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  1. Tbh I've never really had an opinion about the SL love triangle until last night! God dang now we FINALLY know what led to JI kissing JN in the past...well it only took 10 full episodes!! I was actually against both of them ending up with her - HK is just immature and JI is condescending as heck. BUT! Last night we got to see JI's POV and I can slightly understand where he came from. Ngl it was NOT his place at all - making a decision for both JN and HK in the past, but he knew she would eventually be hurt along the way, so giving him the benefit of the doubt...he was p
  2. “A child must rebel against their parents to grow...and love must suffer hardship to burn stronger.” So she is trying to help him?? Or them?? Was all that provocation in the beginning some sort of a reverse psychology??!!! Oh god the confusion!! and the dang pot! Pretty sure that symbolises his growth, not DK's. Smh for the deity...? But I also like that she's pushing him to break his walls/reservations against humanity and the world but don't push too hard please.
  3. Idiots. I said what I said. Creds. owner These two clearly have never been in love before LOL it's quite endearing seeing DK doing her research to fall for MM and how MM is so perplexed at how feisty she is whenever he tries to "scare" her idek anymore haha - all I know is that there's gonna be a rude awakening for both of them VERY SOON!! CANNOT WAIT FOR THAT MOMENT.
  4. Anybody realise how depressing the premise of the story really is. I mean, the first 2 episodes, it's not that obvious because the MM-DK interactions were quite hilarious. But dang we know they will fall for each other sooner or later and either way, it doesn't look like a feasible happy ending...
  5. "So my plan is to love you.Then, I’ll be able to live without losing anything. Then, let’s do it right, Love me to the point that you want to destroy the world for me. ” DK and MM sharing one brain cell Creds. Tumblr
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