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  1. Just realised that she's not wearing her classic 'red cardigan' in this scene in the preview and can he still see her...? I think the climax of the show will be when he can see GH even without her secretary get up! That will mean he has fallen for GH But for now I guess he's pursuing VP-GH...can't wait to see the next episode!!
  2. I'm just rewatching my fav scenes in the 4 episodes we have! SPOILER. All Dom and GH scenes. All Dom and GH as VP scenes Also...what is personal space?? Creds. Tumblr (multiple sources)
  3. Ohhhh Dom is FALLING HARD To see this completely different side to him - where he is not interdependent on another human he is so dependant on GH it's insane! But from context, it makes sense why he acts like a spoilt brat with her (remember this is a drama irl it's a different story) and I kinda get it...he just wants to feel like he belongs somewhere. He desperately wants a family to call his own. Deciding to go on a date just for his mum's approval. He even disregarded clear proof that DJ was at the scene of the crime cause he's in denial and doesn't want to lose his best friend. (I'll get to that later ) Besides, at this point GH is immune to it, it's like second nature to care and provide for him that it's almost enabling him. But again, he has changed...slightly - he now makes coffee for himself and shines his own shoes LOL that took him long enough! DJ. I don't know how to feel about him. On one hand, it seems like he's conspiring with the driver. But then, I'm assuming he was a good friend to Dom but then got tired of being compared to him and now wants out. He even told Dom he doesn't want to be his 'minion' anymore! OUCH. Clearly it is one-sided at this point. It also seems like the uncle is trying to make him compete with DJ a lot. And SECRETARY LEE she creeps me out so much! Their friendship is also weird and shrouded in mystery...idk just please don't hurt Dom. GH I LOVE HER! I really like her character. She's feisty, kinda awkward, cute and trying her best to live a good life honestly I like that she told herself it was just going to be that ONE TIME pretending to be VP but girl we know how flustered you got. Her relationship with Dom is so dang adorable I literally wait for their scenes as GH and Dom all the time! But now that she can see a new side of Dom with her acting as VP...its gonna send her on an emotional roller coaster. Keep the lies coming Also spoiler!!! PS. The visuals in this scene
  4. Oh for sure...And we know KYK and JKJ excel at that! I don’t even know how all the lies are gonna unravel at this point. Let’s check: - DMI being fooled by basically most of the people around him with DJ and GH and his ‘mum’. - GH thinking the acceptance letter is real...I’m sure it’s fake. - DJ and Sec Lee so shady! - The uncle’s secretary and the creepy driver? WHAT WAS THAT. - So far the only genuine character who’s living her life unapologetically is Veronica Park! AWESOME ~ At least we know GH will start feeling bad the moment she realises he’s actually falling for her as VP...DANG I’m invested!
  5. Okay the ONLY reason I can assume that they cut short the BTS for the kiss scene was that it was +18
  6. Just watched the episode...the whole confession was BEAUTIFUL The angst in this episode was REAL - for both of them, but especially Ryan. Felt so bad for him LOL especially when even his colleagues started turning on him also the misunderstanding they both had about each other! So glad she had that 'chat' with Latte. Ironic how he was the one who made her brave enough to confess her feelings for him but still hella sweet. KJW aced it. PMY aced it. THE KISS WAS PHENOMENAL. (what else to expect from both of them really) Chemistry was off the charts for that last scene! And we get more kisses tomorrow - so can't complain! Credits to Tumblr (@leekangdoo)
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