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  1. Anneyeong! I've been into this drama since the first day and I just love both so much. I can't remember how many times I have re-watched all the episodes that came out lol... Anyways I am confused, is this a 16 or 20 episodes drama? Annnnnnnnd I've been obessessing with this drama for a while now that I actually started watching GO Princess Go... The original drama was funny and hilarious same with this remake. Both really made me laugh so hard but SHS and KJH have better chemistry IMHO .... I am looking forward on how some of my favorite scene from the o
  2. Her outfit in the picture is the same as the camping trip scene lol... I am imagining he took the picture with his phone during their shoot lol
  3. Finally confirmed. I just hope everything goes well with the drama. Keep safe MGY ssi! https://www.soompi.com/article/1418531wpp/cha-eun-woo-moon-ga-young-and-hwang-in-yeob-confirmed-to-lead-drama-adaption-of-hit-webtoon-true-beauty
  4. Hmmm his last sageuk was his comeback project after military service. I guess it would be different genre for him so there's a high chance he'll take the role
  5. Now I remember though I just learned the details from you hihi Searched for MBC Drama Awards and found out that they stopped giving Couple Award since 2017. Sad. Both are really looking forward with it. I watched Dinner Mate and the leads have nice chemistry too and it would probably be one of my SSH's fave project to date.
  6. Thanks for the clarification. I must have mixed what I have read on twitter lol... I missed that. What did MGY's mom post during KDW's birthday?
  7. Anneyeong! It seems like MGY had a family day yesterday or the day before yesterday. The ladies in their famiy have a ustom made shirt and the cutest shirt ever hehe... Poor dad had only himself , I guess he was the one who has taken the picture. I've read how KDW adored his baby sister who was still living with him at the time of the interview. I wonder if they're still living together? Though he has his own place during a project maybe to concentrate lol Both are family oriented which I really love about them.
  8. Whooooaaaa I'm dying here! I went so fast to the daum cafe but ended up stuck at signing up for a kakao talk account huhu And another bad news . The club feature won't return anymore as posted above. So I'm thinking of another way where we can all interact here on Soompi and the only option is to create a private message and add all of our names there. Anyways let me know what you think and I'll get back later. Need to finish signing up in daumcafe. Chao!
  9. His manager said he went to see the ad himself without telling him about it. That is why the manager apologized to the fans for not having a photo. Hmmmmm I wonder if he went to see the ad FMIYM fans had also put up last May (?) alone or with someone though they couldn't post it coz it would be obvious lols. Just went to DC to see the presents, so in love with the KDW lego characters
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