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  1. Pretty good. The first episode caught me by surprise tbh. The acting, chemistry, plot ALL GOOD Found another Wed-Thurs drama!!
  2. OH MY GOD please don't let that be true! IANAR scarred me so bad! The angst in that show was CRAZY I hope Dom won't be AS angry, but he definitely will feel slightly betrayed for sure...just hope that, keeping in tone with the show, it won't last too long
  3. This episode led me on a roller coaster of emotions The beginning was so adorable...leading to the the meeting. Especially when she became flustered seeing him in that 'small' swimming trunk I lost it when he suddenly became worried for her when DJ pointed out how gaunt and tired she looks though I completely forgot that all he has is an imprint of her face before the fall...so he doesn't actually see her expressions in the present! When he missed hearing her nag him at night he's a sucker for her and doesn't even know it - he needed to hear her voice to fall asleep! WHAT EVEN?!! Find me a man like that! THE MEETING! Our power couple aced it their strategy was so cool...completely unexpected, for me at least. And he kept on looking at her for approval Dom you lovestruck fool!! Also VP asking GH when she started liking her boss! I LOVE HER! Her character is everything I would like in a female CEO And also shipping her with DJ (who doesn't seem all that bad now but still suspicious) The beach date. Started out amazingly sweet and thoughtful on his part! That hug when he hugged her back I kinda screamed. Just saying. Then it all went downhill. I really liked the fact that he explained himself to her about his past behaviour and told her that he was lashing out at her because of the other secretary's betrayal - he also APOLOGISED for it. Someone raised you right boo! The clause he added in for her: "The contract will end when the secretary asks for it." GAHHHHHH that character development though good job Dom! Felt so bad for GH here...but she didn't mean to deceive him at first, but then again, she did choose to go ahead with it It's so confusing and painful on her part but JKJ aced that scene! And KYK looking like a goofball in love didn't help! The part that got to me was when she asked him what would happen if she does deceive him - he answered (in full confidence that she would never) that then he won't trust anyone else in his life ever again Don't speak those words man! Can't you see she's kinda dying in regret?!! Then again...he can't see her expressions and now she's distancing herself from him UGH WHY Next week seems to be the angst buildup. No worries...every K-drama has this arc usually around the episodes leading up to the second half of the show They both kill in those scenes so make sure you prepare some Kleenex guys! It's gonna be heavy...with a hint of cute I'm sure Till next week.
  4. LOL yeah I doubt it has anything to do with the real VP or GH. I think it's definitely related to him being nervous to give the speech. Remember the doctor saying something about higher BP can lead to blood flow to the affected area of the brain, hence giving him temporary vision. There was also the scene where GH told him his heart was beating really loudly before the meeting. I honestly think it's just due to his anxiety.
  5. So the doctor previously pointed out 3 situations her patient could see people's faces even after being diagnosed. 1. When he was graduating and making a speech in front of an audience. 2. When he stayed up 3 straight nights working. 3. When he fell in love. So tonight's episode was similar to the first instance! But I'm sure it won't last
  6. Just realised that she's not wearing her classic 'red cardigan' in this scene in the preview and can he still see her...? I think the climax of the show will be when he can see GH even without her secretary get up! That will mean he has fallen for GH But for now I guess he's pursuing VP-GH...can't wait to see the next episode!!
  7. I'm just rewatching my fav scenes in the 4 episodes we have! SPOILER. All Dom and GH scenes. All Dom and GH as VP scenes Also...what is personal space?? Creds. Tumblr (multiple sources)
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