurt the people that hurt him as a child, but he never expected to see the only friend he ever had as a child, Minta. As soon as they see each other, she realizes that he looks familiar to her. She notices a ring he wears around his neck, and immediately comes to the conclusion that he's Tor, her childhood best friend that supposedly died. But he denies it because of his revenge plan. Cast Tor Thanapob Leeratanakajorn as Sila Wisetworawet (Si) / Aran Rittinathakoson (Tor) Mac Nattapat Nimjirawat as young Tor Ferny Nopjira Lerkkajornnamkul as Minta Kanasrikul / Minta Wisetworawet (Min) Noon Sirapan Wattanajinda as Pimsuda Wisetworawet (Mam) Ann Siriam Pakdeedumrongrit as Sida Rittinatkoson Typhoon Kanokchat Manyaton as Sawit Rittinatkoson (Ae) Raviyanun Takerd as Mingkwan Kanasrikul (Kwan) Pollawat Manuprasert as Komut Kanasrikul Aom Sakaojai Poolsawad as Marasee Kanasrikul Ton Jakkrit Ammarat as Peera Nicky Nachat Jantapan as Thanwa Pai Sitang Punpop as Waewrat Donat Natchaya Mungnimit as Laksamee Sira-aphakun Dream Pichaya Tippala as Waen Bow Chotima as Yupawan / Aoy Pua Kittipong as Plug Pim Pimpan Chalaikupp as Lawan Athiwad Sanidwong Na Ayoodthayaa as Songsak Rittinatkoson
  3. Sad but relieved that their divorce ended without any more drama.... For both, I wish them peace of mind and all the love in the world, from their family, friends and fans who loved them dearly without any prejudice. I'll continue supporting both individually and hoping someday, when all wounds have been healed and all are forgiven and forgotten, I'd see them together with genuine smiles on their faces. May both find true happiness deserving of 2 beautiful people... It's such a shame that it ended up this way, but looking back I'm grateful for the journey, for the happiness this couple has given me even for a short while...
  4. Kim Soo Hyun Discharged From Military; Talks About Upcoming Plans + More Kim Soo Hyun is officially back from the military! On July 1, after successfully completing his mandatory military service and being discharged from the first Reconnaissance Battalion, Kim Soo Hyun greeted a large crowd of approximately 70 reporters and over 300 fans in front of the Imjingak Peace Bell in Paju. The actor first expressed his gratitude for the warm welcome, remarking, “Thank you for coming all this way to see me.” He also told his fans, “Thank you so much for waiting for me.” When asked to share how he felt about his discharge, Kim Soo Hyun replied, “From early this morning, when I was preparing for my discharge, up until now, it still hasn’t quite kicked in [that I’m leaving the army]. I feel somewhat liberated.” Kim Soo Hyun also spoke fondly of his experience in the military. “I was initially worried because I was joining the army at a slightly older age than others,” he shared, “but I think that I absolutely made the right decision in joining the first Reconnaissance Battalion.” He continued, “While I was in the military, I trained hard just like any other soldier, and I was even awarded the title of ‘Special Class Soldier.'” He added with a smile, “I worked hard and did my very best.” In response to a question about which girl groups had given him the most strength during his time in the military, Kim Soo Hyun revealed, “Actually, I stayed up to date on all of the new songs and watched every single one of them. I think I watched music videos every morning.” As for his future plans, Kim Soo Hyun remarked, “I thought a lot and worried about many things during my time in the military, but right now, I really want to act. Nothing has been decided yet in terms of projects, but I think I’ll be working hard and greeting you through new projects starting around next year or so.” https://www.soompi.com/article/1335744wpp/kim-soo-hyun-discharged-from-military-talks-about-upcoming-plans
  5. [naver] "IT'S A RELIEVING FEELING" KIM SOOHYUN, DISCHARGED AMIDST THE CHEERS OF 300 FEMALE FANS original post: here 1. [+496, -5]Wow~ He came back with an even cooler sight! I seriously welcome him!!2. [+248, -18]If he chose his work well, there would've been nothing to bash about him...3. [+204, -11]His company should choose a movie well for him. Not something like 'Real', it makes me think of the Kim Soohyun who had a hard time before enlisting...4. [+101, -2]You worked hard!! Hurry and come back with a good piece of work!5. [+89, -2]Still has handsome as ever ^^6. [+30, 0]Wow... his face still looks the same... looks like he was made for the army... Other male celebrities came back looking older... https://pann-choa.blogspot.com/2019/06/naver-its-relieving-feeling-kim-soohyun.html
