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  1. Wow YES I'm all for woman power and knowing your worth but I'm on his side on this one. She needs to learn to just get off that high horse of hers sometimes. We know that DA has a good heart beneath that ice cold exterior of hers - her family dynamics contributes a whole to that exterior but still!! That doesn't give her a free permit to mouth off whenever she wants to whomever she wants. Notice how she never even calls him by name (always refers to him as "student" and now "vending machine") - so you could only expect so much "patience" from YH this whole time. The thing I loved
  2. Dang. Don't mess with Lee Young Hwa and his paintings ...even (especially) if you're his first love
  3. Dang this might just be a dream sequence or something... I WANT THIS TO BE REAL!!
  4. His hesitation gets to me every time!! All hail King "Gentleman" Cheoljong!! Cred. owner The fact that we're definitely going to get another scene as such (with her sober and fully consenting) is the only thing getting me through this crappy start of a year...
  5. It’s not released yet unfortunately. Maybe it will be this week *fingers crossed*
  6. HJ can fall into the lake now...the King won't look for you The fact that we have come from this: TO THIS!! Cred. owner So Bong can be in denial as much as HE wants but he's falling for the King as well, whether he likes it or not
  7. Oh great....I'm all in now Their chemistry OHMAHGAHDDDDD Also never in a MILLION years would I imagine that continuation from the ending of episode 8!! I thought she would slap him or something - not slap herself!! And that was a full on make out sesh!! I never knew either of them could kiss like that but WOW consider me thoroughly impressed!!
  8. Unemotional WHO...?? Cred. owner Give this man all the awards!! Siwan has always been really good with his micro-expressions but dang this scene....you could actually feel SG's emotions right through the screen
  9. Oh I love this song!! and the one by Baek Ji Young Next week!! Cred. owner And can someone please give this boy a hug Cred. owner
  10. Another AMAZING ending!! BUT I do miss his open-collared look and THE necklace!! Cred. owner
  11. ALSO can they finally explain what medical problem DA has?!!! I’m so impatient cause I’m imagining the worst case scenario at this point!!
  12. First love Cred. owner Honestly...I am as smitten with his character <333 And can someone please release their OST already?!! PS. Still cuts for tonight!! Cred. owner
  13. THAT ending came out of nowhere but I am HERE for it!! Cred. owner (Tumblr) So obviously there are 'consent' issues here because we know SB was drunk when this happened. BUT we are yet to see her reaction to it next week so fingers crossed they handle it appropriately. And NO I do not think he would actually take advantage of her while she is clearly not sober enough to understand the situation so the whole "first night" scenario seems sketchy - he definitely has an ulterior motive. But feelings <333 The King is catching feelings!!! SB on
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