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  1. Homeboy got so immersed into character he cried KSH: *looks away* SYJ: Why are you crying?!! KSH: HAHAHAHA *embarassed* and the actual scene: Cred. owner
  2. HEAR! HEAR! I honest to God believe that the only reason they inserted the scene of GJ looking at a ring box is meant to manipulate us LOL but we know better!!!! That is Chan Hyuk's ring for sure!
  3. Just rewatched episode 3 and QUESTION! Why hasn’t the “Hallelujah” song played at the end been released?!!!
  4. MY-KT is the definition of a couple who does not need to kiss or hug onscreen to make us squeal. Literally just one look at each other and we melt. That is unadulterated chemistry right there. And finally seeing KT embracing himself like that was such a breath of fresh air! And that smile - homeboy made me giddy from all that smiling! Cred. owner
  5. WHAT IS HAPPENING. Is this his imagination or something...? Cred. Naver Also realised their colour schemes seem to be more in synch now
  6. Girl's all talk but I think when it comes down to it - she's going to be caught off guard when he finally relents to his 'desires'. And that's me putting it out into the universe that he makes the first move when they (eventually) kiss! And also why she gotta attack me like this?!!
  7. The brilliance of this show. Yes I can go on and on about KSH and SYJ's chemistry - but the storytelling is just *chef's kiss* KT finally realising that he subconsciously repressed all the good memories in relation to his mum because all he chose to remember was the times he was neglected for the sake of his brother. And tbh as a viewer, I definitely questioned the mum for a bit there earlier on - but after last night it all came flooding back to him after encountering i) the patient who lost her daughter regretted saying harsh words to her before she died ii) talking to JR's mum (I love her btw) who advised him not to be so harsh on his single mum as he should know how difficult it is to raise two boys (especially one who is autistic) and finally iii) when ST told him their mum used to bring them to eat jjamppong all the time because it was KT's favourite. The realisation was executed perfectly - KSH did not disappoint. And the way it is written is extremely cathartic. It made me realise that most of the time, it is easier and more convenient to remember someone's faults than choosing to remember the good things they have done. And this notion was personified through KT and his relationship with his mum. We got to see it from his perspective in the beginning and was able to empathise with him but now knowing that that was not the whole picture (as most people tend to forget) we learn that she was doing the best she could at the time. Him saying he misses his mum at the end - painful but necessary. Cred. Tumblr (@liveasbutterflies) I was BAWLING my eyes out last night - especially when it was shown how sorry she was to KT and kept on kissing his face after.
  8. Yeah they haven’t actually told us about how he got entangled with her LOL but I think this one time he’s actually really done with her antics and is basically forcing her to go back to Seoul with him. but we know KT comes in then