  6. Welcome back Soo hyun ssi!!!!! God I missed those smiles and those waves... No one does it better than Soo hyun IMHO hihi Anneyeong everyone!!!! Credit as tagged
  7. Dynamic Duo’s Choiza Claims Lee Dong Wook Was a “Handsome Pig” in the Military https://www.koreaboo.com/stories/dynamic-duo-choiza-lee-dong-wook-handsome-pig-military-story/ Choiza disses himself by saying Lee Dong Wook would've failed if he continued hanging out with him https://www.allkpop.com/article/2018/01/choiza-disses-himself-by-saying-lee-dong-wook-wouldve-failed-if-he-continued-hanging- out-with-him More here https://news.sbs.co.kr//news/endPage.do?serviceDt=20190628141808&newsId=N1005329872&oaid=N1005322984&plink=PLUS&cooper=SBSNEWSMOBEND I remember one BTS scene where LDW keeps eating the food props in front of him while YIN looked on and commented he'll finished it all during TYH hahaha
  8. It makes me sad that bashers/trolls would use this divorce issue to put down SHK and SJK. But what makes me more sad is that some fans are having the blame game and taking sides and bashing the other one with just pure speculations.... I've been a fan of these two since Autumn in my Heart for SHK and SKKS for SJK and was really happy when they were cast in DOTS together and I was elated when they announced they are getting married. I do understand why SJK is using "me" instead of "us" as he no longer have the privilege to speak on her behalf. It breaks my heart that some people are bringing up SHK failed relationships in the past just because this relationship ended up in a divorce.... I do believe both are in pain now and I hope they get the support and love they need from their friends and families... I can't imagine the pain this had brought to both as they were really looking forward to their future together ..There are just some things that are not meant to be and this is one of them ... As a fan of both, my only wish is for this divorce to be settled amicably as I want to remember them as a couple who was happy and in love with each other and not be tarnished by nasty divorce he said she said kind of things.... Is it too much to ask for them to remain friends after this ordeal? Time will tell....
  9. It was heartbreaking hearing one of your favorite couple divorcing. It's a happy news to hear your bias getting married but it's much more satisfying to see them having family and growing old together. Can't say I'm shock though since I haven't seen them together for the longest time. This is a difficult and painful time for both and I wish they'd find the happiness and peace of mind they both deserve... LDW YIN, if ever you are together don't give me another heartache chebal
  10. Anneyeong!!! It's been a while...I still got my hopes up for this two to end up together... I've got a new ship but unluckily there's no possibility they'd end up together in real life lol....Anyways, it's a bit off topic but let me share a bit from my latest ship and as I was backreading and I think there are some points posted here that got me nodding my head off since I've seen a bit of it with my latest couple As for our Pichi couple, I am still waiting for their pictures together during the wrap up party hahaha... Honestly, they were given a chance to stop the dating rumors of them but they kept mum about it and instead avoided the questions... Though it is frustrating that we have no idea what's happening between them and there are no news about them, still I am still holding on the chance that they might end up together soon hihi...
  11. LDW insta update.... Love those moles hihi YIN's Weibo update ....sooo pretty
  12. Was browsing through soompi articles when I saw this... Not familiar with the C drama actors Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin but I know someone who are good friends right now and I really really think they should get together in real life...Anneyeong LDW YIN, you might want to read this kkk
  13. Lee Dong Wook Reveals What He Gained By Hosting “Produce X 101” The actor said, “Through ‘Produce X 101,’ I am able to feel a variety of emotions. When I see myself gaining strength from the participants, that’s when I know I made a good decision [by joining the program].” When asked what he sees himself doing in 20 years, Lee Dong Wook answered without a hesitation that he would like to continue to act. He added, “I would like to become an actor who makes people feel comfortable while working with him and seeing him act.” More here https://www.soompi.com/article/1325787wpp/lee-dong-wook-reveals-what-he-gained-by-hosting-produce-x-101
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