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  1. I've read he attended Again Go East event as Tourist Ambassador for Gangwondo Awwwwww he was so shy when he got introduced
  2. Interview where LDW explained where the Pichi/Peach couple name came from... he also mention Sunny many times
  3. For those who are curious here's an interview way back 2014 How much can you drink? “I am not a heavy drinker. A glass of beer is enough for me, and it’s all I have in front of me till the conversation ends. But as for beer mixed with Soju, I can drink it up to two glasses. I also like to drink a little bit of vodka with sweet juice, which makes it a cocktail. I’m a very bright person usually, and alcohol makes me brighter. My high spirits sometimes make people around me feel out of place, but then I fall asleep easily. Usually when I fall asleep, there are friends who take care of me around, so I don’t worry.” http://www.yg-life.com/archives/29132?lang=en
  4. Wait they were doing WGM when Secret Hotel was shown right? And the girl was even jealous of YIN that time Found the articles
  5. Congrats LDW!!! Stll wishing for a magazine cover with YIN and LDW Chebal !!!!!
  6. The difference with our couple I think is that they hang out together offcam although we haven't seen any pictures of their get togethers with Goblin peeps, only a few interviews here and there but we got so little info and that they are really good friends as evidenced by their interactions and how they behaved on BTS ... YIN being comfortable teasing LDW about crying and during the complimentary where she teased him about staff making them shoot indoors when its cold when in fact she knows LDW wants to hear her compliment him on how well he was taking care of her. I'm still very optimistic with this couple although I haven't seen any evidence yet of them being together post drama shoot kkk... ldwyin IG account is such a gem... it's my favorite go-to insta whenever I want to get my daily dose of these two dorks...
  7. Team Yoo In na had a field day on Neverland 2 weeks ago ... Glad to see her having a good time with her team... Now I only need to see Lee Dong wook, I miss them so much
  8. I'm curious too what does YIN call Gong Yoo? Does she call him oppa like she calls LDW? I mean, I get it if she calls him otherwise during Goblin since they only have a few scenes together and they're not as close as LDW-YIN but now they're all close and they'd been hanging out privately after Goblin
  9. I've read/watched somewhere that LDW wants to teach Korean literature if he's not an actor and YIN likes to be a teacher too
  10. True... I've got to backread a bit and found out it's the same person lol... Anyways Yay for Yoo In na for W tea drink renewal and I am happy to see her withe new set of friends!!! I miss LDW though haven't seen his handsome face and having good time with his friends
  11. Whoaaa.. SH should not be used carelessly especially at this time where Korea has the biggest scandal being thrown at some celebrities. Let's be cautious of using the word especially here on forums where anyone can just read the comments. Nobody's blaming Lee Dong wook here... As far as I know, LDW is one of the most gentleman celebrity I've known.. I remember watching a video where his hands aren't even touching YIN's waist during pictorial for Goblin and during the presscon for Goblin too... He's got lots of celebrity (male and female) friends he's gotten close to over the years. It means he's a good guy and a friend who they can rely on.He was able to provide for his family too since he became a celebrity and my admiration for him shoot up after reading/watching what he's gone through And nobody's saying YIN is perfect, haven't seen a post where Inna is blameless or a saint... Inna is far from saint to be honest, watched her old clips from Heroes and the girl is sly and mischievous to a T Both have admirable qualities but that doesn't mean they are perfect.
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